Tallahassee Police Department

  • Agency: Tallahassee Police Department
  • Address: 234 E 7th Ave, Tallahassee, 32303 FL
  • Chief: Dennis Michael Jones (Chief of Police)
Phone: 850-891-4200

Tallahassee Police Department is located at 234 E 7th Ave, Tallahassee, 32303 FL. The Chief of Police of the department is Dennis Michael Jones. The Tallahassee Police Department phone number is 850-891-4200.

Tallahassee Police Department News

Happy Friday Trackers, Furry high five to all of our great Veterans, especially those who now choose to serve our great city. At about 9:00 last night, officers were called to an apartment complex due to a fella pointing a gun at a woman. When officers arrived, the fella was still there and standing in front of a building, presumably holding a sign reading, "He ran that way" in hopes of not getting caught. The fella reportedly started hollering at officers. This is most certainly going to bring unwanted attention to yourself when you have just committed a violent felony. Officers extended an offer to the male to surrender peacefully. The fella declined. The officers then linked arms and shouted back, "Red Rover, Red Rover, send the bad guy right over!" The bad guy, being caught up in the glee of his favorite childhood game sprinted toward the officers. Just kidding, he rant the other way and the chase was on. Members of the Florida Highway Patrol overheard the chase and joined team Good Guy in the spontaneous game of hide and seek. The bad guy found a hiding spot and the search began. FHP Troppers found the bad guy hiding behind a building nearby and officers found the bad guy's gun, which he decided would be a good idea to hide in some bushes. Great teamwork to find the bad guy, but more importantly to find the gun which could have been found by the many children who play in the area. In the weeeeee hours of the morning, an officer was making sure folks were obeying the rules of the road and noticed a vehicle fail stop at a red light. The officer stopped the vehicle and introduced himself. This turned out to be a tad more than a traffic infraction; it was more of a buffet of criminal activity on wheels. There were four people in the vehicle. Pop quiz! What dishes were served at this buffet of criminal activity? (circle all that apply) A: Warrants B: Drug Paraphernalia C: A Stolen Vehicle D: A Stolen Tag E: An original Nintendo game console with Mike Tyson's Punchout stuck inside If you guessed A-D, you are the big winner! Go find your old Nintendo and try to finally beat Mike Tyson! Keep your nose to the ground and your tails waggin' Copper

Great job Lieutenant Di-Gonzalez! Keep #makingadifference & helping our citizens. #TPDTraditionOfService Representative Loranne Ausley Files Legislation to Aid Law Enforcement during Interactions with Hearing Impaired Drivers Tallahassee, FL – Representative Loranne Ausley (D-Tallahassee) has filed HB 135 in order to aid law enforcement during their interactions with hearing impaired drivers. The proposed legislation would allow drivers to voluntarily indicate on their vehicle tag application that they are hearing impaired. The legislation also requires this information to be included in the Florida Crime Information Center (FCIC) and the Driver and Vehicle Information Database (DAVID), so that law enforcement officers will be aware of a driver’s condition after running his or her tag during a traffic stop. Representative Ausley filed the bill in response to the death of a hearing impaired driver in South Carolina in 2016. “One of my constituents, a TPD officer, brought this situation to my attention out of concern for his hearing impaired son,” declared Representative Loranne Ausley. “Eliminating potential confusion during a traffic stop helps protect both the officer and the driver. This is about providing law enforcement officers the tools they need to protect all Floridians safely.” Senator Darryl Rouson (D-St. Petersburg) will be carrying companion legislation, SB 290, in the Senate.

Don’t forget the road closures in town this weekend for our Veterans Day events. #HappyVeteransDay #ThankYou

One of our officers saw this black bear early this morning in the area of Block & Cactus Street. Do not approach them if you see one, call our Consolidated Dispatch at (850) 606-5800. According to FWC in prior sightings, they are not typically aggressive but will defend themselves if approached or cornered.

Have a great Veterans Day weekend from K9 Diesel! He’s happy because he detected 100% during narcotics training! 💯 #TPDK9sRock

Let them know it’s not free & it’s not their stuff. Lock your doors & secure your valuables! #9PMRoutine #LockItUpTally

WHAT A UNIQUE DESIGN YOU HAVE ON THAT JACKET! TPD is seeking information on these two burglars. On 10/30/17, a burglary occurred at the Cricket Wireless located at 2003 North Monroe Street. The two suspects broke into the business and stole two cash registers with money inside and cell phones. If you have information call TPD at (850) 891-4200 or to remain anonymous Crime Stoppers (850) 574-TIPS. #DropADimeOnCrime

UPDATE: Ma. Footman & her daughter have been located safe & unharmed.

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The Tallahassee Police Department’s General Narcotics Unit, conducted a search warrant on November 8, 2017 at 211 Edwards Street, after investigating an anonymous tip about drug activity at the residence. The investigation led to probable cause for a search warrant which resulted in the arrest of Jess W. Bratton. Investigators located approximately three grams of cocaine, fifty Alprazolam bar type pills, cannabis, drug paraphernalia and drug packaging materials. Mr. Bratton was charged with possession of a controlled substance with intent to sell, possession of cocaine, possession of cannabis less than 20 grams, possession of drug paraphernalia, and keeping a place where drugs are kept or sold. Mr. Bratton is currently at the Leon County Detention Facility.

Have you retired or separated from the military or served two years honorable active duty in the Reserve or National Guard (non consecutive)? Are you looking for another way to serve your community? TPD is hiring. Apply online at www.talgov.com/tpd.

Chief DeLeo is live on WFSU 88.9 Perspectives On The Air talking about crime prevention & community safety along with TPD’s initiatives to reduce crime in our community.

TPD Announces Road Closure Information for Veterans Day Events

Thank you Officer G. Northway! She saved this little cat during her shift last night. The cat is safe & sound! #makingadifference #TPDCares

UPDATE: Ms. Cummins has been located safe & unharmed.

We received this word of thanks on our Instagram page, extended to Officer G. Northway for saving this little kitty. Great job!

Check out TOPS to find out what’s happening in our city. Snapshot of the map on 11/7/17 at 9:43 PM 24 active calls. http://www.talgov.com/gis/tops/

You can do it now! Lock your doors & secure your valuables. #9PMRoutine #LockItUpTally

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Officer Denmark talks with Jade Bulecza WTXL ABC 27 on "For Your Protection" about the various ways to contact TPD to report crime, suspicious activity, and provide information regarding criminal activity. #BeOurSafetyPartner #ReportInformationOnCrime

Good Afternoon Trackers, It's “Wear Out Your Welcome Wednesday”. Officers were called to a local store to have a talkin' to with a fella because the store owners didn’t want him to come back due to his shenanigous behavior. The fella agreed to leave and officers went about their business. A couple of hours later, officers were called back because the fella did his best ‘boomerang’ impression and was right back at the store. This particular boomerang also steals beer. When officers arrived, the sticky fingered fella was downing his unlawfully acquired bottle of hops. The officers let the fella know he was the big winner of a one way trip to the Leon County Detention Facility with complimentary booking photos for theft and trespassing. Keep your nose to the ground and your tails waggin’ Copper

TPD and the PSC announce the installation of 6 Safety Cameras- Today Chief DeLeo briefed the City Commission on the use of safety cameras as a new inItiative to reduce crime in our community. The cameras will be located at Floral & Saxon, Floral & Russell, Osceola & Holton, Osceola & Poppy, Saxon & Nassau, Gamble & Perry. Always call 911 in case of emergency 🚨 as these ARE NOT MONITORED!