Waycross Police Department

  • Agency: Waycross Police Department
  • Address: 512 Oak St, Waycross, 31501 GA
  • Chief: Anthony H Tanner (Chief of Police)
Phone: 912-287-2921

Waycross Police Department is located at 512 Oak St, Waycross, 31501 GA. The Chief of Police of the department is Anthony H Tanner. The Waycross Police Department phone number is 912-287-2921.

Waycross Police Department News

It that time again for our Women's Firearm Safety Training. The class will be held on July 9th,10th,and 11th. First night will be held at the Waycross Police Department at 6:00pm-9:00pm. You will need to come to the Waycross Police Department with a photo ID and fill out an firearm application. You will need to bring the handgun you would like to use. The handgun has to be larger than a 22 caliber. You will need to bring your own ammunition. The first night we will serve pizza. The class is free of charge. Please have your application turned in no later than July 2nd at 4pm. Thank You and we look forward to teaching you about gun safety!!

Today is National Law Enforcement Memorial Day. It is a time for us to reflect on all of those who have gone before us. It is a time to reflect on those who served with honor and distinction during their careers and mostly of those who were injured and killed while serving their communities. It is with great sadness that in todays society Law Enforcement officers are being attacked for doing their jobs. Officers are under threat daily across our nation and many days attacks are carried out successfully against them. We pray for each officer to make it home safe everyday. We have been blessed that it has been a long time since we have lost an officer and we pray everyday for our officers safety. Unfortunately, we have not escaped the violence entirely and have lost officers in the past. Today we remember and thank them for their service and their sacrifice. Killed in the line of Duty Officer Walter Brakes - August 26,1920, Waycross Police Department Captain P.W. Farr - April 9, 1944, Waycross Police Department James H. Johnson - July 22,1931, Ware County Police Department Disabled by Gunfire Officer W.C. Coggins - April 9,1944, Waycross Police Department

More photos from the Miracle League

The Citizens Police Academy started last Thursday. We had seventeen that attended and learned about the Waycross Police Department. They also got of glimpse of how the Constitution, Ammedments and Case law control our actions and the way we do our jobs. This week will be about Personnel Selection,Training and Internal affairs.

.2018 Georgia Cities Week Veterans Program Hosted by the Waycross Police Department

Women's Firearms Training Course,May 2018. More photos to follow

On May 5, 2018 the Waycross Police Department developed information which led to a suspect in the case involving the suspicious death of a female who was found in a field near Pine Hill Crossing shopping center. The suspect’s vehicle was tracked to a location in Brantley County. After asking for assistance from the Brantley County Sheriff’s office in verifying that the suspect vehicle, a semi-truck was actually at the location, detectives and supervisors traveled to the location. The Brantley County Sheriff’s office provided great assistance in the matter and after obtaining a search warrant made entry into the vehicle and located the suspect. Based on evidence at the scene in Waycross and located on the vehicle an arrest was made in the death. The Police Department arrested John Leon Bell W/M 51 years old of a Mattie Shuman Road address in Hoboken, Georgia. Mr. Bell was transported to the Waycross Police Department where he was charged with Murder. He was then transferred to the Ware County Jail. The semi-tractor was placed into evidence at the Police Department. The Waycross Police Department would like to express our sincere thanks to the Brantley County Sheriff’s office and Sheriff Len Davis for their support and invaluable assistance in this matter. We are still asking that if anyone was driving down Dorothy Street on May 4th or in the Pine Hill Crossing shopping center and saw anything unusual in the grassy lot at the entrance to the Pine hill Crossing shopping center between Tebeau Street and McDonald Street on Dorothy Street to please give us a call. We believe the incident probably occurred between 8:00 p.m. and the time the call was received at 10:51 p.m. Chief Tony Tanner Waycross Police Department

Press Release May 5, 2018 On May 4th at approximately 10:51 p.m. the Ware County 911 center received an emergency call in reference to a female who was lying in a field in the area of 701 Riverside Drive. The complainant on the call said that she thought the female was dead. The Waycross Police Department, the Waycross Fire Department as well as Ware County EMS were dispatched to the scene. On arrival the Ware County Coroner Atha Lucas determined that the female was in fact deceased and it appeared that the death was not natural. The female is not being identified at this time due to notification of the family. The body was transported to Memorial Satilla Health and will be sent to the state crime lab in Savannah to determine the cause of death. We are asking that if anyone was driving down Dorothy Street on May 4th or in the Pine Hill Crossing shopping center and saw anything unusual in the grassy lot at the entrance to the Pine hill Crossing shopping center between Tebeau Street and McDonald Street on Dorothy Street to please give us a call. We believe the incident probably occurred between 8:00 p.m. and the time the call was received at 10:51 p.m. Chief Tony Tanner Waycross Police Department

Spring Boys camp 8-13 yoa

The Waycross Police Department still has openings for the Citizens Police Academy. To apply, you must come to the Waycross Police Department and fill out an application and have your photo ID. We invite you to apply and have the experience to walk in the shoes of a Waycross Police Officer. If you have any questions please contact Community Relations Officer Jessica McIntosh- 912-287-2921-work cell# 912-614-1928- email-jmcintosh@waycrossga.com. The deadline to fill out an application is April 23rd.

We are still trying to locate Latif A Lewis who is wanted for the murder of Randy Killens Jr.. Mr Lewis is 606Hgt, 185lbs. He is considered Armed and Dangerous. Any contact please call your local 911 office or 287-2929. Ms. Cynthia Rowell has been arrested and is charged with Murder. She is no longer being sought.

I am sorry to report that as of this afternoon we will not be accepting anymore applications for the WPD boys camp. All the spaces are full. Thank you. We look forward to a great time next week.

The Waycross Police Department will be hosting the annual Citizen’s Police Academy starting Thursday, April 26th, 2018 at 6:30 p.m. The class will be hosted every Thursday night in the Municipal Courtroom at the Waycross Police Department for six weeks. You will learn the different titles, positions, and qualifications it is to be a police officer. The Citizen’s Police Academy gives you the experience of a career to be a police officer at the Waycross Police Department. You will need to fill out a Citizen’s Police Academy Application and pass a back ground check by the police department. The deadline to turn in an application will be Friday, April 13th, 2018.

The Waycross Police Department would like to remind the citizens of Waycross that there are laws in place to prevent littering and asks that everyone do their part to prevent litter in our community. The following information was taken from the Georgia Department of Community Affairs’ Keep Georgia Beautiful program. Litter Prevention Basics The Georgia Department of Community Affairs' Keep Georgia Beautiful program plays a key role in preventing littering along Georgia's highways and in the state's public places. Keep Georgia Beautiful is a state affiliate of Keep America Beautiful, Inc. and works closely with Georgia's local Keep America Beautiful affiliates. Together, these organizations have delivered an anti-littering message to Georgians for more than 25 years. Did You Know? • Much of littering is accidental. For example, it flies out of truck beds or blows away from trash set at the curb for pickup. • Many types of roadside trash take years, if not hundreds of years, to disintegrate. • The Georgia Department of Transportation spends about $17 million annually to clean up roadside trash in the state, and local governments spend hundreds of thousands to keep litter off of 89,000 miles of locally-maintained roads. • Litter detracts from our state's beauty, decreases property values and, over time, could affect Georgia's multi-billion dollar tourism industry. • Abandoned tires, left to collect water, breed mosquitoes and vermin increasing the health risks to surrounding neighborhoods. What is Litter? According to Keep America Beautiful, litter is misplaced solid waste. That includes paper, cigarette butts, illegal signs, abandoned cars, old tires, furniture, appliances and any other items that are not disposed of properly. Why Do People Litter? In a three-year research project, Keep America Beautiful, Inc. found that people litter for one of three reasons. They feel it's ok to litter: • Where they feel no sense of ownership for the property. • Where someone else will clean up after them. • Where litter has already accumulated. Where Does It Come From? Although motorists and pedestrians are most often blamed for litter, Keep America Beautiful, Inc. identified seven sources that contribute to the problem. They are: • Commercial refuse sources, including dumpsters • Household trash handling • Construction/demolition sites • Uncovered vehicles • Loading docks • Motorists • Pedestrians From these sources, litter is carried in every direction by wind, water, and traffic. It moves until trapped by a curb, wall, fence, a row of trees, a building, or other stationary object. Once trapped, litter becomes not only an eyesore, but also an invitation for people to add more. In addition, litter finds its way down storm drains and into our water ways, harming wildlife and water quality. The Cost of Litter Littering is a costly problem. City, county, and state highway departments spend millions of dollars and many hours each year cleaning up litter - money and time that could be used for other services. Cleaner communities also have a better chance of attracting new businesses than those where litter is common. For more information, contact Community Relations Officer Jessica McIntosh at the Waycross Police Department 287-2931 – or visit the Georgia Department of Community Affairs Keep Georgia Beautiful website. § 16-7-43 - Littering public or private property or waters; enforcing personnel- Fine:$180.63

On Monday March 12th at 6:00 pm. at the Waycross City Auditorium the Waycross Police Department will be hosting a memorial service for Records tech Pam Peavey. Pam earned her Angel wings Friday March 2nd after a lenghty fight. Come join us and her family as we say goodbye to this very special person

Last night WPD clerk Pam Peavey earned her angel wings. Pam fought the good fight with a smile and a great attitude. Please pray for her family and her work family. Even though we know she is in the Lord's hands,we are all struggling. She made such an impact on us all.

On Tuesday- March 6th, 2018 at 07:00p.m. The YMCA will host a community meeting with the Waycross Police Department for the areas around Cherokee Hgts and the east side community-District 4. We would like for the community to come and voice concerns and ideas to help the city of Waycross be and even better place to call home! Come join us!

It's that time again. Sign your kids up for the WPD spring camp.

CHIEF JIM BLACKBURN SENIOR SAFTEY DAY 2018 Out of a preponderance of caution the Annual Jim Blackburn Senior Safety day is being postponed. The threat of the continued spread of the influenza virus, especially in this particular group of adults is not worth the risk at this time. We will attempt to have it at a later date in the year but if not we will continue in 2019. Thank you for your understanding. We are truly saddened by this neccessary change because it is one of our favorite events.