Milledgeville Police Department

  • Agency: Milledgeville Police Department
  • Address: 125 W McIntosh St, Milledgeville, 31061 GA
  • Chief: Woodrow W Blue, Jr (Chief of Police)
Phone: 478-414-4000

Milledgeville Police Department is located at 125 W McIntosh St, Milledgeville, 31061 GA. The Chief of Police of the department is Woodrow W Blue, Jr. The Milledgeville Police Department phone number is 478-414-4000.

Milledgeville Police Department News

Retweeted GA Highway Safety (@gohsgeorgia): We can assure you of one thing if you're caught driving drunk tonight or any other night. You will be arrested and you will go to jail. No warnings, no excuses. You'll be getting pinched for sure and it won't be because you're not wearing green.

Retweeted GA Highway Safety (@gohsgeorgia): Don't lose your pot of gold to the variety of costs associated with a DUI. It's estimated a DUI can cost $10,000 in fines, court costs, medical bills, lost wages, lost job, increased insurance rates and even more if you hurt someone else while drunk behind the wheel. #drivesober

Retweeted GA Highway Safety (@gohsgeorgia): If this is you tomorrow night, no amount of luck or green paraphernalia is going to get you out of a DUI. No warnings, no excuses. #drivesober #designateddriver #DUI #buzzeddrivingisdrunkdriving

Look who got another invite to his birthday party? Last year, one of Milledgeville Police Department's biggest fans, Ayden, loved law enforcement so much he wanted to invite only police officers to his 4th birthday party. Lt. Reenae Gray & Officer David Descoteaux showed up at his home with fun police activities, his very own police uniform and a big hug. In addition to the gift, some of our MPD officers also showed up at Ayden’s birthday bash. He has invited us once again to help celebrate his 5th birthday. Any MPD officers along with their children interested in attending this future police officer’s birthday costume party are more than welcome to attend.

Retweeted GA Highway Safety (@gohsgeorgia): Shakespeare wrote, "beware the ides of March" and just like Julius Caesar met his maker 2,062 years ago today, you could meet yours if you drive distracted. But to be on the safe side, maybe stay away from guys named Brutus today too! #headsupgeorgia #drivealert #arrivealive

Retweeted GA Highway Safety (@gohsgeorgia): Drinking your favorite green beer is no problem...just don't get behind the wheel after you've done so. You've got one week to plan you St. Patrick's Day sure to remember a #designateddriver. #overthelimitunderarrest #zerotolerance #drivesober

MPD holds second Conceal Carry course of the year Officials with Milledgeville Police Department’s Specialized Patrol Unit are preparing for the second session of the police department’s Conceal Carry course. Due to the favorable response by citizens, MPD officials have decided to continue to offer the course twice a year to interested applicants. The program will consist of classroom instruction, simulator training, as well as an opportunity for participants to utilize the firing range. The first class for the Spring Session Conceal Carry course is slated for Monday, April 9 from 6:30- 9 p.m. The next two classes in the course, slated for April 16 and 21, will feature simulator training with officials from the Department of Juvenile Justice and a chance for participants to perfect their skills on the firing range. There is no cost for the course. Applications are available at the Milledgeville Police Department located at 125 West McIntosh Street. All applications must be completed and turned in to the police department by Thursday, March 29. For more information, contact the Milledgeville Police Department at 478-414-4000 and ask for Maj. John Davis or Lt. Reenae Gray, head supervisor of the Specialized Patrol Unit. You may also visit the Milledgeville Police or Specialized Patrol Facebook page to send a message.

Retweeted GA Highway Safety (@gohsgeorgia): We're almost there...rise and shine and get through your work day and then it will be Friday so the weekend is practically here already (makes sense, right?). But you better be reading this while you're still at home and not while behind the wheel! #drivealert #headsupgeorgia

Retweeted GA Highway Safety (@gohsgeorgia): Attention Law Enforcement: Don't forget that March 28 is the deadline to RSVP for MADD Georgia's 14th Annual Golden Shield Honor luncheon banquet. If your department is planning on attending, RSVP at

Retweeted GA Highway Safety (@gohsgeorgia): If you normally eat breakfast in the car on the way to work, that's distracted driving. It's not just about texting or using a phone while behind the wheel. #drivealert #justdrive #headsupgeorgia

Officials with Milledgeville Police Department’s Specialized Patrol Unit held the first class of their highly anticipated Conceal Carry Course. The program was first held in June of 2016 with more than 40 participants in the class. Due to the favorable response by citizens, MPD officials have decided to continue to offer the course to interested applicants. MPD Patrol Commander John Davis and SPU's Sgt. Nick Reonas discussed the basic laws and legislation regarding firearm use in Georgia. The next two classes in the course will feature simulator training with officials from the Department of Juvenile Justice and a chance for participants to perfect their skills on the firing range.

Today MPD’s Public Information Officer Felicia Cummings was honored as a Jefferson Award nominee. The Jefferson Awards for Public Service is a national program that recognizes and promotes volunteerism both locally and nationally. Cummings was nominated by Police Chief Dray Swicord for her continuous work to bridge the gap between law enforcement & the community as well as the roles she plays as mentor and teacher. PIO Cummings was selected as the September winner of the local Jefferson Award program.

It's almost that time again...let's see if Milledgeville Police Department can get Statewide Agency of the Year for a 2nd year in a row. MPD officers are dedicated to the prevention, enforcement, and education of DUI here in Milledgeville.

Retweeted GA Highway Safety (@gohsgeorgia): More than 60 percent of those people who have been killed in vehicle crashes this year in Georgia weren't wearing a seat belt. Seat belts are your best protection in case you are ever in a crash. #buckleupGA #justaclick #improveURodds

Retweeted GA Highway Safety (@gohsgeorgia): Georgia's distracted driving law not only prohibits drivers from texting but also from sending/receiving e-mails and reading & posting on social media. Please keep your 👀 on the road & not on your 📱. #headsUPgeorgia #putitdown #arrivealive

Retweeted GA Highway Safety (@gohsgeorgia): Designating a driver or calling a friend, cab or ride-sharing service can save thousands of dollars and it will save lives. Plan a sober ride before going out. #zerotolerance #planahead #drivesober

Retweeted Governor Nathan Deal (@GovernorDeal): As a mark of respect for the memory and sacrifice of Locust Grove Police Officer Chase Maddox, who was tragically killed in the line of duty, I’ve ordered flags fly at half-staff in Henry County and on State Capitol Grounds tomorrow.

MPD's Specialized Patrol Unit (SPU) took the time to spread some love throughout the community during this Valentine's Day. Lt. Reenae Gray, head supervisor of SPU, and the police department's PIO, Felicia Cummings, visited various senior citizen communities bearing sweet Valentine's Day gifts on behalf of the Milledgeville Police Department and SPU. Gray and Cummings went to the Senior Citizens Center, The Cottages at Woodland Terrace, and Savannah Court. The sweet gesture is part of an ongoing program sponsored by SPU called Seniors and Officers Socializing (SOS). The program is a senior citizen version of Coffee with a Cop, in which members of SPU visit different senior citizen facilities in Milledgeville and spend quality time with the elderly.

Retweeted GA Highway Safety (@gohsgeorgia): It is supposed to a wet weekend in Georgia. Don't try to drive through roads covered with water. #turnaround #dontdrown #headsUPgeorgia #driveslowonwetroads

Our most sincere condolences to the family and friends of Locust Grove Police Officer Chase Maddox, who was killed in the line of duty today.