Valdosta Police Department

  • Agency: Valdosta Police Department
  • Address: 500 North Toombs Street, Valdosta, 31603 GA
  • Chief: Frank Simons (Chief of Police)
Phone: 229-242-2606
Fax: 229-293-3150

Valdosta Police Department is located at 500 North Toombs Street, Valdosta, 31603 GA. The Chief of Police of the department is Frank Simons. The Valdosta Police Department phone number is 229-242-2606.

Valdosta Police Department News

Valdosta Police to Hold Community Forum - Thursday, January 25, 2018 at 6:00 PM - Trinity Presbyterian Church, 3501 Bemiss Road

Valdosta Police Arrest Two for Stolen Vehicle & Vehicle Break-Ins - 1-11-18

Valdosta Police Arrest Man for Breaking Into Several Vehicles

On January 8th, 2018 at approximately 2:20 am, Valdosta Police responded to a report of a vehicle broken into at a local business. An employee from the business reported that someone had broken into his car while he was at work. The responding VPD uniformed patrol officers investigated the complaint and gathered physical evidence while on scene. Throughout the evening, multiple additional citizens continued reporting their cars had been broken into as well in several different locations around the city. During the investigation, officers made contact with witnesses who reported seeing a subject driving a dark in color vehicle acting in a suspicious manner. Witnesses were able to provide a physical description of the driver and also were able to obtain the license tag number of the suspicious vehicle. A BOLO “Be On the Look Out” was issued for the vehicle and the described subject. Shortly after the BOLO was issued, the vehicle was spotted a Valdosta Police Officer. Contact was made with the driver, now identified as 20 year old Russell Fields from Adel, GA, who was found to be in possession of multiple items that had been reported stolen from the various victims. Russell was taken into custody and transported to the Lowndes County Jail. Warrant applications from the multiple cases were presented to the Lowndes County Magistrates Court and were signed. Russell Fields is now facing seven counts of Theft by Entering Motor Vehicle (FELONY). “The case represents yet another example of community policing where citizens help the Valdosta Police Department prevent and solve crimes. We can’t be everywhere so we need our citizens to help, like they did in this case. The information gathered by the witnesses was essential in putting the subject in jail and returning the stolen property to the rightful owners,” said Lieutenant Adam Bembry.

2017 Statistical Summary Provided to Public

Thank You Valdosta Junior Woman's Club for Your Support: From the women and men of your police department.

Valdosta Police 411 Bulletin #1: Bulletin #1 - TOPIC: Law enforcement turning on their emergency equipment to get through a traffic control device. Public Concerns: I often see law enforcement officers speeding down the road, they approach the red light, turn on their lights and sirens, go through the intersection, turn the lights/siren off, and head on their way. This appears to be wrong and puts others in danger for no reason. Why are they allowed to get away with this? Law enforcement around the country respond to emergency calls under three typical priorities:  Code 1 – normal response when they are responding to calls like damage to property already occurred, etc. These calls DO NOT require a fast response because no one is in real danger of being harmed.  Code 2 – this response requires officers to respond to a scene faster than a Code 1 calls for incidents like a burglary in-progress or domestic/family dispute. However, because you DO NOT want to alert a suspect/offender of the presence of law enforcement coming, the officers are allowed to negotiate traffic control devices so long as they use their lights/siren and are careful doing so. After negotiating through those traffic control devices, they do turn off their emergency equipment, again in an effort NOT to alert suspects/offenders of their presence and arrival at an incident scene.  Code 3 – this is the use of emergency lights and siren to incidents where arrival time is very, very important. Response to these incidents include but are not limited to accidents with injuries, fires, assaults in progress, etc. The Official Code of Georgia (OCGA) 40-6-6 Titled “Authorized emergency vehicles” in part states the following:  (a) The driver of an authorized emergency vehicle or law enforcement vehicle, when responding to an emergency call, when in the pursuit of an actual or suspected violator of the law, or when responding to but not upon returning from a fire alarm, may exercise the privileges set forth in this Code section. Section (b) states “The driver of an authorized emergency vehicle or law enforcement vehicle may: (1) Park or stand, irrespective of the provisions of this chapter (Georgia Law); (2) Proceed past a red or stop signal or stop sign, but only after slowing down as may be necessary for safe operation; (3) Exceed the maximum speed limits so long as he or she does not endanger life or property; and (4) Disregard regulations governing direction of movement or turning in specified directions”.

Valdosta Police 2017 Professional Standards - Internal Affairs Summary: As part of our efforts to be transparent and pursuant to our law enforcement accreditation efforts, below and attached is listed the 2017 Professional Standards - Internal Affairs Summary for our department: • Number of Commendations by Employee (includes F Favorable Contacts, Letters of Appreciation, Awards, etc.) - 113 • Number of Disciplinary Action – 61 • Total Inquiries received by Professional Standards – 21 • Inquiries initiated from Citizen Complaints – 20 • Inquiries initiated Internally – 1 • Inquiries investigated by Professional Standards – 14 • Inquiry Clearances: o Number Cleared as Proper Conduct –1 o Number Cleared as Improper Conduct – 6 o Number Cleared as Insufficient Evidence – 0 o Number Cleared as Unfounded – 14 o Number Pending – 0

Meet the new Valdosta Police Chief: This young man celebrated his 5th year birthday by visiting the Valdosta Police Department with mom, dad, and friends. Photos show him in the Chiefs Chair and with his dad on a police golf cart. Happy Birthday young man.

Letter to the Chief: Wonderful little girl writes Police Chief Brian Childress a thank-you letter for toys she received from the 2017 Police Christmas Program sponsored by the Valdosta Police Depatment. "We love you too Aubree".

Winter Snow Fun: Photo of members of the Valdosta/Lowndes Regional Crime Laboratory in the Wednesday Snow Storm.

Thank You Valdosta Rotary Club and Supporters of the Law Enforcement Appreciation Dinner: Valdosta Rotary Club Law Enforcement Appreciation Fund: Since the inception of the Valdosta Rotary Club Law Enforcement Appreciation Dinner which takes place every February, the club has assisted law enforcement officers in the Valdosta/Lowndes County Area in times of need. The brainchild of the program, Mr. James Dominey, referred to by many as “the coach”; funds raised from the annual dinner are used to help law officers in times of emergencies. In 2017, the program helped 6 Valdosta Police Officers, mostly during unexpected medical issues with the officers and/or their family. I remember when I first entered law enforcement back in the late 1980s, making $20,000 per year with a monthly food budget of $140. There was very little room for any luxuries in our life back then and God help us if something unexpected occurred. Today is different for my family and I, considering my wife and I make better money now. But for those line officers who work in the field, fight long hours, the weather, and are asked to make split-second decisions with the unreasonable expectation of being perfect; not much has changed. In fact, in today’s climate, I am somewhat shocked that we still have men and women who want to be a police officer. But it goes back to what many have said over and over again: “Law Enforcement is a calling to help others”. So looking back to “Coach Dominey”, his board, and the many citizens and businesses who pay for a seat or table at the dinner, I say thank you. Many people talk the talk but few walk the walk. Please continue to support this program because I can say first hand the program has helped your officers, deputies, and troopers. And from a person who has had the privilege of inspecting over 50 different police departments, Sheriff’s departments, and state law enforcement agencies, I am not aware of another program in existence. Brian CHILDRESS Chief of Police Valdosta Police Department

Happy New Year from the women and men of the Valdosta Police Department. Please help us make 2018 a safer year than 2017. BRIAN CHILDRESS Chief of Police

Valdosta Police Officers Randall Hancock and Derrick Manning present young Crime victim a new bike.

Community Partners: On behalf of the women and men of the Valdosta Police Department; Merry Christmas. Thanks for your support and God Bless. Brian Childress Chief of Police

Valdosta Police Hold Annual “Police Santa” and handout toys in the Valdosta Housing Authority and Park Chase/Britanny Woods to Children. “This Program was the idea of my Police staff and gives us yet another chance to interact in a positive manner with our local youth. But most important, these children receive toys for Christmas”.

Young Child Gets to Play Valdosta Police Officer - welcome to the force young man.

Valdosta Police "Shop with a Cop”: a Big Success: Thank you to all local citizens and businesses who helped raise over $15,000 to help make Christmas great for our local youth. And thank you to the men and women in law enforcement in South Georgia who took time to shop with a child, make their Christmas great, and develop a positive relationship with our children. And last, thank you Officer Randall Hancock who worked long hours to raise money for our children. Brian Childress Chief of Police

Identify Theft Recovery Plan - Federal Trade Commission: If you suspect or become the victim of Identity Theft, please contact your local law enforcement agency to file a police report and follow the Identity Theft Recover plan on this link:

Thank You Georgia Theatre Company for Donating Over $6,500 to the Valdosta Police Shop with a Cop Program: On Wednesday, December 13, 2017, Management with Georgia Theatre Company Presented Chief Brian Childress and Officer Randall Hancock with a check for over $6,500 to the Valdosta Police Shop with a Cop Program. All funding will go directly to pay for Christmas gifts for low-income children in the Valdosta/Lowndes County Area.

Folks, help make this message go viral for me: This year has been a rough one for our city. I am asking everyone to help us close out the year with some Christmas Spirit and let’s all make December a calm month. Join VPD to share some Christmas Spirit and good will. Please pass on. Brian Childress Chief of Police

The Shop With A Cop event will be taking place on Monday, December 18th...that only leaves us with a few more days to collect as many donations as we can so we can help more children in need this year!! Please share this post and please donate if at all possible. You can mail your donations to the Valdosta Police Department, 500 North Toombs Street, Valdosta, GA 31602...checks may be made payable to Shop With A Cop...thanks to everyone who has donated money, time, and hard work to make this awesome cause the success it is!!!!!

Valdosta Police Launches Life-Saving NARCAN Nasal Program