Margate Police Department

  • Agency: Margate Police Department
  • Address: 5790 Margate Blvd, Margate, 33063 FL
  • Chief: Jerry A Blough (Chief of Police)

Margate Police Department is located at 5790 Margate Blvd, Margate, 33063 FL. The Chief of Police of the department is Jerry A Blough. The Margate Police Department phone number is 954-764-4357.

Margate Police Department News

We visited West Broward Academy for Safety / Career Day. The students were able to interact with officers from different units of the department. Officer Womer taught the kids about the different aspects of the road patrol unit while K-9 Officer Woolley showed off K-9 Ace. Officer Crabtree taught the kids all about traffic safety and Officer Careccia gave a tour of our Mobil Command Vehicle. We had a great time educating the children on their local police department

We launched our new “Open and Empty Program” yesterday at Pete's Barber Shop. Pete's is the first business to enroll in the program that is designed to work with businesses in the community to help eliminate or reduce the risk of burglary. A decal will be posted on the front window of the business which states that there is no money left in the cash register overnight. The cash registers are then left open and in plain view of the window. Business owners can register for this program through the Crime Prevention Office at The Margate Police Department Community Services Division located at 1827 Banks Rd, 8am-6pm Monday- Thursday. (954) 972-1232.

Margate Police Department's Animal Control Officer, Kelly Slade, received a call about a distressed bird stuck in a tree. When she arrived in the area, she noticed an Osprey caught in fishing line dangling upside down from an 80-foot-tall pine tree. ACO Slade went to work contacting many different organizations for help getting the bird free. Many of the services and companies she contacted told her they did not have the ability to reach such a height with their equipment. Fortunately, a call was made to Nate Stuart for help. Mr. Stuart owns and runs his own tree trimming business and was well equipped to handle the task of getting up the tree and retrieving the Osprey. He carefully climbed to the top of the tree, which took approximately an hour and a half. When he finally reached the bird he was able to cut the fishing line and place the bird into a cage and lower it with a rope to the ground. The bird was brought to the South Florida Wildlife Center for treatment. The Osprey suffered from dehydration, malnutrition and minor cuts and bruises after hanging in that position for an estimated 3 days. It is expected to recover and it will be let out into the wild as soon as it is strong enough to hunt and fend for itself. Way to go ACO Slade for not giving up on a task that seemed impossible and a big thank you to Nate Stuart for volunteering his time for an animal in need. WSVN-TV South Florida Wildlife Center

Yesterday K-9 Officer George Woolley was recognized by ASIS International with a Career Achievement Award. K-9 Officer Woolley has an accomplished career and he was recognized at an ASIS luncheon. We look forward to Officer Woolley’s next success at Margate PD.

The Margate Police Department is urging citizens not to leave their vehicles unattended with the engine running and the doors unlocked. Don't make it that much easier for thieves to steal your car. It took this thief about 5 seconds to get into the car and drive away. IT HAPPENS THAT FAST!

Our Crisis Negotiation Team members are specially trained to interact with people in crisis and during high-risk situations. The goal of the Crisis Negotiation Team is to defuse potentially life threatening situations through the use of proven verbal crisis management techniques. Pictured are Officers Hernandez and Careccia during a training scenario.

The Margate Police Department, in conjunction with funding from the Florida Department of Transportation and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, will begin a Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety Campaign during the month of November 2017 and continue through May 2018. The department has mapped out locations over the past several years where pedestrian and bicycle collisions have occurred, along with the violations that led to those crashes. The campaign will consist of additional officers patrolling areas where bicycle and pedestrian traffic crashes occur. Extra traffic enforcement, along with bicycle and pedestrian violations will be enforced at various locations along West Atlantic Boulevard, State Road 7, Rock Island Road, Coconut Creek Parkway and Southgate Boulevard. The campaign will begin with an education awareness phase with FDOT flyers and safety tips distributed during the campaign. The educational awareness phase will be followed by an enforcement/citation phase. The goal of the campaign is an effort to lower deaths and injuries to bicyclists and pedestrians in the City of Margate. The Margate Police Department has investigated several fatal collisions involving pedestrians and bicyclists during recent years.

Come on down to the Margate Police Department. If you’re wearing a police costume you’ll get to come into the real police briefing room and get a police badge and a picture with some Margate Police Officers along with some candy!

**Please like and share!** Don’t forget to bring your junior officers to our police department to get their badges!! From 4-530p. School Resource Officer Scaperrotta keeping Atlantic West Elementary safe with his squad. #HappyHalloween #SquadGoals

We all had a blast at the Margate Fall Festival yesterday! We saw some great costumes and gave away a bunch of candy. The cool weather created the perfect fall feeling. Thanks to everyone who helped make this an awesome event.

Crime Prevention Officer Hernandez attending a Palm Lakes HOA meeting and informing residents on crime trends, statistics and upcoming police events. If you would like an officer to attend your HOA meeting or want information on crime trends in your area, please call our Community Services Division at 954-972-1232.

Just a reminder about the Drug Take-Back going on at CVS located at 7210 West Atlantic Blvd. We’ll dispose of your unwanted medications properly. We are also providing information on illegal drug and medication abuse. Come on by, we’ll be here until 2pm.”

The Special Operations Unit will be hosting another DEA National Prescription Drug Take-Back Day on Saturday, October 28th from 10am – 2pm at CVS located at 7210 W. Atlantic Blvd (In the Publix plaza). This will provide an opportunity for anyone with unwanted prescription medications to have them disposed of in a safe and proper manner.

Even though Margate Elementary School officially postponed the “Community Helper / Safety Day” due to the weather, K-9 Officer Woolley found some time, in between rain showers, to come by the school. The students had a chance to meet Margate Police K-9 Ace up close and personal and each had a chance to pet him. The students even received a trading card of Officer Woolley and K-9 Ace.

To check the legitimacy of an Ice Cream truck that someone thought may have been “casing the neighborhood”, Officer Womer purchased ice cream pops for himself and some lucky bystanders. The good news is the ice cream pops were in fact, ice cream pops and not burglary tools.

We will be at the Fall Festival too! Come bring the family and check out the Not-So-Haunted House!

Planning on dressing up your little one as a police officer this year?? If you’re a Margate resident, stop by our police department on Halloween with your junior officer so they can get a free Junior Margate Police badge and some treats. We’ll be handing out badges from 4-530p. They’ll also have an opportunity to meet some of our officers and take pictures. Like and share so we can help make this #Halloween a memorable one!

This morning we participated in the world’s largest shared reading experience, the #ReadfortheRecord campaign. Officers Krempler, Druzbik and Zombek read this year’s book, “Quackers”, to kindergarten students from Atlantic West Elementary, Liberty Elementary and Margate Elementary. This annual event was brought to the kids by Jumpstart to highlight the importance of building early literacy and language skills for EVERY child, so all children have the opportunity for success. Classrooms, libraries and homes throughout the world participate in reading the same book to see how many people will share in the experience and surpass the number from the year before. Last year over 2.35 million children and adults participated. We’ll see if the record is broken this year!

A reminder to all Margate residents. The grace period for having hurricane shutters on a house after the storm, has ended. If you still have storm shutters on your house, after today, it is considered a city ordinance violation and may be cited. Please remove the shutters from your home.

We are back at it again!!! Today we were able to get even more guns and drugs off our streets. Our Margate Police Special Enforcement Team initiated a narcotics investigation on a residence where drugs sales were occurring. Our Special Response Team and Special Enforcement Team worked together and conducted a search warrant on this house. Outstanding job by all of our officers involved! #SWAT 👮🏼‍♂️

Our newest bicycle Officers enjoying a ride by the beach during training. 👮🏻🚴🏽

See you soon!

Our Margate Police Special Response Team and Special Enforcement Team worked together to conduct a search warrant on a residence that was conducting narcotics sales. We were able to get more guns and drugs off the street. Excellent job by all of our officers involved.!

Do you have a positive attitude and love being part of a team? The Margate Police Department is looking to hire those who want to dedicate themselves to protecting and serving the City of Margate. If you have what it takes, please visit the City of Margate webpage for more information.

On October 10, 2017, at approximately 5:15 pm, a BMW X1 was stolen from the U.S. Post Office located at 5094 Coconut Creek Parkway in Margate. The driver left the vehicle running and unattended at the location leaving a nine month old child inside. The vehicle was stolen with the child inside. Margate Police Officers and Detectives began an extensive search with the assistance of the Broward Sheriff’s Office – North Lauderdale District, BSO Aviation Unit and the Coconut Creek Police Department. Through an extensive investigation, the child was located in the vehicle at an apartment complex in North Lauderdale. The child was uninjured and in good health. Margate Detectives continued the search for the suspect, and within a few hours, had the subject identified. The detectives worked with the State Attorney’s Office and secured an Arrest Warrant for the subject. At approximately 12:30 am, the subject was taken into custody without incident at his home. We would like to thank the South Florida media for their rapid coverage of this incident. The coverage led to the identification of key witnesses who viewed the story through various media outlets. The witnesses were instrumental in locating the vehicle with the child in it and in identifying the suspect. *Officer Andrew Hammock is holding the child after being recovered unharmed*