San Bernardino Police Department

  • Agency: San Bernardino Police Department
  • Address: 710 North D Street, San Bernardino, 92401 CA
  • Chief: Garrett W Zimmon (Chief of Police)

San Bernardino Police Department is located at 710 North D Street, San Bernardino, 92401 CA. The Chief of Police of the department is Garrett W Zimmon. The San Bernardino Police Department phone number is 909-384-5742.

San Bernardino Police Department News

These before and after photos are an example of the work being done by our Quality of Life team! This was located at the railroad tracks on Rialto and Arrowhead.

We had Officers Robison, Saibene & Burgher graduate from the San Bernardino Sheriff’s Department SWAT school today. Burgher was even the top graduate! Way to make us proud #sanbernardinoPD

Educating our community leaders for our SB Chamber Law and Justice Day! #SBCommunity

Thank you to @sbcitygov for the delicious food and words of encouragement at this morning's Employee Appreciation Breakfast. #SBCommunity

Today our Citizen’s Academy went behind the scenes with our SET and SWAT teams! #SBCommunity

Congratulations to our #BakerToVegas team for winning 1st in the 500 Invitational! Thank you to our City Council for recognizing our efforts at tonight’s meeting. #SBCommunity

Were you there this morning? We had a great time! Catch us every Wednesday at Coffee with a Cop!


‪#dispatcherappreciationweek ‬





‪This fundraiser if off to a great start for Special Olympics! We’ll be here until 9! #TipACop‬


Today is the day! Come grab some delicious food and let's show So Cal Special Olympics we support them! #TipACop


Thank you to community members Duane and Sharon Marlow for spoiling our officers and dispatchers with snacks! #SBCommunity

Another illegal pot shop shut down on the 1800 block of N. Arrowhead.

Adopt your new best friend! FREE ADOPTION EVENT this weekend at the SB City Shelter! Share in the comments a photo of your rescue pet :) #AdoptDontShop

If boats can tip, so can you! We hope you have your calendar marked for dinner at Claim Jumper to support So Cal Special Olympics! #TipACop



In honor of Dispatcher Appreciation Week, we want to feature some of our dispatchers over the next few days! These are the people who are on the line when you call 911 in our area. Make sure you say thanks! #dispatcherappreciationweek

Lucky kids at Neal Roberts Elementary School got a visit from a few SWAT officers this morning! 🚨🚔