University of the Pacific Police Department

  • Agency: University of the Pacific Police Department
  • Address: 1041 W. Brookside Road., Stockton, 95207 CA
  • Chief:

University of the Pacific Police Department is located at 1041 W. Brookside Road., Stockton, 95207 CA. The University of the Pacific Police Department phone number is 209-946-2537.

University of the Pacific Police Department News

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Our favorite day of the year watching parents smile as their dreams come through. Special day for our team as one of our own, Officer James Aiello graduated today with his Bachelors degree.

University of Pacific Officers paid tribute to fallen officers from San Joaquin County today at the Police Officers Memorial at Stockton Police Department.

Department of Public Safety, San Joaquin County Women’s Center along with University of Pacific Women’s Resource Center partnered with our students on the Take Back The Night in fighting sexual violence last night!

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the Gilchrist County Sheriff’s Office and their citizens over the tragic loss of two deputies over a senseless shooting!

Shared post from San Joaquin Delta College just a few blocks north of our campus. Clery Timely Warning - Attempted Robbery Crime(s)/Incident: Attempted Robbery Date Occurred: April 17, 2018 – 1040 a.m. Date Reported: April 17, 2018 - 1040 a.m. Location: Cunningham 3 parking lot Incident: On April 17 2018 at approximately 1040 a.m. an attempted robbery took place on the Stockton Campus, in the Cunningham 3 parking lot. The victim was approached by the suspect as he was leaving the Math and science building. The suspect offered the victim money to give him a ride to an off campus location. The suspect later asked the victim to give his a friend a ride and to pick him up in the C-3 parking lot. When they arrived in the C-3 parking lot the suspect attempted to take the victims jewelry. The suspect was scared off by a witnesses in the area, who told the victim that he was calling the police. The suspect was last seen running west bound in the Cunningham 4 parking lots. Suspect: Hispanic Male Adult, in his 20’s, stocky build wearing grey hoodie, blue jeans. No further information Investigation: If you were in the area and witnessed this incident occur, we would like your assistance in this ongoing investigation. Please contact the District Police Department at (209) 954-5000 and ask for Officer Longero. Refer to Case #18-0126. -- Robert Di Piero Chief of Police San Joaquin Delta Community College District Police 5151 Pacific Avenue Stockton, CA 95207 Phone: (209) 954-5000 / Fax: (209) 954-7005

How to turn your cellphone into an emergency beacon!

Please be careful regarding online safety for those on some of the social networks

Concerned about the data that Facebook has been collecting on you, here is some good information to help safeguard your information.

When using rideshare make sure you are getting into the right car. The app should state make, model and license plate number of the responding driver.

Master chef Sgt. Pete Bernardino volunteering his time cooking for the San Joaquin Office of Emergency Services Donor Breakfast today. His son is learning from the best.

Miracle Mile businesses have experienced a significant number of automobile burglaries. Please warn your employees and guests to NOT LEAVE ITEMS VISIBLE in their vehicles as we are experience a huge increase in automobile break-ins in the district, both day and night. Here are some additional tips to prevent from becoming a victim.

Hackers and thieves are getting more creative in accessing our accounts with the use of our phone number. We would never think of telling people we don't know our social security number but every day we give the cashier at the pharmacy or grocery store our telephone number in front of a line of people for a discount. Here is some good advice in preventing yourself from being a victim of a scam.

T Mobile Bank Access Scam Report on how scammers can change your number to allow them to access your bank accounts. Can be prevented by calling TMobile at 1-877-746-0909 requesting “Port Validation” which requires them to notify you if a cell number change request is attempted. Safe travels.

Today we mourn the loss of CHP Officer Andrew Camilleri Sr., father of three who was killed by an alleged drunk driver under the influence of both marijuana and alcohol. A staunch reminder not to drink and drive this holiday season. Our condolences and prayers to the Camilleri and the CHP family.

Safety Tips: Finals are almost over and time to relax and enjoy the holiday season. It’s the season of giving for some people, but others, unfortunately, are treating it as the season of taking. It seems every day this month there is a report or social media post from someone who has had packages swiped from front doors or their vehicle windows smashed. And although thieving Grinches seem to be looking to steal Christmas, there are several things people can do to avoid becoming victims. Here are some crime prevention tips for staying safe while you’re out shopping: Shop during daylight hours; if you must go at night, don’t go alone. Dress casually and comfortable, and avoid wearing expensive jewelry. Don’t get distracted; always stay alert to your surroundings. Avoid carrying large amounts of cash. Be careful of pickpockets and purse snatchers. Carry your purse close to your body and put your wallet inside a coat or front pocket. Keep your vehicle’s door locked and windows closed while in or out of your vehicle. Park your vehicle in a well-lit parking space and, if possible, close to your destination. Do not leave items of value in your vehicle. Beware of strangers approaching you for any reason If you need to place packages in your vehicle and plan on returning to the store, place them in the trunk, drive and park in a new location to make it appear you are just arriving

Polk County Sheriff's Office posted the following as a safety alert Please be aware of some of the posts you comment on. The posts that ask what was your favorite teachers name, who was your first grade teacher, who was your childhood best friend, your first car, the place you born, your favorite place, your first pet, where did you go on your first flight, Etc...Those are the same questions asked when setting up accounts as security questions. You are giving out the answers to your security questions without realizing it. Hackers are setting these up as a get to know each other better game. They then build a profile of you from several different data sources. They use this data to hack your accounts or open lines of credit in your name.

Great work by Sgt DeMuth and his team arresting Ty Leighton and 2 others who were in a truck after stealing the bait bike. They loaded it into the back of the truck and left but dispatchers were able to track the bike, leading officers to the truck’s location.