Tallahassee Police Department

  • Agency: Tallahassee Police Department
  • Address: 234 E 7th Ave, Tallahassee, 32303 FL
  • Chief: Dennis Michael Jones (Chief of Police)
Phone: 850-891-4200

Tallahassee Police Department is located at 234 E 7th Ave, Tallahassee, 32303 FL. The Chief of Police of the department is Dennis Michael Jones. The Tallahassee Police Department phone number is 850-891-4200.

Tallahassee Police Department News

ANOTHER CASE FOR OUR SOCIAL MEDIA SLEUTHS! TPD’s Property Crimes Unit is investigating a retail theft that occurred on February 2nd, 2018 at 1201 Apalachee Parkway (Fashion World). After stealing, they pushed an employee while fleeing. If you have any information, call Investigator O’Hara at 850-891-4269 or Crime Stoppers at 850-574-TIPS. #DropADimeOnCrime

If they try to open your door tonight, they won’t be able to because you did the #9PMRoutine & locked up! #StopOpportunityCrime #KeepYourStuff

TPD says “thank you” to retiring Deputy Chief Jim Russell at the Florida State University Police Department. Thank you for your service & dedication to FSU & the community!

For Immediate Release Tallahassee Police Department Office of Police Chief Michael J. DeLeo Contact: Officer Rachelle Denmark (850) 556-1726 The Tallahassee Police Department is currently investigating a shooting incident at 1325 West Tharpe Street which occurred at approximately 5:50 p.m. this evening. At this time, no injuries have been reported to officers, however property was damaged by the shots fired. Officers responding to the incident were informed of a possible suspect who ran in the direction of one of the apartment buildings. As information was obtained regarding the possible suspect and a specific apartment building was identified, officers evacuated residents from nearby apartments to ensure their safety. At this time, all residents are safely back inside their apartments and TPD continues to investigate. The case has been assigned to investigators with TPD's Violent Crimes Unit. At this time they are interviewing all known witnesses and processing the scene. Investigators are asking anyone with information about this case to please call them at (850) 891-4200 or Crime Stoppers at (850) 574-TIPS.

We were overwhelmed with the positivity of this interaction! Officer Carlson & Officer Berens each got a cookie & a hug from our new friend. #ThankfulThursday #TPD2018 #NEDayShift

THE LOOK YOU GET WHEN YOU COMMIT FRAUD! TPD's Financial Crimes Unit is seeking information on the three people pictured for passing fraudulent checks & criminal use of personal identification information in October & December 2017 at 1700 North Monroe Street. If you have any information, please call Investigator Alwine at 850-891-4577 or Crime Stoppers at 850-574-TIPS. #DropADimeOnCrime

On Thursday February 22, 2018 the Tallahassee Police Department will be hosting a safety and sobriety checkpoint in the 400 block of West Orange Avenue. The checkpoint will run from 11:30pm until 3:00am and will be well marked by signage, marked patrol vehicles, and uniformed officers. The operation is designed to have a minimal impact on traffic flow and to save lives. The Tallahassee Police Department reminds you, "Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over".

Please take note of the road closures at specific intersections during the Trailblazer 5K Saturday, February 24, 2018 between 8 a.m. & 11 a.m. Use caution, watch for pedestrians & runners. #DriveSafe

Happy Throwback Thursday Trackers, Let’s take a short trip back to just under 10 days ago to the waning hours of the 13th of February. As men everywhere were panicking because they just realized they forgot about Valentine’s Day, three young men who had not yet reached the legal age of adulthood were walking around the area of Lake Bradford Rd., presumably in search of a heartfelt gift for those at school with which they were smitten. As they passed a gas station, they noticed a woman get out of her car at the pumps and walk inside to talk to the clerk and pay for gas. They also noticed the car was unlocked and left running. These three young men should have said to themselves, “Selves, that isn’t a good idea to leave the car unlocked and running and someone with ill intention could try to steal it, so we should just hang out and make sure that doesn’t happen.” Unfortunately, that is not what happened. Instead, they said, “Selves, this car is unlocked and running and we could steal it!” Two of the young men on a crash course of bad choices jumped in the car as the third acted as a lookout. As the bandits prepared to speed off to more bad choices, they discovered the car was……wait for it…..manual transmission! Completely befuddled by this lack of technology from years gone by, they were able to get the car into neutral before the owner returned with a rather angry disposition. Neutral doesn’t go anywhere fast, but it doesn’t stay in place either. The bad guys jumped out of the car, which then rolled a short distance and crashed. Officers in the area converged like a swarm of tactical locusts and put their nose to the ground and the bad guys were quickly captured! Keep your nose to the ground and your tails waggin’ Copper

Great job 👍! A citizen called to thank Officer Holloway for coming to the aid of her 74 year old mother. Apparently the mother’s dog ran out of the house last night, 2/20/18, and the mother panicked. Instead of calling a family member the mother called police for assistance. Officer Holloway responded and was very patient with the mother and helped find the dog. She stated that Officer Holloway was very kind and the assistance given was very much appreciated by the mother and family. It meant the world to the mother!

TPD was very proud to help protect our community #Tallahassee as we welcomed guests from all over, especially #Parkland, during their visit to our State Capitol. Thank you for your patience with the traffic delays in town. #TPD2018

Keep your Wilson! #KeepYourStuff by doing the #9PMRoutine. #LockItUpTally

Sergeant Mercurio, R.A.D. coordinator & instructor for TPD, talks with Jade Bulecza WTXL ABC 27 about the free classes offered by TPD for the community.

The events downtown at the Capitol are ending for today. TPD is proud to be here for our community & visitors, to help keep everyone safe. #Tallahassee #TPDcares #TPD2018

Watch Sergeant Mercurio talk with Jade Bulecza WTXL ABC 27 at noon today to learn more about our R.A.D. Program. R.A.D. (Rape Aggression Defense) is a system of physical self-defense techniques and risk avoidance for women. #SelfDefense #RiskAvoidance

In addition to the numerous activities in our city today, TPD is assisting the VALOR Officer Safety Program with video & photographs to help train officers nationwide. If you see several of us at Tom Brown Park, this is why. City of Tallahassee - Parks, Recreation & Neighborhood Affairs #TPD2018 #ValorForBlue #Training

TPD will be assisting, along with other agencies, during the Gun Safety March & Rally at our state Capitol. There will be road closures & traffic delays in our city. We are asking you to be patient & safe. When you see an officer directing traffic, please adhere to what the officer is telling you. It’s for everyone’s safety during the event. We are here to help. #BeSafe #TPDcares #Tallahassee

K9 Titan reminds you to lock your doors & secure your valuables! #9PMRoutine #KeepYourStuff

Hundreds of students are here in Tallahassee participating in events in response to the tragic event that occurred last week in our fellow city of Parkland, Florida. Many will participate in a rally tomorrow, Wednesday February 21, at the Capitol. Additionally, more than 700 students are scheduled to march from FAMU and FSU to the Capitol grounds. During this time, several intersections will be held as marchers safely pass. Motorists traveling in the downtown area are asked to drive with caution and be patient as activities may cause potential traffic delays beginning at 11 a.m. The following intersections will have traffic held for marchers: College/Macomb College/MLK Jr. Blvd. College/S. Bronough College/Duval College/Adams FAMU Way/S. Adams St. FAMU Way/Melvin St. FAMU WAY/ MLK Jr. Blvd. Harrison St./ MLK Jr. Blvd. MLK Jr. Blvd./Pershing S. Monroe/Oakland To stay informed about road closures and other related impacts, visit Talgov.com and follow @TPD and @COTNews on Twitter.

For Immediate Release Tallahassee Police Department Office of Police Chief Michael J. DeLeo Contact: Officer Damon Miller, Jr. (850) 891-4255 The Tallahassee Police Department conducted a search warrant and made one arrest in response to reported activity of drug sales at 2907 Woodrich Dr. Apartment B. TPD received a tip about on-going drug sales at this location and an investigator was immediately assigned to conduct a full follow up. On Thursday, February 15, 2018, members of TPD’s Special Investigation’s Drug Interdiction Unit served the search warrant at 2907 Woodrich Dr. Apartment B. Investigators located and seized evidence consistent with the sale and distribution of illegal drugs, and stolen property. During the search warrant, over 50g of Alpha-Pyrrolidinovalerophenone (A-PVP) (also known as “Flaka”), an additional 50g of an unknown powder substances, stolen electronics and paraphernalia were located. With the assistance of officers assigned to the Northern Community Oriented Policing and Problem Solving (C.O.P.P.S.) Squad, TPD investigators arrested Kerrick Crumitie. Crumitie was transported to the Leon County Detention Facility for processing. For further details, the probable cause affidavit can be viewed at www.talgov.com/tpd and has been redacted in accordance with Florida Statute 119.07(2)(e) & 119.071(5)(a). Arrested: Kerrick Crumitie Black Male DOB: 03/02/1972 Charges: Possession of Drug Paraphernalia pursuant to Florida Statute 893.147(1). Trafficking Phenethylamines 10 grams or more pursuant to Florida Statute 893.135 (1)(K)1. Dealing in Stolen Property pursuant to Florida Statute812.019(1). Tampering with Evidence pursuant to Florida Statute 918.13

Posted: 2/20/18 3:25 TPD is working a traffic crash at 5032 Capital Circle SW. Please avoid the area while officers investigate. The office space is vacant & fortunately no injuries were reported.

We’re out working in your neighborhoods! If you need us, call us. See something suspicious? Call us. 850-606-5800. #Tallahassee #Patrol #TPDcares

Most people are aware of the activities at the Florida State Capitol on Wednesday, February 21, 2018 regarding the planned gun safety march & gathering. Students are coming in from across the state. Based on the number of people who show up, TPD has plans to close Monroe Street in front of the Capitol. Several intersections will have traffic held for people marching. We are asking everyone to be safe, patient and expect traffic delays starting around 11 a.m. TPD will be assisting with traffic control & we are here to help. #BeSafe #BePatient #TPDcares