Banning Police Department

  • Agency: Banning Police Department
  • Address: 125 E. Ramsey, Banning, 92220 CA
  • Chief: Leonard Purvis (Chief of Police)
Phone: (951) 922-3170

Banning Police Department is located at 125 E. Ramsey, Banning, 92220 CA. The Chief of Police of the department is Leonard Purvis. The Banning Police Department phone number is (951) 922-3170.

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PRESS RELEASE 05/21/18 Assault with a Deadly Weapon / Vehicle Pursuit


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Press Release 02/22/2018 Homicide



Banning PD would like to announce a major achievement in resolving the ongoing issues with the Banning Business Center on Lincoln Street. The City has been in litigation with the property owners for some time. In October, the Riverside Superior Court granted the City’s petition for receivership of the property. Just before Thanksgiving, the judge finalized the appointment of the receiver. The receiver is an agent of the Court tasked with securing the location and finding buyers to rehabilitate the property. The receiver was here today and inspected the property. Banning PD cleared the buildings to check for trespassers, but all the facilities were found to be vacant. A 24-hour security team is now onsite and will be patrolling the property to ensure there are no more trespassers. Once the location is secured, the receiver will begin the process of marketing and selling the property to a reputable buyer capable of doing the work necessary to make this site safe and successful, with continuing oversight by the Court to ensure a timely completion. Additional information can be found on the City's web site here:

SCAM ALERT: Several customers have reported receiving a call from someone posing as a City of Banning customer service representative. The scammer is telling customers that their utilities will be shut down unless they purchase an express pay card and provide that information back to the scammer. The callback number the scammer leaves is (951) 267-7771 and has been setup with a similar automatic message to the City of Banning’s customer service number. The caller ID has also been faked to show as if the call is coming from the City of Banning. Please be advised that that City of Banning would never seek payment from customers in this manner. Payments can only be made by either 1.) mailing in a payment, 2.) making a payment online, 3.) making a payment in person at City Hall, or 4.) dropping a payment in the drop-box outside the Police Department. Customers would also receive a letter in the mail if there was any potential stoppage in their service. Customers who receive a similar inquiry from someone they believe is not associated with the City of Banning are encouraged to call the Banning Police Department at (951) 922-3170 to report the incident. Customers can always check the status of their account by either calling (951) 922-3185 or in-person at City Hall during normal business hours.

We hope you have a wonderful Halloween celebration tomorrow! In order to keep you and your trick-or-treaters safe, please consider the following tips: - Make sure costumes and candy containers are reflective. To avoid tripping, ensure costumes don't drag on the ground. - Trick-or-treat with trusted neighbors and stick to neighborhoods you know. - Drive slowly and anticipate heavy pedestrian traffic. Children are excited on Halloween and may move in unpredictable ways. - Keep footpaths clear for trick-or-treaters by placing decorations where visitors won't walk. Additionally, ensure electrical cords don't cross footpaths. - Check your children's candy for any potential hazards. Throw out candy that is unwrapped, homemade, or has been altered in any way. - Keep candies away from pets. All forms of chocolate, especially baking or dark chocolate, can be dangerous, even lethal, for dogs and cats.

Potential Fraud Alert: A resident recently informed the City of Banning that a young, Hispanic male wearing a safety vest came to their door at approximately 7:00 P.M. claiming to be a contractor installing smart meters and requested access to their property. The resident became suspicious of the individual and declined them access. Please be advised that the City's smart meter contractor, Vanguard, does not work past 4:30 P.M. Vanguard employees wear long-sleeved brown shirts and a safety vest, have badges that identify them as being associated with Vanguard, and have a Vanguard magnetic sign on their personal vehicle. Only customers who have received a green door hangar should receive any personal contact at their door from the company. Any residents who receive a similar inquiry from someone they believe is not associated with Vanguard or the City of Banning are encouraged to call 911 immediately to report the incident.

We have some very good news to share with the community! In the case of City of Banning v. Zukaza LLC, et alii, case number RIC1700904, the City was successful in petitioning the Riverside Superior Court to appoint a court receiver to take possession and control of the Banning Business Center located at 649 West Lincoln Avenue. Once their appointment is finalized, the court receiver will be tasked with immediately securing the Banning Business Center and providing ongoing security to prevent further trespass and arson from unauthorized individuals. After the property is properly secured, the court receiver will begin the process of marketing and selling the property to a reputable buyer capable of doing the work necessary to make this property safe for the entire community, with continuing oversight by the Court to ensure a timely completion. We appreciate your patience as we’ve worked through the court process to get this matter resolved. You can read the full press release at the link below.

Congratulations to Detective Brandon Smith who was awarded the 10851 Award at last night’s City Council Meeting! “10851” is the California Vehicle Code dealing with stolen vehicles. The award was presented by Lieutenant Richard Mendez on behalf of the California Highway Patrol and the Automobile Club of Southern California. Between May 2016 and May 2017, Detective Smith recovered 6 rolling vehicles (stolen vehicles being driven by suspects) and 2 abandoned stolen vehicles. This is the second time that Detective Smith has received this prestigious honor.

Banning PD has seen a tremendous response to our CCW permit program. We do want to clarify that this program is only available to Banning residents and to contact directly if you have any questions regarding the application process.

Folks, for those of you applying for a CCW, please read the directions carefully, if you have any questions please contact the company directly if you are submitting an application, the application must be submitted to the company directly not to the police department.

Banning residents now have the opportunity to apply for a CCW permit directly through the Banning Police Department. Residents interested in applying for a CCW can do so online by clicking on the “Banning CCW” tab at Individuals applying for a CCW permit must meet all the necessary requirements before a permit will be issued. Click the link below for more information.

Flags are half-mast today at the Banning Police Department in honor of Patriot Day. #911remembrance #neverforget


Be Aware of the “Mystery Shopper” Scam! A citizen in Banning recently received an offer to become a “Mystery Shopper”, promising cash rewards for secretly evaluating businesses. The resident was instructed to deposit the attached check of $2,700 at her own bank, and then to send funds to a person in Texas in an effort to rate money transfer services at local stores. When the sender started asking for her personal banking information, the citizen became suspicious, realized it was a scam, and contacted the Banning Police Department. Please be aware that scam artists use tricks like this all the time to get people to release personal information including bank, credit card, and Social Security numbers. Offers from strangers that seem too good to be true usually are. If you believe that you may have been a victim of a similar scam, Banning PD encourages you to make an online report at

The Banning Police Department would like to congratulate the 76 Graduates of the 20th Annual Explorer Academy. Among those were 3 from our own Explorer Post 1250: Alexiss Pena David Pena Noah Pena These young men and women put in a grueling 6 intense days at the Riverside Training Center to become part of the Class of 2017. If you are 14 to 20, have an interest in a career in Law Enforcement and would like to join the Banning Police Department Explorers, please contact Sgt Avila or Corporal Kelly at 951-922-3170. You must be willing commit 20 hours a month.

The fire department is actively working a fire on Ramsey Street from 16th to Roberge, Ramsey Street will be closed, plan accordingly.

Please help keep your pets safe during this 4th of July celebration!! See the tips below to help your pet stay home and safe.

As you may have heard, there was a bear sighting at Rite Aid on Ramsey Street/8th Street this morning at approximately 4:30 A.M. Banning Police responded and requested assistance from the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, but the agency was unable to offer aid in time. Our officers managed to corral the bear and lead him back north into the mountains. Longtime Banning residents know that bear sightings are not uncommon in our City. If residents do come into contact with a bear, we recommend the following: • Never approach a bear or pick up a bear cub • Call 911 immediately - our officers will be able to respond quickly and can help protect the public (and the bear) from potential harm • If you are indoors, remain indoors • If you come face to face with a bear, do not run - instead, turn towards the animal, make noise and try to appear as large as possible • If attacked, fight back Other tips and precautions for dealing with bears can be viewed at the California Department of Fish and Wildlife web site:

Our dispatchers are the unseen heroes of Banning PD. Their hard work and dedication not only help keep Banning residents safe, but our officers as well. Thank you for all you do! #DispatcherAppreciation #UnseenHeroes

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