Greeley Police Department

  • Agency: Greeley Police Department
  • Address: 2875 10th Street, Greeley, 80634 CO
  • Chief: Jerry Garner (Chief of Police)
Phone: 970-350-9600
Fax: 970-350-9655

Greeley Police Department is located at 2875 10th Street, Greeley, 80634 CO. The Chief of Police of the department is Jerry Garner. The Greeley Police Department phone number is 970-350-9600.

Greeley Police Department News

Mrs. Veik and members of the National Honor Society at Union Colony Prep stopped by the Greeley Police Department today with coffee and donuts! Thanks for all the goodies and, more importantly, your support! ☕🍩

April 8th - 14th is Victim Rights week! Please take this time to acknowledge how important it is to support those who are a victims of crime. Visit the link below for additional information. The Victim Assistance Unit is currently taking applications if you're interested becoming a volunteer. Please call 970-351-5345 to learn more about this opportunity. Thank you! This year, OVC will commemorate NCVRW April 8–14, observing the 2018 theme—Expand the Circle: Reach All Victims. The theme emphasizes the importance of inclusion in victim services and addresses—

April 8th-14th is Animal Control Appreciation Week (as well as Dispatch Appreciation Week!), so make sure you give the ACOs a wave if you see them out and about! Our ACOs spend their time investigating bite cases, assisting officers, protecting the public from dangerous animals and protecting animals from dangerous people, and many many other things. They try their best to make sure escaped animals are safe until their owners can come get them, and give compassion and love to each and every scared, sick, or injured animal they encounter. They recover animals from fighting rings, devastating car accidents, hoarding, and many other terrible situations. The majority of their interactions involve educating the public and helping owners and reporting parties come up with solutions to their problems. So please show your appreciation this week!

With April being national distracted driving month we thought it would be a great opportunity to share a little bit about our new driving initiative, DRIVE NICE THINK TWICE.

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Please help us ID this male. He is the suspect in a theft case. Contact Officer Klassen at Case # 18G027988

It happens to most dog owners at some point-a child left the gate open, the wind blew your fence down, or you just have a pup who is too smart for their own good! But what happens when your dog gets loose and Animal Control finds him/her before you do?? If the dog sticks around one yard, sometimes that means they live there and we may simply try to get them back into their yard, secure the yard, and try to contact you. If not, after getting them safely into one of our temperature controlled kennels, we may drive the area to see if anyone flags us down. If the dog has no tags, they normally go to our partner the Humane Society of Weld County, where the shelter staff places the animal on a 5 day hold. If they are sick or injured, we take them to an emergency vet first to be cleared for the shelter. The shelter staff will work to find the owners so you can be reunited! And sometimes, we drive around a bit to see if the owner calls in, and while we are waiting we visit the PD where all of the officers give your doggie some love! This German shepherd pup was picked up last week and our K9 officer, ACO, and PST had some fun doing some training with him 😀While we played, the owner called in to see if we had his dog, and they were reunited within minutes! All fun aside, please keep tags on your dog so they don't have to spend the night in the shelter if we pick them up!

Happy Easter from everyone at the Greeley Police Department. 🐰❤️👮🏻‍♀️

Congratulations to Coach Linder, his staff and the UNC men’s basketball team for winning the College Insider Tournament! What a season it has been!

Can you ID this female? She is the suspect in a theft case. If so please contact PST Moree @ CASE# 18G026157

!*!*Public Service Announcement!*!* Our Alley’s are not dumping grounds. Please take advantage of the city spring cleaning weekend April 27th-28th. Visit the city of Greeley website for more info.

Yesterday the Greeley Police Dept. unvailed the Drive Nice, Think Twice initiative. If you missed it, you can watch a short recap here. Thank you Greeley!

9:00 am we are launching the Drive Nice Think Twice initiative. Stop by the Greeley Police Department for donuts 🍩 and coffee and learn about what we have been working on.!

Tomorrow is the big day! Come out to GPD Headquarters at 9am on Tuesday to learn more at the Drive Nice Think Twice pre launch. 👮‍♀️👮🏿‍♂️👮🏽‍♀️👮‍♂️

We're just a few days away from the launch of "Drive Nice Think Twice". Join us on Tuesday morning starting at 9am to learn more at the Drive Nice Think Twice pre launch.

☘️Happy St Patrick’s day ☘️from everyone at the Greeley Police Department. Remember to celebrate responsibility and don’t test your LUCK today we have Leprechaun’s out and about! ☘️🌈🚓👮🏻‍♀️👮🏻‍♂️☘️

We are pretty stoked that Officer McNerney and Cairo were awarded this wonderful award. We have some pretty amazing Officers and K9's here at GPD.!

The Drive Nice Think Twice pre launch is happening at GPD Headquarters at 9am on March 20. Join us to learn about our new campaign and how you can help increase safety on our roads. 🚓

This is a juvenile great horned owl that some good samaritans thought was hit by a car on 47th Ave last Saturday! ACO Darling was able to safely contain him and transport to a vet, where Rocky Mountain Raptor Program-RMRP could pick him up. ACO Darling called to check up on him yesterday and great news-no injuries! He will be carefully watched until the rest of his feathers grow in, and then released. We are starting early this year-the raptor program advised this is the earliest they have seen the great horned owls start reproducing. This amazing organization works year round to save beautiful raptors all over Colorado. Our animal control officers don't normally deal with wildlife, so we are grateful to have these experts as a resource. They admit about 300 raptors each year and the number continues to rise-and a lot of these birds require long-term, extensive care. Please visit their Facebook page to learn more!

Please join us at the Greeley Police Department for the Drive Nice Think Twice pre launch on March 20th at 9am!

We are dancing into the weekend with the preschool class from Shawsheen!

Spring and summer are just around the corner, and while you're out enjoying the weather, please remember that Greeley has a leash law! If you're not on your own property, leash your dog(s) please! Dogs are also not allowed in city parks in Greeley whether leashed or not. If you need to report a violation please use the non-emergency dispatch number 970-350-9600 option 4 for Animal Control, and make sure to provide us with a good description of the dog.

Mark your calendars and join us for the kickoff of a new driving campaign called Drive Nice Think Twice! ✌️ Drive Nice Think Twice pre launch, March 20, 9am, Greeley Police Headquarters.

Reading to the kiddos at Shawsheen Elementary was sure fun last Firday!