Baldwin Police Department

  • Agency: Baldwin Police Department
  • Address: 155 Willingham Ave., Baldwin, 30511 GA
  • Chief: Lamar H Clark (Chief of Police)
Phone: (706) 776-5256
Fax: (706) 776-8125

Baldwin Police Department is located at 155 Willingham Ave., Baldwin, 30511 GA. The Chief of Police of the department is Lamar H Clark. The Baldwin Police Department phone number is (706) 776-5256.

Baldwin Police Department News

For your bravery and service, we are grateful

Baldwin conducted a coloring contest for Red Ribbon week for Baldwin Elementary School. These are the winners for each grade along with Asst. Chief Shawn Gragg and Officer Stephen Cannon. Kindergarten- Hudson Garrett, 1st grade- Miley Rodriguez, 2nd grade- Sophie Torres, 3rd grade- Jasmine Parker, 4th grade- Vere Ortega, and 5th grade- Janeth Calderon. Congratulations to all the winners!

Make sure you're not distracted behind the wheel while you're chowing down on Candy Corn! #NationalCandyCornDay #DriveAlert #ArriveAlive

This Saturday at 9 am.

Information and installation tips

Thank you Circle of Hope for the cookies today!

According to NHTSA traffic-related fatalities have been the leading cause of death for law enforcement officers in 15 of the last 20 years. Please move over to protect our officers! #SafetySunday

Chief Webb in the dunk tank!

So much Fun and Candy at the Habersham E911 Children's Fun Fest, and the best part... Chief Webb in the dunk tank!

Don't forget! Fun Fest tonight at the Fairgrounds 5-8. There's a ton of vendors coming, a Rollover Simulator, a DJ, Smokey the Bear, a Dunk Tank and lots more!

Here are the times for the dunk tank Thursday!

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