Colorado State University Police Department

  • Agency: Colorado State University Police Department
  • Address: 750 Meridian Avenue, Fort Collins, 80523 CO
  • Chief: D Yarbrough (Chief of Police)
Phone: (970) 491-6425
Fax: (970) 491-2294

Colorado State University Police Department is located at 750 Meridian Avenue, Fort Collins, 80523 CO. The Chief of Police of the department is D Yarbrough. The Colorado State University Police Department phone number is (970) 491-6425.

Colorado State University Police Department News

Heavy rain has caused minor flooding in some campus streets and parking lots. Remember: Don’t drive into high water and use extra caution driving through the city and campus.

Like having your windows open to let summer in? That’s fine, as long as you close and lock them at night or when you leave. According to the Burglary Prevention Council, 23 percent of all burglars enter a home through an unlocked first floor window. Couple that with 34 percent walking in through the unlocked front door and 22 percent coming in through a side door, like a patio slider, and that’s nearly 80 percent of burglaries occurring through unsecured doors and windows. And summer is peak season. Be safe: Lock it up, Rams.

Thunderstorms headed our way!

We 💚 our grads. We wish you safe travels on your journeys out there in the big world. It was our pleasure to serve you. Go get ‘em!

CSUPD is asking for the community’s assistance in identifying the individual seen in these surveillance photos. He is wanted in connection with a series of theft cases at the Morgan Library, where smart phones were stolen from students. If you recognize this individual or see him on campus, please call CSUPD at 970-491-6425. All suspects are presumed innocent until proven guilty.

A message from our President, Tony Frank.

May 4 Update: Admission tour incident on April 30 The Colorado State University Police Department is providing the audio recording of the call to the CSUPD 911 operator, body camera footage of the police officers’ contact with the two individuals on April 30, and a copy of the police report. All have been redacted to protect personally-identifiable information of juveniles and the individuals involved in accordance with the Colorado Criminal Justice Records Act.

Please see for more updates. Update on this week’s tour incident: Early this week, University officials reached out directly to the family of the young men and their high school. We’d like the opportunity to speak with Ms. Gray and her sons but we have not heard back from the family. We ask them to please get in touch with us at their convenience. We will refund any expenses they incurred traveling to CSU and we welcome them to campus for a VIP tour with all expenses covered. We deeply regret the unwelcoming and concerning experience they had while guests on our campus. The Office of Admissions, Office of the Vice President for Diversity, Native American Cultural Center, and CSU Police Department all are reviewing how such an incident can be avoided or handled differently in the future.

It’s Wednesday: you can make it, Rams. Only three more days of classes!

Want a career in law enforcement? CSUPD is hiring a police communications technician / 911 dispatcher. This is a full-time, state-classified position with full benefits and retirement. Trainees start around $35k per year, with a raise to $42k once probation is complete. This is very fast-paced, challenging career. If this is the career for YOU, apply online at the link below before May 14.

CSUPD thanks everyone who brought in unused and unwanted prescriptions on Saturday during Drug Take Back day. We collected a little more than 42 pounds. Your efforts to keep these drugs out of the wrong hands and out of our water supply are appreciated!

If you’ve been around campus this week, you know about our #RamsRideRight bike safety campaign. It is focusing on reminding all campus bikers to stop at stop signs (and stop lights) and dismount in the dismount zones. Earlier this week, a powerful example of why stopping at stop signs and red lights is so important was captured on video. This incident was on West Pitkin Street near Aspen Hall. The bicyclist didn’t stop for a stop sign, almost hit two pedestrians and then was struck by a car. Although he escaped with minor injuries, this is a video that makes us all cringe. This is why CSUPD partners with groups across campus, like the Bike Advisory Committee, The Spoke, and Parking and Transportation Services, on educational efforts about bike safety. Like most police departments, we catch some flak for enforcing and writing warnings or tickets when people disregard the rules. What we want you to understand is that the purpose of those warnings and tickets are so that we don’t have to respond to incidents like this. These accidents are preventable: Please, when riding your bike, stop at stop signs and intersections. #RamsRideRight

Music major Peter McCarty found our #RamsRideRight campaign three times this week, and got some cool rewards! He's one of dozens of lucky CSU students, employees, guests and even parents who were found riding right on campus. We've given away 187 rewards - one more day to go.

Drop unwanted prescription drugs Saturday and help us keep unused prescription drugs out of the wrong hands. CSUPD drop off location is in front of the police department in Green Hall, off of Laurel Street on Meridian Ave. No liquids, needles or sharps; only pills or patches.

Ride your bike on campus? You're required to stop at stop signs and red lights, just like a vehicle. Get caught riding your bike and stopping at stop signs and red lights on campus this week, and you might get a gift card or cool stuff from a local business. #RamsRideRight

Our deepest sympathy to Dallas Police Department and Officer Santander’s family, friends, and fellow officers. 💙

Hey, Rams! Did you know you're required to dismount your bike in dismount zones? This helps prevent collisions between bikers and pedestrians in these busy areas. Get caught dismounting this week in dismount zones, and you might get a freebee from a local business or RamCash. #RamsRideRight

These #RamsRideRight and were given freebees for stopping at stop signs on campus today while riding their bike. #RamsRideRight will be giving cool stuff away on campus all week to people who stop at stop signs and dismount at dismount zones, as part of our commitment to bike safety on campus.

Check out these Rams who were caught doing the right thing; dismounting their bikes in a dismount zone. They received freebees from the university as part of our #RamsRideRight campaign to reward safe bike behavior on campus. Watch for us on campus all week. If you’re seen stopping at stop signs and red lights or dismounting at dismount zones, you might get a cool freebie (like gift cards, coupons, gear, RamCash, and swag).

Hey, Rams! Next week, CSU will be giving Rams riding their bikes on campus who follow bike traffic rules cool stuff like gift cards, coupons, gear, RamCash, and swag. If you’re seen stopping at stop signs and red lights or dismounting at dismount zones, you might get a freebie. #RamsRideRight

We love CSU because of U: the people who make this place tick, who watch out for each other, and who keep the health and safety of our community front and center, so that our students and employees can thrive! Why do you love CSU?

If you hear sirens and see emergency vehicles, please follow this sage advice from our friends at Poudre Fire Authority.

This week is National Telecommunications Appreciation Week, when we celebrate our unsung heroes, the dispatchers who keep us organized and rolling. This photo of the CSUPD dispatch console from September of 1967, in the basement of the Hartshorn building on campus, also helps us celebrate how far dispatch technology has come; we are glad we don’t have to hammer out reports on that ancient relic of a typewriter in the foreground! #ThrowbackThursday