Blythe Police Department

  • Agency: Blythe Police Department
  • Address: 240 N Spring Street, Blythe, 92225 CA
  • Chief: Steven L Smith (Chief of Police)
Phone: 760-922-6111

Blythe Police Department is located at 240 N Spring Street, Blythe, 92225 CA. The Chief of Police of the department is Steven L Smith. The Blythe Police Department phone number is 760-922-6111.

Blythe Police Department News

UPDATE: Kissee has been located in Parker, Az. and is fine. She has been reunited with family and is enroute back to Blythe. Investigators will be determining how Mrs. Kissee made it to Parker. Thanks to all those who assisted in the search. MISSING PERSON-ENDANGERED 76 year old Roberta Kissee was reported missing to the Blythe Police Department shortly after 6:00 A.M. this morning, (6/4/18). Kissee left her home in the 300 block of Oasis Drive sometime between 9:30 P.M. Sunday night atnd 5:30 A.M. this morning. It is unknown what Kissee was last wearing, but she may possibly be carrying some types of bags. Kissee is possibly suffering from dementia and may seem disoriented. If Kissee is seen please call the Blythe Police Department at 760 922-6111 ext. 5.

Great event for the whole family.

It was honor and privilege for me to serve as the Master of Ceremonies tonight for the Riverside County Peace Officer Memorial. We were fortunate and blessed this year that we had no new names to add here in Riverside County. I pray we never have to again......Chief Wade.

The below post was shared today and demonstrates what awesome employees we have here at the Blythe Police Department. Thank you Officer Duran for taking the extra step in providing good customer service! We are proud of you.

Defrain Blvd. is closed at 8th Ave. due to a traffic collision. Please use an alternate route for at least the next two hours. UPDATE: Defrain Blvd. has been re-opened to traffic.

It would be a drastic understatement to say that these tragic incidents are happening way too often. Rest In Peace deputy, May God bless you and accept you home.

If you have any questions regarding Measure D please try and attend one of these two public meetings on May 30th. Chief Jeff Wade will be present to answer questions to assist you in making an informed decision.

To the Citizens of Blythe: Each one of us became police officers to help and serve our communities. But due to proposed legislation in Sacramento, we’re concerned about the ability to do just that. Earlier this week, Assemblymember Shirley Weber (D-San Diego) and Assemblymember Kevin McCarty (D-Sacramento) announced they would be introducing legislation that would raise the standard for legal review, in hindsight, of an officer’s decision to use force. We are concerned about the repercussions of this change for public safety. If our officers cannot respond to life and death situations until backup arrives or are forced to employ a checklist during rapidly advancing and extraordinarily dangerous situations, ultimately everyone involved is placed at a higher risk. Regardless of any outcome, we will always be here for you, to help and to serve. Please leave your comments below and email and call these Assemblymembers to voice your opinion. Assemblymember Shirly Weber 916-319-2079 Assemblymember Kevin McCarty 916-319-2007. #ServingOurCommunities Thank you from the Blythe Police Department.

Today we begin Dispatcher Appreciation Week. The men and women in Blythe Police 911 dispatch center do their jobs day in and day out without the praise that they so often deserve. Ask any police officer and they will tell you that they could never do what our dispatchers do. Every shift is an emotional roller coaster, from the mundane call one minute to the life threatening the next. They are the calm voice in crisis and the reassuring voice to victims. They are who the public calls in the middle of the night when there is no one else to call. They are truly multi-tasking experts. From all of us that rely on you daily we say Thank You! And on a personal note I want to publicly thank each of you from the bottom of my heart and tell you that I could not be prouder of “my family.” Sincerely, Chief Jeff Wade

UPDATE: Madison was found safe this afternoon. There was no foul play involved with her being missing from the school. Thanks to everyone who helped look for her. MISSING JUVENILE Today, March 12th, 2018, 13 year old Madison Marie Lane was reported missing from Margaret White Elementary School. Madison had been dropped off at the school by her mother this morning, but did not go to class. Madison was last seen wearing a black sweatshirt with multi-colored letters that say "Seaside," blue jeans, and either blue or gray Converse shoes. At this time it appears Madison walked away from school on her own to meet a friend, however at this time she has not returned. If you see Madison Marie Lane please call 911 or 760 922-6111, or any law enforcement agency.

Excellent Town Hall Meeting tonight at Palo Verde High School regarding our recent perceived threats. Thank you to Superintendant Bush for organizing and hosting the event. There was an amazing turn out and a good question/answer portion with parents and citizens. I am extremely proud of Lt. Coe and all my staff for their hard work tracking down and investigating these perceived threats back to their origins and making our schools safe for our kids. We have tentatively scheduled training classes with School staff and Administrators and will be working with parent organizations to make sure all students know what to do during active shooter situations. If you notice an increased presence of Officers at the schools please be aware that we have assigned additional Officers to the High School during school hours. This will continue for the foreseeable future, not only to keep our kids safe, but also in hopes of calming the fears of students and parents. Jeff Wade, Chief of Police

TOWN HALL MEETING INFORMATION Due to recent events in our School District, a Town Hall Meeting has been scheduled beginning at 6:00 PM tonight, February 27, 2018, in the Palo Verde Valley High School Cafeteria to discuss the safety and security of our school and work sites. If you have questions or concerns you would like to share, we invite you to join us.

PRESS RELEASE Blythe Police Department On Friday morning, February 23rd, the Blythe Police Departments School Resource Officer received very vague information regarding a possible threat at Palo Verde High School. The Officer, along with Blythe Police Detectives immediately began interviewing staff and students at PVHS. During their investigation they discovered a 15 year old high school student was seen on a website looking at a picture of a handgun on his personal smart phone. There were no threats, and no conversation between the two students ever took place regarding a firearm. One student reportedly looked over the shoulder of another and saw a student viewing pictures of a handgun and dutifully notified his teacher. The teacher then notified school administration and an investigation was started. Blythe Police initiated the School Threat Assessment and Response protocol, (S.T.A.R.), and identified the 15 year old student. The student was cooperative, as was his parents, and allowed police access to their home. The 15 year old provided a viable story as to why he was looking at this particular gun, which was verified by the parents. “In light of very recent events I believe this student demonstrated very poor judgment in researching gun models while at school,” stated Chief Jeff Wade. Chief Wade added that he was pleased that the student reported the incident to their teacher so that it could be thoroughly investigated to determine there was no threat and students were never in danger. As a precaution police remained at PVHS throughout the day and the student remained at home with his parents. Anyone with information regarding this case is urged to contact the Blythe Police Department at 922-6111 or they can give their information anonymously by calling Crime Stop at 921-CARE (2273) or by E-Mail at .

PRESS RELEASE: Today is a day to mourn and pray for the victims of the Valentine’s Day school shooting in Parkland, Florida. It is not a day to point fingers and cast blame. However, as the Chief of Police I strongly believe it is never too soon to educate our kids and ask for the public’s help to avoid anything like this ever occurring here in Blythe. Numerous media outlets are reporting the warning signs we too often only hear about after a tragedy such as this. In this case specifically there are reports that the suspect suffered from depression, was expelled from school, and had rules in place that he was not allowed to have a backpack on campus. It was known that the suspect was an avid shooter and had shown shooting videos to fellow students. There were even reports that the shooter had been “voted most likely” to commit a school shooting. Whether all or some of these reports are true, the bottom line is there were warning signs and lost opportunities to report suspicious behavior to the school and law enforcement. Research indicates that these youth do not simply just “snap.” There are warning signs prior to acting out. The Secret Service has found that in 75% of the cases they studied, other youth knew about the attack before it occurred, and an adult had expressed concerns about the student. In more than half the cases more than one adult had expressed concern. Here in Riverside County we have strict protocols to deal with suspicious behavior and reports such as these at schools. Known as the “Kids with Guns Protocol,” the response procedures and responsibilities are specifically defined for law enforcement, Riverside County Probation, Riverside County Office of Education, Riverside County Behavioral Health, Riverside County District Attorney, and Riverside County Child Protective Services. These protocols were updated in 2016 and renamed the “School Threat Assessment and Response,” or STAR protocol. These protocols are to be used for prevention, threat assessment, intervention, and response to youth who are at risk to commit a violent act. The key here is activation of these protocols. In the weeks and months after Sept. 11, 2001, I recall Americans were laser-focused on their surroundings and determined to prevent another attack. We were more vigilant, more afraid. I know I was. Fear is not comfortable, but it does make us more aware. "See something, say something" may not be an awe inspiring slogan, but it works: Many crimes reported to us here at the police department are stopped or solved by one person who reported some minuscule behavior that “just didn’t seem right.” Blythe is a small, isolated city. We seem to know more about each other’s business, partly because of our isolation, but mostly because we care. We have to remain alert and take the time to report behavior that “just doesn’t seem right,” to the school, to law enforcement, to mental health, or child protective services. The Blythe Police Department will continue to train with the Palo Verde Unified School District to remain prepared for events like that which occurred in Florida, but we would obviously prefer to stop it before it occurs. As always my staff and I are available to answer any questions and investigate any crime occurring within the City of Blythe. Anyone wishing to report any crime or suspicious activity is urged to contact the Blythe Police Department at 922-6111 or they can give their information anonymously by calling Crime Stop at 921-CARE (2273), by E-Mail at , or on our Instagram or Facebook pages. Jeff Wade, Chief of Police

Sadly it has happened again. A senseless tragedy so devastating it is difficult to comprehend. Everyone here at the Blythe Police Department are praying for the victims of the Florida School shooting, as well as their loved ones and friends.

Today Chief Wade swore in Stephanie Ruvalcaba as the newest member of the Blythe Police Citizens on Patrol. Ms. Ruvalcaba had been an Explorer Scout with the Police Department for three years. Her goal is to become a full time Police Officer for Blythe P.D. in the next year. We have no doubt she will make it! Thanks for your dedication to the Blythe Police Department and the citizens of Blythe.

PRESS RELEASE At about 6:00 A.M. on Wednesday, January 10th, the Blythe Police Department received a call from a motorist reporting a person sitting on the outside of the Interstate 10 pedestrian overcrossing. As police responded a 911 call came in from a male saying he wanted to die, but did not give his location. Blythe Police were able to ping the cell phone call to the area of the pedestrian overcrossing. When Officers arrived they found a 23 year old male sitting on the ouside of the catwalk on a sign extension. Officers communicated with the male who admitted he wanted to die by jumping from the overcrossing. Blythe Police closed eastbound Interstate 10 while a negotiator from the Blythe Police Department spoke to the male. After about 15 minutes of speaking to the negotiator the male agreed to receive help and climbed back over the fence. The male was detained for a mental health evaluation. The freeway was immedediately re-opened.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the California Highway Patrol and with this Officers family. So unnecessary......Please don’t drink and drive!

From all of us here at the Blythe Police Department we wish you a Merry Christmas and a blessed new year ahead for you and your family. We are truly blessed here at the PD to have a caring and loving work family who keeps law enforcement goals in mind with real human beings in the forefront. If there is ever anything that we can do to help or improve your situation please please do not hesitate to let us know. Day and night, 24 hours a day we have the best Officers Blythe has to offer on duty. Simply talk to them, let them know your problems and what you think you need to do to fix them. If we can’t do it we can always find someone who can. May God bless you all and keep you safe daily.......Chief Jeff Wade

The Police Department would like to thank our local Dollar Tree store. Yesterday they donated several large boxes of toys to the less fortunate kids of the Palo Verde Valley. In the photos below Sgt. Fabanich and Officer Duran share some of the toys with Captain Teets, Supervisor Christy Wade and Deputy Aguilar from the Colorado River Station in Blythe, to be passed out to children in the unincorporated area. Boxes of toys were also given to Blythe CHP Officers as well. Merry Christmas from the Blythe Police Department to all families living in our valley. May God Bless you all and keep you safe during this holiday season and always....Chief Jeff Wade.

Coty Wadley was sworn in today as our newest Citizen on Patrol. Coty started at the Police Department four years ago when he was 14 as an Explorer Scout, the same as Chief Wade. Hopefully Coty will be heading to the academy in about two years. Thank you Coty for your love of this profession and your desire to improve Blythe. You stick with it and you will be the Chief one day if you want it. Congratulations!!!!!!

The Blythe Police Department and Riverside County Sheriff’s 911 system is temporarily out of service. We are working to get it back on line as soon as possible. Please call 760 922-6111 for all law enforcement needs within the City of Blythe. The Sheriff can be reached at 760 921-7900. We are sorry for any inconvenience this causes. Update: The Riverside County Sheriffs 911 system is operational. The Blythe Police Departments 911 is still down. Please call 760 922-6111 ext. 5 to reach the Blythe Police dispatcher. UPDATE: The 911 system for the Blythe Police Department is up and operational. A malfunction occurred at the Frontier office in Victorville, Ca. At this time we are not aware of any critical incidents that went unreported or resulted in a delayed response by police or fire.

Good tips Lt. Coe. Thanks for educating our parents and keeping our kids safe.

Retired Blythe Police Chief Robert Feemster passed away on August 15th. It doesn't matter how long it has been since they retired they remain part of our "family." Our condolences to the Feemster family.