San Joaquin County Sheriff's Department

  • Agency: San Joaquin County Sheriff's Department
  • Address: 7000 Michael Canlis Blvd, French Camp, 95231 CA
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Phone: (209) 468-4400

San Joaquin County Sheriff's Department is located at 7000 Michael Canlis Blvd, French Camp, 95231 CA. The San Joaquin County Sheriff's Department phone number is (209) 468-4400.

San Joaquin County Sheriff's Department News

SJSO NEWS: Yesterday at 2:49 pm, Deputies were dispatched to San Joaquin County General Hospital emergency room for a disturbance call. When they arrived, the suspect was barricaded in one of the emergency treatment rooms. The suspect was later identified as 53-year-old Robert Johnson. He had been treated and was awaiting transportation back to St Joseph’s Behavioral Health Center. When medics arrived, Johnson charged at medics with a broken piece of plastic attempting to stab them. He retreated and barricaded himself in the treatment room. The ER was placed on lockdown and efforts were made using the San Joaquin County Hostage Negotiating Team to talk him out of the room. When these attempts failed, Deputy Nocon outfitted his K9 partner Akky with his newly acquired stab-proof vest. He was sent into the room and quickly subdued Johnson. Johnson was medically cleared and was booked into the San Joaquin County Jail for the following; Assault with a deadly weapon, battery on emergency personnel, and resisting arrest.

SJSO NEWS: Folks this isn’t rocket science! Drinking and taking a stroll in the middle of the road...that will get our attention every time. Our deputies were in East Stockton on regular patrol when they saw several men in the middle of S. Walker Lane. They were drinking. When the deputies approached, 19-year-old Joey Lamzon started to run away. We took chase and a deputy saw him throw a reflective object over a fence. Turns out it was a .38 revolver. One more firearm off our streets. Lamzon was caught and booked into the San Joaquin County jail for on numerous counts including felon in possession of a firearm.

Boating News: Onboard with Boating Deputies this morning headed to Coast Guard Station, Rio Vista. Smooth waters and clear visibility.

SJSO NEWS: The Sheriff's Office values community partnerships and encourages the community we serve to call and report any suspicious activity. Thanks to the efforts of an astute resident in the Colonial Heights neighborhood in west Stockton a potential burglary was prevented in the 1200 block of W. Rivara Road yesterday around 11:00 AM. The Sheriif's Office received a call about possible squatters at the home which was vacant and for sale. A deputy assigned to the Community Service and Enforcement Team apprehended 24 year old Nichole Danielson in the backyard prior to her gaining entry into the home. This was the second time Danielson has been caught trying to break into the home. She was arrested and booked on February 12, 2018 by Deputies for the same. Danielson was found to have a warrant for her arrest and was also in possession of stolen credit cards. She was again arrested and booked for trespassing, posession of stolen property, and her warrant out of Lodi for possession of a controlled substance.

SJSO NEWS: San Joaquin Sheriff Office participated in the task force arrest’s. We work united with our community partners to protect our residents of San Joaquin County.

SJSO NEWS: We want to offer a big thanks to Dr. Liz Blanchard and the Chinese community for inviting Deputy Gomes, with his K9 Maximus, and Deputy Stillman, with his K9 Haakon to today’s 2018 Chinese New Year Festival at the Stockton Civic Auditorium. This is the year of the dog, and it was truly an honor to be a part of it. We certainly appreciate our community partners in San Joaquin County!

SJSO NEWS: What a great day Sergeant John Nesbitt - and a wonderful day for reading! Sgt. Nesbitt was invited to Leroy Nichols School in Lodi as the district celebrates Read Across America Week and Career Week! He spent sometime with 3rd grade students reading and answering lots of questions about his job. He wants to express his thanks for the invite and hopes to return next year!

San Joaquin Boating News: Todays conditions due to the current storm at San Joaquin River near River Point Marina.

SJSO NEWS: Hey folks take a good look at these photos - you could help solve multiple crimes at once! Back on February 15th, someone broke into a car in the River Islands area in Lathrop and stole a backpack with a woman’s wallet and credit cards inside. A short time later, the woman in the photos tried to use the credit cards at the Target store in Tracy. The cards were declined, but we will glady accept any information that helps us ID this jilted “shopper”. Wow a lot of our posts includes Target stores as the “target” of the crimes! If you have any information please contact our dispatch at 209-468-4400, please reference case number 18-4160. You can remain anonymous.

SJSO NEWS: Last night, the Italian Athletic Club (IAC)held their 49th Annual Officer of the Year Awards Dinner, during which they announced their selection of the Officer of the Year for the San Joaquin County Sheriff’s Office, the Stockton Police Department, and the California Highway Patrol’s Valley Division. Each year, the IAC asks these agencies to nominate three of their sworn personnel for the IAC’s Officer of the Year event. Members of the IAC then meet, review the nominations, and select one individual from each agency to receive the award. Each agency’s winner is then announced at IAC’s annual dinner. This year, the three nominees from the Sheriff’s Office were Deputy Joshua Stillman, Deputy Stephen Mitchell, and Deputy Joseph Silva. The individual chosen as this year’s IAC Officer of the Year was Sheriff’s Deputy Joshua Stillman. Additional information on each of the three Sheriff’s nominees can be found in the following: Deputy Joshua Stillman: Deputy Stillman, 34, is a nine-year veteran of the Sheriff's Office. He is assigned to the Patrol Division and has been a member of the Canine Unit for four years. His supervisors describe him as extremely self-motivated and proactive. In the past year, Deputy Stillman handled more than 214 investigations and was the first deputy to locate Randall Toshio Saito, a psychiatric hospital escapee from Hawaii, at a Stockton gas station in November. Deputy Joseph Silva: Deputy Silva has been with the Sheriff’s Office for close to ten years and assigned to the Boating Safety Unit in the Patrol Division for the past seven. The 36-year-old is said to have a vast knowledge of the county waterways and laws relating to maritime law, fish and game enforcement, search and rescue, boating safety, and more. Due to Deputy Silva's commitment, 24 abandoned watercraft and marine debris have been removed from waterways. Deputy Stephen Mitchell: Known as a dedicated and highly motivated deputy, Mitchell has been serving the Sheriff’s Office and community for six years and is a member of the Community Service Enforcement Team (CSET). When an inmate escaped from the County’s Honor Farm in November, Deputy Mitchell was assigned to find the escapee. After developing several leads, he was able to locate the inmate in Acampo and arrest three additional subjects during the course of the investigation.

SJSO EMPLOYMENT: Do not miss this opportunity to apply for a great position as a part time Central Services Worker in the Distribution Center at the Sheriff's Office. Applications will only be accepted until 2/18/18, so do not delay. Complete your application today by going to or click on the link in the comments. For additional information about other hiring opportunities with the Sheriff's Office, email

SJSO NEWS: Well folks it doesn't take a detective to notice this clue: When someone runs from a deputy, they're up to no good. On Saturday at around 8pm, one of our patrol deputies approached two men loitering in a car at a motel on the 4200 block of E. Waterloo Road in Stockton. When the deputy approached the car, 20-year-old Alejandro Cortez and 19-year-old Brandon Garcia jumped out and took off running. Luckily, we had other deputies nearby and they were quickly caught. Cortez had a loaded handgun concealed in the leg of his pants. A search of the car turned up another gun and a large quantity of a controlled substance. Both men were arrested and provided a courtesy ride to the county jail for a variety of weapons and narcotics charges.

SJSO NEWS: A mother and her infant rescued, and 21 people arrested in human trafficking operation. With the help of a local hotel in Stockton, last night multiple law enforcement and social services agencies in San Joaquin County teamed up for the proactive operation aimed at saving victims and putting human traffickers behind bars. Of the 21 arrests, 5 were booked on charges related to pimping and pandering. The remainder of the arrests include charges of prostitution, child endangerment violations, narcotics violations, and outstanding warrants. The San Joaquin County Sheriffs Office was proud to work in conjunction with the Manteca Police Department, San Joaquin District Attorneys Office, CHP, the San Joaquin County Victim Witness Service, and the Stockton Women's Center. A combined effort with law enforcement, victim services, and business owners gives us the opportunity to more effectively combat the growing problem of human trafficking. Saving one person makes an operation like this a great success.

SJSO NEWS: A pickpocket focused on his target fails to see all the cameras pointed his way! Last Friday at around 2:30pm, this man was at the Hampton Inn in Lathrop when he came across a service employee on the third floor. He asked an innocent question, "Where is the snack machine?". But, when the employee turned her back she later noticed that her iPhone 6s was gone. Cameras caught the man running from the hotel. The photos show he's hispanic, with a red & black ball cap, black jacket and t-shirt, blue jeans and dark shoes. Take a look at these still images and help us put this hotel thief in new accommodations: the county jail! If you have any information please contact the Sheriff’s Office at 209-468-4400 and reference case number 18-4262. You remain anonymous.

SJSO NEWS: Be on the lookout for the "Vacuum Bandits"! That's what we'll call them...and we hope it sticks! This dirty duo either have a penchant for cleaning...or stealing. They entered the Target Store in Lathrop on February 9th and both left with a vacuum in preferred a Shark and the other settled for a random upright vac. Of course, they left the store from the emergency exit and fled in a dark Chevy pickup truck. As you can see in the photos - we have a very "clean" look at the "Vacuum Bandits". If you hav any information please contact the Sheriff’s Office at 209-468-4400 please refer it to case number 18-3699. You can remain anonymous.

SJSO NEWS: Hey everyone, we’re going to need your help on this one. Boy do we hate these ID Theft guys! We have video of a mail thief caught in the act - but you’re going to have to look close to make out the details. This morning, a postal mailbox at 600 block of N. Street in Lathrop, was busted open by the man driving a newer gray Ford Fusion. The car is a 4-door,has no front plate, tinted windows, black rims and what appears to be a rear California plate. The driver is believed to be Hispanic, 20’s to 30’s, wearing a gray hoodie and sweatpants. It appears he used a pry bar to bust open the mail boxes. If you have any information please contact the Sheriff’s Office at 209-468-4400 refer to case number 18-4063. Take a look and help us deliver him to jail! Be assured we are more than helpful to take this delivery!

SJSO NEWS: Folks would you agree people with outstanding warrants should really read out Facebook page! They would know driving around with expired tags is a very bad idea. A real “Valentines treat” wouldn’t you say? Once again, a traffic stop netted a duo wanted by the law. This time, it was one of our Community Service and Enforcement Team deputies who pulled over a car for an expired registration near S. Olive Avenue and E. Section Avenue in east Stockton. A records check revealed 43-year-old Raymond Carringer had a felony warrant for violation of parole and 34-year-old Kevin Killian had a no bail warrant for theft. Both received a courtesy ride to jail and are now off the streets.

SJSO NEWS: Thanks to some alert citizens a burglary was prevented at a vacant house yesterday in the 1200 block of W. Rivara Rd in Stockton. Deputies responded to this vacant residence around 2:00 PM yesterday after receving a tip that a female had possibly broken into the home. A Sheriff's Deputy ariived on scene and apprehended 24 year old Nichole Danielson on the property. The Deputy was able to confirm due to the quick call by citizens the residential burglary was prevented. Danielson was arrested and booked for an oustanding warrant for possession of a controlled substance. The Sheriff's Office is extremely grateful for the outstanding partnership we have with the community we serve!

California Department of Transportation Information:

SJSO NEWS: San Joaquin County Sheriff’s Sgt Burk and Lt Tibon along with CHP officers Katzakian, Vaccareza, and deputy Alatorre volunteering to serve dinner at the Linden Community Garden Club. A great time had by all!

SJSO NEWS: Last Friday the Sheriff’s Office was out along the Mokelumne River offering aid and assistance to the homeless in the area. Today deputies were out doing the same, except today, the service was a ride to the county jail. Those persons occupying the illegal encampment who refused to leave after they were informed of actively trespassing on private property were arrested. Illegal encampments like this are havens for criminal activity, collection of stolen property, degradation of infrastructure, pollution to the general environment from the massive amounts of trash left as well as pollution to the beautiful river due to it being used as a restroom facility. Please take a look at the photos of the garbage left behind, and remember these photos represent only a glimpse of the whole area regarding the trash. The amount of garbage directly resulting from the illegal encampments is abysmal and are left to the individual property owners to clean up and often costing thousands of dollars at a minimum. You will also see obvious signs of narcotics abuse. The state these people are in and their individual stories are often sad, and we can’t help but empathize and offer assistance , however, it is also the Sheriff’s Office duty to take the first step in holding those persons within our community accountable for committing crimes regarding making physical arrests based on probable cause to do so. This existed today with each of the persons below. They were all booked on trespassing charges and unlawfully disposing of garbage near a waterway. One person was booked for providing false information to a peace officer. Nicole Alfaro 28 Derek Mayne 28 Randy Horsley 56 Kristopher Green 50 Kaylee McNulty 27 Jason Harrison 36 Charles Norman 43 Monica Sepulveda 47 David Vandenburg 25 Ronald Geisler 59

SJSO NEWS: The Sheriff's Boating Safety Unit is continuing the effort to remove abandoned vessels off of the Delta Waterway. Last year the unit submitted for and was awarded a state grant to fund the removal of these vessels. Deputies assigned to the unit are on pace for a record year for the number of vessels being removed. If you have a boat you no longer want please do not dump it off on the side of the road or abandon it in the county waterways. Please take advantage of our VTIP Program (vessel turn in program) to prevent this from happening. If you have questions about the VTIP Program please call the Boating Safety Unit at (209) 953-8845.

SJSO NEWS: A vehicle stop last night led to a handgun and narcotics being taken off the streets. A K9 Deputy stopped a car around 1130 PM at E. Harding Way and N. Filbert Street in Stockton for displaying a false registration tab on the rear lisence plate. When the Deputy approached the car he could see what ended up being a pound of marijuana, 2 grams of cocaine, and a scale on the center console in plain view. The driver was also in possession of a large sum of cash. When the driver was patted down for weapons, he informed the Deputy he had a loaded handgun underneath the front seat of the car. When checked a .45 caliber handgun was found under the seat. 20 year old Pablo Alberto Olivas was cited for traffic violations and booked for weapons violations, unlawful possession of narcotics, and possession of narcotics for transport and sales.

SJSO NEWS Update: Last night at approximately 1:16am, Deputies located the stolen vehicle that had been stolen the previous night by Honor Farm Escapees Scott Brandner and Joshua Underwood. Deputies got into a vehicle pursuit that began in the area of Perrin Road and Union Road in Manteca. The speeds of this pursuit reached 100mph. The pursuit ended in the 1100 block of Marine Drive in Lathrop, after the suspect vehicle blew on of its tires. Escapees Brandner and Underwood were both taken into custody without incident. They were Transported to the San Joaquin County Jail and booked on the following charges; Escape from a jail facility, possession of a stolen vehicle, felony evading, and possession of stolen property. SJSO NEWS: Honor Farm Escapees: Last night at approximately 10 pm, Correctional Officers found that Joshua Underwood and Scott Brandner were missing from their beds during an official head count at the San Joaquin County Honor Farm. Deputies immediately began searching for the escapees in areas they were known to frequent and spotted them in Tracy, driving a 2004 Toyota Sienna van. A vehicle pursuit was initiated, but the suspects managed to evade capture. The Toyota Sienna was later found to have been stolen out of Lathrop. Underwood was being held for the following charges: Possession of a Stolen Vehicle and Possession of Stolen Property. Brandner was being held for: Embezzlement, Possession of Fake ID, and Possession of Stolen Property. The suspects’ whereabouts are currently unknown; however, they are known to be transient in the Tracy area. Sheriff special operations team is continuing to locate the escapees. If you see the suspects or have any information regarding their whereabouts, please contact the San Joaquin County Sheriff's Office by calling (209) 468-4400.