Pensacola Police Department

  • Agency: Pensacola Police Department
  • Address: 711 N. Hayne Street, P.O. Box 1750, Pensacola, 32501 FL
  • Chief: John Mathis (Chief of Police)
Phone: 850-435-1855
Fax: 850-435-1999

Pensacola Police Department is located at 711 N. Hayne Street, P.O. Box 1750, Pensacola, 32501 FL. The Chief of Police of the department is John Mathis. The Pensacola Police Department phone number is 850-435-1855.

Pensacola Police Department News

It's a two for Friday. Or something like that. Two bits of news to share today. One. In case you have not heard, our own little corner of Nirvana, Downtown Pensacola, was voted "Great Places of Florida 2017 People’s Choice Winner." This surprised a lot of folks, mainly south of Cinderella's Castle, who had long suspected that Pensacola was in fact, part of Alabama. Jokes on them. #upsideofflorida Two. If and when you see scruffy cops in the downtown that just won "Great Places of Florida 2017 People’s Choice Winner", that is because your PPD is participating in "No Shave November". Officers are growing mustaches and raising money for the fight against cancer. That's getting to be a theme around here. Stay tuned because you will determine the most epic 'stache around the first of December. But as of right now, we all look like a bunch of eighth graders trying to grow our first lip caterpillar. So, downtown is great and mustaches are coming in....nicely. #pensacolasfinest #pensacolasmustachioed #noshavenovember #promready

You know what pairs well with crisp November weather? A lobster. A lobster, some L.L. Bean boots, and a cable knit sweater. At least that's what our pals at the Bangor Maine Police Department tell us. We don't get a lot of practice in that area. Heck, we don't get a lot of practice wearing long pants. But if you would like to sample the exotic fare of the northern lands AND support a great cause, head ovah* to the Red Lobster. For the lunch and dinner rush, we will be waiting tables to raise money for the Special Olympics Florida - Escambia County . *Any further attempts at a Maine accent will result in a 10% surcharge. #pensacolasfinest #tipacop #redlobstah #okayonemore

What a day! This afternoon we got to hand out candy at Sacred Heart Children's Hospital's annual Trick or Treat event. Since some of the patients and their siblings aren't able to leave the hospital long enough to collect their goodies, we brought the goodies to them. No matter what the kids were dressed as, they all went as survivors. #upsideofflorida #pensacolasfinest #perspective #wemayhavehelpedthemeattheircandy #cancersucks

Kids, tonight is the Super Bowl of childhood. Practice. Preparation. Execution. Unlike Christmas, where you are anxious observers until the big morning, Halloween requires you to own the holiday. So download a map of the neighborhood, cut two eye-holes in a bedsheet (not a fitted sheet, lesson learned) and get to work. There is only a small window where trick or treating is age-appropriate. Pretty soon, it won't be cute. It'll just be weird. Parents, please make sure that they can see out of the eye-holes, stay away from traffic, and don't eat any unwrapped candy. And take your 20% cut off the top. #pensacolasfinest #doparentthings #leggomyeggo

Liam doesn't know who you are. He doesn't know what you want. But Liam does have a set of special skills that apparently make people want to hug him. Who can resist a man in uniform? Certainly not Officer Meghan Darling, who assisted Liam with some traffic control at yesterday's Making Strides Against Breast Cancer 5K Walk. It's going to be a beautiful fall day today, so go make the most of it. Don't make Liam have to find you. #upsideofflorida #pensacolasfinest #goodluck #hestaken

You can't be a Pensacola Police Officer until you are sworn in. You can't get sworn in until you look like a Pensacola Police Officer. You can't look like a Pensacola Police Officer until you have been thoroughly instructed and inspected by Sgt. Mark Holmes, MSgt, USAFR, (Ret.). Only then, are you presented to Chief Lyter and Captain Davis, who barely met Sgt. Holmes' standards themselves. We are swearing in eight new officers today. Then they will spend the next year learning how to be Pensacola Police Officers; what our culture is, what our traditions are, and how to exceed expectations. It won't be easy, but it will be worth it. #upsideofflorida #pensacolasfinest #nkotb

Remember a couple of weeks ago when we showed you this pic of a young man watching our SWAT training? Nobody likes to be left out, so SWAT Commander Lt. Matt Coverdale thought that he and his brothers should do more than just watch. Coverdale invited the boys out to train with the team after school. The team instructed them in room clearing, flexing while talking, and how to say "hut-hut" while rappelling off a water tower. They really took to the rappelling. A fun day followed by Capri Suns for all. #pensacolasfinest #swatareyoudoingafterschool #tacticool

Hannah captured this shot of her son yesterday. Your PPD SWAT was training as Hannah and her sons drove by. The boys insisted that she stop so they could watch. Hannah's a good Mom, so she did. We all recognize this picture because everyone of us did the same thing. For some, it was watching the State Troopers run radar in front of their house. For one, as a toddler, he woke up after being hit by a car to find an officer holding him. Or maybe just seeing some cruisers zip by going who knows where. We can all recall something that planted that seed and connected it to serving others. Good job, Hannah. #upsideofflorida #pensacolasfinest #swatsupkid #alreadyhasthehaircut

You ply police officers with enough Pastitsio and Kataifi and what did you expect was going to happen? Bad Greek dancing. That’s what. #pensacolasfinest #opa

Sure, we thought the first one was a fluke. Maybe someone was trolling us. Whatevs. But two years in a row? C'mon now. So a big thanks to you for taking the time to vote us the "Best Business to 'Like' on Facebook". Mom says that we are likable in person too. #upsideofflorida #pensacolasfinest #bestofthecoast #mamasaid

Thank you all.

Please stay off of the roads.

Well, it had to happen. We are under a Tropical Storm Watch. Maybe go ahead and tie down the lawn furniture and bring in the dog. And please, flip over your trampoline. Do whatever errands need to be done today, so tomorrow you can just stay in and off the roads. Stay aware and we'll all be just fine. #upsideofflorida #pensacolasfinest #nate2017

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