Comer Police Department

  • Agency: Comer Police Department
  • Address: 70 Sunset Ave, Comer, 30629 GA
  • Chief: Brent Zellner (Chief of Police)
Phone: 706-783-4552
Fax: 706-783-3378

Comer Police Department is located at 70 Sunset Ave, Comer, 30629 GA. The Chief of Police of the department is Brent Zellner. The Comer Police Department phone number is 706-783-4552.

Comer Police Department News

Thank you, Bubba Russell, for these energy disk!

Our thoughts and Prayers go out to the families of these slain officer's. Cold blooded Murder!!!!!!

We want to share this information with you from our District Attorney!

Just a few reminders for you all! Please obey all laws!

It is National Communications Week! We want to say Thank You to all of the 911 operators and dispatchers out there. You all are such a true Blessing to so many people. Thanks again for all you do!

Please take time to read this and share it.

The new highway is now open! We hope everyone will drive safely and obey all traffic laws. G.S.P and other officers will be patrolling the area heavily to ensure that folks are going to be driving safely.

We hope everyone will take their time and drive very carefully on the new road. They are many crossings and a lot of people are not used to having to cross a four lane road. We are asking everyone to please obey all laws and take your time.

We hosted the March Governor's Office of Highway Safety meeting in Comer tonight. We want to thank Jeffery Fogus with the District Attorney's office for putting on our training block. We also want to thank the 34 Officers from other agencies for coming out to the meeting. After the meeting you can see we hit the streets for a while. We arrested one individual for possession with intent to distribute a schedule one drug, poss of marijuana, DUI and possession of a firearm during the commission of a felony. We issued several other citations and warnings.

We hate to deliver news of this sort. Georgia State Trooper Tyler Parker was killed in an off duty accident. His little girl really needs our Prayers, she is in critical condition at this time. Please remember all his co-workers and family in your thoughts and Prayers as well.

We hope everyone has a great St. Patrick's day and weekend. Let's make sure it's a safe one as well.

We have received several complaints about reckless driving over the last few days. Most of the vehicles that were stopped the drivers stated they were on the phone. Please don't put your life or someone else's life in danger because of distracted driving. Let's work together to make our roadways safer!

Happy New Year everyone! All of us here at the Comer Police Department hope you all have a fun and safe night, but remember don’t drink and drive! If you do you may meet us and spend your first night of your new year at our place! #NewYear #DontDrinkAndDrive #KeepingDrunkDriversOutOfComer!

From all of the staff at the Comer Police Department we would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas! We hope that you have a wonderful Christmas Day.

*** Grenade found *** Today at approximately 11:22 the Comer Police Department received a call from a residence on Gholston Street that a old World War II era Grenade was found while cleaning out an older house. Comer officers responded and the GBI Bomb Squad was contacted. GBI Bomb Squad arrived on scene and assessed the scene. It was determined that there was no threat to the public and the Bomb Squad defused the device making it safe. The scene has been cleared. Note: If you ever come across an explosive device, leave it alone and where it’s laying and call 911 immediately.

Night shift has done it again. Our officers are working hard this Christmas season. Chief Jeffrey K. Roberts

Thanks everyone for all these goodies. Y’all are spoiling us. #ChristmasTimeFood

Merry Christmas everyone! #MerryChristmas #ChristmasTime #ComerStrong Chief Jeffrey K. Roberts

Happy 1st day of Winter! Hope every one has a great day! #1stDayofWinter Chief Jeffrey K. Roberts