Crestview Police Department

  • Agency: Crestview Police Department
  • Address: 201 Stillwell Blvd, Crestview, 32536 FL
  • Chief: Brian Mitchell (Chief of Police)
Phone: 850-682-3544
Fax: (850) 682-2080

Crestview Police Department is located at 201 Stillwell Blvd, Crestview, 32536 FL. The Chief of Police of the department is Brian Mitchell. The Crestview Police Department phone number is 850-682-3544.

Crestview Police Department News

SHERIFF'S OFFICE WARNS OF CREDIT CARD FRAUD Our friends at the Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office are advising all credit and debit card holders with Eglin Federal Credit Union and First National Bank to closely monitor all your accounts after EFCU Financial Security recently noticed suspicious activity involving a small number of compromised card numbers. An active investigation is underway at this time and both financial institutions have been reaching out to those possibly affected. The nature of the means of access to the compromised card numbers is under investigation at this time, hence we emphasize that card holders should be vigilant in keeping tabs on their accounts and looking for any suspicious transactions they did not authorize or make. If you notice any suspicious activity or unauthorized charges contact your financial institution immediately.

FINGERPRINTING SERVICES AVAILABLE AT CRESTVIEW POLICE DEPARTMENT Residents applying for certain licenses or undergoing pre-employment background checks for positions such as educators, some medical facilities, etc., often need to be fingerprinted as part of the procedure. The Crestview Police Department is pleased to offer as a community service walk-in fingerprinting services for pre-employment or licensing background checks. The service is offered Tuesdays and Thursdays between 2 and 4 p.m. and is performed by a sworn police officer. While no appointment is needed, services are subject to an officer’s availability based on call volume. Without a wait or exceptional circumstances, fingerprinting typically takes about 15 minutes. It is hoped that upon completion of planned renovations to the Police Department’s Whitehurst Municipal Building headquarters within the next year, fingerprinting services will be available throughout the workday. Both ink and LiveScan fingerprinting are available. LiveScan allows fingerprints to be instantly electronically transmitted to the appropriate agencies. Some agencies charge additional fees for LiveScan, so the individual should be prepared to pay those fees. The Police Department charges a nominal fee of $5 for city residents and $7 for non-city residents for fingerprinting services. Active duty military fingerprints are free. Residency status is determined by the address printed on your driver’s license or state identification card. For questions regarding this service, please contact the Crestview Police Records Division at 682.3544. PHOTO: Crestview Auxiliary Police Sgt. John Denney scans a resident’s fingerprints for a pre-employment background check. Fingerprinting services are offered at the Police Department Tuesdays and Thursdays from 2 p.m. until 4 pm.

A big shout-out to Joey the Jeweler who sent us three dozen Good Things donuts this morning! He knows cops and donuts go together like um, well, any other favorite favorable comparison metaphor. We've been working with the Main Street jewelry shop and other downtown businesses to address issues with homeless people. Between Dec. 1 and Feb. 28, our officers did 84 foot patrols in the area and completed 196 security checks there. Interestingly, we only received 7 calls for service on Main Street regarding homeless people during that three-month period.

The state mandates our officers do firearms qualifying every two years. Our standards require our officers to qualify twice a year. Higher standards make better officers and safer communities. Here some of our officers qualify for night-shooting certification in November 2017.

PHONE SCAMMER IMPERSONATES C.P.D. OFFICER Some area residents have reported receiving telephone calls from someone purporting to be a Crestview Police officer who tells his victims that they or a family member have an outstanding warrant from the Crestview Police Department. The caller demands immediate payment. Equally disturbing, the caller ID number from which residents report they have been called is “spoofed” to reflect the Crestview Police Department’s actual 850.682.3544 phone number. Residents who have been targeted have typically received a call from someone claiming he is ”Officer John Allen,” who provides a phony badge number. There is no such officer at the CPD. In a recent case, a Baker resident was directed to call an 844 area code number, which was answered by someone claiming to work for a law firm, to “take care of the warrant.” The phony officer said if the family didn’t pay the warrant within 24 hours, he would come to Baker and arrest the family member. As of this release no one has reported sending money to the scammers. The Crestview Police Department advises residents that warrants are issued in person and are not “settled” over the phone. Furthermore, the CPD does not have jurisdiction in Baker or elsewhere outside of the city of Crestview limits. Should anyone receive a similar call, the Police Department advises the recipient to hang up immediately and notify the police at 682.2055.

The Crestview Citizens Police Academy is in full swing! We have a class of about 10-12 residents this year who have been discovering the world of their local Police Department. So far they have experienced topics including the K9, Investigations, Patrol, Evidence, and Crime Scene Divisions. Last week they toured the county jail following a briefing. Tomorrow night they'll discover how the criminal justice system comes into play when we're joined by a judge, state attorney and public defender.

Police Chief Tony Taylor discusses Crestview’s two newest police officers’ vigorous training with their family members before Mayor David Cadle swears in the new officers and their wives pin on their badges.

C.P.D. POT BUST INTERRUPTS TRYST A resident call about a suspicious vehicle not only resulted in the arrest of the man in the driver’s seat on multiple drug charges, but also put a damper on a romantic interlude about to commence. Crestview Police responded to a Wednesday evening call about a suspicious vehicle parked on Majestic Prince Court, a residential cul-de-sac east of Walmart and north of Interstate 10. Around 9:20 p.m., the responding officer discovered 18-year-old Fort Walton Beach resident Malik Monroe, 18, in the driver’s seat of a blue two-door Honda, with a female passenger accompanying him. “The defendant was pulling his pants up,” the officer stated in Mr. Monroe’s arrest report. The odor of burnt marijuana emanating from the car provided probable cause to search the vehicle, which yielded a small bag containing what field-tested positive for cocaine, two digital scales, two medium-sized bags of what field-tested positive for marijuana, and a large bag containing several medium-sized bags of what also field-tested positive for marijuana. Mr. Monroe also had $318 in cash on him. A total of more than 13 ounces of marijuana was discovered. The suspected cocaine weighed less than a gram. Mr. Monroe was arrested on charges of unlawful possession or sale of a controlled substance with intent to sell, unlawful possession of a controlled substance without a prescription, and possession or use of drug paraphernalia. The female was not arrested.

TWO NEW OFFICERS JOIN C.P.D. FAMILY In a short Warriors Hall ceremony Wednesday morning, Mayor David Cadle swore in two new Crestview Police officers, including a cadet currently completing the law enforcement academy at Northwest Florida State College’s Criminal Justice program and a former U.S. Air Force MP. Police cadet Justin Wallen was formerly a manager at a Crestview grocery store, but when introduced to the Police Department while attending the 2017 Crestview Citizens Police Academy, he soon envisioned a change of career in his future. “I was not interested in becoming a police officer until I went into the Citizens Police Academy and did a ride along with Officer Josh Ellrick,” Cadet Wallen said. “He spoke of the Crestview Police’s family-like atmosphere and I knew then this was where I wanted to be.” Officer Javonnia Peak, a Baker native, easily transitioned from a distinguished military police career to the ranks of a sworn, certified police officer and following his swearing-in, began the Police Department’s field officer training program later Wednesday morning. “It was a calling,” Ofcr. Peak said. “I knew when I was in high school I wanted to become a police officer.” Cadet Wallen is eager to complete his academy training next month and join Ofcr. Peak in the field officer training program, in which he will be partnered with a training officer and learn the Crestview Police Department’s protocols and culture, including computer systems, communications and professional practices. “It sounds a little cliché, I guess, but I’m looking forward to helping our community,” he said. “I want to stick up for the little guy.” WANT TO JOIN? The Crestview Police Department welcomes citizens interested in a career in law enforcement, including separating military members interested in transitioning to law enforcement, to apply to become a Crestview Police officer. The medium-sized agency offers a family-like atmosphere with more opportunities for advancement or lateral transfer into specialized divisions such as Investigations or K9 than large agencies provide. Visit and click the “careers” tab for information and application documents, or call 850.682.3544 and ask to speak to a recruitment officer for more details.

We at the Crestview Police Department offer our sincerest condolences to Art Dreaden and his sons on the loss this morning of longtime Crestview Public Library reference librarian Sandra Dreaden. Sandra will always be remembered whenever we enter the library and admire the artworks on the Sandra Dreaden Exhibition Wall, which we dedicated last fall. She was also an active member of the Crestview Area Chamber of Commerce, faithfully promoting the library's mission among the business, education and government communities and chairing the chamber's Government Issues Committee. Sandra's smile, wisdom and love of the arts will be missed by the community and all whose hearts she touched.

UPDATED: APPLYING THE GOLDEN RULE When a pair of Crestview Police officers were dispatched to Main Street South at State Road 85 for a citizen welfare check, they encountered a homeless man sitting by the road. The man appeared to be in a weakened condition. “He mentioned he hadn't eaten for a long time and Corey and Christina handled that,” fellow Officer Nate Marlar said of his colleagues, Officers Corey Newcomb and Cristina Dawson. The officers picked up a to-go order of food from a nearby eatery and returned to give it to the man, then remained with him a few minutes to make sure he was OK. “A concerned citizens had seen him and gave us a call,” Officer Newcomb said. "We talked to him and found he hadn’t eaten in a couple of days, so we got him some food from the Exxon station store.” Officer Newcomb said though he attempted to purchase the food himself, the store gave him the meal at no charge. Officer Marlar said officers try not to judge citizens they encounter by their appearances or situations. “He’s another human being,” he said. “He needed a hand. That’s how we roll at CPD.”

COFFEE WITH A COP PROVIDES FORUM FOR EXCHANGING IDEAS WITH C.P.D. Residents enjoyed coffee and conversation with Police Chief Tony Taylor and some of his officers yesterday morning during Coffee With a Cop at Casbah Coffee Company. Topics including traffic, safety and even the new Food From the Fuzz program that has generated interest throughout the country were raised. Many thanks to our hosts Tracy and Bill and all the folks at Casbah, and to members of the Crestview Citizens Police Academy Alumni who joined us.

Chief Tony Taylor, some of our officers and CCPAA members are here at Casbah Coffee this morning until 10 am. Come share a free cup of Brazilian medium roast and and let us know what’s on your mind.

SCAMS: THEY'RE BAAAACK The Publisher's Clearing House scam is back in the area, joining the IRS scam and the Gulf Power scam in irritating some residents and bilking the unwary. A Crestview woman notified the Crestview Police Department Tuesday morning that she had received a call purporting to be from Publisher's Clearing House informing her she won a jackpot of millions of dollars and a new Mercedes-Benz. All she had to do was pay a $700 "processing fee," she was told. Luckily, unlike a local victim several years ago, she recognized a scam as soon as she was told she had to pay money to get her prizes. "If anyone asks for money, it's a scam," Crestview Police officer Cristina Dawson said. "Hang up." Later Monday morning, a Crestview resident warned via a Facebook message that she had received a call from someone pretending to be the IRA demanding immediate payment for supposedly delinquent taxes. "I just hung up on 'em," the resident stated in her post. In the Gulf Power scam, which resurfaced a couple weeks ago, residents receive phone calls informing them their power will be cut if they don't pay a delinquent bill immediately by buying a cash card. Gulf Power stressed the utility never calls customers to demand payment. All delinquent account notices are sent by mail, usually in the customer's monthly bill. "There are all kinds of people trying to fool you out of your money," Crestview Police Chief Tony Taylor said. "If an offer or a lottery or sweepstakes winning sounds too good to be true, it isn't. Never send anyone money over the phone."

GOOD DRIVERS REWARDED WITH FREE PIZZA! The Crestview Police Department’s Food From the Fuzz program will soon be rewarding good, safe driving practices with a certificate for a free Papa Murphy’s “FAVES” pizza. The program, which has not yet been implemented, has generated excitement and online discussion, not just in the community, but in social media posts from as far away as Seattle all the way to Maine. While motorist participation in the program as originally envisioned was completely voluntary, to address some concerns the department had received, the CPD Community Services division is tweaking Food From the Fuzz so the agency will present the reward for good driving — a certificate good for a Papa Murphy’s FAVES pizza — without pulling the driver over. “Programs like ours have been done by police departments all over the country without issue, and also in other countries,” Chief Tony Taylor said. “The program was developed purely to reward good driving. These courteous, civic-minded citizens make a significant, positive contribution to the safety of our community.” Chief Taylor noted that some social media posts, overwhelmingly from out-of-town writers, perverted the program’s intent to appear as if the Police Department was finding a means to conduct vehicle searches for everything from illicit narcotics to smuggled aliens. “There have been those who have posted irresponsible comments, trying to put a negative spin on a positive initiative,” the chief said. “It’s easy to jump on social media when there are no consequences for manufacturing conspiracy theories. “There is absolutely no plan to violate anyone’s rights,” Chief Taylor continued. “Our intent is only to reward good driving. There is no hidden agenda or motive.” Chief Taylor and members of his command staff noted many police interactions with local residents can result in negative consequences, such as a traffic citation or an arrest, but opportunities to reward good behavior are infrequent. “While there are plenty of statutes to address wrongdoing, there’s no statute that let’s us reward citizens for doing good,” Chief Taylor said. So if a motorist is observed driving well, the pizza will still be forthcoming, but not by being pulled over. The blue lights in the rearview mirror are reserved for bad drivers, Chief Taylor said. “Fear not,” he said. “If you’re pulled over in Crestview, you will not be getting a free pizza. It’s because you’re driving poorly and you might get a ticket instead.” Photo: Crestview Police Community Services officer Sam Kimmons stands for duty, honor, courage, integrity…and pizza! Under the new Food From the Fuzz program he initiated, motorists who are observed practicing good driving skills will be rewarded not with the Mini Murph pizza he is displaying, but a certificate for a full-sized Papa Murphy’s FAVES pizza.

What's on your mind? Concerns? Compliments? Suggestions? Come share them with Chief Tony Taylor and some of his officers at tomorrow's COFFEE WITH A COP, 8-10 a.m. at Casbah Coffee Company, 196 Pine Ave. W. (a block off Main Street near the courthouse). The coffee's free and so is the conversation. See you there!

Attendees at Tuesday's Citizens Police Academy learned about the functions and importance of our Dispatch Center, then were visited by K9 Division Officers Jay Seals and his partner, Sonic. Sonic demonstrated his olfactory prowess in the vehicle bay by making a beeline straight to the bumper of the SWAT team's rescue vehicle, where a simulated narcotic had been concealed. Sonic "alerted" by sitting down and staring at the source of the odor. The class concluded with a presentation on the Criminal Investigators Division's duties by Investigator Ralph Garrett. Citizens Police Academy meets every Tuesday evening through April.

Chief Taylor is live now on CVCTV’s inaugural edition of Hub and Friends.

Greetings from the set of “Hub and Friends” coming live on CVCTV from Hub City Smokehouse and Grill. Crestview Police Chief Tony Taylor will be on shortly to talk about new data that confirms crime is dropping in the county seat. Jerry Melvin is the program’s host.

COFFEE WITH A COP, WEDNESDAY, 21 FEB. Caffeine and conversation with Chief Tony Taylor and and some of his Crestview Police officers are waiting at Casbah Coffee Company during the upcoming Feb. 21 Coffee With a Cop. The event, held every even-numbered month, is an opportunity to meet with the police chief and some of his officers in a casual, informal atmosphere, Community Services Officer Wanda Hulion, one of the program’s coordinators, said. “It’s conveniently located downtown, and it gives us a chance to meet with citizens in a casual setting,” she said. That’s one of Coffee With a Cop’s strongest attractions, Police Chief Tony Taylor said. “People sometimes feel a little intimidated coming to see us at the Police Department,” Taylor said. “This is another way for us to reach out to the community, to be out in the community, and carry on conversations in a relaxed, informal atmosphere.” “We find we get a lot more interaction when we’re just out in public,” Ofc. Hulion’s partner, Officer Sam Kimmon, said. Taylor said the Community Services program, which started about four years ago, allows people the opportunity to discuss any topic of concern, offer praise or just get to know their police officers in an informal setting over a free cup of java. “Grab a cup of coffee, sit down and share what’s on your mind with us,” Taylor said.

WORLD'S FINEST FOR CRESTVIEW'S FINEST Just like nobody can resist Girl Scouts with cookies, it's impossible to resist a sweet Bob Sikes Elementary School safety patrol member when she called at the Police Department selling World's Finest Chocolates yesterday afternoon. Among officers who bought chockies are Sergeants Al Humphrey and Ray Harp, Investigator Ralph Garrett, Community Services Officer Wanda Hulion, and Investigator Travis Robinson.

Students enjoy a spin in the Crestview Police Department's parade Humvee during the 2017 Police Youth Academy.

Watch out, bad guys! Our new K9 unit composed of Officers Kody and Nate Marlar is back from the K9 academy, trained, certified, out on patrol and ready to stop some bad guys!