Madison Police Department

  • Agency: Madison Police Department
  • Address: 310 SW Rutledge Street, Madison, 32340 FL
  • Chief: Rick Davis (Chief of Police)
Phone: 850.973.5077
Fax: 850.973.5079

Madison Police Department is located at 310 SW Rutledge Street, Madison, 32340 FL. The Chief of Police of the department is Rick Davis. The Madison Police Department phone number is 850.973.5077.

Madison Police Department News

Last night's Downtown Halloween was a success! I think we had a great turnout and above all we had a safe night! The Madison Police Department appreciates everyone who signed up to participate in handing out candy, all the kids who participated in our first ever costume contest, and everyone who took a shot at Dunking a Cop! Also a big Thank You to some volunteers that stepped up and helped us with all of our activities last night! We hope all the kids went home with their buckets full and smiles on their faces!

Attached is a picture of the road closures for tomorrow's downtown Halloween. Range Street from Base Street (Hwy 90) all the way to just past Dade Street will be blocked and side streets marked accordingly will be blocked also. Those that requested an area we will have a sign reserving that area for you to set up , Businesses located downtown are free to set up in front of your business and the rest that have signed up we are asking to set up on Range Street and not blocking existing businesses. For the safety of our kids and participants we are asking no one set on close to Base Street. The roads will be blocked off starting at 5 p.m. The Police Department will have the dunking booth , costume contest and our table at Pinckney Street and Range.

Weather looks like it may get a little chilly when the sun goes down! Hopefully the officers will be spending most of their time in the water !!!! 👮‍♂️🏊‍♂️🎃👻

Candy 🍬✔️ Contest Awards 🏆🏅✔️ Dunking Booth 💦✔️ 👮👮 that are ready to get dunked ✔️ We are all set and Ready for our Downtown Halloween Celebration Tuesday 👻🎃 Who else is ready to join us ?!

Let us hear which one of our officers would you like to see in the dunk tank?!!

Don't forget that if you want to sign up to pass out candy at our Annual Downtown Halloween give us a call today at the Police Department 850-973-5077 Businesses, Individuals, Churches, or Organizations welcome! Call us today!

Can you believe there is only 11 more Fridays before Christmas ? The Madison County Sheriff's Office Toys for Tots program is underway and The Madison Police Department has a box in our front lobby for toy drop offs come drop a toy off and help a child in need this Christmas!⚽️🏀🎁🏎🎄👮🎅

Don't Forget Coffee with a Cop tomorrow at 8 am ! Come see us and enjoy coffee and conversation!

Just a little inside on what Coffee with a Cop is about and what we hope to bring together in our community!

Do you like coffee? Do you want to get to know the Officers in your community? Then join us for Coffee with a Cop ! Wednesday October 4th at McDonald's you can come in and enjoy complimentary McCafe Coffee and conversation with the Officers in your community! This is event is about cops, coffee, community and conversation so come have a cup with us! #McDCoffeeWithaCop

Come join us October 31st at 6 pm in Downtown Madison for our annual trick or treat! Sign up for our first annual costume contest! If you would like to sign up to give out candy or if you have any questions call the Madison Police Department 850-973-5077 our office is open 8-5 M-F

Downtown Halloween is set for Tuesday October 31st @ 6 pm! Come join us for a some trick or treating and enter our costume contest!

Now that Irma is gone and most damage has been assessed we are happy to report no major damage to buildings in the city. As most of you have seen the majority of the damage came from trees and power lines. We are asking that you DO NOT call the Police Department and ask when your power will be turned on. Tri-County Electric Cooperative Inc and Duke Energy are both working around the clock restoring the outages caused by Irma, with that being said there are approximately 7,000 customers between the two companies that are still WITHOUT power JUST in Madison County. Irma did not just hit Madison - it affected the whole State of Florida and currently there is close to 6 Million people without power. Please be patient with the power companies, most of these workers have left their own homes and families that don't have power themselves to work to restore your power.

Madison County is still under a curfew until 12 noon - this includes the City of Madison. Emergency personnel are just now getting out and assessing the damage so please stay home.There are multiple trees and power lines and it is NOT SAFE to travel the roads.

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As most of you have noticed, Madison has had a huge increase in traffic with evacuees from Hurricane Irma, please be patient as the whole state is being affected by this storm. As of right now Base Street and Duval Street are on a manual traffic light control and the rest of the lights in town are in flashing mode, we did this to help alleviate the congestion on highway 90. When this congestion subsides the traffic lights will resume normal operation.

With Hurricane Irma approaching the state of Florida please make sure you have a safety plan in place for your family. below are a few helpful hints for you. Our area is still watching Hurricane Irma closely and her path as she enters Florida will impact what affects our area may experience. Please stay informed on this situation and have your plan in place. Our area has already seen a drastic influx in evacuees from south Florida. Please be courteous and patient as the whole state braces for Irma impacts.

It's been a busy week for us here but we are fast approaching a Holiday Weekend! While you are out enjoying the long weekend break from work The Madison Police Department wants to remind you to keep the roads safe and #DriveSober Day or Night - Drive Sober or Get Pulled over!!! #FloridaLEL

The Madison Police Department sends our deepest condolences to the agencies affected by last night's violence. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

Did you know the North Florida Region of the American Red Cross and it's partners will install a limited number of free smoke alarms? This service is for people who cannot afford to purchase smoke alarms or for those who are physically unable to install a smoke alarm. If you or someone you know, might benefit from this service please click on the link below or come by our office and fill out a request form!

Tomorrow is the first day of school in Madison County and we want to remind everyone to be safe in the morning, leave early and allow ample time to travel. In the city one of the most problematic areas is where 90 narrows from 4 lanes into 2, leaving town. This traffic pattern isn't new so please merge carefully and respectfully and be patient the first week of school is normally the most congested , traffic wise. Let's have a safe , accident free first day of school!

Rock hunting isn't just for young kids but for the young at heart too!!! This week has been so much fun for us with all the visitors we have had sharing their finds! Happy Friday!

So after a little thought and some influence from a great group of kids we decided that if you have a pro-law enforcement rock that you have found, come bring it by the PD and we would love to see it , meet you and give you a Popsicle. We had a great little group that came by with one they found and it makes our day to see such creative and positive thoughts being spread around town. So paint a rock or find a rock with any thing law enforcement on it and bring it by the office we would love to meet you! We are open 8am-5pm Monday through Friday! #MadisonFlRocks #BacktheBlue

So it appears that our rock has been found and not returned, we are working on getting some new ones made and will post as soon as we get them ready!

Okay Rock Hunters! We have painted 1 golden rock with a MPD Car on it! If you find this rock PLEASE come turn it in at Madison Police Department, in exchange for our rock back we will give you a popsicle! Our office is open from 8am-5pm Monday - Friday so make sure you come see us, once the rock is turned back in we will immediately re-hide! The rock will be placed out first thing on Tuesday Morning - July 25th and we will keep re-hiding until we run out of popsicles 😉