Coral Springs Police Department

  • Agency: Coral Springs Police Department
  • Address: 2801 Coral Springs Dr, Coral Springs, 33065 FL
  • Chief: Tony Pustizzi (Chief of Police)

Coral Springs Police Department is located at 2801 Coral Springs Dr, Coral Springs, 33065 FL. The Chief of Police of the department is Tony Pustizzi. The Coral Springs Police Department phone number is 954-344-1800.

Coral Springs Police Department News

What time is it? It's time for the #9PMRoutine folks! Check your vehicle to ensure it is locked and items of value are removed.

This image speaks for itself. Set a reminder on your phone each night before bed, check your car to make sure it is locked, check to ensure your keys are in the house; as well as your valuables. #9PMRoutine

We congratulate the officers and detectives who quickly identified Keyshawn Rohne, the suspect seen here burglarizing a local business last week. It was during the early afternoon hours when the tow truck company owner, who legally possesses a firearm, had to fill in for a sick employee in the back bay area of his garage. He removed his firearm to perform labor, and placed the gun in his office. A short time later, Rohne, seen in this video, entered the business. First he attempted to take a cell phone and looked around for other items of value, but left that all of that behind and instead opted for the Springfield XDS .45 Caliber handgun (in this video you can see him drop the holster by the desk and at the door as he exits he puts the firearm in his waistband). Within two hours of the Coral Springs Police taking this report, officers and detectives, who make it a point to know mostly everyone in the zones where they are assigned, identified Rhone. One hour later he was arrested and charged with armed burglary (a felony). The stolen handgun, which he alleges was given to another person, has yet to be located, but detectives are continuing to work leads in the case. It goes without saying a firearm in the hands of a juvenile, especially one who has been in trouble with the law previously, is a big concern for law enforcement. If you have any information on the whereabouts of this this firearm, contact Det. Chantel Mears at (954) 346-1218.

Congratulations to Supervisor Sheila Lustigman of our Crime Scene Investigations and Evidence Unit who was elected President of the Property and Evidence Association of Florida (PEAF). Sheila is a 22-veteran of law enforcement, serving with the Coral Springs Police Department for the past 17 years. She currently serves as an instructor at Broward College teaching the following courses: crime scene protection, securing victims, witnesses and suspects, documenting crime scenes and evidence handling and procedures. Sheila has supervised our Crime Scene Investigations and Evidence Unit for the last 13 years and is considered an expert in her field. PEAF is a statewide organization comprised of evidence and property personnel. Her election is further proof she is the best of the best among her peers. Congratulations!

Police Launch a “Secure Home” Program for Residents: The Coral Springs Police have created a Secure Home program for residents of the city to assist them in better protecting their home and property from criminals. Certified Crime Prevention Police Officers will inspect your property and identify features inside and outside of your home that may make it an easier target for a burglar. This security survey starts at your front door and includes an inspection of doors, windows, locks, lighting, landscaping and vehicles. Officers will provide the homeowner with recommendations to reduce the opportunity for crime. This Residential Security Survey is FREE and kept completely confidential. Residents of the City of Coral Springs can register for a Residential Security Survey online. If you have additional questions about the program, email

We are absolutely heartbroken and saddened to learn of this vicious attack and murder of church-goers in Texas earlier today.

We are not "kitten" you, please practice the #9pmRoutine - check your car doors and find your keys (key fob).

When you are upset with yourself because you didn’t lock your car. Find your FOB (keys), lock your doors! #9PMRoutine

We are proud to announce that Officer Hannah Rincon was selected by ASIS International Chapter 104 (Broward County) as the Community Policing Officer of the Year for 2017. Officer Rincon was recognized for her work to better serve the special needs community with the creation of the Special Needs Database and educate fellow officers about autism and cognitive delays. In addition, newly promoted Sergeant, Jeff Heinrich, was nominated for Officer of the Year for thwarting an attack and preventing another incident at Coral Springs High School last year. In addition to the awards received, Sgt. Carla Kmiotek was presented with a $500 check for the Broward County Law Enforcement Memorial and provided attendees with an update about the memorial’s construction. ASIS Chapter 104 is a group of security professionals who work closely with law enforcement throughout the local area. Each year they recognize and honor law enforcement officers who protect and serve the community, as well as those who have made the ultimate sacrifice.

FEEL GOOD FRIDAY STORY: Over the summer, Coral Springs Police and Fire responded to a call about the possible drowning of an adult male. Upon arrival, they found a man and a teen providing first aid, which ultimately saved this man’s life. What happened leading up to the call was worthy of life saving recognition by Interim Police Chief Clyde Parry and Command Staff. Terry Daramola, who suffers from Multiple Sclerosis, was floating in the pool with a snorkel as part of the exercise he participates in to keep his muscles moving. During that time, he suffered distress and took in water, sinking to the bottom of the pool. Augusto “Gus” Cohn, just 16 years old at the time, saw him, dove in to the deep end and pulled him to the surface, where Eduardo Bernal helped pulled him on to the pool deck and began performing CPR. At that time, Terry was unresponsive, but after a while he began to expel the water he ingested and began breathing. Terry was transported to the hospital for further treatment and recovered thanks to the quick actions of Gus and Eduardo. When they came to the Police Department to be recognized, Terry joined them to offer his appreciation as well. It was an emotional reunion as Interim Police Chief Parry spoke of their heroism saying, “the term hero gets used a lot, and in this case you two are the definition of true heroes, as there is nothing more precious than life, and your restored that for Terry.” An emotional Terry agreed and hugged both of them, thanking them once again for helping him survive. Gus, who is only a High School Junior at Pompano Beach High School, had his proud family join him for this honor. Eduardo spoke of Gus’s great character and how proud he was of his actions that day. In addition, Eduardo encouraged Terry to get back in the water, and offered to assist him face his fear of returning to the exercise that his assisted him with his disability. This story is a reminder of the good we have in humankind, please consider liking and sharing it!

You guessed it, this is our #9PMRoutine reminder. Please find your FOB (keys) and check that your car is locked!

Reminder, eat lunch or dinner at Chipotle Mexican Grill today and show them this flyer when ordering to benefit Special Olympics Florida!

This is your #9PMRoutine reminder. Find your FOB (keys) check your windows, car doors and have a safe!

The men and women of law enforcement are big supporters of Special Olympics Florida and are proud to partner with Chipotle Mexican Grill for a fundraiser for our athletes. Tomorrow, Chipotle will donate 50% of their proceeds every time someone shows this flyer/photo on their smartphone. Please consider supporting this cause.

Serial Auto Thief Apprehended (AGAIN) – This is Jevaughn Ruddock, he was arrested on September 15, 2017 for possession of a stolen car in which the owner had left the key inside. It did not take long for Ruddock to return to his nightly criminal activity when a school official confiscated a key fob for a Nissan Versa from him on October 30, 2017, and alerted the School Resource Officer. When detectives responded, and were aware of an auto theft matching that description the night before, they used the key fob to locate the vehicle a few blocks away from his residence. While waiting for the latent print (evidence) to arrest Ruddock, he continued his nightly car shopping once again. This time, he visited the Wyndham Lakes area where he found a Chevy Camaro with not only the keys left inside, but the victim’s purse as well. When the owner activated On Star (GPS tracking), detectives located the car and conducted surveillance. Low and behold, guess who approached the car and entered? You guessed it, Jevaughn Ruddock. He was in possession of the keys and the victim’s ring. What is the take away from this story? We continue to remind our residents to please lock their car doors and remove their keys (key fobs) to prevent people like Ruddock from victimizing you. We are arresting these criminals, but they are commonly juveniles and back in the community within a days, if not hours. This latest theft came the same night we launched our #9PMRoutine. Please remember to check EVERY NIGHT that your car is secure and keys are inside. Also, report suspicious activity through our Make a Call, Make a Difference program – call (954) 344-1800.

Meet our Civilians of the Quarter – Juan Alonso and Yosip Valdez. The duo work in our department’s Fleet and Facilities Division and do an outstanding job on a daily basis, however the work they performed before, during and after Hurricane Irma made them stand out above the rest. Juan and Yosip embodied the spirit of hard work, constantly cleaning and performing maintenance and clean up, always with smiles on their faces; while the Police Department was used to house police, fire and city personnel. This continued after the storm when damage assessments and repairs were necessary for safe operations within our facility. These two set the gold standard for work before, during and after the hurricane and for that effort are recognized our Civilians of the Quarter. Great job.

Officer Fernandes met up with some excited trick-or-treaters while on patrol last night 👮

Our next Self-defense Awareness & Familiarization Exchange (SAFE) Program is scheduled for November 16th from 7-9 p.m. at Coral Springs Senior Center at Sartory Hall. The program is FREE and is for women 13 years and older, but you MUST PRE-REGISTER (space is limited so sign up today). To register, please review the flyer and email #selfdefense #SAFE

Officer Reik is starting his #Halloween shift patroling neighborhoods and handing out some candy! #tweetalong Follow us on Twitter for the rest of our Tweet-Along!

The Coral Springs Police and the Florida Department of Transportation remind you that if you are celebrating Halloween with alcohol, that "buzzed driving is drunk driving" so designate a driver.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims of those who were attacked in NYC earlier today. We remind our residents to be vigilant at all times, but to also protect your children from these images so their childhood memories of Halloween, trick-or-treating and family time are not what this hate-filled person had planned them to be... We will be out in force protecting the community as you enjoy time with your families - be sure to say hello. Stay safe!

Follow us on our Twitter account @coralspringspd tonight for our #Halloween Tweet-Along! If you happen to take a photo with one of our officers tonight in your costume, be sure to share it with us!

UPDATE: We received many inquires after a post about an incident with a suspicious male approaching women was posted on Coral Springs Talk. Since that incident was reported, several other women have come forward with similar instances involving the same man. The man is reported as being a Hispanic male, approximately 30 years old, dark hair, clean-shaven, with a possible name of Diego. A distinctive part of the vehicle he was driving was a ‘for sale’ sticker on the rear window that appeared to have been recently peeled off; the vehicle is believed to be a Dodge, Dart. Based on the reported incidents we do not have probable cause to arrest this individual, but we do want to speak with him about his behavior towards women in our community. In addition, if you have not already done so, please consider signing up for one of our self-defense classes offered for women, children and seniors; we offer radWomen’s, radKIDS and SAFE courses throughout the year. Email lead instructor, Officer Ashely Kozlowski for more information at or visit the attached link.

We want to welcome our newest Officers to the Coral Springs Police Department! Officer Hakeem Rainey and Officer Richard Adams. Officer Rainey is a recent graduate of Florida State University, earning a degree in Criminology. He then went on to the Pat Thomas Law Enforcement Academy in Tallahassee. He will be working road patrol. Officer Richard Adams joins our department as a Seasonal School Resource Officer, serving at Hunt and Forest Hills Elementary Schools, after retiring from the Miami-Dade County Police Department. Prior to his 13-years in Miami, he served seven years with the Broward Sheriff's Office. We are wish both officers a safe and successful career.

This Halloween we are sharing a few photos of our youngest residents dressing up as "us" for the festivities they participated in over the weekend!