Columbus State University Police Department

  • Agency: Columbus State University Police Department
  • Address: 4225 University Ave, Columbus, 31907 GA
  • Chief: Rus Drew (Chief of Police)
Phone: 706-568-2022
Fax: 706-565-4079

Columbus State University Police Department is located at 4225 University Ave, Columbus, 31907 GA. The Chief of Police of the department is Rus Drew. The Columbus State University Police Department phone number is 706-568-2022.

Columbus State University Police Department News

The United States Department of Homeland Security has developed a very useful, and convenient pocket card for active shooter response. Visit their website to print your own copy: Do you want to know more? Join us for the CSU Police Active Shooter Awareness Lecture Series. The next session is today (04/25/18) from 12:00 noon to 1:30 pm at the Dillingham Event Center (900 Front Avenue in the sub-level below the Columbus Visitor's Bureau). #Police #CampusSafety #BeInformed #StaySafe

In a 2017 report, the FBI identified 220 active shooter incidents that occurred in the United States between 2000 and 2016. When these incidents were examined by location categories, institutions of higher education accounted for 6.8% of all incidents during this time period. Take a closer look at the breakdown in this info graphic from the report. Do you want to know more? Join us for the CSU Police Active Shooter Awareness Lecture Series. The next session is today (04/24/18) from 5:30 pm to 7:00 pm at the Cunningham Conference Center (3100 Gentian Boulevard). #Police #CampusSafety #BeInformed #StaySafe

Hey Cougars! This week "The Sarge" spent some time hanging out with Paul Hostetter, the Ethel Foley Distinguished Chair in Orchestral Activities and an Associate Professor for the Schwob School of Music at Columbus State University. Paul joined the Columbus State University team in 2010 and is constantly contributing to scholarship and governance. In fact, Paul and "The Sarge" got to be good friends while co-chairing the Faculty Staff Campaign! As Paul shares his story, he reinforces that "life is not a straight line." Paul was trained as a percussion performer and played professionally for 10 years before thinking about conducting. He completed his undergraduate work at Florida State Unversity and his graduate work at Juilliard. Check out the video to learn more about this top notch instructor who goes above and beyond for the university and is sought after by orchestras all over the country, including Disney! #Police #CommunityPolicing #HangingWithTheSarge #CampusSafety

The Federal Bureau of Investigation released this info graphic in a 2017 report. The report indicates that between 2000 and 2016 there were 220 incidents that the FBI classified as active shooter incidents in the United States. Do you want to know more? Join us for the CSU Police Active Shooter Lecture Series. The first session is today from 12:00 noon to 1:30 pm at the Cunningham Conference Center (3100 Gentian Boulevard). #Police #CampusSafety #BeInformed #StaySafe

Yesterday some of our team joined the Student Athlete Advisory Committee for the 3rd Annual SAAC 5K. Lieutenant Stanelle, Corporal Hester and Security Systems Coordinator Bryant all completed the run and are preparing for an 8K in two weeks. The event benefited the Make A Wish Foundation and our team was glad to be a part of it! #Police #CampusSafety #CommunityPolicing

Great coverage from last week's emergency management exercise. Thank you to everyone who participated! #CampusSafety Columbus State University School of Nursing

Officer Weeks gets to know Samuel Phillips while patrolling the Riverpark Campus. Samuel is a theatre education major. He loves to travel and has many memories from around the globe. #Police #CampusSafety #CommunityPolicing #GetsToKnow

In case you missed it, last Wednesday was First Responders Day at Cougar Field. We are grateful to Columbus State University Softball for making us feel like part of the team! #CSUsoftball #GoCougars #CommunityPolicing #Police #CampusSafety Columbus Georgia Police Department Muscogee County Sheriff's Office Columbus Department of Fire & EMS Muscogee County Marshal's Office

This is a test of Cougar Alert, the emergency notification system for Columbus State University. This is only a test.

Officer Schneeberger gets to know Justin Hayes while patrolling the Riverpark Campus. Justin is a senior and is all set to graduate next month with a degree in mathematics. He will be attending graduate school beginning this Fall at the University of Alabama. When he isn’t crunching numbers, Justin enjoys woodworking. Congrats on all of your accomplishments Justin! #GetsToKnow #Police #CommunityPolicing #CampusSafety #Goals Columbus State University

Officer Hackey gets to know Broderick Huskey while patrolling the Frank G. Lumpkin Center. He is from Knoxville, Tennessee and is currently a first-year graduate student in the organizational leadership program. #Police #GetsToKnow #CampusSafety #CommunityPolicing Columbus State University Athletics Columbus State University

It’s Throwback Thursday and this week we have Officer Stewart! Would you believe that before he was “The Sarge” he was a little camera shy and avoided pictures like the plague? While not many candid photos exist from his early days, this one from 2009 shows the grin that says it all. Notice all the officers in the background? That’s because our office used to be in the Health and Wellness Building, next to the Clocktower. We’ve come a long way... and so has The Sarge! We hope you are all grinning and enjoying Spring Break this week. #TBT #CampusSafety #Police #CommunityPolicing #Smile

Officer Pattillo gets to know Sylvester Long while patrolling the Main Campus. Sylvester is incredibly active at Columbus State University. Last week at the Legacy Celebration he received the Community Outreach Award! Sylvester is graduating in May and plans to continue his education with a graduate program in Higher Education or Organizational Leadership. He aspires to be a track & field coach. In his free time, Sylvester enjoys playing video games and is writing a testimonial book about his life. Congrats Sylvester on all of your accomplishments. #Goals #Police #CommunityPolicing #CampusSafety #GetsToKnow

Today marks the day for the 7th Annual Legacy Celebration, sponsored by the Office of Diversity Programs and Services at Columbus State University . This Throwback Thursday photo features Lieutenant Stanelle and Corporal Hester as they attended the 4th Annual event in 2015. Back then, these two were the dream team behind our investigations unit. Since then, Lieutenant Stanelle has transitioned to a role over Administrative Services and Emergency Management, while Corporal Hester transitioned to a role in Training and Security Technology. Roles change over time, but our department personnel always look forward to participating in this program. #TBT #Police #CampusSafety #CSUDiversity #LegacyCelebration #Inclusion

Hey Cougars! Last week The Sarge was hanging out with Kelly Wilson while celebrating Women in Construction Week 2018. Kelly is the Director of Maintenance and Construction for the Facilities Department here at Columbus State University. She has been with CSU for six years and has overseen many projects on both campuses, including: The Rankin Den, Main Campus Dining Services, Eintein's at the Schwob Memorial Library, The Key Golf Studio, Arnold Hall, Howard Hall, Burger King Stadium, The Bo Barlett Center and Frank Brown Hall. She is currently working on the addition and renovation at Lenoir Hall, which started last Summer and is expected to be completed in October. Without Kelly and her team, we wouldn't have such fantasitic facilities! When she's not running around campus (get it!), she enjoys trail running. In fact, Kelly recently finished her first 50K at FDR State Park. Thanks Kelly for all you do. #HangingWithTheSarge #WICWeek2018 #Police #CampusSafety #CommunityPolicing

Master Police Officer Spivey gets to know Desmond Brady while patrolling the main campus. Desmond is a senior, majoring in environmental science. After graduation, he plans to pursue a career in engineering. Desmond enjoys the great outdoors and spends his free time fishing, hunting and other outdoor activities. Columbus State University #Police #CampusSafety #CommunityPolicing #GetsToKnow

Please join us in recognizing Officer Bailey Pattillo, who was recently awarded Officer of the Month for February. Officer Pattillo is the newest officer on our team and was nominated by her supervisor because of her response to several medical emergencies and a potential fire. She is pictured here receiving her award from Major Bennett. Thanks for joining the team, we appreciate your service and hard work. #Proud #TenEight #Police #CampusSafety

This Throwback Thursday photo dates back to 2012 and features Master Police Officer Ray Hatter. Officer Hatter has been with the agency since 2011, after a career in the military. This pic was taken during a photo session where we updated some of our publications and recruitment materials. #TBT #CampusSafety #Police #CommunityPolicing #MilitaryMatters

This Throwback Thursday photo from November of 2013 features police cadets (blue shirts) Adam Gillette (right) and Kyle Baboi (left). They were assisting the West Georgia Regional Police Academy with pepper spray training for officers in a basic mandate class. After officers were exposed to the spray, they were required to demonstrate defensive tactics. A lot has changed since then, the academy has moved to its new location, Gillette is now a Detective with our investigations unit and Baboi is now a Communications Officer. The look on Gillette’s face says he was glad that he wasn’t on the kick bag that day! #TBT #Police #CampusSafety #JustForKicks

Our partners with the Columbus Police Department are seeking the public's assistance in identifying this individual. Please contact their investigators if you have any information on this case.

Hey Cougars! Sergeant Stewart recently spent some time at Columbus State University's Oxbow Meadows Environmental Learning Center and got to hang out with Lauren Johnson. Lauren is a program manager and has been with Oxbow for about six years. Oxbow has many things to offer the campus community, as well as the public. You can experience a plethora of native and non-native animals, a variety of trails and other excursions into nature. In addition, they are always hosting some pretty fantastic events. We hope everyone enjoyed the Kite Festival this past weekend and are looking forward to the upcoming 17th Annual Reptile Fest. The Sarge is already working on his costume for Hiss America! Visit or follow them on social media for more information. #Police #HangingWithTheSarge #CommunityPolicing #CampusSafety Columbus State University

At CSU Police, we are all about professional development. In fact, we currently have eight officers working towards undergraduate and graduate degrees at the Georgia Law Enforcement Command College here at Columbus State University. Sergeant Killingsworth got to know Lieutenant Whitehead from the Richmond County Sheriff's Office - Georgia while attending a course for the Professional Management Program at the Command College. Lt. Whitehead has been with the RCSO for 23 years and is a zone commander for their patrol division. When he is not working or studying, the Lt. enjoys coaching youth sports. #TenEight #Police #CommunityPolicing #CampusSafety #GetsToKnow

It’s Throwback Thursday and this pic features Master Police Officer Jonathan Spivey. This week marks four years since Officer Spivey posed with this Georgia Bureau of Investigation Bomb Disposal Unit while attending training at the Georgia Public Safety Training Center. The course focused on improvised explosives and featured live demonstrations after the classroom lecture. Not only did Officer Spivey receive some critical training, but it looks like he had a little fun too! #Police #CampusSafety #TBT

He's baaaaaack! Hey Cougars, it's time to see who has been hanging out with Sergeant Stewart. In this edition, The Sarge shares a few moments from Discovery Day, which provides students and their families with an opportunity to experience Cougar Nation through fun campus tours and events. The Sarge spends some time with Nadiyah, an upcoming student at the Schwob School of Music at Columbus State University who gives a preview of her voice skills in an impromptu performance. He also has a chance to catch up with Cedricia Thomas, a specialist in student development, student leadership and special events with the Office of Student Life and Development. Cedricia and The Sarge go way back, so it's awesome to see them teaming up to show the new recruits what Columbus State University is all about. #Police #CampusSafety #CommunityPolicing #HangingWithTheSarge