Sylvester Police Department

  • Agency: Sylvester Police Department
  • Address: 102 S Isabella St, Sylvester, 31791 GA
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Sylvester Police Department is located at 102 S Isabella St, Sylvester, 31791 GA. The Sylvester Police Department phone number is 229-776- 8500.

Sylvester Police Department News

We will be at Piggly Wiggly from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. for our Annual drug take back! Come and turn in unused or expired medications! Share Share Share!

Sylvester Police Department is looking for Certified Police Officers! Please apply in person at 102 S. Isabella Street, Sylvester, Ga. if you are a POST Certified Peace Officer in the state of Georgia!

On 03/09/2018 around 1700 hours a search warrant was executed at 301 South Henderson St. Sylvester, Ga

BOLO CANCELLED Inv. Sgt. Johnson made contact with Mr. Hartsfield! Chase Hartsfield is wanted for questioning in reference to a shooting incident in December. If you have any information on Mr.Hartsfield contact Sgt. Johnson at 229-776-8500 or 229-776-8219.

We are hiring! Looking for motivated, career focused, community oriented leaders who are POST Peace Officer certified. Please apply in person at 102 S Main St., Sylvester, Ga. 31791!

BOLO! UPDATE: Justin Duke was arrested in Albany, Ga today! Thank y'all for sharing the post! SHARE SHARE SHARE!!!

BOLO SHARE! We need your help identifying this women for theft by deception at Wal-Mart Sylvester, Ga. The suspect took $204.08 dollars worth of merchandise. The incident happened on 12/20/2017, and she was last seen on 12-24-2017 in a black truck. If you have any information contact Inspector Johnson at 229-776-8500 or 229-776-8219

SPD will host its next Youths Against Violence (YAV) on 10 March 2018 @ 2:00 pm. We are looking for youth speakers and parents who would like to share their stories. Please contact Det. Torres at 229-776-8500 if you would like to share your experience so that we can find better solutions to protect our youths from "Bullying". #SPD YAV

As we prepare for our next Youths Against Violence (YAV) Symposium on 10 Mar 2018 that will feature teen bullying, SPD remind parents of the latest social problems facing teens and law enforcement nationwide. Although most of us as adults know that certain products are poisonous our kids don’t always seem to know the dangers. The latest trend have us perplexed but we are receiving intel that teens are daring each other to eat Tide pods in what’s known as the “Tide Pod Challenge”. Please speak with our young adults about this issue to make sure that they are not and will not engage in such an activity nor attempt to persuade anyone else to engage. It is just as important to tell them that they can be charged with involuntary manslaughter under Georgia Law if someone dies due to their actions of influence/recklessness or criminal negligence. This will be one of the subtopics at the YAV meeting, so please join us and join in on the discussions about our youths.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the educators and students victimized in the senseless tragedy in Benton, Ky as information continues to unfold.

Always striving to maintain our transparency, SPD welcomes all citizens and parties to make complaints when they feel that they have been wronged by our officers. As a department of professionals we do not tolerate officers who are disrespectful to our citizenry and will investigate all matters impartially and thoroughly. When making such complaints we implore that all persons involved are truthful and we demand the same from our officers who could lose their jobs for Truthfulness per SPD Employee Manual sec 2-2.17 and/or face imprisonment for False Statements under O.C.G.A.16-10-20. Please be mindful of the seriousness of such actions when calling in or visiting to file complaints. Should you have a complaint please contact our Internal Affairs at 229-776-8500 for assistance.

Way to go Dawgs...bringing it home to Georgia! Congratulations Dawg Nation!

Kids shop with Public Safety 2017.....Merry Christmas to our special recipients and thanks to Worth County 911, Fire and all the local law enforcement agencies for their participation..

900 Donuts given to our awesome citizens...Thank you for allowing us to show our appreciation Sylvester! We're Looking forward to even a bigger event next year. #SPDCommunityfirst!


Teddy Bears or Snow Flakes? SPD detectives are always trying to out do each other in the office which helps keep their competition edge. Even when it comes to the socks they wear to work. #SPDofficejokes

Congratulations to Officers Monday, Hille, and Peterson who were sworn in on Saturday, 16 Dec 2017. SPD also congratulates the eight officers who earned their Brown Hats that depicts their dedication and commitment to community service as well as to physical fitness. We believe we are the only agency in Southwest Georgia that's requiring a mandatory physical fitness test to become an officer and to be tested annually as these officers have already passed the annual test that all will have to pass in the summer of 2018.

Share Share Share!!! There has been several reports of counterfeit money at our local businesses please check all money transaction. If anyone has any information please call Inspector Johnson or Detective Torres (229) 776-8500 or 776-8219

***Warning to Parents....Please Share!!!!***

UGA gets redemption, SEC title with 28-7 win over Auburn

Cancelled BOLO! UPDATE! Inspector Johnson has made contact with Mr. Timmons and Mr. Clark thank you all for sharing the post! Phillip Timmons and Demetricus Darnell Clark is wanted for questioning in reference to a shooting case. If you see them please call Inspector Johnson at (229) 776-8500 or (229) 776-8219

Share! We need your help identifying 2 men and a woman for theft by shoplifting at Sylvester, Ga Walmart. The suspects took $695.00 dollars worth of merchandise. The incident happened on November 20, 2017 and they were in a black truck with chrome rims the driver side windshield is shattered. If you have any information contact Detective Torres or Inspector Johnson at (229) 776-8500 or ( 229) 776-8219

If you are watching this you are missing a good time at City Hall with the Tamms visiting from Atlanta. Come on out and enjoy the fun on 17 Nov 2017. #SPDcares

Stand with SPD as we grow our beards and mustaches for charity through December 15th. Sgt. Luna has donated and started No-Shave November! Donations will go to an adopted child (Suitcase for kids) for the holidays! #SPDcares, #noshavenovember