Canton Police Department

  • Agency: Canton Police Department
  • Address: 221 E Marietta St, Canton, 30114 GA
  • Chief: Todd Vande Zande (Interim Chief of Police)
Phone: 770-720-4883
Fax: 770-345-1409

Canton Police Department is located at 221 E Marietta St, Canton, 30114 GA. The Interim Chief of Police of the department is Todd Vande Zande. The Canton Police Department phone number is 770-720-4883.

Canton Police Department News

Can you identify this individual? The pictured male is wanted for questioning in reference to Identity Theft. This individual is accused of using a credit card, not belonging to him, to make multiple purchases at the GameStop and VapeRite in Canton. If you have information as to the identity of the pictured individual, please contact Detective Tom Priest at the Canton Police Department. phone: 770 720-4883 or Email:

Can you identify these individuals? The pictured individuals are wanted for questioning in reference to a shoplifting event at the Canton WalMart. They are accused of taking a JBL 4 speaker, valued at $99. If you have information as to identify either of these individuals, please contact Detective Tom Priest at the Canton Police Department. Phone: 770 720-4883 or Email:

If you get the chance today, please also congratulate Officer Alexzander Crawford for his first year with the agency. Thank you sir for the commitment, mindset and attitude you exhibit each day for our department and citizens we serve. What you do makes a noble difference!

If you have a moment today, please congratulate Officer Robert Marinaccio for his first year with our department. In fact, he has been in our profession for over thirty (30) years. Thank you for your dedicated service with our organization and our community we engage with each day. Continue to make a noble difference!

We were proud to participate in the Law Enforcement Torch Run for Special Olympics today, hosted by Woodstock Police, GA. Law enforcement agencies throughout the county joined together in raising awareness and funds for Special Olympics.

Please help us congratulate Sgt. Scott Hoffman. He was awarded the Rotary Club's Officer of the Year award for the Canton Police Department.

Community Message!

If you have a second today, please congratulate Lt. Matt Baldwin for his twenty-one (21) years with our organization. In fact, this is his twenty-fifth (25) year in our profession. Thank you sir for your many years of loyal and dedicated service to our agency and community we engage with each day. What you do makes a noble difference!

Officers were dispatched to Etowah River Park for a juvenile that was separated from her family while kayaking. We are proud to report that she is safe and back with her family.

If you have a moment, please wish Officer Louis Salas a Happy Birthday. We truly appreciate your commitment and passion you have for our department and community we serve. Continue to make a noble difference sir!! Happy Birthday!!🎂

Today is our last Read with a Cop for the year. We are very proud of our great partnership with Canton and Hasty Elementary and had an awesome year reading and connecting with the children in our community. Have a great summer and we will see you next school year!

The pictured individual is wanted for questioning relating to a shoplifting event that occurred at the Walmart on Riverstone Parkway in Canton. The suspect has tattoos down his right arm and hand. If anyone recognizes or can identify the individual pictured, please contact the Canton Police Department Criminal Investigations Division at 770-720-4883.

“Officers Nab Suspect after Crime Spree” On Wednesday, May 9, 2018, Officers responded to several incidents throughout the City to include an incident of Shoplifting, Narcotics Possession, Theft by Taking (Auto) and Burglary (2 counts) all committed by the same suspect during the course of the day. Just before 11:00 am., an Officer was patrolling the area of East Main Street and Brown Industrial Parkway when she alertly noticed a white Dodge Caravan occupied by two (2) males sitting in the roadway. The Officer turned around to assist the stranded motorist when she observed the individuals quickly exit the vehicle and leave the scene on foot. As the Officer made it to the vehicle, the persons were nowhere to be found, the van’s engine appeared to be smoking and it was obstructing the roadway. At that time, the vehicle was towed out of the lane of travel and still, no contact was made with the occupants who left the scene. Later in the early afternoon, just after 2:00 pm., Officers responded to the report of a Shoplifting in progress at Kohl’s located at 2034 Cumming Highway. Upon arrival, the responding Officer made contact with Loss Prevention who advised they stopped a man who previously was walking through the store taking assorted articles of clothing and placing them in his backpack. The stolen items were recovered from the suspect and the Officer determined the male had outstanding warrants through the City of Canton and Cherokee County. As the reporting Officer took the individual into custody for the outstanding warrants and the charge of shoplifting, he discovered the suspect was in possession of four (4) Schedule IV Narcotic pills. The perpetrator was then transported to the Cherokee Sheriff’s Office Adult Detention Facility. As the afternoon progressed, Officers discussed the fact the male who was arrested at Kohl’s may be one of the subjects who earlier walked off from the abandoned vehicle on East Main Street. Around 4:30 pm., Units responded to the Mr. Clean Carwash at 220 Riverstone Parkway in reference to the report of a stolen auto. As the reporting Officer arrived, it now became clear why the individuals left the scene of the abandoned vehicle, because it was stolen overnight. During the course of the investigation, Officers obtained store surveillance video, which shows the male, who was previously arrested at Kohl’s and left the abandoned vehicle on East Main Street, to be the same suspect who entered the carwash earlier that morning around 1:16 am. Once in the carwash bay, the perpetrator took the white caravan and as he left, he damaged one (1) of the facility bay doors. The calls involving this person did not stop there because later in the evening at approximately 11:00 pm., Officers responded to the report of a Burglary that occurred at 120 Westview Street. The reporting party advised responding units that he left for work in the morning and when he arrived home just before he called, he noticed someone forcibly entered the front door to his residence and took his large screen TV. During the course of the investigation, Officers and the assigned Detective discovered a possible suspect name, which turned out to be the same person our Officer arrested earlier in the day for the aforementioned criminal activity. At that time, the reported stolen TV in the burglary incident was located in the rear of the recovered stolen Dodge Caravan that was towed previously in the day. Chief Mark J. Mitchell stated, “I am proud of the teamwork of our Officers and Detectives, which was very important in connecting and solving the cases involving this suspect. One of the points in our Mission Statement is to create a safer Canton by reducing crime and by taking this person off our streets, it goes a long way toward improving the quality of life for our great community.” Suspect: Christian Davis Hawkins age: 19 of Decatur, Ga. Charges: Burglary (2 counts) Theft by Taking (Auto) VGCSA Possession of a Schedule IV Narcotic Theft by Shoplifting (M)

The pictured individual is wanted for questioning in reference to a theft at the Racetrac located on Riverstone Pkwy. This suspect picked up and removed an Apple I-pad that belonged to a vendor. The suspect then left the store in a vehicle similar to the one pictured. If you have information as to identify this individual, please contact Detective Jeff Trifilo at the Canton Police Department. Phone: 770 720-4883 Email:

If you get a chance today, please congratulate Special Operations Sgt. Stephen Delman for his seven (7) years of service with our department. We thank you sir for your diligent and dedicated efforts for our agency and citizens of the Canton community. Continue to make a difference with your attitude, mindset and heart each day!! Happy Anniversary and thanks for all you do!!

Today, Community Outreach Officer Pacer Cordry has been with the agency for seven (7) years. We all thank you for your dedication and commitment to our department and the hard work you exhibit each day toward building trusting relationships with those we serve. What you do makes a noble difference every day!! Happy Anniversary!!

Congratulations @soliver436 !

Captain Tucker, Sergeant Turner and Sergeant Cromer are in Marietta, Georgia attending a FBI LEEDA (FBI Law Enforcement Executive Development Association) class. This week long course will provide Law Enforcement Officers with training in the areas of leadership, emerging issues and trends in policing, today.

If you get a chance today, please congratulate Sgt. Jesse Ray for his six (6) years with our department. Thank you sir for your commitment and dedication to our agency and community we engage with each day. What you do makes a very noble difference with the citizens we serve!! Happy Anniversary!!

Canton Officers Promoted! Taylor Lilley and Tyler McClure were both promoted to the rank of Corporal on Wednesday, May 3, 2018, at Canton City Hall. Both Officers recently participated in a promotional process and were selected for promotion to take on more leadership responsibility within the organization.

On May 2nd, 2018, at approximately 4:15 A.M., two male suspects entered the City of Canton Street Department lot off Ridge Road and stole a white, 2006 GMC W4500 (Georgia tag GV64950). The vehicle is white with a black flatbed with sides rails. It also has the City of Canton logo on the doors. At the time the vehicle was taken, it had three walk behind mowers, weed eaters and other landscaping tools loaded on it. If you have any information relating to this case, contact Detective Tom Priest: 770 720-4883 or call 911 is you see the vehicle

If you have a moment today, please wish Detective Jeff Trifilo a Happy Birthday. Thank you sir for your many years of dedicated and diligent service to our department and community we engage with each day. Continue to make a noble difference!

It's official! Governor Nathan Deal signed the Hands Free Georgia Law into effect on Wednesday, May 2, 2018. Here's what you need to know: Code Sections 40-6-241.1 and 40-6-241.2 are GONE, effective July 1, 2018 Definitions: • “Stand-alone electronic device” – 40-6-241 (a)(1) o What it is: - a device that stores audio or video data files to be retrieved on demand by a user. (Ex. – iPod.) • “Wireless Telecommunications Device” - 40-6-241 (a) (3) o What it is: - Cell phones - Portable telephones or text-messaging devices - Personal digital assistant - Stand-alone computer - GPS receiver - Any similar portable wireless device used to send/receive communications or data o What it is NOT: - Radio - CB Radio OR CB Radio hybrid - Commercial two-way radio (or functional equivalent) - Subscription based emergency communications device - Prescribed medical device - Amateur or ham radio device - In-vehicle security, navigation, or remote diagnostics system. What is prohibited? • School Bus Operations (40-6-165): o A school bus driver may not use a wireless telecommunications device or two-way radio while loading or unloading passengers. (40-6-165 (d)) o A school bus driver may not use a wireless telecommunications device while the bus is in motion, unless it is used in a manner similar to a two-way radio to allow communication with school or public safety officials. (40-6-165 (e)) • Motor Vehicle Operations (40-6-241): o A driver may not physically hold or support a wireless telecommunications device or stand-alone computer with any part of their body. (40-6-241 (c)(1)) - Exceptions – Earpiece, headphone, smart watch o May not Write, send, or read any text-based communication (40-6-241 (c)(2)) - Exceptions – Voice based communication automatically converted to written message - Navigation / GPS o May not watch a video (40-6-241 (c)(3)) - Exception – Navigation o May not record a video (40-6-241 (c)(4) - Exception – Continuous recording / broadcasting (dash cams) • For commercial motor vehicle operators ONLY: (40-6-241 (d) o May not use more than a single button to initiate a voice conversation o May not reach for a wireless telecommunications device in such a manner that they are: - No longer in a seated driving position - Or properly restrained by a seat belt o (Note – CMV provisions remain unchanged from previous law (former 4-6-241.2 (b)(2)) – avoids conflict with FMCSA regulations) • Exceptions for everybody (40-6-241 (g): - Reporting a traffic accident, medical emergency, fire, crime, or hazardous road condition; - Employee / contractor of utility service provider acting within the scope of their employment while responding to a utility emergency - By a first responder (police, fire, EMS) during the performance of their official duties; - When in a lawfully parked vehicle. What are the Penalties? • First offense within a 24 months period (measured from date of last conviction): o 1 point (40-5-57(c)(1)(A)(xv)) o Fine of not more than $50, with no additional costs / penalties, etc. (40-6-241 (f)(1)(A) o Driver in court for a first violation of 40-6-241 (c)(1) (supporting / holding device) who produces in court a device or proof of purchase of a device that would allow them to comply in the future shall not be guilty. (40-6-241 (f)(2) - Driver must affirm they have not previously used this before (one time only, but no statewide verification.) - Court shall have to determine what constitutes proof of a device. o Second offense within a 24 month period (measured from date of last conviction): - 2 points (40-5-57 (c)(1)(A)(xvi) - Fine of not more than $100, with no additional costs / penalties, etc. (40-6-241 (f)(1)(B)) o Third or subsequent violation within 24 month period (measured from date of last conviction) - 3 points (40-5-57(c)(1)(A)(xvii) - Fine of not more than $150 (40-6-241 (f)(1)(C)) Possible myths about HB 673: (Things that were considered / in earlier versions of bill that were NOT in the final bill that passed.) • Effective date – There is no effective date in the text of the bill, therefore, it becomes effective on 7/1. (OCGA 1-3-4 (a)(1)) • Predicate offense – Distracted driving is not a predicate offense for 1st Degree Vehicular Homicide. • Primary offense – there is no requirement that an officer observe another violation or write any other citation to enforce this code section. • Record of dismissals – DDS will not receive notice of citations that are nolle prosequi’d. SPECIAL THANKS TO THE PROSECUTING ATTORNEY’S COUNCIL OF GEORGIA FOR THIS BREAKDOWN!