Winder Police Department

  • Agency: Winder Police Department
  • Address: 25 E. Midland Ave, Winder, 30680 GA
  • Chief: Stanley Rodgers (Chief of Police)
Phone: (770) 867-2156
Fax: (770) 867-5628

Winder Police Department is located at 25 E. Midland Ave, Winder, 30680 GA. The Chief of Police of the department is Stanley Rodgers. The Winder Police Department phone number is (770) 867-2156.

Winder Police Department News

Since everyone is staying off the roads like they should, please look at this video and see if you can identify this gentleman; he may have procured an item without permission. Please PM me if you know who he is.

Okay Facebook friends and followers.... We are down to the last two days of voting for our gingerbread house. If you can't make it by the Customer Center, no worries! All you have to do is click on the picture and like the photo. That counts as a vote too! Thank you all for your help!

The City of Winder is hosting their first annual Gingerbread contest. If you are in the area please go by the Customer Center at 45 E. Athens St. and see all the creative gingerbread houses and place your vote for #11 the Police Department!! Voting is from 12/18 - 12/21. Thank you!!

More SCAMS yesterday: First victim was lucky, second victim, not so much. First- A person was selling a guitar on Craiglist and received a message from someone wanting to buy it with a check for more than it was worth; he could keep the selling price and a fee for transferring the rest to another account. He brought the check to us and told the guy to bring cash to the Police Department; chances they will show up? ZERO. Second- A lady was notified she won $650 THOUSAND dollars, all she had to do was pay some fee, then another taxes, then another fee, then another taxes... THIRTY THOUSAND DOLLARS LATER, the scammers were still trying to get money but there was none left. Chances the $650,000 will show up? ZERO. Please people, these scammers are great sales people. We are depending on you to talk to everyone you know about this. Many do not have Facebook so let them know ASAP.

The Winder Police Department would like to a give thanks to Bethlehem Church for providing our officers and staff with lunch last Thursday. We would also like to give thanks to Jim & Darlene Townsend for providing donut certificates for the officers. We have received all kinds of goodies (cookies, candy, waters, etc.) during Decemeber forom several different people and kids within the community and we would like to say thank you to you as well. We love all the goodies! Thank you all again for thinking of our officers and supporting them!!

SCAM ALERT from the Fire Chief: There is a scam soliciting funds over the phone to help with firefighter injuries and legislation. We are not seeking any funds for this and the public should disregard this request. As more information becomes available we will let you know so you can put it out too.

Reminder: If someone calls and says you have warrants, they are scammers!!! Just laugh and say "Come get me!" If there are any valid warrants on you, we will knock on your door and let you know. Also, no legitimate company will make you go get gift cards, Green Dot cards, or the like to pay a bill.

The 69th Winder Christmas Parade Reminder! WHEN: SATURDAY, DECEMBER 9, 2017 WHERE: NORTH BROAD STREET BEGINNING AT INGLES HEADING SOUTH TO EAST ATHENS STREET TOWARDS JUG TAVERN PARK TIME: 2:00 PM ROAD CLOSURES: Saturday, December 9th—North Broad Street beginning at Ingles Market down to May Street (closure will take place at the beginning of the parade and will reopen as the last float goes by). Multiple side streets will be closed for the duration of the parade including East Athens Street from North Broad Street to MLK Drive. OTHER ROAD CLOSURES: Saturday, December 9th—East Candler Street from North Broad Street to Park Avenue from approximately 8 am—10 pm. The Winder Downtown Business Association is hosting an event immediately following the parade at this location. The Gazebo parking lot on East Candler will be CLOSED for the event.

***Christmas with a Cop for 12/9 has been postponed due to the weather***

Well my comments didn't post with the video yesterday so here they are. Please PM me if you can identify the person in this truck of a possible location. He took something from a closed business that did not belong to him.

If you can identify these two, please send me a PM. It's possible the male subject took something which did not belong to him. I know the quality is not that great, but it's the best we have at this time.

***Traffic Alert*** We will begin road construction on East Wright Street this Wednesday, the 29th. East Wright will be receiving Full Depth Reclamation, or FDR. This process is much more invasive than the conventional paving that took place on the previous 3 roads. Below a proposed detailed schedule has been outlined: • Wednesday 11/29: Mill East Wright Street • Thursday 11/30: Begin FDR • Friday 12/1/17: Complete FDR • Thursday 12/7 or Friday 12/8: Place binder/first coat of asphalt. • Monday 12/11: Place asphalt top coat, apply temporary striping. This schedule will be dependent upon weather, not just rain but temperature, compaction, and multiple other factors. If there are any issues that change the schedule we will send out notifications. One lane of travel should always be open, however due to the nature of this type of construction East Wright Street should be avoided if possible.

SCAMS-This time of year scams ramp up again. Please be aware and spread the word. In the past two days we have taken reports from people who were hired to Work At Home and paid up-front almost 15,000 dollars. THESE ARE FAKE CHECKS. We also had the same IRS and "You failed to show for jury duty" scams. In the Jury Duty case, a Barrow County resident was told they failed to show for Oconee County. TIPS: Never give any account or personal information over the phone and if someone tells you to go buy pre-paid cards to pay a bill or fine, DON'T DO IT.

Remember these guys from the scam of a Winder resident which started at the Walmart? All are now residents of the Barrow County Jail and awaiting their court date. Bond has been denied.

Not a great video but if you know who these people are, please PM me. The male was carrying a small dog.

***Traffic Alert*** Beginning next Monday, 11/13/17, East Wright Street from Martin Luther King Jr. Drive to the city limit sign heading East on Wright Street and East Midland Avenue from Martin Luther King Jr. Drive to the city limit sign heading East on Midland Avenue will experience partial lane closures and delays due to paving taking place and should be avoided if possible. Work on both roads will continue through the week and updated schedules will be sent as they are available.


Save time and pay your citations online!

***Traffic Alert*** Beginning next Monday, 11/6/17, Jerome Street from Hamilton Avenue to North Woodlawn Avenue and Sims Street from North 5th Avenue to North Avenue will experience partial to full road closures due to paving taking place. The work on both roads is expected to completed by Wednesday, 11/8/17, at the latest. The schedule of the work will be dependent upon the weather and any changes in schedule, as well as details on project completion of each road, will be communicated as they occur. Please seek alternate route.

**Traffic Alert** East Athens Street from Park Avenue to Martin Luther King Jr. Drive will be closed from 5:00PM-10:00PM tonight, 10/27/2017, due to the City’s annual Spooktacular. Attached is an image of the area that will be closed. Sorry for any inconvenience.

**Traffic Alert** West Stephens Street from 3rd Avenue to North Center Street will be closed today, 10/26/2017, due to concrete work. Sorry for the inconvenience.

**Traffic Alert** Highland Drive from Georgia Avenue to Martin Luther King Jr Drive, East New Street from Georgia Avenue to Griffith Street, and East Wright Street from Griffith Street to Martin Luther King Jr Drive will be closed today, 10/24/2017, due to road repairs. Attached is an image of the area that will be closed. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Both subjects exiting the store. I tried adding this to the comments but it didn't appear to post.