Brighton Police Department

  • Agency: Brighton Police Department
  • Address: 3401 E Bromley Lane, Brighton, 80601 CO
  • Chief: Clint Blackhurst (Chief of Police)

Brighton Police Department is located at 3401 E Bromley Lane, Brighton, 80601 CO. The Chief of Police of the department is Clint Blackhurst. The Brighton Police Department phone number is 303-655-2300.

Brighton Police Department News

Congratulations to Officer Lastra who was sworn in this afternoon! Officer Lastra recently completed his field training and is assigned to patrol. Congratulations and good luck, Officer Lastra! Stay safe!

Last Saturday, we held our annual awards banquet where we recognized several members of our department. Attached are a few photos from the evening. Letter of Commendation: Records Specialist Gomez and Martinez-Smith Volunteer of the Year: Heidi Pierce Partner Agency Meritorious Service: Chief Carl Cragile-PVMC Cert of Commendation: Officer A. Garcia Cert of Commendation: Officers Grace, Michalik, Hathaway, Spence & Sgt. DeVries Cert of Commendation: Officers Equibel, McCarthy, Cos-y-Leon, Hughes, Sandoval, Det. Erickson, and Sergeants Perdomo and Moore Meritorious Service: Animal Control Officer Sanders Victim Advocate of the Year: Victim Advocate Sjoberg Meritorious Service: Officer Ashley Meritorious Service: Officers Bromley, Torres, Headly, Slagle and Sgt. DeVries Lifesaving: Det. Erickson Meritorious Service: Officers Hathaway, Bromley, Rice, Slagle and Sgt. DeVries Photo Credit: Mark Humbert

Victim Advocate Manager Kimberly Messina was recognized last Saturday night as Brighton Police Department's Police Employee of the year. Kimberly has been a dedicated member of the department for the past eight years. During that time she has worked tirelessly to bring many new programs to our community and has ensured victims of crimes receive services they deserved. She has written many grants bringing additional funding for victim advocates and police detectives to our department. In 2015, she agreed to take on the task of managing both the Commerce City PD and Brighton PD victim service units. This past year she worked on a large grant to help create a joint (Brighton PD/Commerce City PD) Sexual Assault Task Force. For outstanding devotion to duty, exemplary job performance and consistent significant contribution to the mission of the Brighton Police Department- Kimberly Messina is the Brighton Police Department Employee of the Year.

We are so impressed with our community! The Brighton Police and Fire St. Baldrick's Foundation event raised $18,451! Thanks to all who participated!

Brighton police line up to get their heads shaved at St. Baldricks! Thanks to all who have donated and to all those shaving tonight. Come join us at Big Choice Brewing!

This awesome event is tomorrow, it's not too late donate to the cause!

Brighton police are investigating a fatal crash involving a motorcycle and a pick-up truck which occurred at the intersection of 50th Ave. and Bridge St. at about 11:50 this morning. According to witnesses, the motorcycle was westbound on Bridge St. when it collided with a truck making a left turn from eastbound Bridge St. onto northbound 50th Ave. At this point, there are no indications that drugs or alcohol played a role in the crash. The motorcyclist, an 18-year-old male, was transported to an area hospital, where he later died; his identity is being withheld pending notification of relatives.

Today, March 6, 2018, is the anniversary of Brighton Night Watchman James D. Ellis’ death. Even though it was 110 years ago, sadly the incident was not different from today’s world. James was 27 years old and left a wife, a three year old and an 11 month old baby. Please take a moment to remember James this week.

This Saturday Blackjack Pizza of Brighton is hosting a fundraiser for Sgt. Waters who is currently battling cancer. Hope you can help support Sgt. Waters and his family.

Don’t forget our Empowering Parents session Monday beginning at 4:30 p.m. Thank you CBS 4 Denver for the story!

Don't forget about our first Empowering Parents Series next Monday! Share and invite your friends.

Over the weekend a screenshot of a written threat overlaying a photograph of a male teen was sent out and went viral. The threat stated not to come to school and mentioned a shooting. The situation is under control and does not involve any of our 27J schools. The threat was determined to be a hoax and involved a Jefferson County school. There was a news release this morning regarding the false threat. The student responsible for the threat is in custody. The Brighton High School administration and school police officer are also aware that a message was written on a calendar in one of their campus bathrooms. The message read “school will be shot up” and was written on for the 21st of this month. The administration and school police officer have been investigating the situation diligently and have been unable to validate the threat and/or locate the person who wrote it. We will provide updates if anything changes. School District 27J

Police investigating allegations against teacher Brighton police are investigating allegations that an Overland Trail Middle School (OTMS) staff member behaved in a sexually inappropriate manner with students at the school. Two OTMS staff members have been placed on administrative leave by School District 27J while police investigate the allegations against one of them, and whether or not the other met their legal duties as a mandated reporter. The school is cooperating fully in the investigation. No charges have been filed at this point, and no assumptions about any individual’s guilt or innocence should be drawn from the fact an investigation is occurring.

We want to thank the community members from Community Baptist Church that gathered at our memorial this morning. The group gathered to pray and honor the law enforcement community. They plan on gathering every Friday morning at 9am at our memorial. They also plan on gathering every Monday morning at Adams County Sheriff's Office, Colorado.

Did you know that you can register your cell phone to receive reverse 911 calls/emergency notifications through Code Red. Follow the attached link to register you cell phone number to receive emergency notifications. Interesting fact, our partners at Adcom 911 tell us that only about 500 Brighton residents are registered for the Code Red...only 500 out of the nearly 40,000 residents. Let's do our best to get that number closer to 40,000!

Shout out to the many students at School District 27J for sending Sgt. Waters all those beautiful Valentine's Day cards! This was a big surprise to him but very much appreciated. Thank-you Kiddos!!

Today, Chief Southard held a promotion ceremony for Nick Struck, who was recently promoted to Police Sergeant. Sgt. Struck will serve the department as a patrol supervisor. The Chief along with Commerce City Police Deputy Chief Moon swore in two victim advocates: Gioany Lira and Jaclynn Lyons. Gioany and Jaclynn will serve both the Brighton and Commerce City communities. The Chief also swore in a group of officers who recently completed their field training and are now on solo patrol. Officers Guida, Justis, Fleming, Romo, and Kubic. Please join us as we congratulate these hard working individuals!

This is the first session of Empowering Parents. We are not endorsing any one shop, but Doobie’s Smoke Shop is holding an open house on Monday, February 26th, from 04:30 to 06:30 p.m. They are located at 8 Great Western Road, Brighton. Brighton Police Department will also be there to help answer any questions you may have about what we see in our community and schools. Special thanks to Parker PD for allowing us to share their post! As they told us, “we’re all in this together!” Parker PD’s Post: “Parenting Tip from PPD...Go to a Head Shop OK, I know it sounds strange and is a place many have never been. But, it is a great idea for parents of teens to go to a head shop, look around and ask questions. It’s been a few years since us parents were teens and a lot has changed. That item in your son or daughter’s bedroom may look harmless, until you learn what it truly is. In the first photo are a variety of vape apparatuses. It is incredibly tough to know what these items are when you are looking at them for the first time. They are made to appear like a USB charger, cell phone, iPod or other harmless item. Familiarizing yourself with these items and asking questions is your best line of defense as a parent. By law, head shops can only sell these items to people at least 18 years-old. That doesn’t mean they can’t get these items from an older friend or the internet. The second and third photos are of containers used to hide stuff from you! They look, and sound, very real. If you pick up the salt or lemonade canister and shake it, it sounds like there is salt or lemonade inside. How real do the Coke and Mountain Dew cans look? That empty soda can or Red Bull can in your kid’s room is probably just them being too lazy to take it to the trash. However, you need to be sure. Pick those cans up and try to twist the bottom and top. As you see in the 3rd picture, once you twist the base of the lemonade, you see the hidden storage area. We wouldn’t ask you to do something that we were unwilling to do ourselves. As marijuana laws have changed, we have had to educate ourselves about new products and paraphernalia as well. We have gone inside local head shops to educate our Officers about what they can find on the street. It may be uneasy to walk into a head shop, but it’s a lot better than not knowing what may be going on in your own house.”

Our hearts are with Nolan Olson’s family and Colorado Department of Transportation as their mourn Nolan’s tragic death.

Please consider making a donation to help one of our own. Sgt. Waters has been out of work the past several months courageously battling cancer. Any help would be appreciated!!

Get your applications in before Wednesday!

A nice note from our colleagues at Eagle View Adult Center! Thank-you!