Lake City Police Department

  • Agency: Lake City Police Department
  • Address: 225 NW Main Blvd, Ste 102, Lake City, 32055 FL
  • Chief:
Phone: 386-752-4344

Lake City Police Department is located at 225 NW Main Blvd, Ste 102, Lake City, 32055 FL. The Lake City Police Department phone number is 386-752-4344.

Lake City Police Department News

This was a great day of training for the Police Explorers. Today we learned about Domestic Violence calls, Traffic Stops, Crime Scene Investigation, Hostage Negotiation, and how to pilot a police drone.

The next Farm Share will be April 28th, from 8am – 10am (or while supplies last). The event will be located in the gravel parking-lot south of the Police Department. The staging area will be located at NW Washington St. and NW Hilton Ave. (The line will go east on NW Washington to NW Alachua Ave and south toward the gravel parking-lot south of the Police Department.) Each vehicle can have up to 3 people representing 3 families. Each person will receive one bag of each item. This is a drive through event, you do not have to get out of your vehicle. As you pull through the loading area you will have to stop at each loading spot for safety of the volunteers loading the bags in your vehicle. Even though this event is a drive through, we will have a walk up area. The walk-ups will receive one bag only. The walk up area will be staged by the mobile command vehicle away from the vehicle pulling through the event. If you are walking to the pickup area, please DO NOT walk through traffic. A safe path around will be marked by cones. If you have any questions, please call 386-758-5469

Don't Be The Dealer! Bring in your unused, unwanted, or expired drugs and we'll make sure they are properly disposed. We will be collecting for the DEA on Saturday, April 28th, from 10:00am until 2:00pm. Lake City Police Department 225 NW Main Blvd Lake City, FL 32055 (Across from the Post Office). For questions, please call 386-758-5413

This week is National Public Safety Telecommunications Week! We'd like to show our appreciation to the dedicated dispatchers. They are the first line of defense in an emergency and our Department couldn't function without them! Also thanks to the Columbia County Combined Communications Center members who dropped by today and showed their appreciation. We're proud to work with our counterparts at the County for smooth communications during emergencies and disasters.

CHS Students - Have you made your travel arrangements for the prom tonight? It's not to late to plan for a safe ride. We use these scary statistics to show how dangerous it can be to drive drunk or not wear your seat belt. Don't become the statistic! Buckle up - Driver Sober - Arrive Alive!

Check out our new Police Explorer recruitment video! If you or someone you know is between the ages of 14 and 21 and interested in a career in law enforcement, let us know. Our Explorer Program is currently recruiting young men and women with good moral characters and a desire to help their community. Our Explorers gain leadership skills while learning about what it's really like to work in Law Enforcement. They assist the Department with activities such as crowd control and traffic directing at major events, go on ride-alongs with Police Officers, and conduct training in various law enforcement topics to help prepare them for this career path.

Thanks to everyone who helped identify the person in the picture. This incident remains an ongoing investigation, but we will provide an update with more information at some point in the future.

Mark your calendar! Breakfast with the Chief is set for 10:00 am on Saturday, April 7th. This quarter's Breakfast will be hosted at Olivet Missionary Baptist Church (541 NE Davis Ave). Now is your chance to meet with Chief Gilmore and bring any questions, comments, or concerns you may have within the community, and get an answer straight from the Chief. For more information, please call Officer Andy Mangrum at 386-758-5469

Congratulations! Officer Smith was a big help, providing advice and guidance, when we first began our Explorer program back in 2012. Our two programs have collaborated on several projects and events over the years, and she is definately deserving of this award.

The Luck of the Irish won't save you even if you crash on St. Patrick's Day. We are out in force this weekend to make sure everyone is driving sober and wearing their seat belts!

Pink hoodie? Check. Pink sweatpants? Check. Fake money to pay for your pizza? Check If anyone has information about the subject shown below, suspected of passing counterfeit currency, please contact Investigator Jon Jenkins at 386-758-5436

The next Rape Aggression Defense class has been scheduled. For more information regarding RAD, please contact Officer Andy Mangrum at 386-758-5469 The next class will be held on March 19, 21, 26, and 28, from 6-9pm.

We would like to thank everyone who has joined us on our journey into Social Media these past few years. Thanks to our local residents and visitors who follow us to stay up-to-date on happenings within Lake City.Thanks our friends and family members who support the members of our Department through through rain and shine. Also, thanks to our followers abroad, we enjoy the occasional perspective of those from other countries (fun fact, after the United States, the countries we get the most views from are Denmark and Germany). The Lake City Police Department will continue to strive to be a premier law enforcement agency for the citizens we serve, whether you live here, work here, or play here. We will not stop our efforts to improve transparency and build stronger bridges between the Police Department and the public. With 10,000 followers, we have taken a big step. Help us take another: tell your friends, share our content, and together we can continue to spread important safety messages and current happenings within the Lake City Police Department!

Are you considering speeding through a school zone? We would hope not! But, if you need the added incentive, keep in mind speeding tickets DOUBLE when the school zone is active. The LCPD Strategic Traffic Enforcement Program will be targeting school zone speeders this week (and beyond). If you get pulled over, you've already received your warning.

We had a great time this morning. Thanks to McDonald's of Lake City for sponsoring this event again. It's a great opportunity to meet the community and have a meaningful conversation over coffee!

This morning, Chief Gilmore swore in our newest Police Officer, Cody Woods. Welcome aboard!

Mark your calendars - Our next Coffee with a Cop event will be held on Tuesday, February 27. Join us at the McDonalds on US Hwy 90 West at 8:30am for a FREE McCafe Coffee and a chance to have a conversation with one of our officers.

Thanks to the Citizens Police Academy Alumni for showing their support in the Olustee Parade!

The Lake City Police Explorers are currently selling "Camp Cards" with some amazing discounts for Lake City and the surrounding areas! These cards are available for a $5 donation, and includes several coupons that will pay for the card after only one use. Many of the offers are available to continue using for the rest of the year, too. For more information please contact Officer Mike Lee at 386-758-5489. Cards are available at the Police Department with an appointment -OR- in person from any LCPD Police Explorer!

Please refer to the 3 event notices regarding the upcoming Olustee Festival, Olustee Battle skirmish at Lake DeSoto, and the Olustee Parade on Saturday. Important info concerning road closures and no parking areas. Also keep in mind this is President's Day weekend. There will be a lot of traffic on the roadway. Please be safe as drive. If you plan to consume alcohol, don't drive. Bring a designated driver and Arrive Alive!

Thanks everyone who came to Farm Share today at the Lake City Police Department. WE ARE OUT OF FOOD! We hope everyone who came enjoys their bounty. We gave away an entire semi trailer full of produce and food this morning. We wish we had more, but there's always next time! Please show us pictures of your food! Fresh in the bag, in your pantry, or even after it's cooked... We would love for you to share!

Live from Farm Share at the Lake City Police Department. We're here until 11am or whenever the food runs out, some come on down and get your fresh, FREE food!

Farm Share starts at 8am! Our volunteers have been bagging your FREE FOOD since 5 o'clock this morning! This is a DRIVE THROUGH event. While we can accommodate walk-ups, driving through the event is the preferred method to get your food. There's A LOT! Multiple families (max 3) can come in one vehicle and you'll receive multiples of each item for each family represented. Please do not park nearby and walk up. If you can drive, please pull into the line. If you do walk up, please go to the LCPD command post.

WARNING: The following contains graphic images of fresh produce. Looking at these photos may induce mouth watering. Continue at your own risk. The first pallets of fresh produce have been unloaded as we set up for Farm Share this morning at the Lake City Police Department. The event begins at 8am this morning. Please come by and help make sure we don't have anything left over! This is open to EVERYONE!