Roseville Police Department

  • Agency: Roseville Police Department
  • Address: 1051 Junction Blvd., Roseville, 95678 CA
  • Chief: Joel A Neves (Chief of Police)
Phone: 911 or (916) 786-6444

Roseville Police Department is located at 1051 Junction Blvd., Roseville, 95678 CA. The Chief of Police of the department is Joel A Neves. The Roseville Police Department phone number is 911 or (916) 786-6444.

Roseville Police Department News

Officer Janney approved of this message from a well-wisher on Harding Blvd. this morning--and we do too!

What's been happening in your neighborhood? Here's the police digest for the past week.

Isn't it a great day to get outside? Today the Crime Suppression Unit (CSU) stopped by Warren T. Eich Intermediate School at lunchtime to hang out with the students and play a little, uh, Bottom's Up! We asked them who won, but they declined to answer...

Volunteer spotlight: Paul Ward is one of our long-term volunteers who serves in our Citizens on Patrol (COP) unit. COP volunteers provide our popular vacation house check service, checking the outside of homes while residents are on vacation. (Give them a week's notice, please! Here's the request form: This morning Paul and his beat partner Dennis also did parking enforcement in the neighborhood around Roseville High. COP volunteers provide extra patrol and police visibility in parks, help at special events, and much more. Our volunteers greatly enhance our level of service in Roseville. On this National Volunteer Week, be sure to give them a friendly wave and say thanks for all they do!

Update: Bus moved, roadway open! **************** Oops! This bus got stuck on a concrete curb exiting McDonald's on Harding. Officers have stopped traffic in both directions, and a tow truck is en route. Should be cleared up soon.

Absolutely right-on, Lincoln Police Department. Words of wisdom--just hang up.

This is why we beg you not to leave your backpacks, computer bags and other valuables visible in your cars. CSO Loza is going through a stash of stolen property found in Roseville yesterday. He's identified all the owners and is contacting them. So far, he's found out that some of the items were stolen in vehicle window smash-and-grabs in Sacramento. One victim is missing a laptop computer. Another backpack contained just a student's school binders and supplies--but of course, the thieves didn't know that when they broke the car window. Our best advice is to leave valuables at home or take them with you. Plan B is to hide them completely out of sight BEFORE you get to your destination. Plan C is...this. (Case # 2018-23437)

This is National Volunteer Appreciation Week, and we're grateful, because we absolutely could not provide our current level of service to our community without our corps of about 50 dedicated volunteers. They work regularly in every unit of our department and provide some of our extra services, like vacation house checks, drug take-backs and special events. These photos are just a sample of the many people who donate their time, skills and experience to our department and community. Thank you, volunteers!

Yesterday a big crew from several agencies cleaned up around 20 illegal camps in the Secret Ravine Preserve, removing around 15 TONS of trash from this sensitive and beautiful public land. We posted notices on the camps last week, giving campers time to remove their belongings, and Social Services, Gathering Inn and Placer County Probation staff visited the camps on Thursday to advise campers again of the upcoming clean-up and offer them services. Thanks to the following partners: City of Roseville Social Services Unit City of Roseville Open Space Team The Gathering Inn Placer County Probation Department CHP – Auburn Caltrans District 3 Placer County Sheriff's Office--we're especially grateful to them for bringing a crew of minimum-security jail inmates. Their willing workers were a tremendous help, and made the clean-up go much faster.

Just a quick update: If you're in north/west Roseville or Rocklin and heard a loud explosion around 11 PM Monday night, that was our bomb squad safely detonating the materials in a remote area of west Roseville.

"K911, what is your emergency?" Like all our officer trainees, K9 Lance did a sit-along in the dispatch center. He found out that their jobs can be really "ruff" but rewarding! Thank you, dispatchers!

Lighthouse Counseling & Family Resource Center is offering a 12-week educational support group in managing anger and other emotions. The course is free to participants, thanks to the support of Kaiser Permanente and First 5 Placer. Click on their flyer for more information, and note that you need to contact them for pre-screening before attending. Just another great resource from our collaborative community!

Today we're remembering Placer County Sheriff's Constable Charles Henry Carter, who died in the line of duty on this date in 1956. Constable Carter was killed in an automobile accident while pursuing a burglary suspect on April 15, 1956. He was 65 years old. Charles was the constable of Loomis Township at the time of his death. He was driving on Cavitt Stallman Road when he lost control of his vehicle, and died a short time later at Roseville District Hospital. He was survived by his wife, and was a veteran of World War I. Tonight the blue lights on top of the Roseville Police Department will shine in Constable Carter's memory. We turn on the blue lights on the anniversaries of the line-of-duty deaths of Placer County law enforcement officers, and other officers with a special connection to the Roseville Police Department. Their service and sacrifice is not forgotten.

As we wrap up National Public Safety Telecommunicators Week, we wanted to share the work of our dispatch unit by the numbers. Last year, they: --Answered 150,969 telephone calls. Of those, 44,893 were 911 calls. --Maintained an average 911 call answer time of 10 seconds --Entered 16,431 fire & emergency medical calls for service --Entered 85,551 police calls for service Those numbers don't begin to capture the number of panicked callers calmed, the barrage of information requests they handled from units in the field, and the number of critical situations they managed calmly and effectively. It takes a very special person to be a dispatcher, and we're grateful for our outstanding crew. Thank you, dispatchers!

What's been happening in your neighborhood? (Spoiler alert: way too many car break-ins--we need to protect ourselves from thieves, and stop leaving valuables visible in our cars!) Here's the police digest for April 4-13.

Thank you to Claim Jumpers, law enforcement volunteers, Special Olympians and friends who supported Tip a Cop tonight! Together we raised around $2,500 for Special Olympics.

A nice group showed up to Run with Roseville PD this morning! Our recruiting team leads runs at 6:15 a.m. on the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of the month. It's a chance for those interested in a career with Roseville PD to get some exercise and get to know us a little better. The next run will be on May 9. To get on the email list and receive reminders about runs, email

UPDATE, APRIL 13: Detectives are confirming that this incident is unfounded. We take the safety of our community very seriously. Officers responded and conducted a thorough investigation at the time of the report, and detectives have conducted follow up. They are now satisfied that no kidnapping or attempted kidnapping occurred. ******************************************* Monday evening (April 9) at about 7 p.m., officers responded to a report of an attempted kidnapping of an 11-year-old girl in the large retail parking lot in the 6700 block of Stanford Ranch Road, between the Staples and Costco stores. The girl reported that a man she didn't know blindfolded her and walked her through the parking lot towards his dirty white panel van. The girl was able to get away, and she alerted her parents to the incident. Numerous officers searched the area and conducted an extensive investigation, but were unable to locate witnesses, video surveillance of the suspect or other evidence connected to the incident. The victim described the suspect as a white male in his 20s or 30s with black hair and blue eyes, unshaven with short, dark facial hair, wearing a red t-shirt and blue jeans. Anyone who was in the Costco/Sprouts/Staples parking lot around that time and saw anything that could help is asked to contact Detective Quartarolo, (2018-21425)

Whether it's corralling an escaped pet tegu lizard, helping frustrated neighbors with a barking dog problem or keeping our roadways clean of dead wildlife, our animal control officers handle thousands of difficult situations each year with grace, skill and humor. This week is National Animal Care and Control Appreciation Week, and we're grateful to our three animal control officers, Supervisor Bennett, ACO DeRego and ACO Dalton, for all they do to keep our community safe, healthy and peaceful.

Hurray for spring! It's a great time to get out and enjoy our region's beautiful parks and trails. Just remember that as trail head parking lots fill up, they become prime hunting grounds for thieves. You can protect your stuff and make your car less attractive to thieves with some easy precautions. Thieves know when you park at a park or trail head that you'll be away from your car for a while, and that you're more likely to leave valuables behind. They know you don't want to tote them along on your walk or ride. We don't want you to come back to a broken window and stolen purse, so: If possible, leave your purse and other valuables at home, and only take small essentials that you can carry with you in a fanny pack or bike bag, like your car keys, your ID, a little money for that treat with your buddy afterwards, and your phone. If you have to leave valuables in your car (and we wish you wouldn't) then hide them completely out of sight, in your trunk or a covered cargo area, BEFORE you get to the trail head. If you wait to hide your things when you park, a thief might already be in the area watching. After taking these simple precautions, get out there and enjoy this beautiful time of year.

Please join us in congratulating our 2018 Police and Fire Dispatcher of the Year, Denise Heinemann, and 2018 Most Valuable Player Dena Quezada! They were recognized at the regional Organization of Public Safety Telecommunicators banquet Friday night. Denise is a 20-year veteran in our police & fire dispatch center, and was recognized for her high level of expertise, customer service, and help with the dispatch tactical team and training new dispatchers. Dena has served Roseville for 10.5 years, handles dispatch scheduling and other challenging/thankless duties, and is very active in recruiting and community outreach. We're so fortunate to have them both serving our departments and our community. (L-R: Assistant Fire Chief Brian Diemer, Dispatcher Dena Quezada, Administrator Katie Braverman, Dispatcher Denise Heinemann, Police Chief Maccoun)

Re-upping this: whether it contains your $3,000 laptop with all your work documents, or "just" a few $100's in college textbooks, a thief WILL break your window to find out. When you're eating out, working out, shopping or parking the car at home, lock your doors and take your valuables with you. Please don't leave any enticing laptop bags, duffel bags or backpacks visible in your passenger compartment. Your windows will thank you.

Hey, let's open it up on Sierra College! What could possibly go wrong? Plenty! Our officers are keeping a watchful eye on traffic, even on Saturday nights. Let's slow down and be careful out there. We want you around to enjoy many more beautiful spring evenings.

Congratulations to Viviana and the Roseville Police Activities League for this well-deserved recognition! We are so fortunate to have her in our corner, working tirelessly on behalf of kids in our community.