Firestone Police Department

  • Agency: Firestone Police Department
  • Address: 151 Grant Ave, Firestone, 80520-0100 CO
  • Chief: David Montgomery (Chief of Police)
Phone: 303-833-0811
Fax: 303-531-6271

Firestone Police Department is located at 151 Grant Ave, Firestone, 80520-0100 CO. The Chief of Police of the department is David Montgomery. The Firestone Police Department phone number is 303-833-0811.

Firestone Police Department News

It's time to Spring Forward! Remember to set your clocks ahead one hour before going to bed tonight. Daylight savings time begins at 2am Sunday.

We have been blessed with some beautiful weather lately! One of the side effects of warm sunny days is getting those windows open to air the stagnant winter air out of our homes. Do you know what else happens? Neighbors begin to notice barking dogs. We are not talking about dogs that are barking at the mailman or the trash truck, but instead, dogs that are just bored or lonely and bark just to bark. As windows open and neighbors venture outside to bring their yards back to glory the complaints about barking dogs also increase. Most people do not even realize their dog has been barking. Either they are at work during the day and the dog is left outside to enjoy the nice weather and they never hear it, or they have just learned to tune it out. Be a good neighbor and let your dog inside when it begins barking, remember if it disrupts your neighbors from the enjoyment of their home or yard by barking in a continuous, nonstop, habitual manner then it is a violation of the Firestone Barking Dog Ordinance. Another thing to consider is not all of our neighbors work a regular 9 to 5 job, some sleep during the day and work evenings or overnights. What do you do if you get a barking dog complaint? Firstly, take it seriously! If a neighbor was kind enough to let you know your dog barks enough to be disruptive to them then be understanding and ask when the dog barks and for how long. Chances are if the barking is disruptive to one neighbor it is disruptive to several who have decided to just live with it or keep quiet. If you are gone during the times the dog barks then maybe it is time to look into kenneling your pet inside, looking for dog walkers or sitters who can walk your pet during the times it is disruptive or even purchasing anti bark aids such as citronella collars, vibration collars or for stubborn barkers even anti bark collars. A busy dog is a happy dog and usually also a quiet dog. If you don’t communicate with your neighbors about this problem their next step will be to call in the disturbance and now you have a violation notice from animal control. If you continue to not be proactive in keeping your pet quiet, it is entirely possible your best friend can land you in court. Of course we don’t want that any more than you do! What do you do if your neighbor’s dog barks enough to disrupt the enjoyment of your home or yard? Well first, try to talk to them before you get too frustrated. Leaving passive aggressive anonymous notes on their door is not likely going to help and will probably make it worse! Talking to them face to face over a cup of coffee or a friendly BBQ is a much friendlier way to go about this subject that may be touchy to both parties, this also shows your neighbor that it is enough of an issue to speak about it in person. Do let them know when the dog is being disruptive and how their noisy pet has affected you and your family. Why do we ask you do this first? Because you are neighbors and until someone sells their home you will continue to be neighbors. As neighbors, shouldn’t you be friendly, understanding, and respectful of each other? What if your neighbor is not receptive to your complaint? You are more than welcome to call Weld County Dispatch at 720-652-4222 to have animal control to respond. Please do not post your complaints to the Police Department Facebook page! It is not monitored and will likely not be addressed in a timely manner. You will need to know the address where the dog is barking from as well as a description of the offending animal and the times and duration the dog barks. It is always best to call when the dog is actively barking! If animal control is not working, Patrol officers will leave a business card. Animal Control will leave a violation notice with some information and possible solutions. If you receive a notice or a business card please do call the officer listed on the card and ask for some solutions if you need to. It helps the officer to know you are working to resolve the situation. Keep in mind that up until a formal statement is written and a summons to the dog owner to appear in court is served, your complaint will remain anonymous to the dog owner. If the dog owner is actively trying to remedy the barking, please give them time to find what works and communicate with them about what is and is not working. Firestone is a wonderful community, please be a good neighbor by discussing your concerns and listening to each other. Remember we are all neighbors here! Have a wonderful day and please stay safe.

Friday is the last call for Chili entries! First place gets a trophy and a $100.00 WalMart card, second place gets a trophy and a $50.00 WalMart card, and third place gets a trophy and a $25.00 WalMart Card. Do you think you can win? Or are you better suited to be a judge? Please contact CSO Angel Gahnstrom to enter We will see you next Thursday at Coal Ridge Middle School from 6-8pm!

Meet and Greet is two weeks from tonight! Come on out and meet with us and other government agencies and non profits that service the Firestone community. The event is FREE! Hot dogs, chili, chips, and drinks will be provided while supplies last so come early. Do you have a winning chili? Want to compete for the coveted meet and greet trophy and $100.00 Wal Mart gift card? Contact CSO Angel Gahnstrom if you would like more information or to enter the chili cook off. See you there!

Thank you Imagine Charter School! And of course to the wonderful 4th graders who made our day with the Thank You's!

Firestone Police Department 2017 Year End Report. Please click the image for a better resolution.

The Firestone Police Administration Offices and Firestone Town Hall will be closed today in observance of President's Day. Patrol Officers will be working their regular shifts and can be reached through Weld County Dispatch 720 652 4222. Offices will open at 8am Tuesday.

The Firestone Meet and Greet forum allows the public to meet the local and County Government Officials to discuss local issues and concerns. The Firestone Police Department provides an informal setting for you to enjoy a free chili dinner and great conversation.

The trophies are here!!! Who has the best Chili in Firestone? Help us find out on Thursday March 15th at Coal Ridge Middle School. Think your chili can beat them all? contact CSO A. Gahnstrom at or call 303-833-0811 for information on how to enter.

Please remember to reinstate your dog licenses for 2018! We have continued to partner with PetHub and have NOT increased license fees for smart tags. They are still only $5.00 for spayed and neutered pets and $10.00 for unaltered pets. If your license tag from last year still properly scans let us know while reinstating and we will not send out a new tag. If you do receive a new tag you will need to update your PetHub profile with the new tag number. The basic profile through PetHub is still FREE! That includes Pet owner account, unlimited pet profiles for all your furry family members, data storage for medications and emergency contacts, printable profile for lost pet posters, 24/7 found pet hotline, unlimited ID tag links. This allows anyone who finds your missing pet to simply scan the tag and get important contact information as well as medical needs for your pet to help get them home. If they don't have a smart phone they can just call the phone number on the tag. There is extra protection you can purchase through PetHub that includes instant found pet alerts, scanned location information, shelter alerts, and discounts through PetHub partners. PetHub has also included a coupon good only for Firestone residents for 10% off annual or lifetime subscriptions. Don't have your dog license? We can help you there as well. Licenses can be purchased through either the Town Website or by stopping off at the Police Department Monday through Friday 8am to 5pm. You do need to present a copy of a valid rabies certificate prior to obtaining your dog license.

We have an AMAZING community here in Firestone! A member of our community and fellow brother in blue took this picture today and gave us permission to use it. He went for a walk today on the HOA trail between Sage Avenue and Saddleback Avenue in the St. Vrain Ranch Subdivision and found this fallen officer memorial that someone had put along the pathway just outside of their fence. With the loss of three Sheriff's Deputies within 36 days, this small gesture moved him to tears. And honestly it moved me to tears as well. Thank you to whoever put this together! It has touched our hearts to know there is such love and compassion for those that serve and protect and give their lives to their community. I plan to take a walk there myself and find this small treasure that was made to show love during a time of grief and sorrow. This is appreciated! I pray that no more stones will ever need to be added to this wonderful shrine, for there are already too many there for our hearts to take as it is.

Yesterday, Firestone PD was called to a residence in the Eagle Crest subdivision at 11:22 a.m. Inside was an armed adult male threatening suicide. Our officers secured the perimeter, evacuated nearby residents and worked through the night to negotiate a peaceful resolution with the subject. The individual surrendered to law enforcement today at 12:27 p.m., and nobody was harmed. I am extremely grateful for this outcome, as well as the dedication and professionalism of our officers, the support of the Weld County Sheriff's Office and Larimer County Sheriff's Office, the Frederick-Firestone Fire Protection District, American Red Cross Northern Colorado and Rocky Mountain Christian Church. Thank you to the residents who were displaced while this incident unfolded for your patience and cooperation. Your safety is our top priority. - Chief David Montgomery

Our thoughts and prayers are with the El Paso Sheriff's Department tonight! Law Enforcement in Colorado is heartbroken.

Are you interested in learning about weather? Would you like to become a Weather Spotter? The Frederick Firestone Fire District will be hosting a Weather spotter class just in time for the Colorado severe weather season. Please contact the Fire District if you are interested, class size is limited.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the Adams County Sheriffs Office.

From our friends at CSP. Good advice!

Winter storm warning effective this evening with around 6" of snow in the forecast. Be prepared for winter driving conditions. Outdoor pets will need to brought inside or be provided with warm, dry shelter. Please shovel sidewalks within 24 hours of snowfall and do not pile snow on the street, your lawn will enjoy the extra water. Keep warm and stay safe.

Ninth safest in Colorado! Thank you!

Halloween Safe Night is scheduled for Friday October 26, 5 to 8pm. We already have some crowd favorites lined up as well as some new activities!