Murrieta Police Department

  • Agency: Murrieta Police Department
  • Address: 2 Town Square, Murrieta, 92562 CA
  • Chief: Mark Wright (Chief of Police)
Phone: (951) 304-2677
Fax: (951) 696-3608

Murrieta Police Department is located at 2 Town Square, Murrieta, 92562 CA. The Chief of Police of the department is Mark Wright. The Murrieta Police Department phone number is (951) 304-2677.

Murrieta Police Department News

Saturday, April 28 is National Drug Take Back Day. Bring in your unwanted prescriptions, over the counter medications, vitamins and pet medications for proper disposal.

Wow!!! Did you guys catch that sunset tonight?! #murrieta #police #murrietapd #chasingthesunset #sunset #nofilter

Weekly Highlights - Corporal Whittington was conducting extra patrol on 4/13 in the south side of town when he saw a car driving slowly down the street. Normally, that’s a good thing. We prefer that people don’t speed through our city, but this was a little different. First of all, it was 2:00 a.m. Second, it was the south side of town and as you may or may not know, that area is primarily industrial complexes and businesses. There aren’t many businesses open at 2:00 a.m., especially down there. #nothinggoodhappensaftermidnight This peaked Corporal Whittington’s curiosity. Apparently his presence startled the driver of the slow moving vehicle because he tried to skedaddle out of there. Corporal Whittington conducted an investigative traffic stop and contacted Saul Silva and his passenger Marisol Magallanes. As it turns out, Mr. Silva was on #PRCS probation for vehicle theft and Ms. Magallanes had methamphetamine. Marisol was booked into #CBDC and Saul was sent on his way. - Later that day, K9 Officer Hollenweger was dispatched to a suspicious incident at a bank. There was a woman at the location attempting to cash a check. While cashing a check is not normally considered suspicious, it is when the checks aren’t yours. After some investigation, Officer Hollenweger determined that the check the female was trying to cash had been stolen out of the mail in Lake Elsinore. Officer Hollenweger arrested Jessica Eaglen for the stolen mail and forgery and booked her into #CBDC. #ifitsnotyoursdonttakeit - Who hasn’t been to Jack In the Box late at night? #2tacosfor99cents But when you go to the drive through and forget to take your car? K9 Officer Harwick contacted David Curry standing at the drive through window at 12:14 a.m. Mr. Curry was hungry which is very understandable. Unfortunately Mr. Curry was intoxicated and unable to care for himself. K9 Officer Harwick arrested Mr. Curry for being intoxicated in public and took him to #thebyrdhouse to sober up. - Officer Bradly was contacted at Wal Mart while he was conducting extra patrol on 4/14. Security was with a subject that was trying to pass a fraudulent check. Officer Bradly found that the subject, Hector Cardoso, was not only on probation for identity theft, he was holding a fraudulent check in his hand. Officer Bradley also found a driver’s license that had been taken during a vehicle burglary in San Dimas in Hector’s possession. Hector won a trip to #thebyrdhouse for trying to pass a fraudulent check and violating his probation. - This time it was Officer Baker conducting extra patrol at the Wal Mart when he found a car that had the wrong plate on it. Officer Baker thought that the car may be stolen and the driver was trying to be sneaky by swapping the plates. The driver of the car, Bernardo Ruiz told Officer Baker that he was on probation for threats and that he was aware that the incorrect plate was on his vehicle. Bernardo admitted that he switched his vehicle plates because the registration on his vehicle had expired. #highregistrationfees Officer Baker found narcotics paraphernalia sitting next to Bernardo in his car. Officer Baker arrested Bernardo for fraud, narcotics paraphernalia and violating his probation.

Congratulations to the newest members of the Murrieta Police Department!!! Welcome Officer G. Evans and Records Police Service Technician C. Wright #welcometothefamily #murrieta #police #lateral #experience #patrol #newhire #records #letshearitforthegirls #wearemurrieta #joinourteam #smile

Male Arrested for Narcotics and Weapons On 4/12/2018, members of the Murrieta Police Department Special Enforcement Team served a search warrant in the City of Wildomar related to an ongoing narcotics investigation. The investigation involved a male, Matthew Fromer, selling narcotics and being a convicted felon in possession of firearms. During the service of the search warrant, the investigators located 22.6 grams of methamphetamine, 3.8 grams of cocaine, a loaded AR-15, loaded Berretta 9mm, a .22 caliber rifle, a replica handgun, and approximately 1475 rounds of various types of ammunition. Mr. Fromer was booked into the Cois Byrd Detention Center for numerous weapons and narcotics related charges. Arrestee: Matthew Fromer (46 years) Resident of Wildomar Charges: 11351 HS – Possession of Narcotics for Sale; 11370.1(A) HS – Possession of a Controlled Substance While Armed with a Loaded Firearm; 12022.1 PC – Felony Committed While on Bail; 23920 PC – Possession of Firearm W/O ID Mark; 29800(A)(1) PC – Felon In Possession of Firearm; 29900(A)(1) PC – Possession Firearm w/Prior Violent Offense Conviction; 30305(A)(1) PC –Possession of Ammunition by a Felon; 30605(a) PC – Possession of Assault Weapon; 32310 PC – Possession of Large Capacity Magazine; 667(c) PC – Prior Strike Enhancement Booking Number: 201814097 Murrieta File Number: 1804M-2508

Today we held our Annual Volunteer Appreciation Luncheon. We are so fortunate to have 38 volunteers who put in over 9,960 hours for the Murrieta Police Department. WOW!!! We can’t thank you enough!!! And thank you to Corporal Chivington for his many years of dedication to the program!

It's time to play our favorite game: "Was that an earthquake or Camp Pendleton!" And the winner is.....Camp Pendleton! Camp Pendleton will be training all week and you will hear loud booms up to 50 miles away.

•••UPDATE 6:51pm••• •••roadway is now open ••• Please avoid the area of Whitewood and Blackthorne due to a traffic collision and investigation. All lanes of Whitewood are blocked at this time.

Corporal Elliott just came across a lemonade stand at the corner of Calle Cipres and Placer Creek. The girls are trying to raise money for “Baby Ford” who is currently in the fight of his life after a near drowning on March, 29th. Stop by for a refreshing drink and show your support

Kazan celebrated his 8th birthday yesterday with the help of his handler Corporal Elliott and Abbadabba's Dog Bakery !!! He even shared with his sister. HAPPY BIRTHDAY KAZAN!!! #murrieta #police #k9 #Kazan #weregonnapartylikeitsmybirthday #lettherebecake #germanshepherd #🐾 #begood #imtakingthedayoff #funinthesun #ilovebirthdays #party #cake #celebrate #whenstheparty #partners #team #KeepingitPG #itsnotthatkindofparty #getoffthetable

On April 6-7, the Murrieta Police Department held their first annual K9 Trial. We are very proud of the trial that we were able to put on and reviews from participating teams and spectators alike were positive. K9 teams were able to compete in several disciplines. Teams competed in Explosives Detection (a competition absent in Southern California in recent history), Narcotics Detection, Evidence Search, Area Search, Building Search, Obedience, Agility and Patrol/Protection. Teams from all over Southern California, the Military and Mexico attended our event. We are thankful for the support of our fellow K9 handlers and their departments. In total we had 66 registered teams for both days of competition. Special thanks to Murrieta Valley Unified School District & the Athletic Director at Murrieta Valley High School for allowing us to use their school, The Murrieta Police Department Explorer Post and Police Volunteers for giving of themselves and their time to support this event and the volunteers at Paws 4 Law Foundation that worked side by side with us to make this event happen. As a department we are very fortunate to have the support of our community and this event was no different. We would like to thank all of the businesses and individuals that supported this event through monetary or time donations and of course all of the citizens that braved the heat to watch these teams compete. Thank you to everyone, we look forward making next years event even better. Feel free to tag your photos or send us your photos from the event!

more photos from the 1st Annual Murrieta Police K9 trails have been uploaded!

Our ladies are being recognized for their awesome work by the California Public Safety Radio Association!!!! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

Stand back! It’s time for the Cha-Cha Slide MPD style. Thank you for letting us crash your “Spectacular Prom” yesterday. #motors #promcrashers #chachaslide #wearemurrieta

On Thursday, April 12, 2018, members of the Murrieta Police Traffic Team escorted students from Vista Murrieta, Murrieta Mesa and Murrieta Valley High Schools to their "Spectacular Prom" event. This event included over 100 students consisting of Special Education Students and a few general education students, which include Link Crew Students and other leadership students. Murrieta's own Hawk Ranch donated the use of their facility for the event with catering from The Mill, cookies from Merely Delicious and flowers donated to Diane and Jeff (from the Proposal video 2 weeks ago) by Murrieta VIP Florist. So many others contributed to this awesome event and we were so happy to be a part of it! I'm not sure who had more fun with this escort and event, the Murrieta Police Traffic Unit or the kids at their prom. By the looks of the smiles, we all had an equally great time! :) Murrieta Valley Unified School District

Im not sure who had more fun with this escort, the Murrieta Police Traffic Unit or the 100 kids from Vista Murrieta, Murrieta Valley and Murrieta Mesa High Schools. Today we had the privledge of escorting the busses to Hawk Ranch for their "Spectacular Prom" for the schools Special Education Students and a few general education students, which include Link Crew Students and other leadership students. The photo album is coming!!!! This is just one of three convoys!

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Celebrating the hard work of the members of the Murrieta Police Department for 2017 10851 Award (stolen vehicle award) - Officer Jeremy Meadows DUI Award - Officer Zach Bradley 11550 Award (under the influence - drugs) - Officer Sandra Valle Life Saving Medals - Officer Chris Cummings, Corporal Mike Jacob, Officer Steve Miller, Officer Matt Schmidt, Officer Kurt Stickelman Chief's Citation Award - John Volpe Distinguished Service Award - Corporal Jay Elliott, Detective Andy Spagnolo, Dispatcher Allison Staley Officer Of the Year - Corporal Henry Romero Detective of the Year - Detective Frank Pitetti Dispatcher of the Year - Dispatch Lead Kelly Curran Professional Staff person of the Year- Angie Cannon Volunteer of the Year - Jeff Hutchinson Explorer of the Year - Noah Hemm Leanna McConnaughey Service Excellence Award - Julie Shannon Congratulations to all of our award recipients!

Have you been missing our press releases? Check out our weekly highlights! - Officer Meadows stopped a vehicle on 4/3 and contacted Glenda Sale and John Welch. PSD #Buck arrived with his human partner Officer Harwick and they found some meth in the car. Glenda and John were off #tothebyrdhouse for the meth and some pesky warrants that Glenda forgot to take care of. - Officer Drootin responded to a local condominium complex to speak to a resident about one of her neighbors acting inappropriately at the complex gym. The victim provided Officer Drootin with photos of the male and Officer Drootin identified him as Jason Mabry. Officer Drootin arrested Mr. Mabry for indecent exposure and probation violation and booked him into #CBDC. - Officer Meadows was at it again on 4/6 when he responded to a theft from an unlocked vehicle. #lockyourcars The victim provided a photo of the suspect seen in his car to Officer Meadows who then shared the same photo to officers in Menifee and Temecula. #teamwork Several hours later, Temecula PD found a person that looked a whole lot like the guy in the photo Officer Meadows sent out. Murrieta PD met up with the Temecula Officers and spoke with the matching suspect, Joshua Swart. Mr. Swart is on parole and even admitted that the picture was him. Mr. Swart was arrested for parole violation and grand theft and taken #tothebyrdhouse by Murrieta PD. - Corporal O. Williams (not to be confused with Officer B. Williams) responded to the Kohl’s on 4/6 for two people shoplifting. Marisol Arana and her boyfriend Javier Romero took a bag of items and ran out of the store. Marisol was contacted nearby in a stolen vehicle and Javier was found trying to hide in a restaurant bathroom. Turns out Marisol was out on bail and Javier is on PRCS probation and had meth in his pocket. Marisol and Javier were booked into #CBDC for shoplifting, drugs and possession of a stolen vehicle. #theyrenotmypants #buttheyreallywerehispants - On 4/7 several officers responded to the shopping center at Washington / Calle Del Oso Oro regarding a fight. A 15 year old male was arrested for brandishing a knife during the fight. He was ultimately released to his parents. - On 4/9 Officer Martin (also known as #Duke’s partner) stopped a car on Jackson Avenue and Chaco Canyon Road. Four people were contacted in the car and two won a trip #tothebyrdhouse. Jorge Gonzalez went to #CBDC for having an unregistered loaded handgun and Brandi Sanchez had some narcotics paraphernalia.

A very special delivery today for our Dispatchers from Murrieta Rocks and Temecula Rox! Your thoughtfulness is appreciated! Thank you

We are very excited for our Murrieta Police Department Annual Awards Ceremony this afternoon at 1pm In Council Chambers at City Hall.

Please join us tonight for the annual Victims' Rights Candlelight Vigil. The vigil begins at 7pm at Murrieta Town Square Park (behind City Hall).

Just a reminder to keep your vehicles maintained and don’t drive them if you have been having mechanical issues. Thankfully, only minor injuries reported and Murrieta PD Murrieta Fire & Rescue, United Tow and Blacks Tow working hard this morning to get the roadway open again. #teamwork #brakecheck #mechanical #vehiclemaintenance #service #collision #murrieta #police #murrietapd #murrietafire #thatsafireENGINE #notafireTRUCK #patrol #traffic #trafficcontrol #havepatience