Davie Police Department

  • Agency: Davie Police Department
  • Address: 1230 S Nob Hill Rd, Davie, 33325 FL
  • Chief: Patrick Lynn (Chief of Police)
Phone: 954-693-8200
Fax: 954-693-8335

Davie Police Department is located at 1230 S Nob Hill Rd, Davie, 33325 FL. The Chief of Police of the department is Patrick Lynn. The Davie Police Department phone number is 954-693-8200.

Davie Police Department News

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Private transactions for goods have been a way for people to get a deal on items that someone else may be selling locally. We suggest that people take extra precautions when conducting business with a stranger. In an effort to increase safety, we have designated the Davie Police Department's lobby a "Craigslist Safe Zone". Town of Davie, FL residents are welcomed to meet in the Davie Police Department's lobby Monday - Friday between the hours of 10Am-4Pm to conduct their transaction. If a deal sounds too good to be true, chances are that it's a scam. If someone refuses to meet at the Police Department, you should take that as a warning. Please be careful and minimize your chances of being the victim of a crime. Illegal transactions and contraband will result in arrest.

On October 30, 2017 a little after 2 AM, Mr. Swanner was a patron at the Vixen's Gentleman's Club in Davie. During his time there he partook in 6 private dances from the female adult entertainers. Immediately afterwards, he then partook in another 2 private dances with 3 female entertainers all at once. When he was told that his bill was $300 he refused to pay, despite the dance prices being posted at the entrance. The management made an attempt to compromise with Mr. Swanner and he continued to refuse and later stated.... "Alright, take me to jail". Michael William Swanner was placed under arrest and charged with a felony.

On 10/28/17 a patron of the Whole Foods Market of Davie inadvertently left her wallet at the check out register. The next customer in line took it upon himself to quickly take the wallet and place it in his pocket. If you recognize this individual please call the Davie Police Department at 954-693-8200 or Broward Crime Stoppers at 954-493-8377 (TIPS). You may be eligible for a cash reward of up to $3000.

On October 27, 2017 Brendan Giovanni Davis-Ramirez was upset that his girlfriend went out with friends the previous night. As she drove to work with her children in the car he jumped in and argued with her during the ride. When they arrived at her work, she turned the car off, but Ramirez grabbed her keys and snatched her cell phone when she wouldn't let him look at it. After hitting his girlfriend in the chest, he left the area on foot taking her iPhone with him. The officer who was investigating the incident wanted to speak to Ramirez to get his side of the story so he called the victim's phone. Ramirez answered and said "F**K you cracker" when the the officer identified himself. Ramirez was located at his residence in Hollywood and was placed under arrest for: Robbery by sudden snatching, Petit Theft, and Domestic Battery.

Help us choose which Davie PD dispatch shift created the best pumpkin.

What a shame! We finally get some great cool weather and K9 Anti is stuck in the office catching up on paperwork. #WeAreDavie

Thank you Town of Davie, FL Public Works for helping pull this Town vehicle out of the mud. We're not going to tell you what department the vehicle is from and portions have been intentionally blurred out to keep the anonymity of the department within the Town, as well as protect the pride of the driver.

Congratulations to Richard Moore, Dale Engle, and Joseph Squarini who were promoted to the rank of Major today. With over 60 combined years of police service, we are excited for these three to lead us in to the future. L to R: Town of Davie, FL Town Administrator Rick LeMack, Major Richard Moore, Major Dale Engle, Major Joseph Squarini, and Chief of Police Keith Dunn.

On Fridays during the month of October, our civilian employees wear pink in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month.

Thankfully this person is locked up behind bars and off of the streets. After an investigation, this Lyft driver has been arrested for sexual assault of a minor. We only wish that Lyft was more cooperative when we were attempting to investigate this heinous and disgusting crime. Parents need to be overly cautious when allowing children to be around strangers, no matter what app they use. It is possible that this individual has committed other similar crimes. If you recognize him please contact the Davie Police Department or Broward Crime Stoppers.

After making several controlled heroin buys from an address in Davie, we successfully served a search warrant that resulted in drugs and a stolen gun being taken off of the streets. Undercover Davie Police Detectives purchased heroin from Travis "Buzzy" Myles and Varon Demps on several occasions. Police also witnessed numerous hand to hand drug transactions between drug buyers and the two at the Davie residence. This residence is only 367 feet away from Potters Park where the Davie Police Athletic League is and where numerous children play and attend after school activities. Due to the hard work of the Davie Police Department these drug dealers and stolen gun are off of the streets.

Please share the word that bad things happen when a driver is distracted. Put the phone down.......It can wait! Thank you City Rv Rentals for the new set of wheels, helmet, and backpack for this lucky 9 year old.

Swearing in ceremony

Today, members from the Davie Police Special Response Team participated in the Goliath Gauntlet event. The Davie Police participants were sponsored by the Davie FOP Lodge 100 and all of the proceeds from the event will go to support the children's homes at the Sheridan House Family Ministries in Davie.

The Davie Police Department is investigating an aggravated battery that occurred on 09/22/17 at the Toscana Apartment complex in Davie. The offender, dressed in a white t-shirt and khaki pants unprovokedly struck the juvenile in the head and face twice with a pool cue. The juvenile suffered serious injuries to his head and face. The offender has been identified as Zachary Haedo. He is believed to be in Davie or the Miami Springs area. The Davie Police Department has established probable cause for his arrest.

On Wednesday October 04, 2017 Davie Assistant Chief of Police Keith Dunn was sworn in as the Davie Chief of Police by Town of Davie, FL Mayor Judy Paul. Keith Dunn served as the Davie Assistant Chief of Police for the past three years, and the Chief of Police for the Miramar Police Department (Official) after coming up through their ranks. We look forward to the future with Chief Dunn leading the way.

After 27 years of dedicated service to the Town of Davie Police Department, we bid farewell to Records Specialist Lauren Lafond. We wish her the best on the next chapter of her life.

What a great job that day by Officers David Garcia and Jonas Bogdon.