Glenwood Springs Police Department

  • Agency: Glenwood Springs Police Department
  • Address: 101 W 8th St, Glenwood Springs, 81601 CO
  • Chief: Terry Wilson (Chief of Police)
Phone: 970-384-6500
Fax: 970-928-0162

Glenwood Springs Police Department is located at 101 W 8th St, Glenwood Springs, 81601 CO. The Chief of Police of the department is Terry Wilson. The Glenwood Springs Police Department phone number is 970-384-6500.

Glenwood Springs Police Department News

-Update- There will still be intermittent lane closures as crews finish cleaning up the road.

Have you seen this vehicle? A maroon 2014 Ford Escape with Missouri plate SN5-E7D was stolen from the Hot Springs Lodge on the night of 03/13/2018. Please call 911 if located. #StolenVehicle #VehicleTheft #GlenwoodSprings

Can you help us identify these individuals involved in a theft? #informationwanted

Can you help us identify this suspect involved in a shoplifting case? #informationwanted

#InformationWanted Glenwood Springs Code Enforcement is looking to speak with this woman about a dog bite incident on January 15, 2018. Can you help us find her?

Saddened to be honoring the life of another fallen Colorado deputy today. Adams County Sheriff Deputy Heath Gumm's bravery will never be forgotten. Our thoughts are with Deputy Gumm's family and his brothers and sisters who served beside him.

Regarding the fraud post that was published yesterday. It has been removed as the gentlemen came to the police department to explain what occurred. He did pay Taco Bell back the $100.00. This ended up being a misunderstanding and the issue has been resolved. Thank you to all who helped and we always appreciate honesty and gracious outcomes!

Basalt Police Department has recently taken reports on suspicious bottles in the river (photo attached from their case). While there have not been any bottles found in Glenwood Springs, we want to inform residents of their potential danger. Found bottles are typically duct-taped thermoses and may contain chemicals involved in cooking methamphetamine. The chemicals used in the making of methamphetamine are highly toxic and volatile. It is possible more bottles will turn up as the river is still low. The community should also be aware of any suspicious coolers or totes found along roadways. Do not open suspicious containers if you find them in the river or on the road. If you do find these items contact local fire and police agencies immediately for their retrieval. GSPD at 970-384-6500 or GSFD at 970-384-6480

Can you help us identify this artist?

Tis the season for scams! Please be mindful that scammers are in overdrive throughout tax season to take your hard earned money. The IRS WILL NOT call you asking for or demanding money period. If you legitimately owe the IRS they will send you a bill and you will have the right to appeal that amount and or pay. There are also some scams going around stating that you may have a warrant out for your arrest for back paid taxes, child care, court, etc. If you want to know if you have a warrant swing on by and we will let you know! In all seriousness you probably don’t have a warrant and when you call to “pay” so it goes away you got scammed. The bottom line is don’t give your money to anyone via phone, Western Union, pre-paid cards, etc. AND please call us if you are questioning the authenticity of something. We would rather tell you it is a scam right away then speak to you a week later at the PD only to inform you your money is on another continent.

The mood is somber throughout Colorado today. Our hearts go out to our brothers and sisters at the Douglas County Sheriff's Office as they honor fallen Deputy Zackari Parrish. Our thoughts are with his loved ones. He will never be forgotten.

#InformationWanted Can you help us identify this individual?

#InformationWanted Can you help us identify these suspects?

#InformationWanted Can you help us identify these suspects?

#SchoolBus #Announcement Stop for school buses!

The Grinch Has Arrived !!! Our community has always been a great place for the Holidays – beautiful lights, festive shopping, family visits, and (hopefully) a white Christmas!! Unfortunately, there is also the annual specter of those who would Grinch our Holiday plans. In the past week or so we have noted a dramatic increase in shoplifting in our businesses. Thanks to excellent employee awareness several of these thefts have resulted in either arrests or at least no property loss. The businesses have been among our largest and our smallest, with the items targeted by the thieves ranging across the spectrum from expensive electronics to pens and tee shirts. We urge our businesses and their employees to be alert and watchful. This week also saw our first reported theft of Christmas presents from a residence, as a box that was delivered to a home was lifted from the front porch by two thieves who saw an opportunity. A good neighbor luckily saw what was happening when the thieves went to divide their stolen items, made a call to the Police Department, and continued watching the suspicious men. Two arrests were made, multiple packages and presents returned to their owner, and evidence of earlier yet-undetected thefts was discovered leading to an ongoing case stemming from stolen mail from a mailbox. It is not the most festive message to deliver, but please be aware that there are those around who would take advantage of the season by stealing from businesses, doorsteps, mailboxes, and cars. Never leave visible packages in your car unattended – take the time to run the first load home before returning to shop more. Have a blanket to cover items you have purchased to at least reduce the chance of a willing thief seeing a target. Be aware of deliveries that may come to your door and if possible have a neighbor watching as well to get the delivery inside as quickly as possible. Keep your purse and wallet with you, not left in a shopping cart when you park it to go to the next aisle. Always lock your home and vehicle!! Mostly, like our caller yesterday, be aware and call if you see anyone or anything that looks suspicious and out of place. That initiative helped stop multiple thefts and made Christmas a little better for one of our neighbors!! Glenwood Springs Police Department 384-6500