Mount Dora Police Department

  • Agency: Mount Dora Police Department
  • Address: 1300 N Donnelly St, Mount Dora, 32757 FL
  • Chief: T Randall Scoggins (Chief of Police)
Phone: (352) 735-7130 
Fax: (352) 383-4623

Mount Dora Police Department is located at 1300 N Donnelly St, Mount Dora, 32757 FL. The Chief of Police of the department is T Randall Scoggins. The Mount Dora Police Department phone number is (352) 735-7130 .

Mount Dora Police Department News

What an amazing turnout we had today in our 1st Northeast Community Beautification Day. Thank you everyone that came out to help. Our next Beautification Day is scheduled to be in April. 🌺🌼🌸

Don't forget to turn your clocks back this weekend!

Don't forget to sign up your canine for the 2017 Mount Dora Heroes Foundation Paw Parade, Saturday, November 25th. $5 each entry, your pet can wear a costume. All PAW participants will receive a treat. Text or call Officer Ivy Severance 352-434-2135 or email at

Join us this coming Saturday, November 4th, at 8:45 am, in our 1st Northeast Community Beautification Day. Meet us at the Martin Luther King Center - 803 Florida Ave.

Mount Dora Fire Department's Toys for Tots Program kicks off today!!

Meet our newest 2018 Honorary Canine Mayor "Caninedate". Droopy is 11 years old, he loves to eat and enjoys hunting geicos. Droopy looks very handsome with his red tie. He is very loving and likes everybody.

We hope you all have a safe Halloween! Public Safety Director John O'Grady wants to offer up safety tips for trick-or-treating tonight: • Have your child draw a map of the route they will be taking • Ensure the route has safe paths and your child is familiar with the area • Help ensure your child’s costume is comfortable with well-fitting shoes • Apply reflective tape to your child’s costume • While sorting through candy at the end of the night be sure to throw away any candy that is not in its original wrapper or looks like it has been opened • Drivers need to be extra cautious while traveling through neighborhoods. The MDPD will be in high visibility during the evening helping to keep everyone safe.

Please drive carefully this weekend!

Let me introduce you to our 2018 Mount Dora Honorary Canine Mayor "Caninedates" To nominate or vote visit our city website. Votes are $10 each.

Here is today's 2018 Honorary Canine Mayor "Caninedate" Winter is 3 years old. Winter loves to watch TV, he also love to listen to music and sing-along (howl). He loves to walk and enjoys meeting new people. Winter loves his bath time, but the one thing he loves the most is going on car rides.

Today's new 2018 Honorary Canine Mayor Caninedate is Chico. Chico is 10 years old, his hobbies and thing he loves are: Long walks with Mommy and Daddy. Running around in circles, Afternoon naps especially in front of the fireplace when it's chilly. Chasing lizards back into the grass. Barking at (talking to) other dogs. Going to Maggie's Attic and having people give him lots of attention. Walking around town and having people give him lots of attention. Giving lots of kisses!

Thank you to Target our hosting venue, all of our sponsor and Amscot for another successful MDPD National Night Out. We couldn’t have done it without your participation and support. We hope to see you next year on October 2, 2018. Enjoy the video! A Sgt. Cameron Bennett Production

Say hello to Phoenix our newest 2018 Canine Mayor "Caninedate" Phoenix is a Cheweenie, a cross between a Chihuahua and Dachshund. Phoenix is 1 year old. My mom let me rescued him and his brother at a Watson Realty Corp Pet Adoption Day. Phoenix is full of love, he loves to give kisses, he enjoys running outside with his two sisters, Bella & Baby Girl. Phoenix loves to sleep under the covers on my mom's bed. He loves to chase lizards and other animals. He loves to dig holes and get dirty, but hates showers. Phoenix's brother went to live with my uncle.

Here we are, Adam Helfant and I at the Orlando Convention Center helping HOPE for PR. Packing meals for children in Puerto Rico.

Here is today's "Caninedate" for the 2018 Mount Dora Honorary Canine Mayor. His name is Baylor, he is 5 years old and he loves to swim. He dives after his water ball after judging the perfect spot to spring in order to catch the ball as he hits the water. He also swims laps with me. Hunting lizards and chasing squirrels are two of his favorite outside games. He snuggles in the bed with me and his "sister", Tally, a Beagle. He is very good big brother and looks out for her.

This is a great opportunity for High School Students to get their volunteer hours. Get Involved... Call or text me 352-434-2135 to register and get a free T-shirt.

The Mount Dora Northeast Community Redevelopment Agency (NE CRA) has partnered with the Mount Dora Police Department and Visit Mount Dora to host the 1st Beautification Day. The first phase of the project will begin on November 4. Everyone is WELCOME, volunteers, residents, and police officers. The NE CRA goals is to strengthen the community by bringing together neighbors, businesses, students, and support groups. Sign up by texting or calling Ofc. Ivy Severance at 352-434-2135 or send an email at Pre-register for a free T-shirt. (first come - first serve) Bring your energy and we will provide the tools. Check-In / Sign-up starts at 8:45am 9am - 11:30am - clean-up 12pm - lunch provided

Say hello to Braxton, he is 5 years old and he is running for the 2018 Mount Dora Honorary Canine Mayor. Braxton loves chasing & hunting for lizards, but the one thing he loves the most is hanging out with his momma.

Today's Honorary Canine Mayor "Caninedate" is Nova. Nova is 4 years old, she loves to play ball and enjoys stalking the cat. Nova loves getting attention.

New Update: Stryker is recovering, walking with no assistance and still continuing with his physical therapy. He has come along and is getting stronger everyday.

Here is our 2nd "Caninedate" for the 2018 Honorary Canine Mayor. This is Baby Girl, she is 1 year old, loves to play fetch and to give away lost of kisses. All proceeds got to the Mount Dora Heroes Foundation K-9 Program, a non-profit organization. Enroll your favorite Canine or cast your votes. Visit the Mount Dora Police Department website under "programs" and complete the electronic form or visit the PD Headquarters to fill out the form. Each nomination or vote for existing "Caninedates" is $10 each. Support this great cause and share our post.