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  • Agency: Aspen Police Department
  • Address: 506 E Main St #102, Suite 102, Aspen, 81611 CO
  • Chief: Richard Pryor (Chief of Police)
Phone: 970-920-5400
Fax: (970) 920-5409

Aspen Police Department is located at 506 E Main St #102, Suite 102, Aspen, 81611 CO. The Chief of Police of the department is Richard Pryor. The Aspen Police Department phone number is 970-920-5400.

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Aspen Police Officers Dan Davis, Lauren Sumner and John Woltjer were part of Friday's mourning for Douglas County Deputy Zach Parrish, who was killed last week by the mentally ill man whom Parrish was trying to help. In 2017 one hundred twenty five officers died in the line of duty across our country. Of these, 45 were killed by gunfire, 44 were automobile-related deaths, 13 heart attacks, five drownings, five assaults, and three died of 9/11-related illnesses. The average age of these officers was 42 years, and the average tour of duty was 13 years. They were 116 males and nine females. Parrish was just 29 when he died on Dec. 31, 2017, shot as he pleaded with a man, simply telling the man about to become his killer "Let me help you." While we mourn Parrish's death, we ask you to consider the cost to our country as we lay him to rest, and 124 other officers who died in the service of their communities. Each was an individual with dreams, hopes, aspirations, and a skillset that will never be replicated, now gone. Lastly, we do not write this so you will thank us. And certainly do not feel sorry for us. Like Deputy Parrish, we truly love our profession. But consider the price paid by those like Deputy Parrish when you hear a story on the news about "the police." For Zach, his family, his coworkers and friends, it was a high price indeed. The Aspen Police Department - Protecting the Wild West since 1880.

It is with heavy hearts that we share with you that our beloved coworker Dorian Emery passed away January 3rd after a brave battle against cancer. Dorian joined us in 2006. She was the friendly face of our front office since then and for her service was named Officer of the Year in 2015. We miss her badly. Her family is hosting a memorial service on Sunday, Jan. 14 from 4:30 pm to 7:30 pm at the Aspen Chapel.

We will miss our dear friend Dorian.

Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, a movie about con artists talking people out of their money, made it seem funny. But when you’re the one out your hard-earned dollars, it’s not so funny. So, when we heard that a so-called “Lieutenant Daniels of the Aspen Police Department” was telephoning people around Aspen trying to scam them out of money, we weren’t laughing. First, we don’t have any lieutenants. We don’t have any “Daniels”. And we would never, ever, ever call you demanding money. Just to be clear, this is a thief, plain and simple. If you receive a telephone call from anyone purporting to be from any police department or government agency that demands money, please just hang up and call us. We promise you that no government does business this way. Not even in Oklahoma, Oklahoma, Oklahoma. Never, under any circumstances, send money to anyone without talking with us, or another trusted counselor. The con artists are skilled at manipulating people, but we’ve seen it all, and will try our best to give you good advice. The Aspen Police Department – Protecting the Wild West since 1880.

We finally made the big time. Through no fault (or success) of our own, we have finally made it. You know, Andy Warhol and all, we're living in our 15 minutes of fame. At least with the 7-year-old boy crowd. You see, we now have a "hot wheels" type Aspen PD car. Some enterprising company, called "Greenlight," decided to issue a set of 1/64 model cars in an "Aspen Ski Lodge" set, including their version of our Ford Utility patrol cars. It also features what looks like about a 1970 Ford 4x4 truck, a classic Mustang, and a modern Jeep Wrangler. Sweet rides all, though any Aspen set that doesn't include a black Chevy Tahoe and a pick-your-color Land Rover is missing the mark. But that's a minor complaint. Nobody from Greenlight ever spoke with us about it, so we were very surprised to learn about this on Wednesday, when a collector called from California inquiring about the accuracy of the likeness. But, we confess, we like it. It won't be long til our order arrives and we'll spend the afternoon driving around the table in the middle of the patrol room making "vroom vroom" noises. The Aspen Police Department - Protecting the Wild West since 1880.

In a season of giving gifts, love and community warmth, this group of students at Aspen Elementary School set the bar pretty high for us grown-ups. We received notice from second-grade teacher Becky Oliver, when she sent the following thank-you: "Thanks Officer Minniti for helping our classes wrap our gifts today for our Adopt-A-Family project! Sincerely 2nd grade teacher Becky Oliver, 4th grade teacher Katie Fox, and all our students!" On further inquiry, it turns out that Becky has, for the past 12 years, engaged her class in adopting local needy families and providing for them! This year she was joined by Katie Fox and her fourth-grade-class. Together, the classes raised $2,537.94, and through the Holiday Baskets Program, they adopted two families of seven persons, and two families of five...24 people total, plus 4 additional coats for other families. Becky explained, "Our kids have been working on doing chores in their homes and the community since October. Prior to our school-wide bake sale (last month), they had raised $1,857.19 just by doing chores, in addition to a few generous donations." Becky summed it up, "What an awesome community effort and great lesson in giving and compassion for our sweet kiddos!" Thanks Becky and Katie, and your classes, for letting our officer join in on your incredible effort. Way to demonstrate the giving spirit of the season! The Aspen Police Department - Protecting the Wild West since 1880.

UPDATE *** Facebook users again closed the case! Our suspect turned himself in today, Dec. 13, after his friends pointed out his photo on Facebook! Great job folks!!! So, were you a scout when you were a kid? You know, "On my honor I will do my best to do my duty..." etcetera? The kind of place that you learn how to do the right and honorable thing, as opposed to taking advantage of the situation. It seems like there's a class of folks who missed out on that kind of learning as a kid. For example, we'd like to talk with this guy. You see, on November 26th a woman accidentally dropped her credit card here in town. The next thing we know, this gentleman (using the term loosely) was photographed here as he made an $88 bus pass purchase at Rubey Park. A little later he's on video during a $288 shopping spree at City Market, all on her card. It was like a race. She was trying to cancel it, and he was trying to buy steak and crab legs at City Market (seriously). Unfortunately these two charges went through before the victim could get her card cancelled. Please give us a call at 970-920-5400 and Officer John Woltjer would be glad to talk with you. If he's not available, pretty-much anybody else can help you too, and you can also just message us here. Maybe once we catch up with this guy, we can share the scout pledge with him, just to help him make better choices in the future. The Aspen Police Department - Protecting the Wild West since 1880.

If you knew you were dressing up for a photo, how would you dress? How about if it was for a booking photo? As background, here's how a traffic ticket works: When an officer pulls you over for a violation, say, speeding, the officer may write you a ticket. Said ticket will require something of you. Perhaps it's the payment of a fine, or it may require your attendance to a court session. It's more than a good idea, it's the law. If you don't show up for court or pay your fine, a warrant will be issued for your arrest. It's kind of like tag for cops. Plus we always get to be "it," which is a bonus. Anyhow, if you get a warrant for your arrest, a booking photo is in your future, such as this one of Mr. Micah Floyd, aka The Grinch. Now Mr. Floyd's traffic violation wasn't particularly notable, however, at some point the courts system decided that he hadn't met his end of the deal and issued a warrant for his arrest. Rarely would you ever hear about this sort of arrest, except in the small text of the police blotter in the local papers. But, apparently hearing about the pending arrest, Mr. Floyd dressed up in seasonal gear -- a "The Grinch" onesie. Yes, he actually chose to dress this way for his booking photo, when he turned himself in to a helpful Aspen PD officer. Leaving aside the fact that a grown man is wearing a onesie, which we normally associate with those who are so young they are unable to fight back against the shame of being dressed in a onesie ... where were we? Oh, yeah. The Grinch. We suppose there are a couple of morals to this story: 1. Pay your traffic ticket. 2. If you want to get it all over with quietly, don't wear a costume to your booking. 3. If you do make the special effort to get attention, we're happy to oblige you. The Aspen Police Department - Protecting the Wild West since 1880.

Thanks Charlie! Our very own Charlie Martin (one of the most senior folks on staff here at Aspen PD), keeps the Christmas spirit alive every year by leading our "Giving Tree" efforts, helping needy families in our area with basic needs like coats, gloves and hat, as well as a few toys thrown in for good measure. Annually he sets up a little Christmas tree in the hallway in our offices, with tags all over it that explain some of the needs. Employees are encouraged to shop for others as they do their normal holiday shopping, and Charlie coordinates the whole effort. Here, with CRO Ginna Gordon, he's hauling this year's loot out of the courthouse to Christ Episcopal Church, where the overall effort is hosted every year. It's just a friendly little touch of caring in small town America, and we wanted to thank Charlie for his faithful efforts. No grinches here! (In spite of Charlie's almost-smile, he's not a grinch, it's just that some of our photographic skills are, well, limited.) The Aspen Police Department - Protecting the Wild West since 1880.

We know you come to this page for the snarky commentary on valley life. But today we're talking about something a little different. Suicide. Our valley has a problem. Those of us here at Aspen PD know it well, since we are all-too-often called to the scene when someone left this world at their own hand. Please, we beg of you, let us help you. If you're not ready to call Mind Springs Health, Aspen Hope Center, or any of the other local resources, please know that you can just call us. We are at a number you know already, 9-1-1. We are not experts, but we care. We want to help. Please allow us the honor of walking with you in this terrible, painful and lonely time. We probably will not have answers, but we will have time to listen, and we will help you connect with the experts who may indeed have the answers you are searching for. You don't have to be alone. The Aspen Police Department - Protecting the Wild West since 1880.

Well Terry, it didn't work. Nice try. Our very own Sgt. Terry Leitch, the shy guy that he is, tried to escape the glare of the spotlight last week, as he received an award from Pitkin County. This "Pitkin County Cares" award is for his volunteer work year after year for the Buddy Program. The Buddy Program works with some of our Roaring Fork Valley youth to help them develop self-esteem, improved decision making, academics and relationships with friends and family through mentorships in both one-on-one and in group settings. Terry, or as he is known in Buddy Program circles, "Pappa Bacon," gets one-on-one with some of these kids, and challenges them to face their fears head-on, in the form of hanging off the side of a cliff. Anyhow, he neglected to tell anyone (not us, and not even his own son) that he was getting this award. Did we mention that he is shy? Anyhow, thanks Terry, we appreciate you and the work you do for our valley's kids. Sorry for making you (more) famous, Pappa Bacon. The Aspen Police Department - Protecting the Wild West since 1880.

Among other things, Thanksgiving is about togetherness. Today, those of us who are home, together with our families are thankful to the team that is taking care of Aspen while we enjoy the peace and feasting that is Thanksgiving. Here is our Thanksgiving team, who are together working to help keep Aspen safe. You are the best. While you are not with your families, we're grateful that you have each other today. We'll be sure to eat some pumpkin pie in your honor. The Aspen Police Department - Protecting the Wild West since 1880.

Remember when your bike was brand new? You loved the feel of it. The brakes didn't squeak, the seat was perfect, and it all just worked. Oh, but now, now that bike has been relegated to the "townie" category. You still love it, but with a sense of nostalgia, like the stickers and the duct tape that hold it together. If you really love it, you'll run, right now, and go get it. Because the City of Aspen will be removing the white-painted bike racks that are on street at these locations tomorrow, November 14th: • In front of Paradise • Boogies • Hopkins and Mill • 8th Street and Hallam Your lonely bike really wants you to come get it before it gets hauled off to the Island of Misfit Toys, where lonely bikes dream of new owners that will love them. Not to mention eventually, the annual police auction that happens there. The Aspen Police Department - Protecting the Wild West since 1880.

Do you remember that yearbook photo? The one that you will never show anyone? It's not that there was anything wrong with it. At least, not by 1980s standards. Shoot, we didn't even call it a mullet, not at first. It was just, you know, a haircut. Ah, but we're living those days again, here at Aspen PD. In glorious splendor, a couple of the guys have decided that "Movember" wasn't going to be good enough. It's now more like 80'svember. Or, maybe 60'svember. It's kinda hard to tell. Have a look at Mark, John and Andy and perhaps you can help us determine the decade in question. Well, just remember, haircuts come and go. But maybe sometimes you don't want them caught in a photograph. Even when they might just be a wig. The Aspen Police Department - Protecting the Wild West since 1880.

May we introduce you to three-year-old Jax? Jax and her mom met some officers from the Aspen Police Department on Halloween, when, as you can see, Jax was representing the cutest clown contingent ever. According to Jax's grandma, they had an accident in town, and the Halloween festivities were at risk of being cancelled by the crash. Jax's grandma "Glam'ma Bebe" shared the rest of the story: "I just want to thank the awesome Aspen Police who responded so quickly and were so kind!! Later that day, little Jax was elated to get this sticker at the Fire Station Boo Bash... she wore it all night & I just wanted to you to know how much we do ❤️Aspen Cops!!" We really love our jobs, and our community. Thanks for your support Jax! The Aspen Police Department - Protecting the Wild West since 1880.

UPDATE -- Thanks to your help -- CASE CLOSED. Like many of our cases, your help brought this case to a successful conclusion! Has your car ever been "keyed?" You know, when somebody intentionally drags a sharp object, like a key, down the paint job of your car to show what they think of you? Somebody we know once thought it would be funny to put a "I hate cats" bumper sticker on their car. Surprisingly, cat people didn't find any humor in this, and his car got keyed. Multiple times. Or maybe it was just clawed. The evidence was inconclusive, except that it was clearly determined that cat people are, well, different. But this week somebody's car got keyed for no obvious reason. No, not even for a bumper sticker. We would like your help in identifying the guy in the attached photos. If you recognize him, would you mind messaging it to us? Or you can also call in, 970-920-5400. Thank you. We don't suspect this was the cat people this time. The Aspen Police Department - Protecting the Wild West since 1880.

And once again, 911 service (and we believe, all telephone services) have been restored. Please feel free to call 911 again. Just, we beg of you, not to ask what the conditions are up on the pass. Your 911 dispatchers thank you. The Aspen Police Department - Protecting the Wild West since 1880.

Hello? Hello? Is there anyone there? Joking aside, phone services are definitely a mess in the Roaring Fork Valley. A CenturyLink fiber optic line was cut in Carbondale, resulting in outages of internet, some cellular services & some land phone lines. Included in this are land lines at Aspen Valley Hospital, which are currently down. Some citizens in Pitkin County may not have services to call 911. FOR EMERGENCIES: *If you HAVE cell service - dial 911. *If you HAVE dial tone on your land line phone: dial 911. *If you have NO cell service nor dial tone on your land line: Go to your local fire station to report your emergency. FOR NON-EMERGENCIES: *Dial the non-emergent phone number at (970) 920-5310 You also are welcome to come to the Police Department Offices, located in the basement of the Pitkin County Courthouse, 506 East Main Street in Aspen. If doors are locked after hours, there is a local intercom telephone on the door located on the Galena Street lower entrance. We will come meet you there. Thanks for your patience. Technology, ain't it great? The Aspen Police Department - Protecting the Wild West since 1880.

Will you forgive us if we brag a little? It's not like we're bragging about who has the fastest car, or biggest checkbook, but who is the nicest. Hopefully that is a little more tasteful. Here at the police department we do have repeat customers. You know, the guys (generally) that you read about week after week in the police blotter of the local newspapers. These folks tend to be in a tough place in life, struggling with addictions, money, life, or the various demons that can cast us out of normal "polite" society. One such person has been in and out of custody of the police recently, and was having a rough go of it. He ended up in jail, which wasn't uncommon, but this particular day happened to be his birthday. Somehow, APD Officers Jeremy Johnson and Ian MacAyeal, as well as Sgt. Rick Magnuson (not pictured), learned that this person was going to be spending his birthday in jail. Taking it upon themselves, they purchased a cake, and delivered it to him in the jail, and helped him celebrate the occasion, as best as they could. Jail Deputy Shane Gaumer wrote "This was an unbelievably nice gesture tied to genuine concern for XXX's well being." And, it was done in private. Nobody else in the department would have even known this had happened, if it wasn't for Deputy Gaumer's email to us. Asst. Chief Linda Consuegra gave the three commendations for their efforts. We thought you'd appreciate the fact that people of this caliber work for your local police department. We are proud of them. So we brag a little. Wouldn't you? The Aspen Police Department - Protecting the Wild West since 1880.

It snowed! Hurrah... we think. Having it snow in October isn't really a surprise. Snowing on your motorcycles may be a little less expected. Snowing tree branches? Even more so! Because of all of the heavy snow overnight falling on still-leaved trees, we had a LOT of downed trees and limbs around town. City staff are working on clearing the roads and getting the debris out of the way. But even if they get the limbs out of the way, you may not want to go motorcycling until it warms back up. The Aspen Police Department - Protecting the Wild West since 1880.

Not that the bears haven't been keeping us busy enough, but overnight on September 28 one of our officers spied a mountain lion in Aspen's west end. Not that it was as scary as the ones in the photo. Anyhow, he described a large, adult mountain lion that crossed Highway 82/Hallam Street at 8th Street during the early morning hours. We thought you would want to know. The Aspen Police Department - Protecting the Wild West since 1880.

Our attention span is slipping, according to scientists who have the attention span to study such things. Apparently most of us can focus on a single item for less than a minute. So, at this point, we have to say goodbye to all those who have already given up. Ah, but Walter Chi, he can focus. Today marks the anniversary of his 25th year as a police officer for the Aspen Police Department. So if you see him, please wish him a happy anniversary of a quarter century of protecting the people of Aspen. Thanks Walter! The Aspen Police Department - Protecting the Wild West since 1880.

A huge thanks to Aspen 82 for helping us spread the word about respecting the Aspen Bears!!