Jonesboro Police Department

  • Agency: Jonesboro Police Department
  • Address: 170 South Main Street, Jonesboro, 30236 GA
  • Chief: Franklin Allen (Chief of Police)
Phone: (770)478-7407
Fax: (678)-479-1827

Jonesboro Police Department is located at 170 South Main Street, Jonesboro, 30236 GA. The Chief of Police of the department is Franklin Allen. The Jonesboro Police Department phone number is (770)478-7407.

Jonesboro Police Department News

Our thoughts and prayers are with the Polk County Police Department and the family and friends of these officers....😢

Today, the Clayton County Sheriff’s Office (Fugitive Unit)was able to locate and apprehended an armed robbery suspect wanted in connection with two armed robberies. The suspect, 19 year old Antjuan “Versace” Lewis, of Riverdale was arrested on two counts of Armed Robbery and two counts of Aggravated Assault of 2 separate taxi cab drivers in the month of September. This arrest came after Jonesboro Police, Patrol Division and Criminal Investigations Division worked together to investigate and solve this case. Lewis was turned over to face the wall at Georgia’s toughest para-military jail, the Clayton Sheriff’s Office. Our thanks goes our to Sheriff Victor Hill, the Clayton County Sheriff’s Office (Fugitive Unit)and the fine men and women of the Jonesboro Police Department!

****PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT***** Due to the approaching Hurricane Irma and the potential for hazardous conditions, which will significantly impact Clayton County on Monday the following announcement is being made. All Administrative offices for the City of Jonesboro and the Jonesboro Police Department will be CLOSED Monday September 11, 2017 and re-open Tuesday September 12th. This includes Administrative Offices for the Police Department, Probation and Courts. If you were scheduled for Court on Monday September 11th all cases have been re-scheduled for Monday November 6th.

****PUBLIC SAFETY ANNOUNCEMENT**** This public safety announcement is being made ahead of the approaching hazardous weather conditions expected Monday September 11th between 8:00pm and 10:00pm. The remains of Hurricane Irma are expected to pass directly over our area on Monday. As of 09/08/17 the National Weather Service is expecting the storm to track directly within proximity of Jonesboro and Clayton County. At the present time, heavy rain along with sustained 30 to 40 mph winds with occasional gusts up to 70 mph are expected. The City of Jonesboro and the Jonesboro Police Department are issuing this advisory in order for our community to be better prepared. Please take the time this weekend and make the necessary preparations along with these suggestions. 1. Secure all loose objects that could be affected by high winds. 2. Stock up on water and basic supplies for your family. 3. Discuss an emergency evacuation plan with all family members. 4. Have prearranged bags packed with medications and supplies if you have to evacuate. 5. Make plans for an alternate location to seek safety. 6. Have a first aid kit along with flashlight and new batteries. 7. Remember to make arrangements for your pets as well. 8. Make sure your cellphone is charged. 9. Keep a list of all medications on your person. 10. Continually monitor all media outlets for updates. In the event of an emergency please call 911. If you do not have phone service come in person to the Jonesboro Police Department located at 170 South Main Street. If you or your family member have special needs such as medical devices that require electricity, medical problems, or elderly and live alone please call the Jonesboro Police Department at (770)-478-7407 and provide us with this information so that we will know where to check during the storm on the safety of your family member. Also, please refer to Ready Georgia for additional safety tips and preparation lists. The Jonesboro Police Department is now preparing in advance of the storm. We expect to have additional personnel on duty throughout the evening and into the late night on Monday so that we are equipped and able to respond to all emergency needs. Respectfully, Chief Franklin Allen Jonesboro Police Department.

******UPDATE****** Last night Sgt. Cato and Ofc. Simmons were successful in spotting and apprehending the 3 suspects wanted in connection with a series of entering autos. The trio was observed walking on S. Main Street by Sgt. Cato. Having watched the surveillance video multiple times, Sgt. Cato was able to recognize the suspects. Ofc. Simmons was called to assist Sgt. Cato and the suspects were apprehended without incident. One of the stolen firearms was recovered along with other miscellaneous items, which were also stolen. The suspects were ages 14, 15, and 17. Charges have been filed and a the case will be turned over for prosecution. Please continue to remove your valuables and keep your doors locked!

**Public Service Announcement ** On Saturday, August 12th - August 13th between the hours of 11:40pm and 4:00am there were several entering autos which occurred in the W. Mimosa- Scarlett Drive area of Jonesboro. Three suspects were caught on video surveillance. During this incident 2 firearms were stolen. We urge everyone to remove valuables from their vehicles and be sure their vehicles are secured. If you notice any suspicious activity or suspicious persons contact 911 immediately. Please contact the Jonesboro Police Department or Clayton County non-emergency if you recognize any of these suspects. ***DO NOT ATTEMPT TO CONFRONT THESE SUSPECTS AS THEY ARE CONSIDERED TO BE ARMED AND DANGEROUS!

Today, Ofc. Spencer conducted a traffic stop for a seatbelt violation. That traffic stop evolved into a felony drug arrest. The male suspect was in possession of approximately 2.5 ounces of marijuana, digital scales and a handgun. Great job Ofc. Spencer, keep up the good work!

Chief Allen and Lt. Bradshaw pinned Jonesboro Police Departments newest Sergeant today. Officer Earl Marple was promoted to Sergeant & will serve in that capacity in the Patrol Division. Congratulations Sgt. Marple!!

Today, four of our officers are preparing for the Sergeants exam. This consists of a written test and an oral interview board, comprised of our Command Staff as well as the Command Staff of outside agencies. We wish them luck and look forward to the advancement of their careers! (Main photo pictured from left to right: Ofc. Scott, Ofc. Brayton, Ofc. Marple and Ofc. Upole)

Tonight, while closing Lee Street Park, these two inquisitive kids asked to take a picture with me. They wanted to see the body camera, flashlights and just asked general questions. I love the fact these children love our officers and say they want to be like us when they grow up!

While working we all had the pleasure of seeing Seidina Reed, daughter of Smokey and The Bandit star Jerry Reed receive a special gift. It was her fathers shirt that was worn in the movie. It even has a burn hole in it.

Jonesboro Police Officers assisted with executive protection for "The Bandit", Burt Reynolds. Mr. Reynolds was a participant in the 40th anniversary of Smokey and the Bandit.

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Someone took some cheap shots at members of the Clayton County Sheriff's Office last night off Kendrick Road.... Rest assured we are all on high alert and we will assist in any way necessary to ensure they are tracked down and brought to justice! If anyone has information that can assist in the apprehension of this person or persons, Please contact law enforcement immediately! #backtheblue #unitedwestand #crimedontpay

CIVILIAN RESPONSE TO ACTIVE SHOOTER The Jonesboro Police Department will be hosting a class on Civilian Response to Active Shooter. This is a dynamic lecture filled with information to help civilian's survive an active shooting situation. What: Civilan Response to Active Shooter. Where: Jonesboro Police Department When: Thursday April 27, 2017 at 7:00pm.

Thanks K-9 Mato and Ofc. Gailey with assisting us through out the years. We hope you enjoy your retirement.

On March 9th Ofc. Kendrick was on patrol near College Street when he observed a speeding vehicle near the church daycare. A traffic stop was conducted in which the odor of marijuana was detected. A probable cause search was conducted of the vehicle and occupants. Approximately 3 ounces of marijuana, 1 Glock pistol with a drum magazine and a Taurus pistol were located. The weapons were seized. Two subjects were charged with possession of marijuana less than one ounce. The third subject was charged with possession of marijuana with intent to distribute and possession of a firearm during the commission of a felony. Another great job by Ofc. Kendrick, who was assisted by Ofc. Brayton!!

On March 8th Ofc. Brayton was patrolling in the area of Jonesboro Road when he observed a vehicle with no tag displayed. A traffic stop was conducted. During the stop it was found that the driver had a suspended driver's license. The passenger was found to be in possession of 32 baggies of crack and 1 baggie of powder cocaine, all packaged individually for sale. The driver and passenger were arrested. Great job Ofc. Brayton who was assisted by Ofc. Kendrick!

On March 7th Ofc. Kendrick was observing traffic on Tara Blvd. and observed a vehicle failing to maintain their lane of travel. Ofc. Kendrick initiated a traffic stop. After making contact with the driver he smelt an odor of marijuana coming from within the vehicle. He conducted a probable cause search of the vehicle and located approximately 3 ounces of marijuana which was individually bagged for sale. The driver was taken into custody. Great job Ofc. Kendrick, who also was assisted by Sgt. Cato of the Jonesboro Police Department.

Now Hiring! Certified, Police Officer

Now Hiring! Accreditation Manager/Police Investigator position.

On 02/21/2017 Sgt. Cato received an alert on a stolen vehicle. Sgt. Cato activated the emergency equipment on his patrol unit to conduct a probable cause traffic stop. After the driver continued to fail to pullover for the emergency equipment a pursuit was engaged. While attempting to flee at a high rate of speed officers decided to try and box the suspect in with patrol units to slow the speed of the pursuit. The driver rammed the patrol unit that was positioning itself in the front of the fleeing suspect. The suspect continued to flee and Sgt. Cato was cleared to conduct a PIT (Precision Immobilization Technique). Sgt. Cato completed a PIT that immobilized the stolen vehicle momentarily. The driver then regained control of the vehicle and rammed another patrol unit. The pursuit continued and after numerous officers working together the vehicle was again boxed in on I-85 where it stopped. The suspects were taken into custody. No injuries were reported and there were several patrol units that occurred damage in the pursuit. Great job Sgt. Cato, OIC Marple, OIC Anthony, Lt. Bradshaw, Sgt. Jones, Inv. McMillan, Clayton County Sheriff's Office, Clayton County Police Department and Riverdale Police Department.