Gainesville Police Department

  • Agency: Gainesville Police Department
  • Address: 545 NW 8th Ave, Gainesville, 32602 FL
  • Chief: Tony Jones (Chief of Police)
Phone: (352) 393-7500

Gainesville Police Department is located at 545 NW 8th Ave, Gainesville, 32602 FL. The Chief of Police of the department is Tony Jones. The Gainesville Police Department phone number is (352) 393-7500.

Gainesville Police Department News

NEWS FLASH: There are dishonest people out there. We're sorry to break it to you. Our Fraud and Financial Crimes investigators are seeing reports of people selling items on e-commerce websites and apps...and then the buyers are using counterfeit money. SELLER BEWARE! If you choose to use online services to meet strangers to give them your prized possession...make sure they're giving you real money. We don't expect you to run around with a counterfeit pen (not a horrible idea though) but make sure you take the proper precautions when meeting strangers. That you met on the Internet. -Love, GPD

VEHICLE CRASH: 3200 NW 39th Ave. WB lanes are blocked. Use caution when entering area.

TRAFFIC ALERT: Crash with roadblock in the 200 block of NW 13th St (in front of Publix)

Three Arrested for DUI during “Operation Resolutions”

TRAFFIC ALERT: Crash with roadblock at the intersection of Waldo Road and 8th Ave.

LOCATED SAFE! Reported Missing Endangered Iesha Jenkins has been located SAFE! She was located at a friend’s residence and is safe. Thanks for the shares!

"Peace is not merely a distant goal that we seek, but a means by which we arrive at that goal." -Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. In honor of MLK, the GPD Administrative Offices will be closed today. Our officers will continue to provide unbiased service that would make Dr. King proud.

The work of GPD Officer White has been recognized by US Senator Bill Nelson! He continues to bring Police and communities closer together.

Meet Kyrin! He met Officer White on a call one day in his neighborhood...and had on this same exact outfit. He wanted to come and see the station today so we happily opened the doors! (We also handed his parents a job application for him in a year or so!)

Officer Holcomb found this young lady out on a stroll today. #FoundOneOfOurOwn #SameTeam #CopHumor

We all meet special folks at work. Sometimes our law enforcement brotherhood and sisterhood stretches farther than we imagine.

TRAFFIC ALERT: Crash with roadblock in the 5000 block of NorthEAST 39th Ave.

Don't be THAT person. You know the one...traffic is backed up, your light turns green and there's a car in the cross lanes that's IN YOUR WAY. You stare at them. They try as hard as possible not to make eye contact...because they know they are basically in "adult time out" right now. Do all your fellow drivers a favor. Even if your light is green...and traffic is heavy...DON'T block the intersection. It's just not polite, it makes you look silly...and oh yeah - it's against the law.

TRAFFIC ALERT: Crash with WESTBOUND roadblock in the 4000 block of SW 20th Ave. Seek alternate route if possible (SW 24th Ave)

Operation RESOLUTIONS - Roadside Safety Checkpoint January 13

Like helicopters? So do we! The American Heroes Airshow is coming to town in March...and our Gainesville Police Aviation Unit will be represented as well!

Don't forget! Come out to Starbucks to have coffee and chat with some of your GPD officers!

It's TAX season which means it's SCAM season (read that however you wish...) While we can't prevent the IRS from taking all your money...YOU can help keep your identity and money safe by being smart with your tax preparation!

TOGETHER AGAIN! These three were all sworn in on July 31, 2013 and different assignments have split them up from time to time. Today, however...they all get to work the same shift! Have fun and be safe!

MAKE HIM FAMOUS. PLEASE SHARE: Daniel Winter is WANTED for his involvement in the 2016 HOMICIDE of Rashay Garrison. Winter has been eluding police for 1.5 years and intelligence suggests he travels between Gainesville, Atlanta and Orlando. Call 352-393-7684 or Alachua County Crime Stoppers Inc at 352-372-STOP with information.

Do YOU know the red flags of a scam?

Thanks to quick work by GRU, all traffic signals are back operational.

TRAFFIC ALERT: Reports of traffic lights OUT due to power failure at following locations: NW 43rd St / 39th Ave NW 34th St / 8th Ave NW 34th St / 8th Ave Officers enroute to direct traffic.

8 years ago, Stacey Brown was tragically killed in a home invasion Robbery. Detectives still have not been able to identify the killers. Please call GPD Detective Martin Honeycutt at 393-7615 with any information. On Monday, January 4, 2010 at approximately 9:15 pm, Patrol Officers responded to 5811 NW 23rd Ter. (Pine Ridge) in response to a 911 call. The resident called to report a Home Invasion Robbery where the suspects shot Stacey Brown. Two light-skinned black males, armed with handguns, entered the apartment where Brown was a guest. As they exited the apartment, one of the suspects shot Brown once. She was mortally injured and died on the scene. The suspects may have fled the scene in a silver sedan.