Daytona Beach Police Department

  • Agency: Daytona Beach Police Department
  • Address: 129 Valor Blvd, Room 3001, Daytona Beach, 32114 FL
  • Chief: Michael Chitwood (Chief of Police)
Phone: 386) 671-5102

Daytona Beach Police Department is located at 129 Valor Blvd, Room 3001, Daytona Beach, 32114 FL. The Chief of Police of the department is Michael Chitwood. The Daytona Beach Police Department phone number is 386) 671-5102.

Daytona Beach Police Department News

Another Bike week has come and gone. Thanks for visiting our city. See you again soon!

This young man's anger against a local business prompted him to call 911 and claim that he had been the victim of an armed robbery. DBPD responded as it should with K-9 and several officers in order to find the "armed robber." But when 21-year-old Connor Lobianc was interviewed by DBPD detectives outside the bank where he claimed this heist occurred, Lobianc admitted he took the money because he was mad at his employer. Off to jail he went.

Daytona Beach Police detectives began investigating an identity theft ring in November of 2017. It began with multiple complaints of personal identification being used without the victims' knowledge. The results were a multitude of package and mail thefts. The investigation led to the identification of seven potential suspects. After approximately 300 hours of investigative work, search warrants were obtained for 106 Claire Terrace and 2234 S. Peninsula Dr. Five people were arrested the night of the search warrants on narcotics charges. Upon a forensics examination of the electronics seized, more charges will be forthcoming. During the execution of the search warrants, the following was recovered: Televisions: 9 Computers/parts: 30+ Cell phones: 40+ Various Electronics: 30+ USB drives: 50+ Numerous checkbooks, credit cards, ledgers, and a credit card printer were found in both locations. Mail belonging to various residents in the general area was also discovered at both locations. These individuals are potential victims of identity theft. Arrested: David Curell Zoey Greeney Robert Raley Kelly Raley John Benning Jr Samantha Moore Robert Smith Seized TVs are pictured below. KUDOS to DBPD's Property Crimes detectives who tracked down all the pilfered TVs!

Our heartfelt condolences to the family and colleagues of Pikeville Police Officer Scotty Hamilton, killed in the line of duty late Tuesday.

This fuzzy man didn't make the Crook's Corner Photo Album, but that doesn't mean DBPD is not interested in finding out who and where he is. If you know who he is, click on the photo and contact Daytona Beach Detective Wayne Dorman, 386-671-5232, or, The case number is 180003031. Please mention the case number when you contact Detective Dorman.

This is a photo album of thieves who the Daytona Beach Police Department need help identifying. If you have any info about any of these folks, please contact Detective Wayne Dorman, 386-671-5232, or, Please reference the case number under the photo when contacting Detective Dorman. Your assistance is appreciated!

MORE STEALING. The men pictured below at the 7-Eleven, 5100 LPGA Blvd. in Daytona Beach, took off with cigarettes on March 5. They "forgot" to pay for the smokes. If you know who they are, please call Daytona Beach Detective Eric Knight, 386-671-5247, or,

If you know who these guys are, can you call DBPD? The males pictured below are wanted for stealing items from a vehicle parked at the 100 block of Bay Street on Feb. 24, 2018. If you have ANY info, please contact Daytona Beach Police Detective Mary Talluto, 386-671-5220, or,

JUST DO IT LADIES. For the first time ever, the Daytona Beach Police Department is offering a women's self-defense class taught by one of our own officers. Detective Dawn Harris is a veteran cop and an excellent self-defense instructor who will teach you to stay safe and in control. The class is April 18, from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. at DBPD headquarters, 129 Valor Blvd. It's FREE. Reserve your spot. Contact Detective Harris, 386-671-5208, or, Sgt. Nick Fiore, 386-671-5291.

It's on Daytona. Stay safe! Thanks Edith Shelley for these great pics of our Motors Unit 2018!

Our thoughts are with the Pomona Police Department in California for the loss of one of their officers and the injury to another officer during a standoff Saturday.

UPDATE: NABBED BY DBPD FRIDAY NIGHT. This is Timothy Jackson, 32, and the Daytona Beach Police Department is looking for him. Jackson was fired from Daytona Slingshot, 25 S. Atlantic Ave., this week and he sent a text to fellow workmates threatening to "shoot up the place and have target practice." Jackson also sent a workmate a picture of himself holding a handgun. If anyone has any info regarding Jackson's whereabouts, please contact Sgt. Bill Brown, 386-671-5224, or 386-671-5447. Any help is appreciated.

BUSY THURSDAY NIGHT.....Raymond Roberts threatened a Daytona Beach Police officer with a firearm on Thursday evening on Mary McLeod Bethune Boulevard. He sped off in his vehicle and refused to stop for police, running several red lights along the way. When he arrived at his residence, he threatened a relative with a weapon, then went outside after the relative called 911. Roberts then held DBPD officers at bay for hours. SWAT and DBPD hostage negotiators were on scene. The standoff ended peacefully and no one was hurt. Roberts is in the county jail facing multiple felony charges.

The Daytona Beach Police Department is currently involved in a standoff with a suspect that is armed with a long gun at 1401 Forrest Avenue. The suspect has a violent history and is currently in an agitated state. Both SWAT and Hostage Negotiators are on scene.

Our Officer for the Day, Joshua Williams, got to meet K-9 Leo Thursday morning. Then he learned about all the good stuff that goes on inside DBPD, including how to analyze fingerprints from our top notch analyst Cyndi Oteri. After all that work, our newest officer eats lunch with the Chief.

We had an extra special COMPSTAT on Thursday with our new Officer for the Day, 16-year-old Joshua Williams! Josh is more than ready to get out there and fight crime. Welcome Joshua!

Daytona Beach police officers will soon have new technology available for identifying street drugs in the field. Tonight the City Commission unanimously approved the purchase of TacticID, a hand-held tool which quickly and safely identifies narcotics, pharmaceutical pills, cutting agents and thousands of hazardous and common chemicals. The device uses laser technology to scan a substance which activates molecules in the sample and sends back a molecular “fingerprint” to the device’s library of more than 1,000 known drugs and chemicals. The device can even scan the drugs through glass or plastic so officers remain safe from the threat of accidental exposure to dangerous substances.

Bike Week 2018 rolls in this Friday. Here’s a message from our Chief Craig Capri.