Satellite Beach Police Department

  • Agency: Satellite Beach Police Department
  • Address: 510 Cinnamon Drive, Satellite Beach, 32937 FL
  • Chief: Lionel A Cote (Chief of Police)
Phone: (321) 773-4400
Fax: (321) 773-5414

Satellite Beach Police Department is located at 510 Cinnamon Drive, Satellite Beach, 32937 FL. The Chief of Police of the department is Lionel A Cote. The Satellite Beach Police Department phone number is (321) 773-4400.

Satellite Beach Police Department News

It will be 26 years on May 31, 2018 since we lost our fellow comrades, Sgt. E. Edward Hartmann and Ofc. Philip J. Flagg who were killed by a drunk driver at 1:50 a.m. that dreadful night. Every year the community comes together where friends, family and local law enforcement personnel gather to honor these two brave heroes who made the ultimate sacrifice. They will never be forgotten! You are invited to attend this brief 26-Year Memorial Service, which will be hosted by Chief Jeff M. Pearson and the Satellite Beach Police Department. If you wish to say a few words just let Linda Harlow know in advance. We hope you can join us as we pay tribute to Sgt. E. Edward Hartmann and Ofc. Philip J. Flagg who are still with us in spirit and missed every day. Date: Thursday, May 31, 2018 Time: 2 p.m. Place: Atlantic Plaza Parking lot, (ACROSS from the old Ramada Inn) 1024 Highway A1A, Satellite Beach Email: Linda Harlow – Phone: (321) 773-4400

Citizens Police Academy, Week 12: The 2018 Citizens Police Academy ended last night with each attendee receiving a Certificate of Completion from Police Chief Jeff Pearson. Academy attendees received an 8x10 group photo and will receive all photos taken from each week of the Academy. The attendees were then given a chance to speak individually about their experience and what they liked the most. Overwhelmingly, they were grateful to be a part of the police experience and to get a glimpse of what officers face daily. Attendees also provided feedback on potential changes that will benefit the next class of attendees. One of Chief Pearson’s goals is to offer community-based programs that engage citizens and city business leaders to get involved with our Police Department, our City government, and especially our Community. The Police Department is looking forward to hosting another Citizens Police Academy in 2019. Interested Satellite Beach citizens and business leaders should email Commander Bert Berrios at or Community Services Coordinator Heather Black at

Police Department Stepping Up Enforcement The police department has been receiving multiple complaints of dogs on the beach. Unfortunately these complaints also highlight the dog owner’s lack of responsibility while having their dogs on the beach such as not picking up the dog’s waste, dogs off leash running up on children and being aggressive. It is a violation of County Code for dogs to be on the beach. Satellite Beach Patrol Officers can issue tickets for violations. The only exception is for service dogs. Please don’t fall into the trap of identifying your dog as a service dog if it isn’t one. This may result in additional tickets and serious fines/court appearance. Service dogs provide important services to their owners who are in need of these dogs. To represent a non service dog as a service dog is a disservice to those individuals. The city has a dog park located next the library and skate park. A dog beach is available at Canova Beach Park located at Eau Gallie and A1A.

Citizens Police Academy Week 10 - The Academy class traveled to the Brevard County Jail Complex where they were greeted by Major Kelly Haman – Jail Watch Commander. The students were briefed on the various prisoner classifications and what determines their individual jail assignments. Students toured the jail complex and experienced what it takes to keep the jail running, the deputies and staff safe, and the inmate population secured.

Citizens Police Academy Week 8 - Records Supervisor Sherry Driggers briefed attendees on Public Records requests and how to get copies of police reports. Attendees also learned certain arrest reports and juvenile records have to be redacted before a copy can be released. Sgt. Paul Creatura spoke about his involvement with the Satellite Beach PAL (Police Athletic League). He helped start the local PAL association in 1995 and has mentored hundreds of young children in the City. PAL promotes positive relationships between police officers and youth through community based educational and recreational opportunities.​ School Resource Officer Corporal Gretta Valiente briefed the attendees about the SRO program and how she assists the school, students, and parents with issues that arise during the school year. Finally, Sergeant Eric Anderson spoke about the Use of Force and what goes into the decision to use appropriate force to stop and apprehend suspects.

This week is National Public Safety Telecommunications Week The Satellite Beach Police Department along with Satellite Beach Fire Department want to thank our communications center for all their hard work and dedication to our residents. These men and women are the first voice you’ll hear when calling 911 for police, fire or medical help. #loveourdispatchers#thankyou

Citizens Police Academy Week 7 - Linda Harlow, our Volunteer Program and Stop By & Say Hi Coordinator, briefed us on the various programs offered to our community by the Police Department. The Volunteer Program provides vacation house checks, ATV beach patrol, and Boat Patrol, among many other duties. The Stop By & Say Hi program has select members visit our elderly citizens who are normally home alone. The program allows the citizen to select the day, time, and how long they want to be visited. Team members also provide referrals to other programs such as the Community Paramedic Program, Volunteers in Motion, and Project Lifesaver.​ The class then witnessed the arrival of a Sheriff's helicopter at the Recreation Center. Pilot Steve Lyon and Technical Flight Officer David Altman briefed us on the mission of the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office Aviation Unit (commonly known as STAR) and the various helicopters they deploy. They explained their duties as they are flying missions, including search and rescue, vehicle and fugitive pursuits, and senior citizen recovery. Paramedic Melanie Drake demonstrated how to use an automated external defibrillator (AED), a portable device that checks the heart rhythm and can send an electric shock to the heart to try to restore a normal rhythm. Satellite Beach has a number of these devices located at City buildings and facilities. The devices have both written instructions and a digital voice to guide users on applying it correctly. Melanie then brief the attendees about the Fire Department’s Community Medic Program. This City sponsored program offers in-home health evaluation for older citizens who have chronic health conditions. Community Health Paramedics schedule appointments to visit citizens in their homes as needed to conduct physical exams and check-ups. This reduces the number of emergency calls and hospital visits, and allows citizens to remain in their homes longer.

Citizens Police Academy Week 6 - Chief Jeff Pearson spoke with attendees about our memorials to Sergeant E. Edward Hartmann and Officer Philip J. Flagg, who were killed by a drunk driver in 1992. We will be commemorating the 26th anniversary of their loss on May 31, 2018. Janet Pearson from the State Attorney's Office briefed the attendees on the Victims Advocate Program. She walked us through the process of assisting victims of crimes and the support they provide. She also explained how advocates assist victims of Domestic Violence, especially those who are too scared to follow up with the prosecution of their batterers. Sergeant Eric Anderson demonstrated what officers look for when patrolling for intoxicated drivers. He explained the procedures for processing a drunk driver at the scene and at the Police Station. He also briefed on the “Administrative Suspension of persons under the age of 21 for driving with an alcohol level .02 or above.” Sergeant Anderson is also the Agency Inspector for the Intoxilyzer 8000, which is used to determine the Breath Alcohol Content.

Secret Shopper Scam Alert Beware of a scam making its way through our area. Residents are receiving checks and correspondence asking them to become secret shoppers. The instructions are to deposit the check they send you and then make several purchases from stores as a secret shopper. They allow you to keep the items purchased and offer to pay you a bonus if you complete surveys within 24hrs. The final step is to wire the balance of the check, (usually around $700) through a third party service to evaluate the wire service. Unfortunately the whole thing is a scam, the check that was originally deposited ends up not being a good check. You’ve used the money from the check to make purchases at stores and wired $700 of your own money. Please don’t fall prey to this Scam, never deposit any checks into your accounts from unknown sources. If you have any questions please call us at the Police Department.

Citizens Police Academy Week 4 - Lieutenant Darren Frost briefed the Citizens Police Academy attendees on the various functions of the Uniformed Patrol Division. Attendees listened as he explained how and why certain patrol tactics are employed and how our community can assist with capturing law breakers. Sergeant Eric Fuller then briefed attendees on Traffic Enforcement procedures. This included law enforcement's attempt to modify (bad) driving behavior through the issuance of warnings and citations. The night was capped off with a presentation by Sergeant Steve Owens, Officer Amber Clay and her new Canine partner “Thor.” The K-9 team demonstrated how they locate drugs and articles, track suspects, and when necessary bite a combative suspect. Attendees were amazed how the team worked in sync especially when it came to arresting and searching suspects. K-9 Thor stood at the ready as Officer Clay searched a decoy in a bite suit (played by K-9 Officer Ivan Swenson of Indian Harbour Beach). When the decoy pretended to attack Officer Clay, K-9 Thor immediately took control of the suspect and would not let go until called off by his partner.​

K-9 Thor receives donated bullet proof vest Officer Amber Clay and K-9 Thor received a brand new bullet proof vest. Ring Manufacturing donated the custom fitted vest. Ring Manufacturing is a Melbourne based company that makes police training aids. Thank You Shirley Ring and Ring Manufacturing for being a valued community partner.

On February 23, 2018, the Police Department held a community meeting on school safety in Satellite Beach. For those who could not attend, here is the PowerPoint presentation for the meeting. It covers the Police Department’s efforts to mitigate school violence, how we prepare our officers for active shooting events through ongoing training, and how tips and rumors are reviewed and investigated by School Resource Officers and our Criminal Investigations Division. Lastly, it discusses what you can and should do in the unlikely event you are involved in an active shooting situation.

Citizens Police Academy Week 3: Detective Valerie Balloue lectured the attendees about the functions of the Criminal Investigator. Attendees learned the importance of securing a crime scene, documenting facts, and preservation of evidence. The citizens then literally got their hands dirty as they lifted fingerprints off various objects before walking through a mock crime scene, where Detective Balloue and Corporal Holland demonstrated techniques used during their investigations. Patti Noe wrapped up the evening’s event with a lecture on how evidence is secured at the Satellite Beach Police Department. She briefed the attendees on the importance of the “chain of custody” and the potential consequences of breaking the chain.

Citizens Police Academy: Week 2 - Members of the Citizens Police Academy enjoyed an outstanding presentation by the head of the Criminal Investigations Division, Commander Brad Hodge. Commander Hodge briefed the group on the Legal Aspects of Law Enforcement and the Criminal Investigations Division. Attendees were walked through a typical criminal case where they learned the importance of scene preservation, evidence and forensics collection, and eyewitness accounts and statements. By the end of the session, attendees walked away with a better understanding of how criminal cases are investigated and prosecuted.​

PRESS RELEASE February 23, 2018 COMMUNITY PRESENTATION ON SCHOOL SAFETY IN SATELLITE BEACH The Satellite Beach Police Department will host a one hour presentation to help address citizen and student concerns on school safety in our community. This event will take place on Wednesday, February 28, 2018, at the Satellite Beach Civic Center at 565 Cassia Blvd. at 7:00pm. In light of the most recent school shooting tragedy in Parkland Florida, it is important that community members in and around Satellite Beach, who have students in our schools, or who may work in one of our several schools or daycare centers, understand that school safety is and has been our top priority. This presentation will outline the Satellite Beach Police Department’s efforts to mitigate school violence, how we prepare our officers for active shooting events through ongoing training, and how tips and rumors are reviewed and investigated by School Resource Officers and our Criminal Investigations Division. Lastly, we will discuss what you can and should do in the unlikely event you are involved in an active shooting situation. This event will not be geared towards debating gun control in America or a time for political statements but rather to focus on the Satellite Beach Police Department’s mission to keep your students and family members safe. Speakers for this event: - Jeff Pearson, Chief of Police - Brad Hodge, Commander – Oversees Criminal Investigations Division, School Resource Officer Programs, Emergency Response Team operations.

Week 1 of the 2018 Citizens Police Academy began with attendees viewing a Static Display of vehicles and equipment, as well as engaging with officers and volunteers of the Satellite Beach Police Department. Chief Pearson and Commander Berrios then escorted the class for a tour through the Police Department. The evening ended at the David R. Schechter Center where Chief Pearson officially welcomed the class and provided each attendee an opportunity to introduce themselves to each other.

The police department is investigating a disturbance that occurred at the Exxon Station this morning. Residents may have seen several police cars and crime scene tape up around the parking lot. There is no danger to surrounding residents and this case is being brought to a conclusion. Have a safe weekend

Satellite Beach in the news........ One of the safest communities in Florida

CITIZENS POLICE ACADEMY The Satellite Beach Police Department is hosting a Citizens Police Academy (tentatively) starting Tuesday, February 20, 2018. The 12-week academy will meet in Satellite Beach every Tuesday from 6:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. This program is designed to give Satellite Beach citizens and business owners an inside look and working knowledge of the Satellite Beach Police Department. With varied activities and class interaction; the instruction is comprehensive and each week presents different topics covering agency operations and a variety of community safety and awareness issues. Participants can expect a “hands-on” experience where attendees will be afforded the chance to exam some of the equipment utilized by our Department. It includes detailed information on such topics as uniformed patrol, criminal investigations, firearms, dispatch, jail tour, mock crime scene, simulated “Shoot! - Don’t Shoot!” scenarios and many other interesting topics. Also available is an elective 2-hour ride-a-long with an officer during an actual patrol shift. You will enjoy a very unique opportunity to walk alongside the officers that protect our community every day. The Academy is open to residents and business owners of Satellite Beach (18 years old and above) but is limited to 30 students. There is no physical fitness requirement to attend. Candidates must fill out an application which will include a background check. We hope the experience will not only be informative, but fun as well! For any additional information, please contact Bert Berrios at 321-773-4400 or by email at

Road Closure Desoto Parkway will be closed to all traffic between Jamaica Blvd and Verbenia Court on Saturday, December 16, 2017. The annual “Jingle Bell Run” will be taking place and we expect over 2000 runners this year. The roads will be shut down around 5:30pm and will reopen once the runners have cleared the roadway (approximately 6:45pm). Residents won’t be able to cross or access Desoto between those hours. Please use Sunrise Avenue to access A1A from the south residential area and Cassia Blvd to the north.

Police Activity/Training On Thursday, December 14th the Satellite Beach Police Department will be training with the area law enforcement agencies in the vacant residences in the northernmost section of Satellite Shores. This important training will better prepare our officers to respond to serious events, by working with and learning from our law enforcement partners. Throughout the day on Thursday, residents in that immediate vicinity may occasionally hear muffled sounds associated with police training devices. Area businesses, residents and schools are being notified in advance. It is unlikely that this training will impact anyone in the area.

Police Activity Early Monday morning around 3:30 am a group of individuals entered the city with the intent to break in to and steal cars. A homeowner was woken up and alerted the police department that individuals had broken into his car. Officers responded to the area and started to canvas the neighborhood. An officer observed a vehicle attempting to leave the area without its headlights on. The officer attempted to stop the car but it fled and crashed into a curb popping its tire. Two individuals fled on foot from the crash. Responding units from Brevard County Sheriff’s Department, Indian Harbor Police Department, and West Melbourne Police Department quickly set up a perimeter. K-9 was deployed and tracked the driver of the vehicle to a back yard where he was taken into custody without incident. A helicopter was called in to assist with the search for the second suspect. The suspect wasn’t located. The police department activated a reverse 911 call to residents to let them know what was happening and what we were looking for. The message also gave a contact number for residents to call if they saw anything suspicious. The reverse 911 call only goes to home phones with addresses that are public record. To register for reverse 911 calls and to receive alerts on your cell phone visit Or you can contact them (321) 637-6670 with questions During the course of the investigation it was discovered the vehicle the suspects used to flee from the police was stolen. We had a second vehicle that was stolen and yet to be recovered. Several cars were broken into and various items taken. All of the cars that were entered were unlocked and are what these criminals look for. Please lock your cars.

Veterans Day The Satellite Beach Police Department would like to say “Thank You” to all of our veterans for their service. Please take a moment this weekend to remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice and their families.

New K9 Team Chief Pearson introduced K9 Thor and his handler, Officer Amber Clay to City Council this past week. The team will start their FDLE training Tuesday and should be on the street in the New Year. He recognized Ed Andre and his family who have generously donated the funds for the past three police department K9’s. He also awarded Daryl Talley a plaque as she was our “name our K9” contest winner.