Blountstown Police Department

  • Agency: Blountstown Police Department
  • Address: 16908 NE Pear St, Blountstown, 32424 FL
  • Chief: Glenn H Kimbrel (Chief of Police)
Phone: (850) 674-5987

Blountstown Police Department is located at 16908 NE Pear St, Blountstown, 32424 FL. The Chief of Police of the department is Glenn H Kimbrel. The Blountstown Police Department phone number is (850) 674-5987.

Blountstown Police Department News

Please see the latest update from Calhoun County Emergency Management: Calhoun County Emergency Management has been and will continue to monitor Hurricane Nate as it gets closer to making landfall. The latest from the National Hurricane Center and National Weather Service continue to emphasize that they remain “very confident” in the track of the storm, consistent on Nate moving to the North-Northwest toward a landfall in far SE Louisiana or Mississippi late tonight. So far Calhoun County is under no watches/warnings at this time. - Wind impacts in the Western Florida Panhandle will likely be limited to tropical storm force gusts. - The most likely time of arrival for tropical storm force winds is Saturday evening. - Rainfall amounts of 2-4 are forecast for portions of the Florida Panhandle

I-10 traffic is being diverted to SR 20 and SR 71. Traffic will be delayed in Blountstown due to the high traffic volume. Expect major delays

Be prepared for traffic delays on SR 20 near Blountstown and SR 71. Due to both of these roads being evacuation routes, traffic is heavy going East and South as our fellow Floridians are trying to return to their homes.

Altha High School and the Mossy Pond Library are opening as shelters this afternoon.

Best information available at this time is that we will begin to experience tropical storm force winds by 7:00 P.M. It is anticipated that Calhoun County will be under a hurricane warning later this evening. Keep in mind that bridges will close when the sustained wind speed reaches 40 mph. Calhoun County Schools will now be closed through Tuesday, September 12 as well. City of Blountstown offices and Calhoun County offices will be closed on Monday. IF YOU DO NOT FEEL SAFE IN YOUR HOME DO NOT WAIT TO LEAVE YOUR HOME. GO TO BLOUNTSTOWN HIGH SCHOOL NOW. If this shelter fills up more will open.

Pear St at Central Ave. is now open for traffic. The traffic light will continue to have an altered traffic pattern at this time.

Blountstown High School will be open as a shelter in Calhoun County at 3:00 P.M. today. Evacuations are NOT mandatory in Calhoun County.

Pear St is closed at the intersection of SR 20 (Central Ave) for North and South bound traffic until further notice in Blountstown.

The traffic signal at the intersection of SR 71 (Main St) and SR 20 (Central Ave) in Blountstown has been temporarily reprogrammed to allow for heavy West bound traffic on SR 20. Be prepared for delays on North and South bound traffic.

The Blountstown High School football game for September 8, 2017, has been cancelled.

All Calhoun County Schools will be closed through September 11, 2017.

The Blountstown Police Department has been contacted by several persons in our local community in regards to how they can assist the victims of Hurricane Harvey in Texas. According to the Calhoun County Emergency Management Office, the State of Texas has yet to identify any needs at this point and has NO ability to deal with donations, no matter how well intentioned. The best way you can help at this time would be by donating to a recognized charity working in the area. The link below can help guide you to the charity of your choice.

The Blountstown Police Department has received multiple reports today of a potential phone scam. The caller is claiming to be a representative with the Florida Dental Association, and is requesting credit card information. The calls thus far have come from the phone number 850-350-7299. Be aware the that the calls may come from other numbers as well. Always be cautious if you receive any call asking for financial or personal information. This information should not be provided over the phone.

Last night the City Council for the City of Blountstown approved funding for an additional School Resource Officer position at the Blountstown Elementary School. This will allow for an officer to be staffed at the elementary school on a full time basis. The police department will continue to have an officer staffed full time at the Blountstown Middle School. I am grateful for the steps taken by the City Council and for the partnership between the City of Blountstown and the Calhoun County School Board. The City of Blountstown City Council, Blountstown Police Department and the Calhoun County School Board are committed to keeping children safe in the City of Blountstown. Best Regards, Chief Mark Mallory

From all of us at the Blountstown Police Department, we want to say thank you to everyone that attended, volunteered, and sponsored the First Annual National Night Out. We enjoyed the time we all spent together and are looking forward to seeing everyone next year!

The Blountstown Police Department wants to GIVE NEIGHBORHOOD CRIME AND DRUGS A GOING AWAY PARTY! Please remember to join us for the National Night Out on Tuesday, August 1, 2017 from 5:00 P.M. to 7:00 P.M. at the Magnolia Square in Blountstown, Florida. There will be free food and drinks. Come out and help us say Good-bye to crime!

The City of Blountstown Police Department will be hosting the "1st Annual National Night Out" event at the Magnolia Square Park in Blountstown, Florida on August 1, 2017 from 5pm. to 7pm. This event is for our local community to come out and enjoy time together in our town. There will be free hot dogs, snacks, drinks and bounce houses in the square. Several organizations will be on hand to distribute information about services available in our community. Please plan to come out and enjoy a fun filled evening together with your police department and the City of Blountstown.

The Blountstown Police Department's staff would like to thank the members of the Poplar Head Baptist Church for their support. We, along with our fellow law enforcement partners in the county, were honored to attend a law enforcement appreciation service and lunch on Sunday, May 21, 2017. Thank you again for the support and wonderful meal which was prepared for us.

I would like to congratulate Lieutenant Timothy Partridge for being sworn in today as a Deputy Marshal on the U.S. Marshals Fugitive Task Force. Lt. Partridge will continue to serve in the Investigations Division of the BPD, and will have federal jurisdiction on cases being investigated by the U.S. Marshal's service. Chief Mark Mallory

The Blountstown Police Department is investigating a series of vehicle burglaries that occurred on Friday night, April 14, 2017. The subjects and the vehicle pictured are considered persons of interest in these cases. We are seeking information that will help identify the persons and vehicle pictured. Anyone with information is urged to contact the Blountstown Police Department at 850-674-5987 or Chipola Crime Stoppers at 1-888-804-8494.

Congratulations to our newest Circuit Judge for the 14th circuit. One of our very own former prosecutors in Blountstown.