Lawrenceville Police Department

  • Agency: Lawrenceville Police Department
  • Address: 300 Jackson Street, Lawrenceville, 30045 GA
  • Chief: L Randy Johnson (Chief of Police)
Phone: (770) 963 - 2443
Fax: (770) 339 - 2415

Lawrenceville Police Department is located at 300 Jackson Street, Lawrenceville, 30045 GA. The Chief of Police of the department is L Randy Johnson. The Lawrenceville Police Department phone number is (770) 963 - 2443.

Lawrenceville Police Department News

Detective Gilovanni of the Criminal Investigations Division had the opportunity to speak with a special group of teens over the weekend at Camp Independence hosted by Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta. Detective Gilovanni discussed internet and social media safety with the teens as they transition into adulthood.

We’re Hiring! Open Position: Police Officer The Lawrenceville Police Department has two (2) open positions for Sworn (POST Certified) Police Officers. This position is responsible for the enforcement of federal, state, and local laws and the protection of life and property to include patrolling the City to detect and deter criminal activity and traffic violations, responding to calls for service, including domestic disputes, assaults, burglaries, traffic accidents, lost or missing persons searches, public service duties, stranded motorists, and others; completing all required reports and forms, including accident and incident reports, testifying in judicial proceedings as necessary; and other duties as needed. Salary: $41,425.70 - $50,534.78 annually, including excellent benefit package. Come join our team of highly trained professionals. Apply @

Earlier this evening, the Lawrenceville Police Department held their first Community Forum to bridge the gap between law enforcement and our community. Over 20 citizens joined our initial forum covering an overview of the services we offer and focus on crime-related facts and strategies to create a safer, stronger community.

The Lawrenceville Police Department will host a series of quarterly public information forums to strengthen community relations, beginning October 10th. For more information, click here:

Caught our Chief red handed...Always working to help others! The men and women here have been honored to work for this man for over 20 years as our Chief. Way to go Sir, way to go!

Shaquille O'Neal was at Lawrenceville PD today filming a PSA on distracted driving. After a very long few days of responding to Hurricane Irma emergency calls, it was a nice quick break for a photo.

As the morning commute is upon us, we remind those on the streets to be cautious when traveling the roads. Remember to treat all non-working traffic lights as a 4-way stop and continue to look for road debris, flooding, and other hazards.

During a power outage, should you come across a non operational traffic signal, you must treat it as a 4-way stop. 🚦🛑

Open Position: Crime Scene Investigator (CSI) Update: The Lawrenceville Police Department was astonished by the quantity and quality of such great applicants for the open CSI position. We could not touch base with all of you personally but truly thank all that applied. We have officially closed the open application process. The Lawrenceville Police Department has an immediate opening for a Crime Scene Technician. This position is responsible for performing technical duties in the processes of crime scenes; documenting crime scenes utilizing digital photography, video recording, sketches, measurements, and searching and processing evidence; completing a variety of reports and forms, making fingerprint comparisons, fingerprinting victims and suspects, testifying in court, analyzing drug samples, responding to after-hours calls, and other duties as needed. Salary: $41,425.70 annually, including excellent benefits package. Come join our team of highly trained professionals. Apply @

Today, the Lawrenceville Police Department promoted three outstanding officers. B. Honea to the rank of Lieutenant, D. Haney and T. Quimby to the rank of Sergeant. We would like to congratulate these officers and wish them the best of luck in their future careers, here at the City of Lawrenceville.

The Lawrenceville Police Department will be implementing Narcan dispensers very soon to help immediately treat individuals suffering an Opioid overdose.

They say it is going to be a little warm today. We want to remind you to be aware of the HEAT and take some precautions. Stay hydrated, block direct sun (shade, hats, etc.), wear lightweight, loose-fitting and light colored clothing. Did we mention…stay HYDRATED! Know the signs of a heat related illness

Last week our explorers attended the 38th annual Michigan Law Enforcement Youth Training Academy in Battle Creek, MI. This academy is extremely challenging for the explorers. A typical day consist of the explorers waking up at 6am, morning physical training, classroom instruction, demonstrations, and drill. In order to graduate from the academy each explorer has qualify on the firing range, pass a written test, pass an inspection, and show proficiency with drill and ceremony. We our proud to say each explorer graduated the academy.

We would like to remind our citizens that as of 2016, the law pertaining to Fireworks in the State of Georgia had changed. It is lawful on January 1, July 3, July 4, and December 31 of each year after the time of 9:00 P.M. and up to and including the time of 11:59 P.M. It is also lawful on January 1 of each year beginning at the time of 12:00 Midnight and up to and including the ending time of 1:00 A.M. Please be mindful of your neighbors, be careful and let's keep all our fingers! Happy Independence Day!

Plan your weekend accordingly!

Lawrenceville Police Department would like to wish a Happy Father's Day, to all the past, current and future fathers throughout the world. More importantly, we wish those fathers that are spending this day away from their families protecting us in the armed forces and public safety.

Some very kind people brought gift bags for every officer and employee of the Department to help protect us from the elements. This included a personalized card. It may not seem like it to some, but this is kind of a big deal to us receiving them. Thank you to all of those invloved!

Governor Nathan Deal and the Georgia Bureau of Investigation have confirmed the escaped inmates who killed two corrections officers have been captured. Channel 2's Nicole Carr confirmed with authorities that the inmates were spotted in Shelbyville, Tennessee. The governor said the inmates were captured following a car chase. @LawrencevillePD via WSBTV