Conyers Police Department

  • Agency: Conyers Police Department
  • Address: 1194 Scott St SE, Conyers, 30012 GA
  • Chief: Gene Wilson (Chief of Police)
Phone: 770 483-6600
Fax: 770 785-5041

Conyers Police Department is located at 1194 Scott St SE, Conyers, 30012 GA. The Chief of Police of the department is Gene Wilson. The Conyers Police Department phone number is 770 483-6600.

Conyers Police Department News

The joint RCSO/CPD narcotics unit make a record heroin bust. Fantastic work, a great start to the new RCSO Surge Team, and a huge amount of drugs off our streets.

VIDEO: Let’s help Newton County Sheriff's Office catch these ARMED thieves!

Welcome aboard Officer Leah Johnson!

Thanks again High Priority Plumbing - Metro Atlanta and EMetro Times!

Sign up for the Race Against Violence 5K Today!

When someone tries to steal a motorized cart from Walmart but night watch says, “NOT TODAY!” Pictured: Officer J. Cooley recovering and returning the cart after it is abandoned in the street. @ Walmart Conyers

Officer Bernichon met a super hero in training today. You can meet him too, along with some of Conyers finest, at Home Depot tomorrow between 8am and 12pm at the Child Safety community event.

Special thank you to the anonymous person who paid our entire bill @tinplateconyers we are supremely grateful!

Officers Equipped in Case of Fentanyl Exposure FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Conyers Police Prepare Officers for Fentanyl Exposure (Conyers, GA – October 5, 2017) The Conyers Police Department has issued Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to all of its officers in order to protect them against exposure to Fentanyl and other dangerous drugs. The kits contain basic protective equipment that include: nitrile gloves, safety goggles and a dust mask with an appropriate safety rating to prevent accidental inhalation of harmful substances. The use of synthetic opioids as a heroin substitute has been on the rise for several years. In June, the Georgia Bureau of Investigations determined that counterfeit pain pills that contained fentanyl were responsible for more than 30 people being hospitalized and as many as four fatalities in Central Georgia. The potency of the drugs that first responders are encountering is so great that something as simple as contact with exposed skin can cause severe illness. The Conyers Police Department began issuing Narcan to officers in 2015 in order to better address opioid overdose concerns. Narcan, or naloxone, can counteract the effect of opioid induced overdose and has been credited for saving lives when administered in a timely manner. “We want our officers to be prepared to deal with drug overdose situations and part of that preparedness is keeping them safe from exposure.” said Police Chief Gene Wilson. In addition to getting the new personal protection gear, officers have been provided with update procedure to ensure best practices are followed when handling dangerous drugs. The updates in procedure and equipment are part of a Chief of Police Gene Wilson 1194 Scott Street Conyers, GA 30012 (770) 483-6600 --end-- national effort to protect Police Officers by the International Association of Chiefs of Police through recommendations made by their Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs Committee.

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Thank you to Gail Mitchell (an Independent Damsel Pro) for thinking about the men and women of the Conyers Police Department. She dropped by yesterday with Chips and Salsa from Frontera. We are lucky to have such a supportive community!

Thank you to Marge Roberts of Newton homeopathics for dropping by with a gift basket of goodies for the men and women of the Conyers Police Department. We appreciate the support we get and the appreciation we are shown from our community!

Great #coffeewithacop this morning at @chickfilaconyers @ Chick-fil-A of Conyers

Great #coffeewithacop this morning!

#K9Eddie had a portrait done by a vendor at Vintage Market Days at the Georgia International Horse Park last weekend. It's called Serendipity. He did this in about 15 minutes and did an amazing job!

Join us for #coffeewithacop in the morning at Chick-fil-A!

Have a cup of coffee with us! Get to know your Conyers Police officers Wednesday morning at 8am. See you in the morning!

The suspects pictured broke into several vehicles at local hotels in Conyers and Covington on September 19, 2017. If you have any information you may contact Crime Stoppers Greater Atlanta anonymously and will be eligible for a cash reward. 404 577-TIPS