New Castle Police Department

  • Agency: New Castle Police Department
  • Address: 801 West Main Street, New Castle, 81647 CO
  • Chief: Chris Sadler (Chief of Police)

New Castle Police Department is located at 801 West Main Street, New Castle, 81647 CO. The Chief of Police of the department is Chris Sadler. The New Castle Police Department phone number is 970-984-2302.

New Castle Police Department News

We have received several concerning messages in reference to a video of an incident involving a Police Officer. We want to clarify and reassure you that the incident had occurred in New Castle Pennsylvania. Not here in New Castle Colorado. Same town name. No affiliation.

**NOW HIRING** New Castle Police Department is now hiring one full time POST Certified Police Officer. Application available at the New Castle Police Department located on the bottom floor at 801 West Main Street in New Castle.

To all New Castle citizens. We have received multiple complaints regarding parking, specifically unattached trailers and vehicles that are illegally parked. We will be enforcing parking regulations and citing registered owners of ALL parking complaints. Please help us out and move your vehicle and or trailers that are illegally parked within New Castle city limits. Any questions, please contact the Police Department.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the friends and families of the victims involved in this tragic school shooting that took place in Parkland, Florida, on Wednesday. The shooting took the lives of innocent people, including students, teachers and coaches.

It happens to the best of us.

In the past 37 days, 3 Colorado Law Enforcement Officer’s have been shot and killed. We shroud our badges once again in acknowledgement of Deputy Micah Flick with the El Paso County Sheriff’s. Flick was shot and killed and three other law enforcement officers were shot and injured during a struggle with a suspect in Colorado Springs. Flick leaves behind a wife and 7-year-old twins. We pray for the family of Deputy Flick and the Recovery of the three officers that were injured.

***Update*** Owner has been found, thank you!! These two fun loving friendly pups were found having an adventure at Alder and Honeysuckle. No collars and no tags so we are reaching out to our wonderful citizens to help locate the owners! Please call Dispatch at 970-625-8095 if you know or own these furry friends.

Sometimes it’s the little things like these that keep our night shift officers entertained... Just a reminder, enjoy this New Year weekend safely and responsibly! If you have had too much to drink, call a cab, phone a friend, have a sober driver planned ahead of time, but whatever you do, don’t climb behind the wheel of a car. It’s a whole lot better to have a plan than to have to phone a friend (or Mom and Dad) while wearing an ugly black and white onesie. Those aren’t the cool kind of onesies. Keep that in mind. 😂 Happy New Year from everyone here at the New Castle Police Department!

We hope everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend. While patrolling the streets today, I have noticed two things: 1. Some people are better at Christmas lights than others. 2. The roads have become quite slick after the white Christmas and warm day after. Please drive slowly, approach stop signs and intersections cautiously, and give other drivers plenty of room. For those new to New Castle, 7th St / Midland is usually icy, along with the traffic circles on Castle Valley Boulevard and the intersection with E Main St. The slickest spot is the I-70 overpass and the bridge leading to County Road 335. P.S. If you drive without a clear windshield, we will stop you and let you borrow our ice scraper before you continue down the road.

We had the opportunity to give back to our community this evening through our Shop with a Cop program. Six kids from New Castle went shopping for presents, each with their own personal Police Officer to push the cart. We would like to thank all of the New Castle Town staff and volunteers who came and helped wrap the presents. If not for you, the presents would have been wrapped by Officers, which would have been a disaster.

This little guy was found this evening in the area of Midland Avenue. If he belongs to you or someone you know, please give us a call.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!! We would like to take the time to share a few things that we are thankful for. First and foremost, we are thankful for you, the citizens of New Castle. We are proud to serve a community that is as supportive as you are. Without your support, we would be unable to fulfill our role in the community. Second, we are thankful for the first responders and military service members who are working and will not be with their families for Thanksgiving. Third, we would like to thank the inventor of the Donut, coffee, and beef jerky; without whom law enforcement would also be unable to function. From our family to yours, Happy Thanksgiving. Garfield County Emergency Communications Authority Garfield County Sheriff's Office - Colorado Rifle Police Department Silt Police Department Glenwood Springs Police Dept Town of Carbondale, CO Police Department

We would like all of you to keep a look out for this bicycle. It was taken from the area of Midland Avenue. If you see it or know where we could find it, please call us at (970)984-2302.

Good Afternoon everyone, we wanted to share an opportunity to learn about different types of legal resources that are available to you in Garfield county! Please see the flyer for registration information.

New Castle Police Department is seeking your help to identify the persons responsible. Please contact New Castle Police Department at 970-984-2302 with information.

This seems to be a common thing when bears show up. We can't stress enough DO NOT stop and take photos. These are wild animals and they will attack when they feel threatened. If you care and love your family then do not put them in danger for a picture.

Yes, we have a bear near Elk Creek Elementary. Yes, we do know about it. Yes, Division of Wildlife knows about it. No, you cannot stop on the roadway a take pictures. We also strongly encourage you not to bring your small children out to see it. Even though they look cute and cuddly they are far from it. Please let us and DOW take care of the bear. We will relocate it out of town and will notify when the bear is gone.

Sorry everyone, but we will be canceling this event. If we can mange to reschedule we will let y'all know.

Just a reminder this weekend is the Burning Mountain Festival! There will be events Friday night, Saturday Morning, and Saturday night. Main Street will be closed on Saturday September 9, 2017 from 10am to 12pm for the parade. From 12pm until the car show ends, there will be no parking from the old school house (151 West Main Street) to 2 Coronas. Please see the attached notices.

Dodge Charger for sale!! We are selling a retired decommissioned police charger, $6,500. This is a good running car and has plenty of life left in it. If you want any more information please contact us at 970 984 2302. SALE PENDING

Goose = Geese; Moose = Meese? Plurals don't always make sense. Fortunately, only one moose was spotted running in downtown New Castle yesterday. It was last seen in the area of the Jolley Trail. We would like to remind everyone that unlike deer and elk, moose can be dangerous if they feel threatened. Stay safe on the trails this week.

Update 10:30 pm: Fire crews and first responders continue to monitor the Hogback fire on Co Rd. 335 and will remain throughout the night. All of our first responders did a great job today! Here are some photo's from today's work. ****Please keep in mind there is a strict fire ban in effect, that includes all open fires, fire pits, grates, stoves that use wood or coal, and *ALL* fireworks! The New Castle Police Department will be out ensuring the safe enjoyment of this holiday. Have a safe, responsible and happy holiday!