Ashburn Police Department

  • Agency: Ashburn Police Department
  • Address: 121 East Madison Avenue, Ashburn, 31714 GA
  • Chief:
Phone: 229.567. 2323

Ashburn Police Department is located at 121 East Madison Avenue, Ashburn, 31714 GA. The Ashburn Police Department phone number is 229.567. 2323.

Ashburn Police Department News

Great idea

Ashburn Trick or Treat Downtown

Thank you from Turner County Elementary School. #redribbonweek

The Ashburn Police Department needs your assistance in locating the male in this picture. Any assistance will be greatly appreciated. Please contact Detective Lt. V. Rudgles at (229)567-2323. Thank You.

The Ashburn Police Department would like the Thank the Crisp County Sheriff's Office, Tift County Sheriff's Office, Turner County Sheriff's Office and the Georgia Bureau of Investigations (GBI) for their assistance. We greatly appreciate the personnel that came to assist the Ashburn Police Department.

Congratulations ! Welcome to the family.

This guy says it best: Scott Berry By now you have heard of the murder of a Polk County Georgia police officer and the shooting of another. Suspects have been taken into custody and I am certain that justice will prevail. My heart weeps for the families of those who fall in the line of duty, the families that know they will never see their loved ones again. The families that live with meager wages, night shifts, holidays alone and extended absences for training and Lord knows what else. I hope that comfort can be found in the years to come of knowing that the sacrifices they made were for a bigger cause, for to serve your community is an honor only a few of us achieve. The price they pay is high, and I pray special blessings upon them today.

Please make plans to join us at McDonalds on East Washington Ave. on Wednesday, October 4th, 2017 between 8 - 9:30 AM.