Indio Police Department

  • Agency: Indio Police Department
  • Address: 46800 Jackson St, Indio, 92201 CA
  • Chief: Richard Twiss (Chief of Police)
Phone: 760-391-4057
Fax: (760) 391-4036

Indio Police Department is located at 46800 Jackson St, Indio, 92201 CA. The Chief of Police of the department is Richard Twiss. The Indio Police Department phone number is 760-391-4057.

Indio Police Department News

Good morning Facebook Followers. In light of recent events, we wanted to share a little information on School Threats that the Indio Police Department might receive. Since the events that took place in Parkland, Florida, there have been numerous school threats nationwide that are receiving special attention. Some of the threats that have been received show a school threat being posed at IHS or SHS; however these threats are not related to any of our local schools in Indio. These threats are schools out of the county or in other states that share the same or similar acronym as Indio Schools. Although, it was determined to not be related to Indio schools, the Indio Police Department still investigates each of these incidents to the fullest to ensure the safety of our students. The Indio Police Department currently has four full-time School Resource Officers and we also work closely with the Desert Sands Unified School District to continue to ensure the safety of all students. Any possible threat that is received by the Indio Police Department will be investigated fully. If a credible threat is received by the Indio Police Department, parents along with school administration will be notified. Thank you for your support and cooperation and remember, if you see or hear something, say something. In an emergency Dial 911 Non-emergency Dial 760-391-4041 The City of Indio #SchoolSafety

***UPDATE*** Roadway has reopened. Thank you for your cooperation!! *** Traffic Alert*** Please avoid the area of Highway 111 and Las Palmas Road as officers are on scene working a traffic collision. All Eastbound Highway 111 lanes are currently closed in this area.

The Indio Police Department recently participated in a two day training session to help better assist LGBT victims on their day to day shifts. Officers spent time learning new terminology and identifiers when working with the Transgender community. The Indio Police Department always wants the public to feel safe when speaking with our officers and not to be in fear of their safety due to their sexual orientation. #communitypolicing #training

Good morning Facebook Followers and Happy Presidents Day! Make sure to join us today for the Date Festival Parade starting at 9am in downtown Indio. There will be street closures in areas bounded by Highway 111, Monroe Street, Miles Avenue and Jackson Street. ***Please drive cautiously in and around these areas as there will be several pedestrians in the area***

***Feel Good Friday Story*** On February 6, 2018, California Psychcare Program Coordinator Yvonne Duarte contacted School Resource Officer Romero reference a past student he encountered at Indio Middle School. Duarte told Officer Romero he made a great impact in this student’s life while he attended Indio Middle School. The student was later transferred to a different school but continued to speak very highly of Officer Romero and he told Duarte multiple times, he saw Officer Romero as a friend. Duarte asked Officer Romero if he would be willing to meet with this student at the police department to reconnect with this student. Officer Romero agreed without hesitation and the meeting took place yesterday, February 15, at the Indio Police Department. This is a great example of how important it is to have School Resource Officers in our schools, not only for protection but to build these positive relationships and to be great role models for these students.

Happy Birthday to our Chief, Mike Washburn! Administration staff surprised the Chief with a birthday gathering and cake to celebrate the occasion. Please join us in wishing Chief Washburn a very Happy Birthday! 🎉🎂#indiopolice #chief #happybirthday

We want to extend a big thank you to St. Andrew's Presbyterian Church Community Bible Study Children’s Ministry for sharing the love with Indio Police staff this Valentine’s Day! 💙 #indiopolice #ipd #valentinesday #loved @ Indio Police Department

Please join us in welcoming our newest Assistant Chief Chris Shaefer as he was sworn in today. Assistant Chief Shaefer began his law enforcement career in 1982 as a police officer for the City of Manteca, California. In 1992 he joined the Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms/Explosives Agency. In 2004 Assistant Chief Shaefer was transferred to ATF Headquarters in Washington, D.C. where he served in the Inspection Division until accepting his new position with the Indio Police Department. Welcome aboard Assistant Chief Shaefer!

The men and women of the Indio Police Department would like to send our condolences to our brothers and sisters with the Riverside County Sheriff's Department. Lt. Baur worked closely with the Indio Police Department to keep our city, along with our guests safe during the concert festivals. Our thoughts and prayers are with the family of Lt. Baur during this difficult time. #riversidesheriff #thinblueline #onefamily

***Serial Armed Robber Nabbed after High Speed Chase*** On February 7, 2018, at approximately 1150 hours, an IPD Officer was in the area of Monroe Street and Highway 111 when he heard rapid gun fire. Unsure if he was being shot at or someone else was being hit, he immediately requested assistance from other officers and began searching the area. IPD Officers began searching in the area of the Wells Fargo/Dollar Tree parking lot where they located an armed Brinks Security Guard. The security guard advised he was putting cash in the Wells Fargo ATM when an unknown male in a ski mask pointed a handgun at him and demanded money. There was a short exchange of fire between the victim and the suspect which ended when the suspect jumped into a green SUV and left the area. Officers later learned that no one was injured during the exchange of gunfire. Several concerned citizens began calling Indio Dispatch reporting there were two suspects seen exiting the green SUV and leaving the area in a red Cadillac. With assistance from cooperating agencies, we were able to locate the red Cadillac as it was driving eastbound towards Coachella. IPD Officers attempted to stop the vehicle which failed to yield to their emergency lights. The suspects continued fleeing until they collided with a block wall. They exited their vehicle and fled on foot into a nearby mobile home park. A nearby school was put on lockdown in an abundance of caution. There is no evidence to suggest either suspect ever went onto school property. Again, with the assistance from several agencies, we were able to set up a perimeter around the mobile home park to ensure the suspects would not leave the area. A team of officers began searching the mobile home park, one mobile home at a time. As they were searching, Indio dispatch received information in regards to the suspects being under a specific mobile home. Officers immediately made a perimeter around the mobile home and with the assistance of Riverside County Sheriff’s K-9 Unit; Officers were able to locate both suspects. Homero Palomino Ontiveros was taken into custody at the scene and the second suspect was pronounced deceased at the scene from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. A search of Ontiveros’ person revealed he was in possession of a ski mask. Further investigation revealed Ontiveros had an active felony warrant out of Nebraska for robbery and he was wanted by several agencies in northern California, near Tulare County, for armed robbery. Ontiveros had been named as a suspect and/or person of interest in at least two other armored car robberies where approximately $160,000 dollars was stolen. IPD Detectives continued the investigation and conducted a search warrant for the mobile home in Coachella. Inside the mobile home officers located a backpack containing a chrome .357 revolver with a filed off serial number, a black ski mask and several sets of gloves. Ontiveros was booked into Riverside County Jail (Indio) for attempted homicide, attempted robbery and several firearm related charges.

***Happy Super Bowl Sunday*** Whether you are rooting for the Patriots or cheering on the Eagles, the Indio Police Department would like to remind everyone to have a fun and safe Super Bowl Sunday. Remember to drink responsibly. If you have had one too many drinks there are plenty of Uber, Lyft and Taxi drivers out there waiting for your call. We are sure their vehicles are a lot more comfortable than ours and their rides are much cheaper! Enjoy the game!

Good morning Facebook Followers! It has been a while since we posted a Feel Good Friday video, so please join us in welcoming our two newest Police Officers and wishing them well as they begin the Field Training Program!

On January 31, 2018, Officers from the Quality of Life Team were assisted by members of Public Works in clearing trash and debris from the vacant field south of the Indio Fashion Mall, East of Monroe Street. The team recognized the need to address the visual blight issues and safety concerns associated with people erecting temporary housing in the field. Contact was made with several people who have been living and frequenting the area. Outreach assistance was offered to several people in an attempt to help them to no longer live on the streets. During today’s cleanup operation, approximately ten dump truck loads of garbage and over grown foliage were removed. This will improve the safety of the area, and remove the visual blight from the area. The City of Indio Indio City Public Works

On January 28, 2018, Detectives from the Indio Police Department’s Street Crime Unit conducted a probation search at the residence of Eric Reyes in the community of Thousand Palms. Reyes was currently on probation for a weapon related offense as well as child endangerment. During the search, a loaded /stolen firearm was recovered, along with a high capacity magazine. Reyes was not home at the time of the probation search. Detectives located Reyes on January 29, 2018 and placed him under arrest for felon in possession of a firearm. A probation search was conducted on his vehicle and additional ammunition was found. Reyes was booked into the Riverside County Jail (Indio) for several felony charges.

Sgt. Marshall, Officer Osmond, Officer Edney and an Indio PD supporter, Mr. Contreras all participated in the Spartan Sprint Race in Chino, California while upholding the Merritt Strong values. They all completed 5 miles of rough terrain along with 21 obstacles! We are Meritt Strong. Keep fighting the good fight Jeff! #W310 #MerrittStrong #thinblueline

Tonight as our Records staff locked our lobby doors, they noticed an item left in the flower beds outside. Upon closer inspection, they realized it was a hand painted police car rock. We’re not sure who left this for us, but it was a delightful discovery. To whoever left this neat little treasure, Thank you! It was a very unique way to show your support. We appreciate it. 💙 #indiopolice #policecar #rockart

Detective Fuentes along with Cadet Blackburn, Cadet Fuentes, Cadet Meadows, and Cadet Fuentes participated in the Calipatria Hornet 5K Run. They are W310STRONG. Keep up the fight Jeff we miss you and you are the true champion. #W310Strong

The Indio Police Department has received reports that there is an “Officer or Deputy Kenneth Cook” calling people regarding a warrant for their arrest. IPD does not have an officer named “Kenneth Cook” on the force. Additionaly, IPD would never request any type of payment over the phone. This is a complete SCAM. This type of SCAM is very similar to the “IRS Gift Card” SCAM that made it to the Coachella Valley late last year. In these types of SCAMs, "payment" requests are usually in the form of gift cards or "green dot" cards. If you receive any phone calls from “Officer or Deputy Kenneth Cook” please contact the Indio Police Department’s non-emergency number at (760) 391-4057 with any information you have. For some of the most update information regarding SCAMs go to the Federal Trade Commission website at To report any other type of SCAMs or if you are the vicitm of a phone, SCAM please report it to the FBI Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3). The IC3 website is located at

***Feel Good Friday Story*** On December 27 2017, a complaint was raised reference a specific transient male, Terrell Menniefee, who had been staying in the downtown Indio area for quite some time. The complaint was in regards to Mr. Menniefee sleeping near the downtown businesses every night and then leaving the area a mess when he would leave in the morning. Several businesses came together and emailed the Indio Police Department due to the amount of trash in the area being caused by this male. The email was later sent to the Indio Police Department’s Quality of Life Team, Sgt. Franco, Officer Haworth and Officer Ibarra. Together the team worked diligently to come up with a solution. Some of the ideas were to take Mr. Menniefee to the mission to try and get him help, cite him for the violations he was committing or incarcerate him for a short period of time due to the misdemeanor violations. As many of you know, all these solutions would have been a temporary fix as Mr. Menniefee was not interested in any of the outreach resources the officers were offering and he would only be incarcerated for a short period time. Officer Haworth and Officer Ibarra knew Mr. Menniefee was not interested in their help as they had been working with him for the past month. Mr. Menniefee was uncooperative at first and did not want to speak with the officers. Both officers visited Mr. Menniefee on a daily basis to try and build rapport with him. Through these contacts, they began to learn about Mr. Menniefee’s family and where he was from. Officer Haworth decided to think outside of the box and he began to use his resources to locate a phone number for Mr. Menniefee’s mother who has been residing in Long Beach, California. Officer Haworth explained his reason for the call and Mr. Menniefee’s mother was relieved as she had last seen her son in January of 2016. Ms. Menniefee believed her son’s last location was in Hemet, California at the time she was contacted by Officer Haworth. Mr. Menniefee’s mother told Officer Haworth she would be grateful to see her son again but did not have the means of transportation to respond to Indio. Officer Haworth and Officer Ibarra knew they had to help. They located Mr. Menniefee and told him of their findings. Mr. Menniefee was just as excited to see his mother and told the officers he would be just as grateful to see his mother again. Officer Ibarra and Officer Haworth transported Mr. Menniefee to the Coachella Valley Rescue Mission where they allowed him to shower and they provided a new outfit for him to wear when reuniting with his mother. After Mr. Menniefee was showered, dressed and fed, Officer Ibarra and Officer Haworth drove Mr. Menniefee to Riverside, California on December 29, 2017, where they met his mother and reunited the two for a very happy ending. This is just a great example of how going above and beyond to find a better solution to solve a problem rather than just resulting in criminal prosecution. KESQ News Channel 3 KMIR News The City of Indio Desert Sun CBS Local 2

On January 17, 2018, members of the Indio Police Department’s Street Crime Unit arrested Jackson Terrace gang member Cristian “Lil Downer” Yanez and Joel Vargas for a string of shootings and assaults that occurred in the City of Indio between 01/07/18 and 01/14/2018. Several search warrants were conducted and two firearms were recovered along with evidence linking them to the crimes. Both subjects were booked into the Riverside County Jail (Indio) for numerous felonies. If anyone has information in regards to these crimes please contact the Indio Police Department’s tip line at (760) 541-7777.

“If you can’t fly then run, if you can’t run then walk, if you can’t walk then crawl, but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward” -MLK Jr.- The men and women of the Indio Police Department wish everyone a safe day today. In remembrance of Martin Luther King Jr.

Thank you to Ciro’s for stopping by with a bunch of pizzas for our staff to honor Law Enforcement Appreciation Day! 🍕🍕#indiopolice #ciros #pizza #lawenforcementappreciation #indio

On Thursday December 21, 2017, Indio Police Department received reports of two armed robberies and the illegal discharge of a firearm. The first incident occurred in the area of Crest Avenue and Towne Street, near North Jackson Park. The second incident occurred in the area of Hopi Avenue and Avenida Isabella, near Hopi Park. The third reported incident occurred in the area of Cassia Drive and Sirocco Avenue. A gold color van with a broken out back window was used during the commission of this crime. Subsequent investigation resulted in the identification and arrests of three subjects involved in these criminal offenses, Josue “Lil’ Downer” Zavala, Andrew “Mouse” Regalado and a Hispanic male juvenile. The Indio Police Department is interested in any information the public may have to further these investigations and identify outstanding suspects. Anyone with information regarding these incidents or anything else involving these subjects during this time period is encouraged to contact Detectives Marin (760) 541-4376 and Traynham (760)541-4522.

Thank you to everyone who came out to support our K9 team! We appreciate all of you. Special thank you to Elks Lodge #1643 for hosting this amazing event and all that you do for our department.