Menlo Park Police Department

  • Agency: Menlo Park Police Department
  • Address: 701 Laurel St, Menlo Park, 94025 CA
  • Chief: Bryan Roberts (Chief of Police)
Phone: 650-330-6300

Menlo Park Police Department is located at 701 Laurel St, Menlo Park, 94025 CA. The Chief of Police of the department is Bryan Roberts. The Menlo Park Police Department phone number is 650-330-6300.

Menlo Park Police Department News

This year’s National Police Week is wrapping up. There have been several observance ceremonies nationwide honoring the loss of officers who have been killed in the line of duty including the National Peace Officer’s Memorial Service in Washington D.C. where each year, officers are remembered and their names are engraved in the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial as a final tribute for the bravery they exhibited. Those who choose the profession of law enforcement are exceptional in that they are required to adapt to many situations that most of us would rather avoid. They must have the ability to develop many traits that are a fitting response to distinct situations, and they should evolve throughout their careers in a way that allows them to cultivate an appropriate demeanor as they act in the many roles that they have acquired. The roles that we all expect them to flawlessly exhibit in the face of such extreme situations. It is an incredible obligation. Those who are willing to accept the oath and enter into the profession of law enforcement are taking on a responsibility which should not be taken lightly. They will be challenged in many ways as they begin their journey to seasoned officers and they will encounter many unusual situations. Sometimes those situations make great stories that become legend among officers and lasting memories among the friends that are made along the way. Sometimes those situations leave a department with the memories of a friendship that was taken from us far too soon. It is with great honor that we commend those who have dedicated their careers to the profession of law enforcement and remember those who are no longer with us.

Congratulations to Police Academy Graduates Campos, Brunicardi, Dale, Nissen, Nolasco The City of Menlo Park Government is proud to welcome and congratulate our newest Police Officers, Robert Campos, Andrew Brunicardi, Bryce Dale, Shaun Nissen, and Robert Nolasco who graduated this afternoon from the College of San Mateo police academy. The five started as police recruits in November 2017 and successfully completed six months of intensive police training, which consisted of written and physical abilities tests, learning, gaining knowledge and engaging in practical exercises in preparation of becoming a police officer. They will begin their field-training program next week. Throughout the academy, they were assigned mentors to help them successfully complete the academy. Officers Phu, Ferguson, Neumann, Mendoza and Mazon were their go-to resources. Chief Bertini delivered the keynote address to the South Bay Regional Public Safety Training College of San Mateo Police Academy graduation class 144 to help inspire and encourage all graduates in their future law enforcement profession. The City of Menlo Park celebrates all of the police academy graduate’s achievements and wish them a successful and rewarding career!

May is Bicycle Safety Month With the weather warming up, the Police Department and the California Office of Traffic Safety (OTS) are highlighting how bicycling is a great way to stay in shape, save money on gas, reduce pollution and a great way to see the sights when visiting recreational areas. Many cities have created bike-friendly routes, complete with bike paths, special bicycle parking areas and special amenities. While we encourage bicycle safety all year, National Bike Safety Month in May is just one way to celebrate our love to ride. Motorists and cyclists must take extra precautions when they travel together. Cyclists often share the road with vehicles, which creates a host of hazards, and injuries can happen even on a designated path. In 2016, California passed legislation requiring motorists to proceed past riders with at least a 3 foot of clearance. Please share the road!

No hazards detected in suspicious substance delivered to police department

Dispatchers Appreciation Week This week, April 8-14, 2018, marks the annual National Public Safety Telecommunicators Week (NPSTW), which is held every year during the second week of April. This is a time we recognize our police dispatchers for their service and commitment to the profession. Our Communications Dispatchers continue to provide a required service in answering emergency and non-emergency phone calls and dispatch police officers and public safety professionals to help the public during times of need and/or crisis. These unsung heroes often go unnoticed until they are really needed. They are the calm voice on the phone and police radio during the chaos of a call. They are dedicated and take pride in their career. We are proud to say we have the most professional individuals that staff our Communication Center! In honor of National Public Safety Telecommunications Week, we would like to offer special recognition to our Communications Dispatchers for a job well done!

Take steps to prevent mail theft during tax season As we near the peak of tax season, please take the following precautions to avoid becoming a victim of mail theft: 1. Do not place outgoing mail in your mailbox. Take all outgoing mail to the local post office to mail or drop it in one of the large blue U.S. Postal Service collection boxes. 2. Pick up your mail promptly after delivery. Don't leave it in your mailbox overnight. If you're expecting checks, credit cards or other valuable items, ask a trusted friend or neighbor to pick up your mail. 3. Consider getting a post office box or a locked mailbox to receive mail. 4. Sign up for Informed Delivery® through the United States Postal Service so you know what mail to expect to be delivered to you daily. 5. Exchange work and vacation schedules with trusted neighbors so you can watch each other’s mailboxes (as well as homes). 6. If your mail is stolen, report it immediately to your nearest Postal Inspection Service office and to your local law enforcement agency. For more crime prevention information and resources, visit

Knowing your neighbors and recognizing who does belong in your neighborhood and who does not belong there has proven to be very helpful for some community members. The neighbor that called into the department yesterday did two very important things correctly. 1) That person recognized that there was a suspicious situation, seeing someone who looked very out of place and possibly doing something that they shouldn’t have been doing. 2) They called the police and let officers respond to further evaluate and manage the situation. This is an excellent example of community involvement in identifying and acting on an unusual circumstance which resulted in the prevention of a neighborhood home burglary.

Sheriff Robertson came from Napa County Sheriff's Office to San Mateo County to personally thank all of the law enforcement staff who assisted his community in their time of need during the North bay fires in October of 2017. His appreciation was heartfelt and sincere!

Enforcement of turn restrictions in Willows neighborhood begins The following turn restrictions were placed within the Willows neighborhood on December 19, 2017: • No right turns from Chester, Durham & O’Keefe to Willow Road, 3-7 p.m. weekdays (Except SamTrans and school buses) • No left turns from Woodland to Baywood, 3-7 p.m. weekdays These restrictions are in place to help ease the congestion within the Willows neighborhood due to the Willow-101 interchange construction. The Transportation Division received input from local residents that the changes have been effective in the reduction of cut through traffic in the neighborhood and the backup on and from Willow Rd. has shown improvements. Police will begin enforcing the turn restrictions beginning today, January 19, 2018. City staff will continue to observe the traffic for any needed adjustments. Keep posted with the City’s project webpage at and Construction News Updates at

Rain will continue this afternoon through the evening. As a reminder when on the roadways: 1) Slow down, 2) Turn on your headlights, 3) Give yourself more time, 4) Give vehicles ahead of you more space, and 5) Never drive through a flooded roadway. Please be patient with other motorists and stay safe on the wet roads.

Battle of the Badges Blood Drive with @RedCrossBlood happening now until 5pm today.

New Year’s celebration reminder: No discharging of firearms or fireworks The Menlo Park Police Department reminds the community that discharging a firearm and/or using or possessing fireworks within the City of Menlo Park are illegal and are serious crimes that can cause severe injury or death to another person. There will be no tolerance for celebratory gunfire or fireworks. The reckless discharge of a firearm is a felony under Section 246.3 of the California Penal Code and the use and/or possession of fireworks is a misdemeanor under Section 12671 of the California Health and Safety Code. The use of fireworks is illegal in the City of Menlo Park, and it is also prohibited to manufacture, sell or distribute fireworks. Police officers respond as soon as possible to reports of the unlawful use or possession of firearms and/or fireworks. Residents or businesses can report the unlawful discharging of firearms and or use of fireworks by calling the police department at 650-330-6300. The City of Menlo Park wishes everyone a happy and safe New Year for 2018!

Overnight parking enforcement deferred for the holidays The City of Menlo Park would like residents and their guests to enjoy suspended residential overnight parking enforcement. We understand that many residents are expecting guests from out of town and hosting events during the holiday season. As a courtesy, the overnight parking ordinance will not be enforced from Friday morning, Dec. 22, 2017 through Tuesday morning, Jan. 2, 2018. Overnight parking enforcement will resume on Wednesday, Jan. 3, 2018 at 2:00 am. At that time, enforcement of the overnight parking ordinance will continue by police parking officers. If residents anticipate guests staying for a few more days, overnight parking permits can be purchased in person at the Police Department or online through PayPal. All parked vehicles will receive one courtesy warning whether a permit is displayed or not. The purpose of the courtesy notice is to inform those who are unaware of the ordinance. Menlo Park's Municipal Code, including Section 11.24.050 Overnight Parking, can be found online at