Lighthouse Point Police Department

  • Agency: Lighthouse Point Police Department
  • Address: 3701 NE 22nd Avenue, Lighthouse Point, 33064 FL
  • Chief: Ross Licata (Chief of Police)
Phone: 954-942-8080
Fax: 954-784-3412

Lighthouse Point Police Department is located at 3701 NE 22nd Avenue, Lighthouse Point, 33064 FL. The Chief of Police of the department is Ross Licata. The Lighthouse Point Police Department phone number is 954-942-8080.

Lighthouse Point Police Department News

The LHP Mom's Club, with the help of Balistreri Realty, have created a banner to show our City's support of the students and faculty of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School and the City of Parkland that is to be hung to welcome the students back to school next week. If you would like to sign the banner, please stop by the Balisteri Realty office on the corner of Sample Road and Lighthouse Drive and add your POSITIVE comments or just your name before the banner is taken to the school on Monday Morning. Thanks LHP Mom's Club for always supporting our kids...and to the Balistreri Realty Family for the sign.

Thank you to Troop 119 for rocking our garden alongside the station. It was a wonderful surprise to find those today.

We conducted a tour of the Police Departmemt for Cub Scout Pack 119 a few weeks ago. They stopped by to bring us a “Thank You “ card the size of their hearts. Pack 119, you are very welcome. It was our pleasure to have you here.

Saturday, March 3rd from 9 AM - 1-PM there will be a Community Shred Event at Dan Witt Park for Lighthouse Point residents. Lets help prevent identity theft by bringing your sensitive documents and old computer hard drives to be shredded. The event is sponsered by Balistreri Reality and the Lighthouse Point Police Department. Please note that the quantity is limited to three boxes per household.

Thanks for the support!

Gearing up for the 2018 Lighthouse Point Keepers Day Inaugural 5K/Parade.

Congratulations to Officer McCormick for 42 years of outstanding Law Enforcement service, and for his selection as a Lighthouse Point Keeper.

Our Officers, Detectives and Command staff train side by side for any eventuality. Today was one of our firearms training and qualifications days.

Passage of House Bill 33 Can Help Save Lives By: Chief Ross Licata Lighthouse Point Police Department Yesterday, eight people lost their lives. Eight sons, daughters, mothers and fathers were taken from their families and friends. Today, another eight were killed. Tomorrow, eight more. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, eight is the number of people who are killed each day in the U.S. and more than 1,000 people are injured each day due to distracted driving. Since being appointed Chief of Police for the Lighthouse Point Police Department more than 14 years ago, I’m seeing more and more crashes, injuries and deaths as a result of distracted driving. That’s why the Florida Police Chiefs Association and my colleagues across the state urge lawmakers to pass House Bill 33 which would make texting while driving a primary offense. It has bipartisan support across the House and I’m hopeful our state legislature and Governor makes an enforceable ban on texting while driving the law in Florida. Our role is to protect and serve. Our number one priority is public safety. Yet too many times our police officers have to knock on doors and share the heartbreaking news that a loved one has died in a car accident. More likely than not, distracted driving played a role. I cannot express how important this bill is for the safety of our community and state. Not only will HB 33 make texting while driving a primary offense, it will mark a significant chapter in our state’s history in which our lawmakers champion the safety of Florida citizens. With great hope for our future, I look forward to the swift passage of this bill and the day Governor Rick Scott signs this critical policy into law.

This morning at NE 39th St. and Federal Hwy, our officers had to struggle with a masked bandit. After a brief struggle, the rascal was taken into custody without injury. Good job Officer Cole.


A special thanks to Anne and Cathy Siren for bringing in a fabulous lunch today for police and fire personnel. They were honoring our service and longtime friendship with their family. Thank you!




We have had some inquiries about golf carts and what is required to operate them legally on our city streets. Here is some information that we feel will be helpful.


Remember that every night at 9 PM you should be checking to see that all valuables are removed from your vehicles as well as keys or key fobs and that the vehicles are locked. Make it a nightly routine.