Perry Police Department

  • Agency: Perry Police Department
  • Address: 211 S Washington St, Perry, 32347 FL
  • Chief: Vern Clark (Chief of Police)

Perry Police Department is located at 211 S Washington St, Perry, 32347 FL. The Chief of Police of the department is Vern Clark. The Perry Police Department phone number is 850-584-5121.

Perry Police Department News

Here are some quick tips to decrease the likelihood that you are a victim of an car break-in: -Always lock your doors. Even if you’re just running in the house, 10 seconds can be long enough for a thief to take advantage of an opportunity. -Roll up your windows completely. Leaving your windows cracked does help air out your car on hot days. Unfortunately, it’s also an easy way for a thief to force open the window to unlock the car. -If you have one park in your garage with the door shut and secured. Do you sometimes forget whether you’ve closed the garage door? -Do not leave any valuables visible in the car, taking items inside with you whenever possible. Use your trunk if you need to keep some items in your vehicle. -If you park your car outside, make sure you have the right security lights to keep the area surrounding your car well lit. In public parking areas always park in high traffic spots with plenty of lights. Report any suspicious activity to 9-1-1 immediately. Remember! Ask yourself daily what have I done for my community, what have I done to improve my surroundings, have I done anything to help others. Then go out and make sure at the end of that day you can answer, “Yes”, to every question. As Always Call 911 in an Emergency! The Mission of the Perry Police Department is to Protect Life, Individual Rights and Property of all Members and Visitors to our Community. Proud to serve in #FloridasForestCapital #OneWordOneDay #BackTheBlue

If you were near downtown Perry around the courthouse shortly after lunch today, you may have seen a few officers of the Police Department out for a leisurely jog. It seems that there was a young man that decided it would be a good idea to try to open the doors to cars that were not his. He did this on at least 6 cars, all while someone working at a business downtown watched. The very observant Perry resident called the Police Department and provided a very good description of the wanderer down to the gloves he was wearing. Well, you see all of this was happening within 150 feet of the Police Department, after a quick announcement on the phone system and radio broadcast, the suspect was spotted and a chase on foot started. After about 7 or 8 blocks the young man was apprehended. For all of his troubles, he was charged with Burglary, Loitering and Prowling and Resisting without Violence. Please, everyone, keep your vehicles locked, all valuables hidden and stay observant. Had it not been for a concerned citizen being at the right place at the right time, who knows how many vehicles would have been targeted. and Remember! Ask yourself daily what have I done for my community, what have I done to improve my surroundings, have I done anything to help others. Then go out and make sure at the end of that day you can answer, “Yes”, to every question. As Always Call 911 in an Emergency! The Mission of the Perry Police Department is to Protect Life, Individual Rights and Property of all Members and Visitors to our Community. Proud to serve in #FloridasForestCapital #OneWordOneDay #WeBackTheBlue

The tragic loss of life in Las Vegas is senseless. This is not the time to start discussions about the reasons or to place blame. This is the time to pray for the fast recovery of the wounded, the comfort of the family and friends that lost loved ones and to pray for the souls of the precious lives cut short. Please don’t forget to pray for the first responders, the medical personnel and the other helpers that became heroes in that great time of need. Love your fellow man, practice patience, embrace diversity, be fair and be kind. Ask yourself daily what have I done for my community, what have I done to improve my surrounding, have I done anything to help anyone. Then go out and make sure at the end of that day you can answer, “Yes”, to every question. #WeStandWithVegas #OneWordOneDay #WeBackTheBlue As Always Call 911 in an Emergency! and REMEMBER: The Mission of the Perry Police Department is to Protect Life, Individual Rights and Property of all Members and Visitors to our Community. Proud to serve in #FloridasForestCapital

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***** SCAM ALERT ***** There is a fake $7,000 government grant scam being circulated around. Just received a call from a local Perry resident. The phone call started by the caller telling the local person that they were going to get $7,000 for free. They then wanted to know where they wanted it sent. They suggested many places where a person could have a MoneyGram or Western Union money wire sent. As soon as the local resident started questioning the caller, they said that because they had not filed bankruptcy in the last 6 months, had good credit and was a good US citizen that they could get FREE money. As soon as some follow up questions were asked, the scam started falling apart and the phone was hung up. GREAT work by an awesome local sleuth. The number was 202-721-5544 and it is a Washington DC area code. ----> A FEW KEY POINTS <---- If the Government gives you money, you will get a check in the mail. They will not ask you to pay a processing fee If it sounds too good to be true it probably is. You can't win money for things you didn't apply for. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS FREE MONEY!! You can also officially report the scammers to the Federal Trade Commission using the link below:

Using a Generator at Home, Prevent Carbon Monoxide (CO) Poisoning Never use a generator, grill, camp stove or other gasoline, propane, natural gas or charcoal-burning devices inside a home, garage, basement, crawlspace or any partially enclosed area. Keep these devices outdoors, away from doors, windows and vents that could allow carbon monoxide to come indoors. Opening doors and windows or using fans will not prevent CO buildup in the home. Although CO can't be seen or smelled, it can rapidly lead to full incapacitation and death. Even if you cannot smell exhaust fumes, you may still be exposed to CO. If you start to feel sick, dizzy, or weak while using a generator, get to fresh air RIGHT AWAY - DO NOT DELAY. Install CO alarms in central locations on every level of your home and outside sleeping areas to provide early warning of accumulating carbon monoxide. Test the batteries frequently and replace when needed. If the carbon monoxide alarm sounds, move quickly to a fresh air location outdoors or by an open window or door. Call for help from the fresh air location and remain there until emergency personnel arrive to assist you.

More News on traffic and road closures. US 27 Bridge Closure Northbound US 27 to Lake City --Detour Noth US 27 to Lake City at NW 9th street in High Springs Southbound US 27 to Gainesville --Southbound US27 traffic to Gainesville Detour at SR47 in Fort White US41 Bridge Closure --Northbound US41 to Lake City --Northbound US41 traffic to Lake City Detour at Winn Dixie in High Springs Southbound US41 to Gainesville detour CR778 I75 awaiting official word on closures of I75, If we get this information we will announce it as soon as possible. Also, these detours can have an impact in our area. Especially the I75 closures. Please be patient, be prepared for frequent stops and be a defensive driver. The Florida Department of Transportation is actively working with WAZE, Google Maps, the Georgia Department of Transportation and other transportation industry partners to communicate the potential reroutes to the public. Floridians should consult for up-to-date information on road closures and travel routes.

Now that we have had a break in the action, a little update on traffic. We had Semi-Driver with an unsecured load cover hit a power line on Hwy 19 @ Walgreens. The top of the pole broke, ripped down power lines and caused a massive power outage on top of the rest of the power outages. It took a while to get the traffic situation under control, but it's now done. Still flowing slow, down to a single lane. Traffic was backed up what seemed to Tallahassee on the North side and Salem on the South. Traffic signals were out, all restaurants and businesses off of Hwy 19, Wal-Mart, well basically almost everyone in Perry was without power again. We were able to find a few power lineman and they dropped what they were doing and jumped into action and worked at a pace we have never seen before. The pole is up but not completely set, but power is back on. Maybe the weary folks of Perry and the unfortunate people trying to return home can grab a meal, a cup of coffee and take a minute to relax. We all need to pray for the least fortunate returning to what maybe nothing. While we have been inconvenienced they have been displaced. They may return to nothing, to total destruction. We have our homes and will be without power for several days. I can guarantee that We are blessed here in Perry/Taylor County. And a big thank you to Florida Highway Patrol they sent us some Troopers to help with a traffic nightmare. We could not have done it without them!! Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles City of Perry Florida - Community Information ******EDIT****** We forgot to mention the great men and women of the Taylor County Sheriff's Office that lent us a hand when we called. We work together so often, in every imaginable situation that we often take each other for granted. When we called for help from them, it was already on the way. Lt. Ricketson and Sgt. Johnson had us a trailer with traffic cones delivered for us to start lining out the traffic lanes for the disaster. Many other Deputies started answering our calls in town because we had everyone at the police department blacking traffic. We even had the plain clothes Detectives working hard directing traffic in the middle of intersections. The Taylor County Sheriff's Office was definitely involved in the all hand situation!! DOT saved our bacon as well!! Thank You, Everyone!!

There is no timeline for closure of I-75 or other roads from Santa Fe River rise. Follow @MyFDOT & @FLHSMV on Twitter for updates. Also check for updates

***** REPORTING STORM DAMAGE***** All City and County residents with damage to homes should report this damage to Taylor County Emergency Management. Emergency Management is in the process of recording and cataloging damage in our area. You may do this by calling into Emergency Management at 838-3575. You can help speed up this process by taking photographs of the damage and email it to Emergency Management. When sending emails Remember to include: Your Full Name Your Address A contact phone number Any information that would help explain or describe the damage. Send Email to ------> Thank You!! And Stay Safe ******* SAFETY NOTICE ****** If running generators please make sure that they are in well ventilated outside areas, away from open windows and garages. There has been tragic loss of life in the Central Florida area from generator exhaust. There are at least 6 losses of precious life.

*** SCHOOL CLOSURES *** Taylor County schools are closed until Monday, September 18th. This decision was made in the best interest of our school district, students, and families in local recovery efforts. If there are any changes and we are notified we will provide an update. #OneWordOneDay #WeBackTheBlue As Always Call 911 in an Emergency! and REMEMBER: The Mission of the Perry Police Department is to Protect Life, Individual Rights and Property of all Members and Visitors to our Community. Proud to serve in #FloridasForestCapital

*********TRAFFIC ALERT *********** PRE-IRMA Traffic has returned to our area. Hwy 19 is now completely congested. Plan for and expect delays. Traffic has increased significantly on Hwy 221(Jefferson St) and Hwy 98. Traffic Lights are being operated manually at key locations. The mass flow of traffic has severely impacted our area. Local residents are encouraged to use secondary roadways if possible.

Message from the Chief of Police to All City of Perry Police Officers and support staff, after the impacts of Hurricane Irma. Over the last several days, members of the Perry Police Department accomplished some amazing things. They knew that there was a high possibility of a Dangerous Hurricane that everyone feared reaching our area, they prepared their families to be self sufficient survivors. They prepared their families to carry on when they were not at home when the worst parts of Irma reeked havoc on the Perry/Taylor County Community. They prepared their husbands, wives, children, parents, loved ones and friends, to keep pushing forward, charging toward recovery when they would be out helping others. The Officers prepared themselves mentally for the responses to people who could not help themselves, the people that won't prepare themselves and the people that prepare but who are thrust into a life threatening and volatile situation anyway. These wonderful officers performed their duties professionally, with empathy and with respect. These officers embraced the Police Department's Mission to Protect all lives, individual right and property of the members and visitors to our Community. Many times these amazing First Responders surprise, impress and teach me what it is to embrace our Mission, Values and Vision. Heroic acts are not the exception here ,it is very often the rule for these amazing people. I want to congratulate every Patrol Officer, every detective, every clerk, every assistant and every supervisor. You have served your city and community with Honor, Respect and Dignity. You Prepared your families to survive without you to help, you prepared your families to carry on if you never came home, you are truly amazing Men and Women, you are all sincerely the Heroes everyone needed in this time of tragedy. You make me proud to be a part of your PERRY POLICE DEPARTMENT. And a very special thank you to every spouse and child of our amazing police officers and support staff. Thank You for allowing us to borrow your loved ones when our community needed them most. You are My Heroes!!

UPDATE FROM TRI-COUNTY ELECTRIC- As predicted Hurricane Irma has had devastating effects on our area. Tri-County Electric Crews are now hard at work to safely restore power to as many people as possible at a time. At the time there are more than 15,947 meters in the Tri County Service area without power. By County: Dixie - 593 Jefferson - 3392 Lafayette - 48 Madison - 5358 Taylor - 6543 Tri-County has additional support on the way to our area. Please be advised that with the amount of wind damage we received, some power outages may last 7 days or more. A TCEC outage map is available and is updated every 10 minutes at, a hard hat symbol indicates a crew is working in that area. If you need to report an outage you can do so via text by texting TCEC to 800.999.2285, on their website, through their mobile app and by calling 800.999.2285 IMPORTANT SAFETY CONCERNS DOWN POWER LINES- Do not go within 25 feet of a down power line. There is not a way to tell if a line is energized or not by looking at it. FLOODING - To remain safe in a flooding situation PLEASE do not try to manipulate any power conductors, including flipping your breaker. This includes your main outside breaker, opening your meter, or attempting to unplug anything from your outlets. WIND SPEED - Power crews members cannot address all outages in extreme weather conditions and sustained winds over 35 miles per hour. This is an OSHA Safety Regulation GENERATORS - Never connect a standby generator to your home's electrical system. Set-up and run your generator in well ventilated area outside of the home. Make sure it is away from doors, windows, and vents. The carbon monoxide generated is deadly. We have not received any updates from Duke Energy concerning outages in our area. From information obatined from thier website, there are well over 300,000 Duke Energy Customers without power in the State of Florida. It probably will take several days to restore power to the residents of our area. STAY SAFE...

**** 7:00 am Update***** Current winds - We are not currently receiving wind speed updates from Perry. We are monitoring the Speed in Cross City and Tallahassee. Tallahassee Winds @ 5:53am Sustained - 30 MPH Gusts ------ 43 MPH Cross City Winds @ 5:55 Sustained - 32 MPH Gusts ------ 53 MPH There are multiple reports of power outages in our area. Almost all traffic lights are without power. We are currently running on generator power at the Emergency Operations Center. Reports of debris in roadways, a few benches were found in some roads as well as some trees. The Curfew ended at 7:00, we are expecting some more serious winds in our area soon. Shelter in Place and Stay Safe Verizon service has been in and out for about the last hour. ************REMEMBER************* Treat traffic signals that have no power/working lights as 4-way stops.