Alpharetta Police Department

  • Agency: Alpharetta Police Department
  • Address: 2565 Old Milton Pkwy, Alpharetta, 30004 GA
  • Chief: Gary George (Director of Public Safety)

Alpharetta Police Department is located at 2565 Old Milton Pkwy, Alpharetta, 30004 GA. The Director of Public Safety of the department is Gary George. The Alpharetta Police Department phone number is 678-297-6306.

Alpharetta Police Department News

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**THANK YOU** Recently, Vineyard Vines and local area resident, Chris Smith, organized a fundraiser for our K-9 Unit. They raised over $1500.00 that was donated to the Alpharetta Public Safety Foundation and will be used to cover training and equipment costs for our handlers and 4-legged partners, Raider, Karlo, Drax, and Mattis. We’re so thankful and appreciative of the support we receive from our community and businesses.

UPDATED - **Scene cleared** **HEADS UP ALPHARETTA** Injury vehicle crash on GA400 SB near the Haynes Bridge Off Ramp. Tow trucks on scene, clearing shortly. Please watch your speed with this on and off rain as the roads are slick causing drivers to lose control.

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**UPDATE** We've reunited the horse with her much relieved owner. Thank you, everyone, for your comments, tags, tips, and shares! **Found Horse** (Yes, you read that right) Last night we responded to Bellsmith Dr off of Upper Hembree Rd regarding a horse walking through the neighborhood unattended. The horse was corralled by officers and taken to the Wills Park Equestrian Center. As of now, we’ve had no reports from our residents or anyone from Roswell or Milton about a horse getting loose. This mare is approximately 14 - 15 hand in size with brown coat and black mane. There are no branding or other markings noted. If you are or know the owners, please contact the Wills Park Equestrian Center at 678-297-6120 or Alpharetta Dispatch at 678-297-6300.

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**REMINDER** Last weekend, we responded to an animal in distress call after receiving a report of a dog left inside of a vehicle at a shopping center. When the officer arrived, he located the vehicle with the dog and recorded the temperature inside the vehicle at 109 degrees. The window was slightly cracked and no water was available. Thankfully, the dog was OK. This owner was charged with Cruelty to Animals. Please leave your pets at home if you can’t bring your little buddies in wherever you’re going.

**Scene cleared, roadway open** Heads up Alpharetta: Vehicle crash on Kimball Bridge Rd, in front of New Prospect Elementary School. Traffic traveling West can expect minor delays until the roadway is clear.

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**Incident at Alpharetta High School** This afternoon, a student at Alpharetta High School found a bullet inside of a classroom. The student notified the teacher and the bullet was collected by the Fulton County School Police Officer on duty at the time. While this incident was being investigated, Alpharetta Police responded to the Avalon for a shoplifting call and took a juvenile into custody. The juvenile, who is a current Alpharetta High School Student, was transported back to the school, processed for the shoplifting charge, and was released into the custody of his parents. The found bullet and shoplifting incident are separate cases. The found bullet is currently under investigation by the Fulton County School Police.

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**Scene Cleared, Roadway Open** Heads up Alpharetta, there is a vehicle crash on Highway 9, south of Canton Street. Traffic heading north can expect some minor delays until the scene is cleared.

**UPDATE** Zoey was found and is back home with her owners! **Lost Dog Please Share** Please help us get Zoey home. She is a 10 year old female black and white Boston Terrier. She has a black spot in the center of her forehead and a crooked tail. She weighs about 16 pounds. She has severe anxiety and suffers from major stress induced seizures. Other than that, she is in great health. She took off in a panic from Alpharetta Animal Hospital a little after 1 pm on Saturday afternoon (5/12). She was last seen running full throttle through the construction at the OLD Milton High School by construction workers working the demolition. She snapped her leash, but very well may have her pink collar still on. We do not know if her tag broke off and she is not chipped.

From Chief John Robison, This afternoon, the City of Alpharetta received a letter from James Legg resigning employment. That resignation, however, does not alleviate our responsibility to Mrs. Campbell and the community for a complete and thorough investigation of this incident. We want to assure everyone that our internal affairs investigation will continue and that appropriate actions, based on all of the facts, will be taken by the City. In parallel to our own investigation, the City has requested that the Georgia Bureau of Investigation conduct its own independent investigation. While our own investigation will be thorough, we understand that having the matter also investigated by an outside agency will provide the public additional confidence that the incident has been thoroughly and appropriately addressed. We recognize that an incident such as this will cause some to question their trust in us. The only way we can begin to win back that trust is to complete the investigation, be transparent, and be accountable. That is exactly what we intend to do. The following letter was released by Officer Legg's attorney to the media earlier today:

Playing in the dirt = Learning life saving skills Students from Alpharetta, Roswell, Atlanta, Dekalb, Forsyth, Gainsville, Dawson, Forest Park, Sandy Springs, Gwinnett, Marietta, Carroll, and Cobb Fire Departments participated in Trench Rescue Technician class.

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Living up to our Standards On Friday evening, one of our officers made a traffic stop for a moving violation that escalated to an arrest of the driver. During the incident, another officer arrived and, as you’ll see from the dash camera video, did not perform in a manner that is reflective of who we are as an organization. The stop was made on Windward Pkwy near GA400 when our officer observed the violator’s vehicle drift into another lane nearly causing a collision. The encounter began normally until the violator refused to sign the ticket being issued. After being told that she would be arrested for not signing the ticket, she requested that a supervisor respond to the scene. A supervisor was immediately notified per the request. Why is it required to sign a ticket in Georgia? Technically, a ticket is an arrest that requires a bond. Officers are permitted, at their discretion, to release people on a signature bond for most traffic tickets, city ordinance violations, and certain state law charges. If the violator refuses to sign the ticket, they will be taken into custody and brought before a magistrate to pay a cash bond as a promise to appear in court. While a situation may arise when someone is charged with an offense that they feel is unjust, a courtroom is the time and place to dispute the officer’s decision. It is there that the officer must prove their case to a judge and/or jury. During this particular stop, you will see that the driver became so upset that she struck the officer with the door of her vehicle. She was then told that she was under arrest and, after she refused to obey the officer’s lawful order to step out of the vehicle, the officer attempted to physically remove her. As you’ll see, this was a complicated issue due to the age of the driver as the officer did not want to hurt her. Back-up was requested and available officers responded to the scene, some of which responded to handle traffic control along Windward Pkwy. One officer in particular; however, interjected himself into the situation using language and tactics that were inappropriate, even inflammatory. Again, this officer’s behavior does not reflect who we are as an organization and, because of this, we have initiated an Internal Affairs investigation. Our process allows us to thoroughly review the matter and determine what actions are appropriate moving forward.

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This week, some Alpharetta High School students have the opportunity to participate in the Alpharetta Police Dangerous Driving Program. Our Traffic Enforcement Unit and Community Services Unit is spending the week teaching students about distracted driving and DUI. They’re getting classroom and hands-on experience.

Wow, check out this post from Forsyth County Sheriff's Office. Happening today at Lake Lanier from 1p - 5p. 5th Ranger Training Battalion

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