Carlsbad Police Department

  • Agency: Carlsbad Police Department
  • Address: 2560 Orion Way, Carlsbad, 92008 CA
  • Chief: Thomas Zoll (Chief of Police)

Carlsbad Police Department is located at 2560 Orion Way, Carlsbad, 92008 CA. The Chief of Police of the department is Thomas Zoll. The Carlsbad Police Department phone number is 760-931-2197.

Carlsbad Police Department News

Sergeant graduates prestigious leadership academy! Please help us congratulate Sgt. Darbie Ernst who graduated from the Sherman Block Supervisory Leadership Institute. This esteemed program for law enforcement is designed to stimulate personal growth, leadership, and ethical decision-making. It is an intense 8 month program that challenges students to learn new ways to resolve issues. Well done Darbie! #Leadership #TeamCarlsbad

It’s a beautiful evening in Carlsbad and Evening Watch is out-and-about. Call us if you need us. The time to call is when suspicious activity is taking place, 24/7 at 760-931-2197. Thanks #TeamCarlsbad.

Please give a warm Carlsbad welcome to Officer Dylan Mayer. Dylan was born and raised in southern California. Dylan has a degree in Art and for eight years after college graduation, Dylan owned and operated a photography business. In 2015, because Dylan wanted to serve the community, he joined the San Diego Police Department. While at SDPD, Dylan received numerous commendations for his hard work. Thank you Dylan for choosing to continue your community service in Carlsbad and welcome to the family. #TeamCarlsbad

Thank you John and Tammy at KSON RADIO for spending time with us in North County and for collecting food for the San Diego Food Bank. #Teamwork

A reminder from Ranger Serafini. We need your help to keep our trails clean and fit for everyone to use. Please pick up after your dog. Not only is it the right thing to do it is the law. Thank you #TeamCarlsbad.

Don’t forget to turn your clocks back tonight Carlsbad. But it is not just about your clocks. With fall and winter comes more darkness and more activities after dark. Here are some safety tips: • Don’t return home to a dark house. A dark house sends the message that no one is home. Put exterior and interior lights on timers. • Trim landscaping to aid visibility. Earlier dusk means more shadows and less visibility. Trim bushes, trees and other landscaping to reduce hiding places and shadows, and to increase the ability to see and be seen. • Solicitors after dark? Don’t open the door to a stranger—day or night. Say “no thank you” through the door and keep an eye on them. If they don’t move on, call the police department. • Change your outdoor exercise routine. If it is no longer light when you go out to jog or walk, consider some options. • There is safety in numbers. Walk or jog with a friend. • Always carry your phone. Let someone know where you are going and when you will be back. • Use the well-traveled path. Walk or jog in well-lit areas of activity. • Always be aware of what is going on around you. If you don’t like what you see, take a different path. • Don’t let headphones prevent you from hearing what is going on. Stay alert. • Be visible. Wear reflective clothing. • Out and about? Park your car as close to your destination as possible, under a light and remove all personal property. If you cannot take it with you, leave it at home. • Make sure your car is in good repair. If we get a rainy season, tire tread is the key to safety. Always use your headlights in the rain. • Remove distractions while driving. Be aware of neighbors out for a jog or children headed to the bus stop in limited light. • Leaving work after dark? Walk out with others and make sure everyone gets to their car safely. If co-workers are not around, call security for an escort. Call a spouse or friend on the phone and have them talk to you as you walk out to ensure you get going safely. Park under a light so you can see what is around your car. Have you keys ready and not at the bottom of a purse. For more security tips look here

Search and see what others can easily learn about you. Protect your privacy against search engines. #TeenIdentityTheftPrevention #WePrevent #TeamCarlsbad

Please help us congratulate academy graduates - Officer Trent Sakamoto and Officer Zachary Bruce. Congratulations officers on a job well done. Welcome to the Carlsbad family. Next step, in the car training. #TeamCarlsbad #WeTrain

Thanks California Peace Officers' Association for the great leadership training at this years #COPSWEST Training and Expo #WeTrain

It is that time of year again. We always look forward to participating in community events like #ShopwithaCop. This year we are co-hosting the event with Oceanside Police Department. Want to help?. To see how you can help, check out the Shop with a Cop San Diego page. Thanks #TeamCarlsbad

Thanks Valley Middle School TV Broadcasting team for stopping by and talking with us about your latest story. Carlsbad has some amazing kids and we always enjoy getting to know them. Valley Middle School PTA-Carlsbad Carlsbad Unified

Our Motor Unit recently participated in the San Diego County Motor Officer's Association annual #TerryBennetMemorialMotorCompetition in Coronado. Motor officers tirelessly train to sharpen their riding skills which helps them to safely perform their job. This video is a great example of those necessary skills. In this video you will see four motor officers competing in the Four-Person Team Event where they took 1st place. Great job guys! We are so proud of you. #TeamCarlsbad #WeTrain

Tip six - #TeenIdentityTheftPrevention - Make it complicated. Don't use easy to answer security questions like Mother's maiden name, hometown or highschool. Learn more... #TeamCarlsbad #WePrevent

Tip five - Don't fall for Phisher-scams. Phishing happens on social media too. Don't fall for a fake link from a friend that scams you into sharing your personal or logon information. Learn more... #TeenIdentityTheftPrevention #TeamCarlsbad #wePrevent

Can you help us identify this man? On October 11, at around 4:50 in the morning, it is suspected that this guy cut the lock to the play yard and entered the unlocked sheds of the Pilgrim Church located in the 2000 block of Chestnut Avenue. The description we have is: • A 18-20-year-old male • Thin build • Wearing a beanie • Baggy long sleeved shirt • Baggy pants • Carrying a backpack • The male smokes If you have information about this burglary or if you can identify this man, please call Sergeant Ryan Opeka at 760-931-2149 or Thanks for your help!

Are you ready? Happy Halloween Carlsbad! Let's work together; plan for safety and make sure you give us a call if you see or hear suspicious activity...760-931-2197...24/7. Go #TeamCarlsbad

Great job Carlsbad! Thanks to you we collected 144 pounds of unused, unwanted or expired prescription medications! Well done! Countywide, 10,233 pounds of prescription medications were collected. Thank you for helping us rid our homes of these harmful temptations. And thank you to the DEA for partnering with local law enforcement for such a great cause. #TeamCarlsbad #WePrevent If you could not make it to this weekend's event, you can always drop prescription medications in the drop box found in the lobby of the Police Department. More info here

Halloween is almost here Carlsbad! Now is the time to review some traffic safety rules to help keep our little ghouls and goblins safe. Safe travels Carlsbad and call us if you need us. We are out-and-about in your neighborhood, 24/7. Thx NHTSA

K9 Kane gets a lift from Huntington Beach Police At a recent K9 training, K9 Kane practiced getting on and off a helicopter. Kane got his practice lift from the Huntington Beach Police Department. K9s and their handlers regularly practice the large variety of skills needed to be an effective team. For more on Carlsbad's K9 Unit, look here

We need your help Carlsbad #TeddyBearDrive We need your help collecting new, with the tags attached, teddy bears for some really great kids at Rady Children's Hospital-San Diego. The Annual San Diego Regional Law Enforcement Teddy Bear Drive runs through December 4 when the new teddy bears will be dropped off at the hospital. The goal - to bring some cheer to kids who might be spending time in the hospital during the holidays and all year. To participate: • Bring a new, with the tags attached, teddy bear to the Police Department (2560 Orion Way). • Not in Carlsbad? Deliver your new bear to any Law Enforcement Agency in the county. • Deliver the bear before December 4 to ensure it is part of the 2017 drive. Thank you #TeamCarlsbad!

Thank you Discovery Isle La Costa for the treats and for the kind words. Having such a supportive community makes our jobs just that much easier!

Don't let a scammer spoof you with a fake caller ID. Scammers use well known phone numbers to get you to pick up your phone. Don't be fooled. Federal Trade Commission #TeamCarlsbad #WePrevent

Great reminder from The Red Ribbon Campaign. And a great time to remind everyone about the Drug Take Back Day tomorrow. 10 a.m. - 2 p.m. Scripps Coastal Medical Center, 2176 Salk Ave Don't let your unused, expired or otherwise unwanted prescription medications fall into the wrong hands. #TeamCarlsbad #WePrevent #RedRibbonweek #NationalDrugTakeBackDay

Young Resident Inspires Officer On October 21, an 11-year-old resident, new to Carlsbad, reported he had his new bicycle stolen from in front of his house. As you can imagine, the youngster was devastated that someone would steal his bicycle. This left an impression on Officer Murra who took the report and he set out to do something about it. Murra shared the story with a growing group of officers, investigators and dispatchers and they all wanted to help. They put together a task force to look for the bicycle, but it could not be found. They did not stop there. Next, the team took up a collection to buy the young-man a new bicycle, helmet and bike lock. Then, in collaboration with his Mother, the group took the replacement bicycle to the young man on October 24 and were pleased to present it to him. Along with the new bicycle, the officers talked to the young man about bicycle safety and security. The young man’s mom shared that this act of kindness will stay with her and her son for the rest of their lives. We were just glad to do something that will bring some cheer back to this young man and grateful for his Mom’s support to make the project happen. Enjoy and be safe out there. Bicycle safety tips - Bicycle security tips -

Tip Four - skip the personality quizzes...#TeenIdentityTheftPrevention. #WePrevent