Coral Springs Police Department

  • Agency: Coral Springs Police Department
  • Address: 2801 Coral Springs Dr, Coral Springs, 33065 FL
  • Chief: Tony Pustizzi (Chief of Police)

Coral Springs Police Department is located at 2801 Coral Springs Dr, Coral Springs, 33065 FL. The Chief of Police of the department is Tony Pustizzi. The Coral Springs Police Department phone number is 954-344-1800.

Coral Springs Police Department News

NEED TO IDENTIFY: On March 8th, a Coral Springs resident attempted to sell a moped via Offer Up. The person in this photo acted in concert with a second male suspect to take possession of the property without making any payments to the victim. The person seen here and his accomplice may be responsible for other similar thefts. If you recognize this person, please contact Det. Mears at 954-346-1218 or email: Please like and share. As a reminder, always utilize the police department parking lot or lobby for online transactions.

UPDATE: Child has been located and is home safe. Coral Springs Police need your help in locating Andres Moreno. Andres was last seen at approximately 4:00pm in the area of 5400 NW 120th Avenue. Andres is a white male, 11 years of age, 4'7" with dark brown hair and brown eyes, wearing a gray imagine charter shirt and blue basketball shorts. It is very important that we locate him. If you see Andres, please call (954) 344-1800 immediately. Please like and share. Thank you

The Ring Camera company has worked to partner with law enforcement to help prevent crime and create community awareness through its Ring Neighborhoods App. Ring currently offers a program to Police and Sheriff agencies to provide them 100 free cameras if they obtain 1,000 new members to their application. The Coral Springs Police Department, in an effort to meet the 1,000 new members needed, raffled off two Ring Video Doorbells at this week's Festival of the Arts. The winners of the raffle were randomly selected today. Congratulations to Dorian Mirasola and Priscilla Dwarika! Thank you again to all who signed up!

Proud of all the men and women representing Coral Springs Police and Coral Springs/Parkland Fire Department at the Delray Beach St. Patrick’s Day Parade... #CSPD #CSFD #msdstrong

Members of CSPD and CSFD were honored to lead the annual Delray Beach St. Patrick’s Day parade! #msdstrong

How is this for a feel good Friday? A parent from Cambridge Preschool sent us this sweet photo she captured of her son hugging Officer Alishia Cajuste outside of school yesterday. Have a safe and enjoyable weekend Coral Springs.#FridayFeelings

We are excited for our Motor Officers to participate in the Southeast Police Motorcycle Rodeo on Saturday, April 21st at the Pompano Citi Centre. Stay tuned for details about the event to come out and support your Coral Springs Police Motors!

Officer Jay Mulvey, School Resource Officer by day, football coach to under-served youth at Lions Park at night. #communitypolicing

We are so proud of our brothers and sisters from Coral Springs Fire Department on their outstanding achievements. We are so incredibly proud to work alongside of you.

Join us for the 55 and older Self-defense Awareness & Familiarization Exchange (SAFE) program. This is a 2-hour educational awareness, crime prevention program that provides senior with information to reduce the risk of exposure to violence. You must pre-register and sign a waiver prior to participating in this class. For information, email or call (954) 344-2209.

One very powerful image as we heal. #MSDStrong

Chief Tony Pustizzi recognized by President Donald Trump through the FBI and Secret Service. Congratulations Chief.

The men and women of the Coral Springs Police Department are excited for newly appointed Chief of Police, Clyde Parry's vision and leadership when he assumes the role this Monday. Of his new position, Parry says, "I'm not proud I'm becoming a chief, I'm proud I'm becoming a chief of the Coral Springs Police Department." The sixth Chief of Police selected from within the ranks to serve in this position, Parry is a 31-year veteran of the department. We wish Chief Parry continued success as the leader of the proud members of this department.

Late last year, Chief Tony Pustizzi announced he would be retiring in early 2018, after 30 years of dedicated service with the Coral Springs Police Department. At that time, there was no way to know the weeks leading up to his retirement date would be filled with tragedy. As Coral Springs Police personnel, city officials and city staff gathered to join Chief Pustizzi and his family for his celebratory cake on Wednesday, much was said about his 30-year career, as well as the events of the past two weeks. The Chief himself started with, “I could not be more proud of this department at this very moment. During the worst day of your careers, you did an outstanding job, you saved lives. Never forget what it is like to be a team. I remind you to always stick together.” This sentiment was followed by Mayor Skip Campbell who remarked, “I am really sorry Tony is retiring, the leadership you have provided is evident in the superlative actions of your officers.” While much of the conversation during Chief Pustizzi’s retirement cake celebration was about the past two weeks, newly appointed Chief of Police Deputy Chief Parry took time to recognize his long and distinguished career. Chief Pustizzi was a proud member of the SWAT team, and served as its commander for more than eight years. He served as a supervisor in Criminal Investigations and Captain over the division once promoted. When promoted to Deputy Chief, he oversaw Operations and the Administrative Division, before his selection as Chief of Police in 2012. In May 2017, Chief Pustizzi served as Interim City Manager until the position was filled by our current City Manager Mike Goodrum. Chief Pustizzi served as Deputy City Manager and Chief of Police up until his retirement. He has received numerous accolades and opportunities to attend advanced training throughout his career. Most notably, Chief Pustizzi attended the FBI National Academy and is a proud graduate of Class #221. He served as the State President for the Florida Chapter of the FBI National Academy in 2014. City Manager Mike Goodrum perhaps summed it up best as he referred to Chief Pustizzi’s wife, Lois, “Being the wife of the Chief of Police takes a lot of sacrifice. Tony served this community and department well. I truly mean it when I say; this is the best police department in the country. We saw it clearly in your actions two weeks ago. Congratulations on your well-deserved retirement Tony.” The members of the Coral Springs Police Department thank Chief Tony Pustizzi for his service and wish him a long and enjoyable retirement. We encourage members of our community to leave their well-wishes for Chief Pustizzi in the comments section below.

ATTENTION PARENTS: The criminals place ads on Instagram, which offer to pay anyone who will allow access to their bank account. The account-holder is instructed to give their debit card and PIN to the scammer, who will then deposit multiple counterfeit checks into the account. The maximum withdrawal amount is then withdrawn from the account, and the criminal absconds with the funds. Not only will the account holder NOT receive any money, but all of the money they did have in the account is stolen by the criminal and the bank will hold the account holder responsible for any fees associated with over-drafting the account. Furthermore, the account-holder is now an accessory in a BANK FRAUD scheme (a second degree Felony – punishable by up to 15 years in prison). Should you be a victim of such a crime, please report it to local authorities.

Clarification on Unofficial Statements about MSD Law Enforcement Response - The Coral Springs Police Department is aware of media reports published regarding Broward Sheriff’s Deputies who responded to the tragic shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School on February 14, 2018. The Coral Springs Police Department has not made any official statements to media regarding these allegations as it is still an open and active investigation being handled by the Broward Sheriff’s Office. Our police department has continued to work alongside the Broward Sheriff’s Office to assist in any investigation pertaining to this incident. The Coral Springs Police Department has a tremendous working relationship with the men and women of the Broward Sheriff's Office, and while we are being transparent through this investigation, everyone should respect the process. There were countless deputies and officers who responded on that fateful day from multiple jurisdictions, whose actions were nothing short of heroic. As already reported, any action or inaction that negatively affected the response will be investigated thoroughly, and the information will be released officially from the proper agency spokesperson.

We cannot say enough about these officers, firefighters and dispatchers. They are brave, they are heroes. We continue to pray for all of the families who were so affected by this tragedy.

Our First Responders will be speaking about their heroic actions taken on the day of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School incident. [Fast foward to 10 minutes in for start of stream]

Parents are asked to pick up students participating in the walkout at Pine Trails Park, 10555 Trails End in Parkland, starting at 2:30pm.

For students from Coral Springs Charter, Coral Glades High, Coral Springs High and J.P. Taravella High participating in the walkout, please stay on Sample Rd. and Coral Springs Dr. We have personnel on those roads to ensure your safety. Motorists, please proceed with caution or avoid those areas. Walkout is scheduled to begin at noon.

Media Staging Areas for funerals/services for Tuesday. Again, we ask that you be respectful of family members and other mourners during this very difficult time: St. Andrews Catholic Church – Funeral for Carmen Schentrup starts at 10 am, north side of 29th Street, across from the church. An officer will be on-site at 8:00 a.m. Kraeer Funeral Home - Visitation and Funeral for Peter Wang – 11 a.m. visitation followed by 1 p.m. funeral, staging is in the field along 16th Street, an officer will be on-site by 9:00 a.m.

Media Staging for tonight's event at Betti Stradling Park is the NW corner of Remsberg Drive and Wiles Road.

Please carpool or use a car service to get to tonight's candlelight service at Betti Stradling Park, 10301 Wiles Road. Parking is limited and we expect large crowds. #MSDStrong

MEDIA staging areas for services today, for victims of the Stoneman Douglas shooting are: Church by the Glades: Lake View Park, 711 Lakeview Drive. An officer will be there at 9:00 a.m. The funeral begins at 11 a.m. Church of Latter Day Saints: Lot west of 10193 NW 31st Street. An officer will be there by 8:00 a.m. Services are 10:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. Kraeer Funeral Home: The field along 16th Street on the east side of University Drive. An officer will be there at 3:00 p.m. Services are at 5:00 p.m. St. Mary Magdalene Episcopal Church: East side of Riverside Drive near the canal barrier. An officer will will be there at 3:00 p.m. Services being at 5:00 p.m. A Public Information Officer will not be at these locations.