Marietta Police Department

  • Agency: Marietta Police Department
  • Address: 240 Lemon St, Marietta, 30060 GA
  • Chief: Dan Flynn (Chief of Police)
Phone: 770-794-5300

Marietta Police Department is located at 240 Lemon St, Marietta, 30060 GA. The Chief of Police of the department is Dan Flynn. The Marietta Police Department phone number is 770-794-5300.

Marietta Police Department News

While we are NOT saying she was trying to CREATE news, Officer Reyes DID stop a truck this morning that decided to pull into the Marietta Daily Journal parking lot! 🤔😂🤣

Marietta Shamrock Shuffle 5K needs YOU! Have you registered to participate? Would your business like to help sponsor the event? Saturday, March 17, 2018 at 8:00 AM on the Marietta Square The Marietta Police Athletic League (PAL) cordially invites you to participate as a Sponsor of the second annual Marietta Shamrock Shuffle 5K. This event will raise money to support Marietta PAL’s Youth Sports and Recreation Programs, which serve area youth, some of whom could not otherwise afford to participate in such programs. Prizes awarded for St. Patrick’s Day themed costumes and the most convincing leprechaun award! If you have questions, message us back with your daytime contact information (and what you would like more information about) and the appropriate person will reach out to you the next business day. City of Marietta, Ga., Government Marietta, Georgia

SCAM Alert (please share this): Kennesaw Police Department shared with us that crooks are targeting senior citizens in our area with the "Grandson/Daughter in Jail" scam. They indicated that victim's typically get a call from someone pretending to be their grandson/daughter stating they have been arrested and need money for bail. Sometimes a person claiming to be an attorney representing the grandson/daughter will also call. The caller will request the victim to send money orders and/or provide account info from prepaid debit cards for the "bail" money. If you receive a call from someone claiming to be a friend or relative in jail needing bail money, always verify with the arresting agency and or with other friends/relatives. Do NOT provide financial information over the phone. Contact your local police department immediately if you receive one of these calls. City of Marietta, Ga., Government Vic Reynolds Cobb County District Attorney

When your ready to WORK but you have to wait on your partner.... 😂🤣

Don’t tell the Sergeant this officer “may” have joined in the fun after he turned the camera off! 😇 City of Marietta, Ga., Government

WHAT YOU DO MATTERS (CRASE meets STOP THE BLEED) SOLD OUT. The new MARCH 29th session is OPEN! Click here to register:

Have your children been taught how to protect themselves? We are dedicated to protecting our citizens in every way possible. While our primary focus is on finding ways to fight and prevent crime, we are also dedicated to finding ways that will educate and protect our youth. To that end, the Marietta Police Department is involved in protecting children through a program called Radkids. Radkids is a safety education program that emphasizes personal empowerment. The class is a 10-hour course designed for children between the ages of 8 and 12 years old. Topics covered include: how to prevent bullying, and how to stay safe while on the internet, at home, at school, in a vehicle, and outdoors. In addition to these issues, we will discuss the many tricks used by child predators and the physical resistance strategies that kids can use to thwart these possible child abduction attempts. The Marietta Police Department currently has five trained Radkids instructors dedicated to teaching your kids the most effective safety tips. The Marietta Police Department currently has a class scheduled for April. Openings are still available for this class, so reserve your spot now! The cost for this class is $10. Please sign up your own kids or refer us to parents with kids from ages 8 to 12. The dates and times for the April class is: April 2-6, 9:00 am to 11:00 am The classes will be held in the gym at West Side Elementary (344 Polk St. Marietta GA) Parents interested in signing up their children should visit: If you have any questions regarding Radkids, please contact Officer Paul Hill via email at: Additional info available at

Do you ALSO follow us on Instagram? Follow us there for some fun daily pics! City of Marietta, Ga., Government Marietta City Schools

Have YOU registered yet? PAL needs your support!

One of our officers submitted this photo of their dog this morning! Let's have some fun! Please comment back with pics of your pup!

The looks of relief when officers arrive and Julie reminds them it's Valentine's day...and that she brought a box of candies and chocolates for them to give their significant others! #officersforgot #phew

Sgt Merritt and LT Little at their pinning (promotion) ceremony this afternoon! Unfortunately the flu bug struck Major Marshall's home and his pinning ceremony had to be postponed. CONGRATULATIONS to all three, and wishes for a speedy recovery for the Marshalls! City of Marietta, Ga., Government

Dunleith Elementary school invited our officers to join them this morning for a Public Safety Appreciation breakfast! #lovemariettaschools Marietta City Schools Dunleith Elementary School City of Marietta, Ga., Government

Officer St. Onge had to work a bad wreck last week. The at-fault driver was looking down at their GPS when they caused the accident... have you ever seen someone driving bad only to realize they were trying to use their cell phone? What did you see? City of Marietta, Ga., Government

Please consider leaving a comment... People often ask us: "Why do you do this job? you could get hurt"...or "you could earn so much more doing something else"... Like this photo from a few years ago, some of us simply know we were called...we mourn each time officers are killed, and pray for their families both on and off the job...yet we know we must continue to protect and serve as that is just who we are at our core. Are you aware that in the last (7) days, FIVE officers have been killed in the line of duty. Please join us and keep their families in your prayers: 2/5/2018 Deputy Micah Flick 2/7/2018 Officer David Sherrard 2/9/2018 Officer Chase Maddox 2/10/2018 Officer Eric Joering 2/10/2018 Officer Anthony Morelli If you have a quick story (few sentences) about how one of our officers helped you, please consider sharing it here as a way to encourage them... City of Marietta, Ga., Government

Have you signed up for the SHAMROCK SHUFFLE yet?!

Do you have kids or grandkids that use their cell phones for social media sites? Do you ever worry about their safety? The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) operates a CyberTipline as well as offers excellent advice! For INFORMATION about online enticement: For easy to access KNOWLEDGE (sections for parents as well as children): To REPORT a cybertip: City of Marietta, Ga., Government

Did you know we try to keep a Spanish speaking officer on each shift (when possible)?! Officer Reyes and Officer Hill offer a few quick tips: City of Marietta, Ga., Government

Friday fun! Please help officer Hill caption this photo (family friendly please). 🤔😂🤣 City of Marietta, Ga., Government

Officers Rakestraw and Samimi with a visual of why we enforce the MOVE OVER law. The police car shown was rear ended two weeks ago on the interstate. Officer Ellie was out of his patrol vehicle assisting a citizen with a flat tire when his car was hit and totaled. Whenever you see a vehicle with emergency lights activated, (red/blue or amber), stopped on the side of the road, the law requires you to: move over one lane when possible or slow and be able to stop when passing. First responders lives depend on your obedience to this common sense law... City of Marietta, Ga., Government

Please focus on the road and ALWAYS use your headlights when it’s raining....PLEASE.... (otherwise other drivers might not see you and then we ALL end up standing out in the rain while one of our officers writes up your accident report. Can you say bad hair day?! Please, his hair still looks good and it’s early!) 😎 City of Marietta, Ga., Government

Some of our records and front desk staff are trying DESPERATELY to avoid anyone sick! 😳😂. City of Marietta, Ga., Government

Good Morning Marietta!