Pensacola Police Department

  • Agency: Pensacola Police Department
  • Address: 711 N. Hayne Street, P.O. Box 1750, Pensacola, 32501 FL
  • Chief: John Mathis (Chief of Police)
Phone: 850-435-1855
Fax: 850-435-1999

Pensacola Police Department is located at 711 N. Hayne Street, P.O. Box 1750, Pensacola, 32501 FL. The Chief of Police of the department is John Mathis. The Pensacola Police Department phone number is 850-435-1855.

Pensacola Police Department News

It's a family business. We have officers here who's great-uncle's-second- cousin-once-removed rode a horse all around Beat 7 in the 1800's. But since we can't get a photo of them together, this will have to do. We were somehow able to cajole three PPD retirees into taking some time off from retirement to have lunch with their sons. And their sons? All current PPD officers. That's retired Sgt. Rick Buddin with Officer Brad Buddin, retired Capt. Pete Bell with Officer Alex Bell, and Lt. Shawn Thompson with his Pop, retired Sgt. Mike Thompson. We hope that all the Dads out there enjoy their special day. Now go grill something, strip a screw, or leave a door open and air condition the whole neighborhood. #pensacolasfinest #rolemodels #butdonttouchthatthermostat

We’ve trained all year. We’ve put in the work. We’ve developed a taste for stale croissants. We’re ready. Bring it on. #pensacolasfinest #donutstrike4manna

***UPDATE 6/14/18, 4:15pm*** We have found the Lexus. We are still very much searching for Wallace. **** Thanks to you, we have found the White Dodge Challenger that hit and killed a woman and a baby last week. We received hundreds of tips and some of those led us to Markquise Deshawn Wallace. Markquise is 26 years old and may be driving a gray Lexus 350 Sport 4 door that has burgundy interior and an unknown tag number. But it's possible that he could be in a different car too. So don't let up now, Pensacola. We're close. Keep your eyes open and let's find him. When you do, call 911, call CrimeStoppers at 433-7867 (STOP) for cash, or keep hitting that "Contact Us" button at the top of our page. Markquise, we just asked 30,000+ pretty sharp people, and their friends, to find you. It is a matter of time. You know that. You've caused a lot of pain to a lot of people. Do the right thing. Don't cause anymore. Turn yourself in. #pensacolasfinest

It's almost that time again. Stay tuned for details. #pensacolasfinest #donutstrike4manna #sorryforthealmostcussword

**UPDATE 6/14/18** The White Dodge Challenger has been recovered. Further info about the suspect will be released later today. Thank you, Pensacola. **** This is an image of the actual Dodge Challenger involved in that fatal hit and run. It is white, missing the driver’s side mirror, and has some damage along the driver’s side. It also has a sunroof and shiny rims. The FB posts circulating about “Patricia” have been investigated and discredited. Thank you for forwarding those. Remain vigilant. Let’s find this car. Our victims deserve justice. #pensacolasfinest

**UPDATE 6/14/18** The White Dodge Challenger has been recovered. Further info about the suspect will be released later today. Thank you, Pensacola. **** Someone knows. Maybe that someone is you. You didn't sleep a wink the last two nights. You never will again until we find who ran down and killed a woman and that baby Wednesday night. We need that white Dodge Challenger. It is missing the driver's side mirror and probably has some additional damage along the driver's side. Unburden yourself. Give closure to those that are grieving. Call us at 850.435.1901, or CrimeStoppers at 433.7867 and make some money, or just hit that "Contact Us" button at the top of our page. #pensacolasfinest

"Okay, here's the plan: you put on that ball cap that looks like Old Glory, you know, that real subtle one, and I'll wear this military-style boonie hat. That way no will suspect that we are actually thieves just trying to look patriotic." "Then, when we go into a store, I'll distract the clerk that is making a genuine effort to help me, and you creep around into the back room and steal every purse you can get your hands on." "After that, we'll go on a multi-store shopping spree with the stolen credit cards and money. It worked like a charm last month too." "Sounds good. You wanna take my grey 4-door Volvo or your grey 2-door Honda this time? Doesn't matter. I just hope no one turns us in for that large cash reward." Evil Laugh. *Wait for applause.* *End Scene* If you can identify these bad actors, call Detective Hudson at 850.435.1987 or CrimeStoppers at 433.7867 (STOP). #pensacolasfinest #smediumshirt #exitstageleft

The circumstances aren't that important. But suffice to say that when the PPD is feeding your child her bottle, things have gone off track. Officer Britney Sturgeon and Sergeant Bryan Lowry managed to keep things in perspective. #pensacolasfinest #contactandcover #dayswork

For some, everyday is Memorial Day. #pensacolasfinest

Tonight and tomorrow would be good days to get some errands done. Stock up on pork rinds, swing by the Red Box, and check on your elderly neighbors. It’s the Pensacola way. #pensacolasfinest #alberto #dillpickleporkrinds #trustus

The good news is that you won't need sunscreen this weekend. The bad news is that you won't need sunscreen this weekend. #pensacolasfinest #itgonrain #misstwiggleystree

Have you ever been eating in a restaurant, finished your beverage, needed a refill, and thought to yourself, "Why is there never a cop around when you need one"? If you answered "yes", then you would be the first and someone needs to explain local government to you. But in our effort to defy expectations, we will indeed be refilling drinks tomorrow at The Pensacola Fish House during lunch and dinner. All tips collected by our officers will go straight to Special Olympics Florida - Escambia County to help our local athletes travel, train, and triumph. As an added bonus, we'll be making balloon animals also, provided you bring the balloons and like snakes. Stay thirsty, our friends. #pensacolasfinest #specialolympics #dontevenaskforunsweettea

Care for a spot of tea whilst watching the Royal Wedding? We couldn’t get our hands on any scones so early in the morning, and, well clotted cream? Thanks, but we’re good. Best of luck to those crazy kids. Remember, love don’t pay the bills.#pensacolasfinest #britishfreesince1781 #royalwedding

Sometimes, the truth hurts. Now go lock your car. Please. #pensacolasfinest #9pmroutine #talkingdogsarealwaysfunny #realtalk

Champa. Bowman. Taylor. Cross. Austraw. These names alone may not mean much to you. But to the members of the PPD, blue and blood, they represent a sacrifice we can never repay. They are daily reminders of what is at stake everyday when we hit the street. A constant warning to not let our guard down, never relax, to always be ready for the absolute worst. There are fourteen names on plaques in front of our headquarters. Fourteen times a PPD officer paid to keep you safe with his own life. Fourteen families that lost a father, son, or brother. Fourteen dreams of a long, happy life that were stolen. Today, we took time to remember and focus on them and those they left behind. Today, we looked at each other and made a silent oath to not put anymore families through this and not let there be a fifteen. For further details: #pensacolasfinest

We've been getting A LOT of people sending us info about a dog-fighting ring. The story was shared on social media and you know the rest. As with anything you see on the interweb, read it with a bit of skepticism until proven otherwise (except PPD posts - they're the gospel). You've seen the crazy lengths we're willing to go to for a doggo, so we get it, you care. But this story has been checked out and you can rest easy. Preferably with a pupper in your lap. #pensacolasfinest

If, while celebrating Cinco de Mayo, please DO NOT perform the Jarabe Tapatío, or Mexican Hat Dance, near, around, or in the proximity of the boiling cauldrons of the spicy southern lobsters at the Pensacola Crawfish Festival. Just a terrible, terrible idea. You’ve been warned. #pensacolasfinest #crawfishfestival #cincodemayo #knowyouwanna

A high school picture of Yoda this is. Have an excellent Friday you must. May the 4th be with you, Pensacola. #pensacolasfinest #phsclassof55 #chessclubpresident #mostlikelytosucceed

Two sure-fire ways to know if something doesn't belong to you: it's on someone else's porch, and your dog gives you "the look". Notice the disdain in this dog's eyes. It's well earned. His, or her, owner swiped a package on Cherry Laurel a few days back. If you know who this gentleman is, ring Detective Partrick at 435-1975. If you're this gentleman's dog, woof woof, woof woof woof. Good boy. #pensacolasfinest #nottheshaggyandscoobyway #yourmamaraisedyoubetterthanthat #pupsideofflorida

Marcus Pointe Baptist Church supports your police, and that means the world to us. #pensacolasfinest #copkids #imnotcryingyourecrying

Cooperation. Teamwork. Having each others' back. Our values extend into every aspect of our work. Officer Roedel was doing some preventative maintenance on some weapons when a call came in that apparently only he could answer. So instead of gunking up the phone with oil and who knows what else, Cadet Berthiaume lent a hand. That's some WWE tag-team-quality work right there. #pensacolasfinest #igetby #lendedaintaword #holdthephone