Coronado Police Department

  • Agency: Coronado Police Department
  • Address: 700 Orange Ave, Coronado, 92118 CA
  • Chief: Lou Scanlon (Chief of Police)
Phone: 619-522-7350
Fax: (619) 435-1329

Coronado Police Department is located at 700 Orange Ave, Coronado, 92118 CA. The Chief of Police of the department is Lou Scanlon. The Coronado Police Department phone number is 619-522-7350.

Coronado Police Department News

Nothing will spoil your day faster than having your car towed on the Fourth of July. Parking is at a premium all day. Take the time to find a spot and please observe all no-parking signs. Don’t take the risk. If you park illegally, you are more than likely going to get towed. Make sure you read the posted signs in private/business parking lots as well. Last year, we saw an increase in private tows from their parking lots. The parking restriction signs on public streets are certified by the Coronado Police Department several times prior to and on the Fourth of July so a moved or missing sign will not be a valid excuse. Saving parking spaces is not allowed. If your car is towed, call (619) 522-7350 or go to the lobby of the police station, we will be open all day.

#ThrowBackThursday 4th of July parade

Our officers will display mourning bands across their badges in honor of Long Beach Fire Department Captain Dave Rosa. Captain Rosa was shot and killed when he was responding to a fire call earlier this week. He leaves behind his wife and two children. Our thoughts and prayers are with the Rosa family and Long Beach Fire Department.

As summer approaches and the weather warms up, we all like to be out-and-about for some summer fun. Stay safe by following these summer safety tips: • Pedestrians only; walk your wheels in the business district. • Remember, no smoking or alcohol on public property. • The City has a Responsible Host Ordinance. It’s a crime to allow minors to drink alcohol on your property. • Lock your bicycle with a U-Lock to a designated bicycle rack. • Always wear a helmet while riding a bicycle. • Never leave your pet in a car unattended, even with the windows cracked. • Driving to the beach? Lock all your valuables in the trunk BEFORE you get there. • Even in warm weather, close and lock all doors and windows before leaving your house even if you will only be gone a short time. An open door or window creates an opportunity for crime. • Driving a golf cart around town enjoying our perfect weather? The vehicle needs to be street legal and follow all the rules of the road. Remember, it’s a vehicle. • Going on vacation? Sign up at the Police Department for a FREE vacation house check. • Loading or unloading your motorhome for a trip? Don’t forget to pick up your FREE 48 hour parking permit at the Police Department for oversized vehicles more than 24’. • Be observant. Call the Police Department if you notice anything suspicious (619) 522-7350. We hope you have a fun and safe summer! ☀️🏄‍♀️⛵️⛱🐬🕶

Fire crews are currently working an electrical fire in the basement of Vons on Orange Avenue.

Heading to the beach? Slow down and watch for pedestrians and our Jr. Lifeguards crossing Ocean Blvd. Classes end around 2 p.m. each day. #community #loveourcoronadokids #slowdown #surfsup

Did you hear the police helicopter circling last night? We are so sorry that it woke you up but here’s the reason why it was out and about. Around 11:25 pm, one of our officers attempted to stop a vehicle for speed near Star Park Circle when the driver took off running into the neighborhood. As the suspect was running away, he dropped a ski mask along with other items. Our officers lost sight of the suspect and requested air support. As it turns out, the suspect has an active felony warrant for violation so this is probably why he took off running. Unfortunately, we were unable to locate him after searching for almost two hours. However, the good news is that he dropped his identification so we know who he is and where he lives in San Diego. We will let you know when we arrest him.

SLOW DOWN... and watch for pedestrians.

#NationalSelfieDay #dayshift #teamwork

Our communications center has been receiving calls regarding the welfare of the baby seal pup that was born earlier this week so we wanted to share some information with you. It is natural for mom to disappear for hours at a time to look for food. Sea World's Rescue Team was out yesterday and determined that both mom and baby are healthy and doing well. The team will be out later today to check on them, and they will continue to monitor the situation. Here's how you can help us: we know the pup is cute but it is illegal to approach, touch or harass them in any way. The more attention they receive from the public, the more likely the mom will get spooked and abandon the baby. Please refrain from sharing photos of their location as this seems to bring more onlookers. Several residents have reported the animals being touched, selfies taken with them and just general harassment. If you see this occurring, please call us at (619)522-7350. Let's work as a team Coronado and help keep this pair safe and healthy by keeping our distance. #community #thankyou #seaworldrescueteam